Top 10 Safety Rated Motorcycle Helmets | Buying Guide 2023

Top Safety Rated Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets are as essential in riding as much as food is essential for the survival of human beings. Because without a proper helmet, you will injure yourself badly. According to a report, there are 70% chance of severe damage to your head if you do not wear a proper helmet.

Although almost all helmets are made to safeguard and secure body parts, certain helmets are safest than others. This safety is due to their construction and designs. Most helmets made of polycarbonate, corban fibers, or any other suitable material will increase the durability and safety of the rider’s head.

Most helmets focus on the safety of the forehead because it is more venerable during an accident. A person can ride comfortably and safely if the head is secure and safe. In the following article, we will look into different helmets and see which helmet is safer, looks cool, and feels more secure than others.

The article will show you the features, designs, prices, styles, systems, warranties, and safety ratings of different helmets. Thoroughly examine all these helmets and select the one that suits you better.

However, it should be noted that the article will mainly focus on the Top Safety Rated Motorcycle Helmets.

Top Safety Rated Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

11. Arai XD4 Helmet - Best Safety Helmet for Round Shape HeadArai XD4 Helmet
2Shoei RF 1400 - Best Top Rated Safety Motorcycle HelmetShoei RF 1400>
3HJC C70 - Best Cheap Top Safety-Rated Motorcycle HelmetHJC C70
44. GT-Air II - Best Safety Helmet for Long RidesGT-Air II 9
5 Exo-R420 - Best Helmet for GlassesExo-R420
6AGV Pista GP - Best Carbon Fiber Helmet for SafetyAGV Pista GP
7 Bell Star MIPS - Best Safety Helmet With Protint Photochromic ShieldBell Star MIPS
8 Arai Signet-X - Best Helmet for Safe Street MotorcyclingArai Signet-X
9Simpson Outlaw
1010. Nolan N100-5 - Best Overall Top Safety Rated HelmetNolan N100-5

1. Arai XD4 Helmet – Best Safety Helmet for Round Shape Head

Arai XD4 Helmet- Best Safety Helmet for Round Shape Head

There are many helmets on the market, ranging from different sizes, shapes, and prices to different features. Everyone has their uniqueness and performance.

Among them is Arai XD4 Helmet, specially designed for the round shape head and best known for its safety and ventilation system.

Safety system

Safety is the essential feature of a helmet. You should look at how much safety a helmet provides before buying it because if it does not provide any safety or less safety to you, then it is not worth buying.

Arai XD4 Helmet is one of the safest helmets because it is recognized and approved by ECE, DOT, and SNELL. You will hardly see a helmet approved by these three commissions.

Ventilation system

Arai XD4 Helmet has a sound ventilation system because fresh air is one of the essential things for the rider during the ride. It makes the rider fresh and does not let them suffocate inside the helmet or become bored.

There are more vents for ventilation in this helmet. Three in the chin, two brow vents in the shield itself, and a couple of large scoops up top. All of these help in the ventilation process.

Comfort and sizing

Arai XD4 Helmet is designed for the roundest head shapes. The helmet’s internal shape is oval-like, and when the rider wears it, s/he will feel comfortable in it.

The helmet has check pads and a springing system that beautifully fits into your face. No matter what is the size of your face, this helmet will fit into your face because of the foams used in it.


  • Comfortable
  • Fit
  • Reasonable price
  • Provide safety
  • Designed for round shape head
  • More vents for ventilation


  • Due to more vents for ventilation, it becomes noisier.

2. Shoei RF 1400 – Best Top-Rated Safety Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei RF 1400 - Best Top Rated Safety Motorcycle Helmet

The customer rating is critical in the market because through this, you would know the market sentiments about a product. The better a product is rated, the better it would be because no one will rate a thing better if it does not have the capacity.

Most of the helmets are rated on Amazon and among the best-rated helmets, Shoei RF-1400 Helmet is one. It has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon.


The helmet is quiet for several reasons; one is that the optimal shell reduces the wind noise around the helmet. Similarly, the Vortex Generators on the sides of the shield reduce wind turbulence.

