6 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews | Buying Guide 2023

best ventilated motorcycle helmet

Pulling your motorcycle’s covers off and going on your first ride is a great feeling. Many people use motorcycle riding as therapy along with their hobby. With a moment of bliss, the outside world disappears into a haze. 

As summer draws near, it is a great time to get your motorcycle on the road for a spin. The experience of riding in the summer is totally different from riding in winter, and it’s the time when many riders skip wearing their helmets because of the high temperatures.

Motorcycle helmets for summer are absolutely vital if you intend to ride motorcycles. They provide an additional layer of protection to the head if an unfortunate event were to take place. Summertime is when many riders skip wearing their helmets because of the high temperatures.

An ideal solution to such problems would be the use of a well-ventilated helmet with air vents sufficient for optimum airflow. With excellent defense from exhaustion and suffocation, a ventilated helmet prevents your head from frying. The market today is flooded with tremendous options for helmets.

It can be a bit challenging to find the right one for your needs. Our research indicates that the 6 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets will help keep you cool this summer. Before making your final buying decision, a buying guide helps you to decide for yourself.

Top Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

1GLX GX11 - Best Top Rated Street Motorcycle Helmet GLX GX11
2Biltwell Lane Splitter - Best Full Face Ventilated Motorcycle HelmetBiltwell Lane Splitter
3HJC IS-MAX II - Best Modular HJC HelmetHJC IS-MAX II
41Storm HB89 - Best Overall Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet1Storm HB89
5LS2 Helmets Rebellion - Best Double Visor Half HelmetLS2 Helmets Rebellion
6ILM 902 - Best Overall Motorcycle HelmetILM 902

1. GLX GX11 – Best Cheap Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet 

GLX GX11 - Best Cheap Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

The GLX GX11 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet not only fulfills its primary purpose of providing protection but does much more.

The GX11 is one of the ideal helmet choices for street riders in search of an excellent, reliable helmet. 

Aerodynamic Shell

The GLX GX11 Helmet features a compact, aerodynamic shell that provides sufficient protection to the rider’s head. The aerodynamic design, on the other hand, plays a vital role in reducing drag as a result of wind.

The helmet also carries a DOT certification which makes it a safe helmet for use. It is lightweight and is available in different sizes ranging from S to XXL. 

Ventilation System

The helmet’s ventilation system consists of two vents on the top and four exhaust vents. These work in cohesion to ensure optimum airflow within the helmet. The GX11 also comes with a removable Breath Guard.

This is responsible for rerouting the rider’s breath so that the shield does not fog up. This helmet’s reliable ventilation system ensures proper airflow and improved breathability during rides.   

3D Shield

Another incredible feature of this helmet is its unique 3D mold shield. This sort of design ensures a distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision.

Also, the helmet comes with an extra tinted visor that provides protection against the harsh rays of the Sun. 

Base Plate Shield System

A Base Plate Shield System accompanies the GLX GX11 Motorcycle Helmet. This system ensures quick and smooth changes between shields.

The rotating dial on the side of the helmet comes with five stages to which they can be propped open. Moreover, a strengthening spring ensures the shield remains secure and can be used even at high speeds. 

EPS Liner

EPS full-liner technology enables extra comfort and protection inside the helmet during an accident. For additional convenience, the liner is fully removable, washable, and even replaceable.

This means that you can wash it after a hot day on the bike without having to compromise comfort.

Chin Strap

Furthermore, the GX11 comes with a quick-release chin strap which allows for effortless usage. These helmet functions are responsive using riding gloves as well.

Also, this headgear includes a chin curtain which reduces wind turbulence and noise, allowing you to concentrate on your ride. 


  • Offered at an affordable price
  • Features a quick-release chin strap
  • It has a superior ventilation system
  • Includes a chin curtain
  • The padding is washable to prevent odors
  • DOT approved


  • There may be sizing issues

2. Biltwell Lane Splitter – Best Full-Face Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter - Best Full Face Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re in a hurry to find a reliable full-face motorcycle helmet that provides sufficient ventilation, look no further.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter Motorcycle Helmet provides you with all-around protection and more without draining your wallet.

