Explore how to size a motorcycle helmet | Size Chart Included

How to size a motorcycle helmet

A well-fitted helmet will help keep your neck from getting tired and avoid headaches during long motorcycle rides. 

Appropriate-sized helmets will also protect you better in an impact.

Find out how to size a motorcycle helmet with our motorcycle helmet fitting and size guide.   

Considering Motorcycle Helmet Shapes

Motorcycle helmet manufacturers are able to design helmet shapes that perfectly fit the varying head shapes. You have a choice between three types of shapes typically found on the market for your motorcycle helmet.

  • Round Oval
  • Intermediate Oval
  • Long Oval 

Round Oval

Round Ovals are the rarest and most spherical shapes. So if you’ve ever associated your head shape with a ball, then this would be your ideal motorcycle helmet shape.

Your head is as long as it is wide, so round, oval helmets would be ideal. Your head would also look exactly the same from the front and the back if it is round. 

Intermediate Oval

The most common shape found on best motorcycle helmets is the intermediate oval. The shape of an intermediate oval means that your head is longer than it is wide. The measurement from front to back would be longer than a measurement from side to side.

This can be a good motorcycle helmet shape that you can always refer to if you are unclear about motorcycle helmet shapes or sizes.

Long Oval

Long Oval motorcycle helmets best protect thinner heads. Their heads are typically wider than their length. Those with Long oval-shaped heads would find the Intermediate oval-shaped helmet uncomfortable.

At the chin, they’d be tighter, but at the sides, they’d be loose.

Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

In order to get the right size motorcycle helmet, you need to understand the sizing chart. The standard rating for most companies is Small, Medium, and Large, but you need to understand how these measurements work. 

Below is a chart showing circumference measurements for each size rating. 

SizeCircumference of Head(Centimeters)

How to measure the head for a motorcycle helmet?  

How to measure head for motorcycle helmet

The simple task of measuring a motorcycle helmet’s head is quite easy with a measuring tape. Encircle your head with the tape around the widest part. The starting point should be above your eyebrows at the middle of your forehead.

Take the tape at its initial point, then encircle your head around it and note the reading of the tape when it returns to the starting point. Having help is greatly appreciated, but you can also do this by using both hands. Be sure to measure the head size at least three times to avoid human error.

The reading of your head size would help you to match with the helmet size chart and get the best-fitted motorcycle helmet. Suppose your head circumference measures around 57-58 cm, then you should wear a Medium-Sized motorcycle helmet. 

How tight and loose should a motorcycle helmet be?    

There must be no excessive tightness or looseness in the helmet. The helmet should fit extremely well without creating pressure points. A helmet should not move up, down, or side to side when buckled while riding a motorcycle.

A loose motorcycle helmet compromises the safety of the head in case of an impact and should, therefore, not be worn. To tighten your motorcycle helmet around your head, you can use the buckle at the bottom.

Fastening the buckles of the motorcycle helmets will allow you to track how tight and loose they are. When buckles are fastened up, helmets become inflexible and not able to move as freely as they should.


If you are just getting started, you can check out our guide to the best motorcycle helmet for beginners. Nevertheless, the motorcycle helmet size guide should help you to get accurate head circumference readings.

Once you have them, match this with the matching size rating and order a brand new motorcycle helmet for yourself online.

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