Also, the cheek pads surround the bottom opening to further attenuate wind noise inside the helmet. All combine to create a tranquil riding experience, especially for a lightweight sporting helmet.


Shoei RF-1400 Helmet is made of a six-ply matrix of fiberglass. This fiberglass is very organic, lightweight, and provides a high level of performance.

It also provides a waterproof shell to the helmet. Due to this sort of construction, the helmet becomes very durable. It will give you experience for many years if you buy it once.

Interior system

The helmet’s interior is made so that it can be removed very quickly and efficiently. Effortlessly, you can remove the interior of the helmet and can, wash it, and reinstall it again.

You do not need to go to a workshop to do the work for you.

Ventilation system

There are 10 vents for the ventilation system in the Shoei RF-1400 Helmet. Among these 10, four are always open for air to come in and out of the helmet, and the six are intake which will close and open at your will.

The vents’ opening and closing are also straightforward; only by pressing the button will the vents either open or close.


  • Good ventilation system
  • Highly rated
  • Durable
  • A washable and removable interior system
  • Aerodynamics


  • Too much quiet that you cannot hear anything outside.

3. HJC C70 – Best Cheap Top Safety-Rated Motorcycle Helmet

HJC C70 - Best Cheap Top Safety-Rated Motorcycle Helmet

Some products have somewhat similar features, but there would be a vast difference in their prices. You should not look into the price of a helmet; instead, you should go for the features.

The better features of a helmet, the better it is. HJC C70 Helmet is one of the cheapest and safest helmets you can ever find, and the following is its review.


Special commissions like DOT, SNELL, SHARP and ECE approved helmets and gave them ratings according to their features and safety. The HJC C70 Helmet is approved by most of these commissions because of its safety and polycarbonate shell that can withstand even a severe accident.

The helmet is even rated 5 out of 5 by SHARP because it provides safety to the rider.

Helmet noise

The helmet is designed in a way to improve aerodynamics of the helmet. It suppresses the noises from outside, and you will have a very comfortable and sound ride.

The HJC C70 Helmet has chicks pads with foams in it, and these foams do not allow the noise to pass. Although it has a sound ventilation system, it also has a system for reducing the noise produced by the air.

Ventilation system

Unlike other helmets with several vents for ventilation, the HJC C70 Helmet has only two vents but works better than several vents. One vent is at the top of the helmet and one is at the lower side.

The top vent lets the air pass from the helmet shell into grooved channels inside the helmet. Similarly, the lower vent is used to remove the air. These two vents are easy to open and close. They are one push away from you.

Sun visors

The eyes are one of the body’s most sensitive organs and must be protected and guarded very well. The HJC C70 Helmet does protect them. There is a sun visor in this helmet that protects you from not only high rays but also lower rays.

The sun visor is fitted in a position where it becomes very easy to slide it down over your eyes—the option of sliding it down full or half or how much you well and is easy to change as well.


  • Provide safety
  • Highly rated by SHARP
  • No noise
  • Good ventilation system
  • Sun visors
  • Cheap


  • No place for a speaker
  • Too much sturdy

4. GT-Air II – Best Safety Helmet for Long Rides

SHOEI GT Air II - Best Safety Helmet for Long Rides

Safety is vital for a helmet, but comfort is also important because if you do not feel comfortable in a helmet, what is the benefit of wearing it?

Different helmets guarantee comfort, but Shoei GT-Air II Helmet is the best in terms of safety and comfort due to which you can ride for a very long time.

Easy to wear

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet is very easy to use and wear. The small weight lets you wear it without difficulty, and the simple use of visors lets you feel comfortable.

Due to this, the rider feels fresh and alert and can travel for a more extended period. It is available in three different sized and has a free cheek pad. If the cheek does not fit, you can exchange it.

Outer shell

The construction of the Shoei GT-Air II Helmet is very unique and it is important to consider the material the helmet is made of. It is built up in a way that makes the impact resistance, penetration resistance, and elasticity equal to each other.