Polycarbonate Shell

This model boasts a Hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell. This gives the helmet a durable and sturdy exterior. It has a DOT and ECE certification, which means it is safe to use.

It is also relatively lightweight compared to your average full-face helmet. 

EPS Liner

The Biltwell helmet’s interior is armored with a custom-shaped EPS liner that provides ample cushioning. The components of the liner make efficient dispensation of impacts without becoming excessively bulky.

Moisture Wicking Liner

The interior also provides the utmost comfort due to the liner having moisture-wicking properties and the inclusion of a diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding for enhanced breathability and comfort. 

Ventilation System

Additionally, it has generous vents on the chin bar that get the air flowing while the outlet in the back lets hot air escape. This allows for optimum ventilation within the helmet.

This headgear is available in five different sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, along with 19 diverse color ranges.

Chin Strap

Moreover, the Splitter has paid attention to small details that will surely be appreciated by riders. Biltwell has included brushed fleece Lycra touchpoints inside the chin strap. This substantially reduces any resulting friction on the jawline to provide a comfortable riding experience.

Additionally, audio equipment can be installed, likewise modular motorcycle helmets due to the model’s recessed design.


  • Features a sturdy, resilient shell
  • Hand-sewn removable brushed Lycra liner for maximum comfort
  • Available in 19 different colors
  • Audio pockets in ear recesses
  • Includes chin curtain
  • DOT approved 


  • Vents not adjustable

3. HJC MAX II – Best Top-Rated Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

HJC MAX II - Best Top Rated Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

While you may find a plethora of Motorcycle Helmet brands in the market today, there are only a few that reign the market. HJC is probably the most well-known and reliable brand when it comes to the best motorcycle helmets.

With innovative designs and high-quality products, HJC Max II Motorcycle Helmet is giving its competitors a run for their money.


Getting the right size and fitting ensures the utmost comfort and protection. HJC offers a variety of sizes ranging from XS all the way to 5XL. Finding the perfect fit should be no problem for you.

HJC actually uses exclusive advanced auto-CAD technology to deliver such a superior fit. 

Ventilation System

Moreover, the HJC Motorcycle helmet incorporates an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. This system ensures plenty of air inside the helmet through its many air vents positioned strategically all over it.

The helmet has been designed in such a way as to minimize any resulting wind noise. The interior has Bioceramic Nylex moisture-wicking liner and cheek pads that also have antibacterial attributes.

These can be removed and washed in order to keep their smell fresh. 

Integrated Face Shield

Another major highlight of the HJC Max II helmet is the integrated face shield. This helps provide protection against the harsh UV rays of the Sun. The helmet also comes with an anti-scratch and anti-fog-coated face shield that is pin-lock-ready.

Making use of these will provide a wide and clear range of views regardless of the weather. However, it is important to note that the Pinlock lens does not come with the helmet and is sold separately.  

Shield Closure System

The internal Sun visor uses a 3-stage shield closure system. This mechanism locks the visors wherever you prefer and makes for a secure seal. You can also read through other HJC Helmet reviews to find out more.


  • Features a strong and tough shell
  • The face shield can provide protection from up to 95% UV rays
  • Includes air vents for superior ventilation  
  • Features a quick shield replacement system
  • The liner has moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties
  • DOT certified 


  • Chin curtain not provided

4. 1Storm HB89 – Best Overall Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

1Storm HB89 - Best Overall Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Next in line is the 1Storm HB89 Modular Motorcycle Helmet. This helmet is embedded with many user-oriented features projected at a jaw-dropping price and works as the ideal motorcycle helmet for beginners.

ABS Shell

Armoured with a thermoplastic ABS shell, the 1Storm Modular helmet seamlessly excels at its prime purpose. Flaunting an aerodynamic design helps deter any wind drag and minimizes resulting noise.

It is also relatively lightweight especially considering it incorporates a modular design and weighs around 5 pounds. 

Hypoallergenic Liner

This modular helmet for motorcycles is fitted with a hypoallergenic liner for ultimate comfort. It is also removable and washable, which makes it quite convenient to keep the helmet smelling fresh and clean.

