6 Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet| Top 6 picks for 2022

best noise cancelling motorcycle helmet

Riding motorcycles are akin to legal drugs that make you high, taking you into a transcendent state of nirvana. At every flick of your wrist and roar of the engine, the feeling grows deeper and deeper. The thrill of clocking high speeds on your odometer after peaking the rev limiter on each shift is an emotion unmatched and indescribable. In fact, the adrenaline rush combined with the absurd serenity of that moment where it’s just you and your motorcycle is the reason many engage in this sport. 

And while there’s nothing like a motorcycle ride with you submerging yourself in your favorite times and slowly forgetting about the world that surrounds you, the moment can be cut short for a number of reasons. 

Whether the moment tends to get ruin due to the mortifying increase in daytime traffic; the solution is quite simple: Invest in a Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet. 

To make the decision-making process easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of the 6 best noise cancelling motorcycle helmets following up with a buying guide.

Top Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet Comparison Table

1AGV SportModular- Best Top-Rated Noise Cancelling Motorcycle HelmetAGV SportModular
2ILM 953 - Best Bluetooth Integrated Noise Cancelling Motorcycle HelmetILM 953
3YEMA 925 - Best Overall Noise Cancelling Motorcycle HelmetYEMA-YM-925
4AHR Run-F - Best Overall Budget Motorcycle HelmetAHR-Run-F
5Shoei Rf-1200 - Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet For MenShoei Rf-1200
6TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular HelmetTORC T27B

1. AGV SportModular – Best Top-Rated Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet

AGV SportModular- Best Top-Rated Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet

The AGV Sportmodular Modular Helmet manages to incorporate all the necessary features required for an extraordinary riding experience. So, if you’re looking for a top-class modular helmet, this model combines protection with modern technology to give you the ultimate experience and hence, will be ideal for you. 

The shell of the AGV Modular Helmet provides maximum protection due to high-quality carbon construction material. A high resistance shell such as this ensures the rider’s head protection in case of unfortunate incidents. The helmet is also available in different sizes ranging from XS to 3XL to accommodate different head sizes and shapes. Along with that, this helmet is DOT certified and also carries an advanced ECE certification. 

The Sport Modular rocks a space-age appearance which consists of a black and grey, checkered-design which has been encapsulated in gloss coating. The shape of the shell is also well thought out. The lower part tapers inward in order to minimize damages to the collar bone in case of an accident. 

The helmet sports a Modular design which allows riders to convert it into an open face motorcycle helmet. The metal chin guard opening system reduces the chances of accidental openings during rides. While this feature is highly useful, modular helmets usually tend to weigh more. Even with the same design pattern, it is one of the lightest modular helmets in the market today weighing around 2.85lbs. This helps minimize neck strain and allows for comfortable rides. 

Additionally, the AGV Modular helmet makes use of the Integrated Ventilation System. This ensures sufficient airflow in and out of the headwear. This includes front vents, a rear extractor, and chin guard vents. They are integrated into the shell of the helmet. They direct air towards the rider’s head to maintain the optimum temperature within the helmet. 

The helmet also has an adjustable integrated spoiler that provides the utmost stability. This helps cut down turbulence when riding on rugged terrain. The collection of such features makes this one of the best motorcycle helmets.

Another promising feature of the AGV helmet is its shield mechanism. Including a double-visor system, the helmet has a metal face shield mechanism. This is for the purpose of minimizing the surface while increasing the peripheral view. It further comes with a rapid face shield release system. This is rather convenient allowing users to remove or install face shields without the need for tools. 

It also has a visor lock system which results in fewer accidental openings. Apart from that, the face shield is compatible with the Max Vision Pinlock anti-fog technology. This offers riders the maximum view regardless of the weather. 

The helmet comes with a GT3 face shield which has an anti-scratch finish. It also includes an internal sun visor which helps block piercing sun rays from directly hitting your eyes while riding. 

Not only that but the AGV helmet provides maximum comfort by using two different fabrics for the interior. These ensure greater impact absorption and better comfort by possessing moisture-wicking properties and offering antibacterial protection. 

Lastly, due to its sleek aerodynamic design, the AGV Sportmodular pushes air from the sides of the helmet, and cohesion with its packed interior helps minimize noise pollution.


  • Features a strong carbon-fiber shell
  • Very lightweight 
  • Includes a double-visor system
  • Has quick-release shield system
  • Provides excellent ventilation 
  • Liner possesses moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties 
  • DOT and ECE certified 


  • Relatively expensive 

2. ILM 953 – Best Bluetooth Integrated Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet 

ILM 953 - Best Bluetooth Integrated Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is the perfect option for anyone looking for an economical riding companion for day-to-day travel. 