These three things are crucial in an accident, and this helmet is equipped with these three. Similarly, it is made of fiberglass, carbon, and resin. All of these things make the helmet solid and light weighed.


A slightly bigger vent in the helmet allows even the tiniest air into the helmet. Some helmets allow the air to enter the helmet, but with the wind, there could also be so much noise.

But Shoei GT-Air II Helmet has been designed in a way that does not let the wind become noisy.


  • Good ventilation system
  • Durable
  • Made of good material
  • Safest
  • It can be used for a longer drive


  • It does not provide an excellent view.

5. Exo-R420 – Best Helmet for Glasses

Exo 420 helmet- Best Helmet for Glasses

Glasses are very important in helmets because sometimes the dirt and dust come straight to your eyes; if you do not have glasses, they can damage your eyes. Similarly, it can protect your eyes from sun rays. The Scorpion Exo-r420 helmet is one of the best helmets for wearing glasses during the ride.

Overall comfort

The Scorpion Exo-r420 helmet is so much easy to fit on your head. If your head’s shape is neither too big nor too small, it will easily fit into your head, but that does not mean that bigger or smaller heads cannot wear it.

The helmet can be adjusted to their head too. The helmet does not put pressure on the head; that is why they are comfortable.


The visibility of a helmet is very important because if you do not see things properly, you will end up in an accident. Due to their shape and design, they are made for more visibility.

On top of that when you wear glasses the side view and top to bottom view increase so much.


There are three vents in the Scorpion Exo-r420 helmet. One is on the top, the other is in the front and the third one is in the rear of the helmet.

These three vents help with ventilation and the rider feels fresh and cool while driving.


Safety is the primary concern of a helmet. The Scorpion Exo-r420 helmet is one of the safest helmets because of its construction. Both DOT and SHARP commissions have given it a gold star and certified it as one of the safest motorcycle helmets in the market.


  • Comfortable
  • Good visibility system
  • Best for glasses
  • Safe


  • The anti-fog coating wears off after a few years
  • Top ventilation underperforms

6. AGV Pista GP – Best Carbon Fiber Helmet for Safety

AGV Pista - Best Carbon Fiber Helmet for Safety

The durability of a helmet is very important because if it is not durable, you will not feel comfortable buying it. And the durability is can be judged by the materials from which the helmets are made.

One of the most durable materials is corban fiber. AGV Pista GP helmet is a helmet made of corban fiber which is best in safety too.


AGV Pista GP helmet is the safest helmet with corban fibers. These corban fibers not only increase the durability but also increase the safety rate of the helmet. ECE, SNELL, DOT, and SHARP approve the AGV Pista GP helmet.

It has passed the tests of all of these commissions and the SHARP commission has given it five stars on safety.


Those helmets that protect themselves from the noise have the problem of hearing nothing from outside, thus making some disturbance sometimes.

But the AGV Pista GP helmet is not like them. It only protects you from the wind waves, and the sound waves can penetrate through them and helps in noise cancellation.


The AGV Pista GP helmet cuts the air so the rider can move safely. No matter how speedy the air outside, you will not feel anything of it inside the helmet because the helmet cuts the air very systematically.


Very few helmets give you a warranty; if a helmet does give you a warranty, know that it is worth buying. The AGV Pista GP helmet gives 2 years of warranty, and the warranty starts the day you buy it.

You can repair or replace it within two years.


  • Safe
  • Good noise system
  • Aero
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Made of corban fibers which makes it durable


  • A bit expensive

7. Bell Star MIPS – Best Safety Helmet With Protint Photochromic Shield

Bell Star MIPS - Best Safety Helmet With Protint Photochromic Shield

The brain is the most sensitive part of the body. It controls everything; if it is damaged, nothing else can withstand in the body. The brain is the part of the body that is more venerable in a motorcycle accident.

To protect the brain, helmets are made, but certain helmets are specially designed to protect the brain. The Bell Star MIPS helmet is one of them.