Double Visor System

Not only that, but the helmet also features a double visor system. The outer face shield is clear and provides protection to the face against accidents and elements.

The interior, tinted visor is ideal for day riding. This is because it provides protection against the harsh UV rays of the Sun. 

Additional Headwear

In addition to that, this headwear is available in all standard sizes. Along with that, it comes in a wide assortment of colors as well, allowing riders to pick one that best matches their aesthetic.

Ventilation System

With the 1Storm Helmet, you’ll find six openings all throughout the helmet to ensure maximum airflow. There are two front and two top adjustable vent switches.

These allow riders to make changes and add comfort on their own terms. 

Chin Strap

Furthermore, the 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet features a few other details that are worth nothing. It is equipped with a chin strap.

This chin strap incorporates a quick-release buckle for easy and swift operation.

UV Finish

The helmet’s shell features a glossy UV-resistant finish which reduces how much heat it absorbs, ultimately keeping the rider and the helmet cool.

With a price tag of under $70, this helmet purchase is definitely a good helmet on a budget.


  • It comes at an affordable price 
  • Available in a wide assortment of colors
  • Features a superior ventilation system
  • Includes a Dual Visor System
  • DOT approved


  • The clear visor may fog up occasionally

5. LS2 Helmets Rebellion – Best Bluetooth Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion - Best Bluetooth Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Incorporating some of the best 21st-century features to the traditional classic half-helmet design, the LS2 Rebellion Helmet provides exceptional performance along with good looks.

Kinetic Polymer Alloy Shell

Rocking a Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell construction, the LS2 helmet provides maximum safety. This means that the helmet does not get worn out even after harsh weather or rigorous use.

The use of this material also allows this helmet to perform well in high-impact situations, hence the DOT certification. 

Twin Shield System

Another highlight of this helmet is its adjustable Twin Shield System that includes a drop-down sun shield. This provides riders with a clear field of vision regardless of the time of day it is.

Also, the shield can be locked halfway or all the way down, depending on your preferences, and can even be operated with gloves. 

EPS Liner

Moreover, the LS2 Rebellion goes the extra mile to provide comfort. The interior of the helmet comes with a dual-density, fully-vented EPS liner, which helps alleviate the impact of crashes.

Also, the liner works to wick moisture away from the skin. It has hypoallergenic properties resulting in additional comfort, making it a top choice for a hot-weather motorcycle helmet.

Since the padding is removable and washable as well, you can easily throw it in the wash after a long, hot ride. 

Ventilation System

Moreover, this headwear features a number of air vents. This allows for an adequate supply of air circulation using dynamic flow-through ventilation.

The rear exhaust vents help push the warm air back, which helps keep the rider cool inside the helmet.

Bluetooth Integrated Technology

Last but not least, the Rebellion is set up for an easy and seamless installation of the new LinkIn Bluetooth communication system.

It can perfectly work like our best-performing Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. This feature will allow you to relish your favorite tunes on the go. 


  • Sturdy and durable build
  • It has a Twin-Shield System
  • Includes a removable and washable liner with hypoallergenic properties 
  • Features flow-through ventilation 
  • Bluetooth-friendly
  • DOT approved


  • Too many size variations

6. ILM 902 – Best DOT-Certified Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet For Adventure 

ILM 902 - Best DOT Certified Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet For Adventure 

The ILM 902 Motorcycle Helmet is perhaps one of the best budget-friendly helmets for motorcycles available on the market today.

If you’re in search of an economical riding companion to tackle city streets, the ILM 902 Helmet will not disappoint.

ABS Shell

It features a High Resistance ABS shell which provides a strong exterior that can take on harsh impacts. Its DOT certification further evidences this.

The helmet is further available in all the standard sizes ranging from small to extra-large, providing different fits for different head sizes. 

Dual Visor System

ILM Motorcycle Helmet incorporates a dual visor system into its design. This includes a tinted visor that can handle bright light conditions, making it perfect for daily use. Whereas the exterior clear face shield provides protection to the face from different elements such as dirt, wind, etc., and is ideal for riding in the nighttime.