At such a wallet-friendly priced helmet, many skeptics may not expect it to deliver in terms of quality and performance. However, the ILM helmet comes with user-oriented features that give many high-end helmets a run for their money.  Flaunting a promising High Resistance ABS shell, this headwear helps mitigate the effect of collisions and provides sufficient protection so you can ride your motorcycle stress-free.

Having a sturdy face shield is just as important in a helmet as it provides additional protection to the face. The ILM Full Face Helmet does not disappoint in this aspect either, rather, provides much more. It supports a dual-visor system that includes a clear outer shield. This plays an important role in providing protection to the face from dust, strong winds, and unexpected collisions. An internal sun visor inclusion allows riders to travel during the day without the harsh UV rays of the Sun. This feature saves you the hassle of having to change different visors for different occasions. 

In addition to that, the drop-down inner shield can be conveniently operated with a switch on the side of the helmet. While the external visor may not have anti-fog properties, it does, however, have scratch-resistant properties that allow users a clear vision even after rigorous use. On top of that, the outer lens replacement is quite easy to switch to a tinted lens. The recommendation is not to use tinted visors when riding at night or in dark places. 

The ILM Bluetooth Helmet is integrated with Bluetooth 3.0 technology that keeps you connected to your device and other riders. This helmet also features in our review of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. This Bluetooth system offers a number of features from receiving or declining phone calls to GPS navigations. You can even enjoy your favorite music or listen to FM radio when you’re out for a ride. 

The headgear comes with built-in speakers and noise cancellation microphones which allow riders to conduct calls or listen to music outside disturbance. It offers DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression technology to make that happen. With the ILM helmet, you’re provided with a total of 8 hours of talk time and 1000 feet of range for intercom between two accompanying riders. 

With 3 adjustable air vents, the helmet provides sufficient ventilation to the rider. This makes the helmet ideal for any type of weather. You can keep the vents close during cold weather and open during hot, summer days. 

The helmet’s interior is quite terrific as well and checks all the boxes to provide the rider with the utmost comfort. Cheek pads inclusion provides a better fit to the rider and ensures maximum security during rides. Apart from that, the top liner and the ear liners are interchangeable and their removal and washing are possible. This allows you to keep the helmet hygienic and clean after long hours of riding, especially during hot days. 

Furthermore, the helmet includes a chin curtain which provides protection from cold and wind while riding. It is also removable and replaceable which provides further convenience to the user. 

The ILM Bluetooth helmet is accompanied by a quick-release chin strap that lets the rider easily and quickly undo the strap in case of emergencies. The strap is of polyester and can be adjustable quite easily as per preferences. Also, the helmet has a modular design which means you can lift the chin guard to turn it into an open-face helmet. This feature proves quite useful for those that want to be protected but prefer the freedom offered by a half helmet for motorcycles.


  • Armoured with a High Resistance ABS Shell 
  • Includes internal sun visor
  • Accompanied by adjustable ventilation ports
  • Features micro metrically adjustable strap with quick-release clasp
  • DOT and ECE approved


  • The clear visor may fog up sometimes

3. YEMA 925 – Best Overall Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA 925 - Best Overall Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet

The YEMA 925 Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a professional-grade motorcycle helmet packed with a ton of advanced features to ensure the user’s ride is nothing short of supreme! This is also the perfect gear for beginners.

At first look, it may resemble something straight out of a sci-fi movie with a sleek, smooth shell design. However, the YEMA Helmet boasts an advanced ABS shell that is resilient enough to protect the rider’s head in the event of an unfortunate incident. With the DOT stamp of approval, this headgear becomes a safe investment allowing its user additional peace of mind. 

YEMA provides different sizes for users to choose from that range from S to 2XL. On top of that, the helmet is quite lightweight weighing about 3.4 pounds. This allows riders to set off on long journeys without having to worry about experiencing neck pain the next few days.

Depending on where you reside, improper ventilation can be a deal-breaker. Fornutaly, the YEMA helmet passes this category with flying colors. With a number of fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents integrated all throughout the helmet, riders have the luxury of being able to control the airflow and ventilation and set it to their optimum level. This ventilated motorcycle helmet allows for improved breathability of the rider and helps maintain a cool temperature within the helmet, especially during hot days.

Another highlight of this feature is the inclusion of dual lenses. Having an exterior face shield, to protect against elements such as rain, dust, etc, and during a crash, is considered standard for modular helmets. However, the YEMA helmet takes things a step further by including an integrated sun shield into the design as well. This internal sun visor works wonders in bright light conditions and makes the helmet perfect for day use. Also, the exterior shield is also scratch-resistant and will ensure a clear field of vision even after extended use.

Not only that but this headwear also has enough space to accommodate prescription glasses. This helmet is also one of the quieter helmets. It sports an aerodynamic design that helps minimize noise resulting from surrounding wind.