Protection of our brain

A MIPS liner is designed to rotate slightly inside the helmet to reduce the amount of energy transferred to a rider’s brain. This liner decreases the energy transferred from the impact to the brain by up to 30%.

So when both the helmet and the liner reduce the energy, the impact of the energy will be very lower, affecting your brain that much.

Removable and washable liners

The Bell Star MIPS helmet is made of silver fibers that do not let the bacteria stay on the helmet. You can remove the liners and wash them because the silver fibers would not be affected by the water.

The water can penetrate the silver thus, the fibers remain safe.

Venting system

Different vents are located in the helmets. These vents are located in the different parts of the helmets to serve different functions. The chin bar, brow, and top of the helmet are located, behind the crown area, and mesh-screened ports are below the rear spoiler.

These vents provide the best ventilation system a helmet could ever have.


  • State-of-the-art protection
  • Attractive design
  • Quality construction


  • Lackluster ventilation
  • Face shield lacks multi-position ratcheting action
  • Wonderful Transitions Faceshield is an extra-cost option

8. Arai Signet-X – Best Helmet for Safe Street Motorcycling

Arai Signet-X - Best Helmet for Safe Street Motorcycling

Most of the helmets are made for sports bikes. Very few are made explicitly for off-road motorcycles or street motorcycles. These helmets need an exceptional form of stability and protection because there is a bigger chance of accidents and more considerable injuries in road accidents.

In such helmets, Arai Signet-X Helmet is one of the most secure and safest helmets you will ever find on the market.


Due to its fit, finish, and comfort, the Arai Signet-X Helmet is very stable to wear. You would not feel discomfort while wearing this. Similarly, the helmet is designed in a way that fits most heads.

Especially it is made for the oval-shaped head, but every person can wear it. That is why it is considered one of the best in the market.


They are designed to attract the vision of passersby persons. The arrangements of the colors are one of the most amazing. Four different colors are used in this helmet, giving it a beautiful look. The four colors are Frost Black, Frost White, Frost Red, and Frost Orange.

The Arai Signet-X motorcycle helmet has all those great features of the regular model, and you can enjoy this beautiful graphics design that the Arai Company is known for.


The outer shell of the Arai Signet-X Helmet is made of fiberglass composite that gives you extra durability to help it last longer. The fiberglass composite is very robust and lighter as well.

The helmet’s weight is also much smaller due to this construction, making it easy to ride while wearing the helmet.


  • Safe
  • Good vision system
  • Durable construction
  • Provides stability


  • Expensive
  • No chin strap cushion

9. Simpson Outlaw – Best Lightest Safety Helmet

Simpson Outlaw - Best Lightest Safety Helmet

The more lightweight a helmet is, the better. Because in a lightweight helmet, you will feel comfortable and easy to ride around. While in a bigger-weight helmet, you would not be able to ride comfortably.

There are many lightweight helmets on the market, but they are not durable due to their lightweight. On the other hand, The Simpson Outlaw helmet is both light weighted and durable due to its construction


The Simpson Outlaw is one of the most lightweight helmets present on the market alongside durability. The weight of this helmet is 3 pounds which is far lighter than any other helmet.

Due to this weight, you can wear it for a long drive without feeling any hesitation or discomfort.


The safety of this helmet is also well-recognized. This helmet is approved by the DOT testing commission and is rated very highly.

This is one of the most trusted helmets when it comes to providing safety to riders.


The shape and size of a helmet are fundamental because if the shape of the helmet does not match the shape of the rider’s head, the rider will feel uncomfortable while riding.

The helmet is made for intermediate oval-shaped heads.


  • Comfortable due to lightweight
  • Provides safety
  • Well designed
  • The price is normal


  • Establishes badassery

10. Nolan N100-5 – Best Overall Top Safety Rated Helmet

Nolan N100-5 - Best Overall Top Safety Rated Helmet

When a rider buys a helmet first he or she looks at how much the helmet is secure and how much it provides safety. The better the quality of the helmet, the better it would provide safety to the riders.

