How to make your helmet last longer?

How to make your helmet last longer

A helmet is one of the crucial needs of any rider. It protects the head against serious wounds. Only a motorcyclist knows how costly they can be. So changing them frequently isn’t a choice. In such cases, we are continuously searching for the manners by which we can enhance the life expectancy of our helmets. Most riders disregard the significant stage of keeping up with the helmet in excellent condition. Here, we have organized a rundown to assist riders with keeping up with their helmet and increasing their life span. This article will let you know how to make your helmet last longer.

Carry your helmet safely

There is nothing more awful than dropping your helmet. It can get scratched and possibly break if you don’t watch out. On the off chance that you are cumbersome like every other person, we are confident you have presumably dropped your helmet more than once?

We will tell you how you can prevent this from happening. You can use a helmet bag. This was a vastly improved thought than holding it in the middle of my fingers. Additionally, utilizing a helmet bag can open up your hands for storing other items. 

Store your helmet Properly

Storing your helmet appropriately is fundamental to staying aware of the helmet’s cleanliness and general well-being. On the off chance that you like to ride the entire day, sweat can fill your helmet, so you should store it in a manner that gets sufficient wind stream.

You should also be aware of putting away your sports gear to safeguard it from potential mishaps, such as somebody pushing it over. It would likewise be helpful to protect it from residue and UV beams. 

Keep it clean

To keep one’s gear in top condition, it is critical to clean the external shell and the internal froth lining. For cleaning the exterior shell, one ought to utilize cleaning products. It is essential to take note of that; you should use customary glass cleaners like Colin. These items contain alkali, which crumbles the visor’s quality. The inward fixing should be cleaned with warm water and a gentle cleanser. It is prudent not to crush the froth lining excessively hard as it would harm it.

Dry it out

Wearing a helmet for a long term makes ascent from the sweat getting into the inward froth lining. That is the reason drying your helmet under the sun is fundamental. It cleans the froth and eliminates the smell. It is likewise prudent not to involve a dryer as it can adjust the state of the froth layer. Especially in summers, it is vital to look for helmets for hot weather to accommodate sweating and drying out.

A clean visor

The visor is a significant piece of the helmet that safeguards the rider’s eyes from dust, sunbeams, and bugs. It is vital to be cautious while cleaning the visor. A couple of tips that can be helpful are not to utilize alkali-based cleaning products, particularly assuming one has the counter glare covering. For a typical visor, dunk a paper towel in water, put it on the visor, and let it slacken any residue or soil that can be solidified. Afterward, wipe with a spotless material.

Protect from UV rays 

The sun can harm the strength of some helmet shell materials. The UV beams can break the external shell since you are outside riding the entire day. Assuming you observe that your helmet is starting to blur, this is a sure indication of UV harm. You ought to think about supplanting the external shell of your helmet.

Producers are starting to understand the significance of UV security. Like this, they have begun to consolidate UV inhibitors in the plan of the plastic shell that will assist with alleviating corruption from the sun.


There are multiple ways by which you can increase the lifespan of your helmet. Since they are so expensive, nobody wants to buy them after a short period of time. We have mentioned various ways by which you enhance the life expectancy of your gear For instance, you can clean the visor regularly, use the right cleaning products, protect it from sun rays, and store it in an appropriate place.