Shifting our attention towards the interior of the helmet, the 925 comes fitted with a multi-density EPS liner which provides an extra layer of protection and is responsible for shock absorption. The liner includes laser-cut foam which is designed to comfortably fit the head and provide comfort during longer rides. Apart from that, the liner has antibacterial properties and can be easily removed and washed. Hence, after long hours of riding, it only needs to be tossed in the wash for it to smell like new.

Furthermore, the YEMA modular helmet is accompanied by a reinforced chin strap. The strap is responsible for locking the helmet in place on your head so it does not fall off or shift in case you hit the ground during a crash. It also comes with a quick-release buckle to allow riders to unfasten it quickly when required.  


  • Boasts an advanced ABS shell 
  • Includes fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents 
  • Includes an integrated sun visor 
  • The exterior face shield is scratch-resistant  
  • Has enough space to accommodate glasses 
  • DOT approved 


  • The visor tends to fog up

4. AHR Run-F – Best Cheap Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet 

AHR Run-F- Best Cheap Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet

At a budget-friendly price, this next helmet gets the job done and more. The AHR Run-F Motorcycle Helmet ticks all the boxes of an extraordinary helmet at a price that will be sure to leave change in your wallet. So, if you’re searching for a motorcycle helmet that offers great value for money, look no further. 

Featuring a strong build consisting of a high resistance ABS shell, the AHR Run-F can take on a significant amount of force. This headgear also complies with the DOT safety standards which are further evidence of the safety of the helmet. Apart from that, the helmet boasts a streamlined aerodynamic design that helps combat and reduces wind noise and drag. 

For this particular model, there are a number of sizing options available from small to extra-large. This allows riders to find a fit that sits comfortably on their head. It also comes in different vibrant colors so you can always pick one that matches your bike or your taste. Not only that, the helmet is relatively lightweight as well, with a weight of about 4lbs. 

Giving the higher-end motorcycle helmets a worthy competition like Bell Qualifier motorcycle helmet, the AHR Run-F helmet incorporates a double-visor system. This includes a clear outer visor as well as an internal sun shield. Both of these have been designed to resist scratches and you can even switch between the two very easily. 

Additionally, the helmet includes a thick, high-density EPS liner that is fully vented. With moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, you’ll have improved comfort and visibility. Also, the liner is easily removable and can be washed allowing you to take long rides and still keep your helmet as good as new. Moreover, the Run-F includes a quick-release buckle chin strap that ensures the helmet is securely placed on the rider’s head. 

The helmet does not lack in the ventilation department either. It has a number of adjustable air vents all over the shell that ensures optimum breathability and airflow within the helmet features similar to what you would find with best ventilated helmets for motorcycles


  • Features a double visor system
  • Washable liner with antibacterial properties 
  • Easy to remove liner and cheek pads for additional comfort 
  • Includes a quick-release chin strap
  • DOT approved 


  • Getting the right fit can be confusing 
  • The face shield may fog up

5. Shoei Rf-1200 – Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet For Men

Shoei Rf-1200 - Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet For Men

Shoei is making another appearance on this list, and quite expectedly might we add. This is a popular and appreciated name in the world of motorcycle helmets and its legacy continues with the Rf-1200. 

Keeping in mind that the prime function of a motorcycle helmet is to offer you protection, the first-layer of defense offered by a helmet should be important to you. The Shoei Rf-1200 helmet sports a hard, strong shell that makes use of Shoei’s exclusive proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell technology. This ensures that ultimate protection is provided to the rider in the event of a crash. 

The shell of the Shoei helmet provides a compact and aerodynamic shape. This shape significantly reduces wind noise, buffeting, and the overall weight of the helmet.  

Ventilation is another key factor that affects the overall riding experience. Fortunately, Shoei passes with flying colors in this regard. The helmet directs cooling and drying air inwards while drawing warm and damp air through the exhaust outlets. It has integrated a state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility with the aim of maximizing ventilation within the helmet. 

The Shoei Rf-1200 supports a dual-layer, multi-density EPS liner that lets the cool air travel unrestricted between layers. Not only that but it also provides impeccable shock absorption. The interior of this headgear provides to give the ultimate comfort to riders during their travel. The lining is removable and washable so you can easily maintain your hygiene. Also, most of the interior components are both replaceable and adjustable. 

The Shoei helmet also includes a special face shield which provides protection against a number of things. The brand uses a special 3D injection-molding process which allows the shield to offer a distortion-free view. It is also scratch-resistant and comes with a quick-release system. Lastly, the helmet comes with a firm chin strap that ensures the helmet never falls off your head. These features are also common with SHOEI QWest motorcycle helmet.


