10 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses | In-Depth Review 2023

best motorcycle helmets for glasses

Wearing a helmet is as essential for riders as one could think. It may be the difference between a severe accident and a minor one. But if you wear glasses, they might be difficult to fit since the designs aren’t appropriate for your needs.

So finding the best motorcycle helmet for glasses is preferable to getting one on your face. It is not recommended to use a motorcycle helmet that has been conventionally built. You don’t want to be distracted.

Thus, you’ll need to purchase the best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers made specifically for this purpose, which is the perfect size and fit. We have curated a list of the 10 best motorcycle helmets for glasses. These helmets will allow your eyeglasses to fit comfortably.

Top Best Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses Comparison Table

1Bell-Eliminator-Street-Helmet-Matte-Black-Large Bell Eliminator Street Helmet
2 Daytona HelmetDaytona Helmets
3RaceQuip-Full-Face-Helmet-PRO20-RaceQuip Full Face Helmet
5GLX M14 - Best Half Helmet For WomenGLX Unisex-Adult Size
6LS2-Helmets-Open-FaceLS2 Helmets Open Face
8ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor - Best Value For Money Under $300ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor
91Storm HB-B89 - Best Overall Full Face Motorcycle Helmet1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet
10MMG-Model-20MMG (Model 20)

1. Bell Eliminator Street Helmet – Best Overall Motorcycle Helmets For Glasses 

Bell Eliminator Street Helmet - Best Overall Motorcycle Helmets For Glasses 

Bell Eliminator always seems to have glasses wearers in mind with its helmets, keeping a wider area with a specific glasses groove on either side of the lining, assuring eyewear compatibility. It is among the best full face motorcycle helmet for glasses in the market.

Protective Fit

Bell eliminator street-style helmets are available in almost 10 bold colors; every color makes a statement and says alot about you.

Bell’s helmets are famous for their perfect combo of weight and style; they have maintained an excellent reputation for protection over the years.

6K Carbon Shell

The design is available in a 6K Carbon shell. The carbon edition shows wonders for extreme weather. It is a lightweight helmet that provides more comfort.

The product is DOT approved, which Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.


There are two different Eliminator helmets available. One shell is made of 6k Carbon, while the “Regular” version is made of a Fiberglass Composite Shell. Both are DOT Certified.


  • Recessed EPS speaker pockets
  • Removable antibacterial lining
  • Breathes well and has proper ventilation
  • Have contoured cheek pads
  • Customizations can be made


  • Wind Noise/ it is not the quietest.

2. Daytona Helmets – Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets For Glasses Wearers

Daytona Helmets - Best low profile motorcycle helmets for glasses wearers

The Daytona is a genuine low-profile helmet with objective assurance and seems like a bobblehead. Among half-helmets, this is a high-end model to look for.

Its design aims at protecting the rider’s head top allowing comfort for glasses wearers.

Ergonomic Design

While it’s visually stunning, it’s also ergonomically engineered to minimize the strain on your neck and back that comes with wearing other helmets. A wide variety of skull caps are offered to suit the rider’s preferences.

For individuals who like the look of a half-face helmet, this helmet is the best option.

DOT Approved

Daytona’s helmet is the lightest and smallest one that meets and exceeds D.O.T. The fast delivery ratchet-style jaw tie is ideally best for wearing gloves. The completion out is overall quiet the liner is comfortable. Riders can wear the best glasses for motorcycle helmets with ease.


Its Black Snap-on Gloss Bubble Visor accompanies three snap covers and functions admirably to protect the eyes from the sun. The visor is additionally situated low enough to get the breeze like other open-face helmets.

The custom-molded interior is lined with moisture-wicking fabric, making the head more remarkable and comfortable.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Custom form interior
  • Reinforced retention system with sliding adjuster
  • Quick Release Lock for chin strap
  • Three shell sizes are available
  • Free goggle straps


  •  No Bluetooth

3. RaceQuip Full Face Helmet – Best Motorcross Helmets For Glasses 

RaceQuip Full Face Helmet - Best Motorcross Helmets For Glasses 

The RaceQuip PRO20 is a Snell-evaluated full-face auto-hustling protective helmet that joins contemporary styling with current creation strategies.

Sturdy Shell

The shell comprises pre-composite materials set into compressed steel molds to accomplish the best lightweight blend and strength.