It also has anti-fog and anti-scratch properties providing a clear, wide view at all times. 

Lightweight Structure

The ILM helmet is quite lightweight, with a weight of about 3.5 lbs. This makes it the ideal choice for long trips as it will not lead to any neck strain afterward.

Ventilation System

Also, the helmet is armored with air vents on the front as well as the sides. These can be adjusted to adapt to changing weather conditions for optimal ventilation.

Moreover, the 902 is equipped with a quick-release chin strap that allows you to quickly and easily remove the helmet whenever required. 

Additional Features

This helmet incorporates the best modular components. It comes with a standard liner and cheek pads that can be removed and washed quite easily.

It also features a modular visor system that can be removed and switched out without the hassle of any tools. Here you can explore more reviews on modular motorcycle helmets.


  • Offers great value for money 
  • Equipped with a Dual Visor system
  • The outer face shield packs in anti-scratch and anti-fog properties 
  • Features an adjustable chin strap
  • The liner and cheek pads are removable and washable
  • DOT approved


  • Cruising at high speeds can sometimes cause noise

Features That Should Be Considered Before Purchasing Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Option | Buying Guide 2023

With numerous great options for ventilated helmets available in the market today, it is imperative to understand the underlying factors that make a helmet superior.

You need to evaluate before making your final helmet pick.

Shell Material

A high-quality motorcycle helmet must include a durable and resilient shell that can resist hard impacts at high speeds. After all, that is the primary function of a helmet. By having a strong exterior, the helmet is able to protect its fragile contents in the event of a collision.

The helmet’s shell is essentially the first line of defense and, thus, must be tough and well-built. Now, multi-shell systems have been taking over the helmet market and are quite popular. They are also a great way to enhance your personal safety on the road. 

Helmet Fit

Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of styles and sizes. The most common styles are full-face helmets, half-helmets, modular helmets, and open-face helmets. Generally, the more a helmet covers your head, the more protective it is and the more ventilation it requires in order to remain comfortable. 

Wearing a helmet with an uncomfortable fit can result in constant distraction and discomfort during the ride. This can have your attention compromised and make you more susceptible to crashes.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential to take proper measurements and select the appropriate size and style accordingly. The choice of the style of a helmet depends on a number of factors.

This could include the weather of the country you reside in, the relevant laws, or even your own preferences. 


You should never purchase a helmet not certified by relevant authorities, as this allows you to assess how safe the helmet is. Even though this isn’t a legal requirement, choosing a certificated helmet is generally considered safer.

This is because it tells you that your chosen protective gear has passed rigorous testing before being made available in the market. In particular, helmets in America need to carry a certification from the federal DOT.

DOT is considered to be the minimum level of performance that helmets need to uphold in order to be sold in the market. But there are other certifications as well. For example, SNELL is another privately administered standard with much more strict merit. ECE is another popular certification.


It is often rare that we afford the luxury of shopping unrestricted without a budget. And even though solely the price of a helmet should not be the primary factor that dictates your helmet purchase, we must take the price sticker into consideration. 

The price of a helmet gets influenced by a number of factors. This includes the materials used, the integrated technology, relevant certifications, and the brand. However, the price tag usually starts really climbing up to where racing or off-road motocross helmets are concerned.

This is because these use much more sturdy material and are usually lighter. Fortunately, since customers have begun to become more price-sensitive, many affordable and economically valued motorcycle helmets can be found in the market.

A good rule of thumb is to spend enough to protect your head but not spend so much that you will need to cut back on other gear.

To Conclude 

The bottom line is that the comfort provided by your helmet defines your entire riding experience. Yet, many riders disregard the importance of proper ventilation when making their buying decisions. 

In fact, modern advancements in helmet-based ventilation technology are bringing about an evolution in the helmet market resulting in better-ventilated models. Affordable prices validate the fact that you do not have to sacrifice such a significant feature simply because you want a budget-friendly helmet

You can rely on our detailed review and buying guide to be of assistance to you as you embark on your journey to find the best-vented motorcycle helmet. On this list, you’ll find some of the best products on the market. Regardless of your preferences, we’re sure you’ll find something you like here. 

Good luck!

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