Nolan N100-5 is one of the tops and most secure helmets. It is rated the top among most online shops for its safety and security. 


One of the reasons for its safety and security is the materials it is made of. Polycarbonate is the material they are made of, and they are known for their durability and performance.

The polycarbonate materials absorb the impact of an accident, thus lowering the danger of severe injuries and securing the head and other body parts. This is why it is rated one of the safest in the business.


There are many vents fitted in the helmet that gives you a good ventilation system. You will feel fresh and comfortable using this helmet due to the fresh air coming in while the bad air is going out of the helmet.


There is an anti-fog fitted into the helmet. This visor does not allow any form of fog to accommodate inside the helmet, thus reducing the danger of not seeing outside the helmet and providing safety to you.

Alongside the anti-fog visor, there is a sun visor as well that protects the eyes from the sun.


  • Its aerodynamics are great in reducing neck fatigue.
  • The Sena SRL 2 Bluetooth Communication System for the GT-Air II Helmet allows you to listen to music and GPS instead of the roar of the road.


  • The SRL2 system does not provide enough decibels to satisfy earplug users.

What makes the best top safety-rated motorcycle helmet? – Buyers Guide

Before buying any helmet, you should see the features, the designs, the visors, the ventilation systems, the prices, and the safety systems of that helmet.

Because most companies only focus on the advertising industry and do not give any attention to the actual work. If you buy any of the helmets as mentioned earlier, ensure that you are through the following things.

Ventilation system

Ventilation is vital for a rider because a rider may feel uncomfortable and uneasy without a proper ventilation system. But with a proper ventilation system, one will have fresh air, will feel fresh, and can drive for long distances.

When buying any helmet, look how many vents the helmet has, the more vents, the better will be the helmets. However, some helmets have more vents than required, creating unnecessary noise inside the helmet. You should look into that as well.


Safety should be your number one priority. The more a helmet is secure and safe, the better. The construction and the design tell you about the safety of the helmet. The helmets as mentioned above, are all good for safety because they are specially designed for safety.

That is why almost all of them are approved by the SHARP, DOT, ECE, and SNELL commissions. These commissions only approve those helmets that provide full safety. So when buying a helmet, look at how many commissions have approved it and how they rated it.


The design, the price, and the safety can be told from the construction. A polycarbonate or corban fiber helmet will have more durability and safety.

They can withstand any impact and a helmet made of these materials will reduce the energy going through your head during an accident. Thus, reducing the severity of the accident.


Prices are a very important aspect of every product. Everyone wants a better product that will lower prices. These helmets also have very moderate prices because the construction and the design cost the company so much, but still, they are within budget.


The safety of the head is essential, but alongside the head, the safety of the face and eyes is also important. For that reason, there are specific visors instilled into the helmet. One of them is the sun visor which does not allow the sun rays to penetrate the helmet and thus protects your eyes and skin from the sun.

Additionally, there is a visor for the fog. This visor acts as an anti-fog, thus protecting you from any unnecessary disturbance. So when you are about to buy any helmet, see whether it has these visors or not. If it does not have these visors, do not buy them.


So if you want to buy a helmet, ensure that the helmet provides complete safety because, after all, the primary. The purpose of the helmet is to provide you with safety. The helmets, as mentioned in the above safety-rated motorcycle helmets list, are solely made for full security and safety. If you buy any one of the helmets mentioned earlier, you will never regret it because of their safety.

Alongside safety, these helmets provide you with extra features like ventilation, visor, durability, performance, reasonable prices, etc. The excellent ventilation system and visor systems make the helmets more secure and safe.

Because when you have a good ventilation system, you will have a calm, fresh and comfortable ride, which significantly reduces the chances of accidents.Similarly¸, the sound visor system does not allow the fog to accommodate inside the helmet, nor does it allow the sun rays to affect your eyes.

Thus ensuring the safety more and more. If you ever want to buy a helmet, try one of those, as mentioned earlier. Alongside safety, they will provide you with the things that you will never forget to buy from them again.

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