  • Sports a resistant, reliable shell
  • Comfortable interior 
  • Features an excellent ventilation system
  • DOT and SNELL approved 
  • Size range from XS to XXXL


  • Relatively pricey 
  • Weighs more than the average helmet

6. TORC T27 – Best Off-Road Noise Cancelling Helmet

TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet

The shell of the T27 is comprised of a unique thermoplastic alloy that is sturdy, provides protection, and reduces weight. In fact, the TORC T27 helmets are about 20 percent smaller than the other motorcycle helmets with a modular design. This allows them to be more aerodynamic, lighter in weight as well as more pleasing to the eyes. 

This modular helmet is available in different measurements to cater to the varying sizes of different riders. It boasts an immediate overall fit that fits most head shapes, making it ideal for all kinds of riders.

Apart from that, the helmet comes with a dual visor system. This is pretty standard for a mid-range motorcycle helmet. It includes a clear front visor that offers a wide peripheral vision and is sturdy enough to resist impact. An internal tinted visor inclusion ensures smooth rides during the day by blocking out the blinding rays of the Sun. You can control the function of the visor by using a switch located on the side of the helmet. 

In addition to that, the T27 includes a thick, multi-density fully vented EPS liner. It does a great job at absorbing the impact to mitigate resulting injuries in case of an accident. Since the liner is removable and washable, you can easily get rid of nasty odors after hot, long hours of riding. 

This motorcycle helmet features significant intake venting and incredible Venturi venting for the rear exhaust. This system ensures sufficient air ventilation within the helmet. Furthermore, the helmet makes use of a modular design. This allows for greater versatility as the rider can use the helmet as a full face helmet or convert it into a half helmet

The Torc T27 also comes fully equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 technology. It can easily connect to your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, android, or iPhone. The T27 helmet comes equipped with two built-in speakers, offers up to 8 hours of continuous talk time with 150 hours of standby time. This model also allows you to receive and send calls, listen to stereo music streaming from your MP3, phone, or FM radio, as well as GPS directions. 

Other features include a noise-canceling microphone and full-duplex communications with DSP Filter. This allows you to easily communicate with other riders. Waterproof controls inclusion adds convenience during inclement weather. 


  • Lightweight design 
  • Offers great value for money
  • Comes with a drop-down Sun visor
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity 
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Available in seven different colors


  • The shield may fog up

Buying Guide For Finding The Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet In 2022

While there’s nothing like flying down the highway on your motorcycle, cutting through the wind like a well-honed blade, safety is and should always be a top concern. 

A high-quality helmet ensures a superior riding experience without sacrificing your comfort and safety. And even though the quietness of the helmet is a key element, it isn’t the only one. Hence, here are some major considerations to keep in mind before making the final purchase decision: 

Safety Standards 

The first and most important criterion before purchasing a helmet is ensuring it meets relevant safety standards. In the US, there are some safety standards in place to promote the manufacture of effective helmets. 

DOT is the minimum level of performance that helmets need to uphold. Generally, the helmets that meet the DOT criteria carry a sticker. Snell-approved helmets are much more reliable. 

Therefore, make sure you check for the relevant sticker before making the final payment. 


Decent airflow throughout a helmet is another element that is just as important to consider. Proper or optimum ventilation will not only provide comfort but also make the journey easier as well. The intake vents will pull clean air inside the helmet, keeping you cool when riding in hot weather. On the other hand, the exhaust vents ensure that the damp, warm air leaves the helmet. 

A good ventilation system should have clear and direct paths for air to flow onto your face and also have the capability of shutting off airflow completely. Vents on the chin also prove quite handy as it prevents the visor from misting up. This is why we have a buying guide for finding motorcycle helmets with ventilation.


Aerodynamics is essentially related to the shape of the helmet. It is an important factor that influences the comfort and safety of the helmet as well as noise creation. 

As you’re riding, the air pushes towards you, and your neck muscles will generally work against the force to keep your head up. This can result in neck strain if the resistance is too excessive. 

Hence, opting for a helmet that flaunts an aerodynamic design is essential for your safety and comfort. It will also help to mitigate any resulting wind drag and noise. 

Overall Fit

Once you’ve made the decision of buying a particular model you like, it is necessary to pick a size that fits your head comfortably without being too big or way too tight. 

An uncomfortable fit can put you in a state of constant discomfort. As your attention diverts, you are more susceptible to becoming a victim of an unfortunate accident . Thus, take proper measurements as per instructions and select the relevant size before finally buying the helmet.

Final Words

Riding your motorcycle is much more than just a means of travel. It gets your blood pumping, works as a stress buster, and gives you a sense of freedom. And to reap all the benefits it has to offer, one needs to completely indulge themselves in the activity. 

A noise cancelling motorcycle helmet will prove essential here. Even though finding the right model among numerous options can be a little tricky. We hope you’ve been able to gather the necessary information required to make your final decision. 

If you’re still unable to decide, be sure to review our top six of the best noise cancelling motorcycle helmet that caters the needs of every motorcyclist. We’re certain you’ll find your gem here! 

Good luck and ride safe!