Ventilation System

The comfortable fit blended Nomex interior and exhaust vents on the top and back of the shell make the ventilation work better and help keep your scalp cool. The full face helmet for glasses is renowned for its users in the

Eye Port

Considering eyewear compatibility, a comprehensive eye port provides good peripheral vision and allows personal eyewear. 

A wide eye port gives great fringe vision and permits the utilization of individual eyewear.

Polycarbonate Face Shield

The distortion-free 3mm polycarbonate face shield highlights a red anodized aluminum turn unit, hand-tightening Tear Off posts. There is also a silicone eye port gasket to seal out dust and dirt accompanied by a pin lock.

The most promising feature of this product is the Snell SA rating means that it is a fireproof product and is suitable for all sorts of motorsports.


  • Both are strong and light in weight.
  • Design with hooks and loops.
  • Adjustable.
  • Shell is made of composite materials.


  •  This item is not UV-protected.

4. AHR RUN-M Full Face – Best High-Quality Motorcycle Helmets For Glasses And Sun Glasses

AHR RUN-M Full Face - Best high-quality motorcycle helmets for glasses and sun glasses

The AHR Run Full Face Flip Up Helmet’s features, materials, and style allow you to focus on having fun while riding rather than worrying about your safety.

Compatibility with personal eyeglasses is made possible by a large, open eye port, which enables excellent peripheral vision. 


This helmet not only protects you in the event of a crash but also begins to protect you the minute you put it on. The helmet includes two visors, one on the front and one inside, to protect the wearer’s eyes in the event of a collision.

The inside visor may be readily controlled using a switch, similar to some visors used in dirt bikes.


This helmet has two visors to protect your eyes from the sun and other road debris. You need to feel safe but also relaxed.

Flip-Up Design

You may forget you’re wearing it because of its stunning design, color, material, and features. The revolutionary flip-up and down design let you breathe and eat without removing the whole helmet.

ABS Shell

The ABS shell features a thick, high-density EPS liner that is well-ventilated for a comfortable ride.

Air intake is facilitated by an amazing ventilation system, allowing for longer rides to be comfortable.


  • Double visors with a dark inner visor
  • Adjustable visors
  • Has buckle to secure the helmet
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Streamlined design
  • Washable and removable cheek pad
  • Lightweight ABS shell


  •  The visor might fog up on hot days
  • Fewer sizes than previous models

5. GLX Unisex-Adult Size – Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmets For Glasses

GLX Unisex-Adult Size - Best cheap motorcycle helmets for glasses 

This GLX Unisex cruiser helmet includes significant manufacturing and inner liner components that can absorb and disperse mild impacts throughout the liners, keeping the glasses wearers’ heads secure within the helmet. Motorcycle helmet glasses friendly nature makes them popular among riders.

UV Protection

This one comes with a sun cover to keep UV rays out of your eyes. You may even withdraw and re-deploy it later if needed.

Quick-Release Strap

The quick-release strap isn’t irritating when riding. The interior materials are soft, detachable, and washable. This helmet also allows for the addition of audio equipment.

The chin strap can be cleaned easily and isn’t padded, so it could sting when tightened up. 


The helmet seems more significant, but it shouldn’t be an issue. If you want to get this helmet, order one size larger than the standard size.

Aside from that, it is one of the most acceptable half helmets for scooters in terms of quality and safety. It comes with a sun protector that blocks 99 % of UV rays. It is simple to retract and deploy.

Additional Features

The helmet’s bottom edge liners are fine leather for further durability. There is more area for audio equipment and communication devices similar to other cool motorcycle helmets.


  • Moderate pricing on the spectrum
  • Ultraviolet ray shielding
  • Components with breathable interiors
  • Properly safeguarding your assets


  • The cheek strap has no cushioning.
  • Problems with proportions

6. LS2 Helmets Open Face – Best Adventure Helmet For Glasses 

LS2 Helmets Open Face - Best adventure helmet for glasses

Wearing eyeglasses while commuting has never been easier with the LS2 Rebellion motorcycle helmet. The best glasses for helmet wearers help riders to protect their eyes.

Polycarbonate Visor

Make your travel more transparent and safer with absolute confidence in your ability to reach your destination. When it comes to the polycarbonate visor, it’s always a good idea to have the widest possible range of clarity.

The adjustable double shield feature and the drop-down sun visor that locks halfway down are just some of the features of this helmet.

DOT Approved

The DOT-approved design takes every precaution to prevent a head injury. This is a big deal.

Ventilation System

The flow-through ventilation of this helmet, as well as the ability to wear glasses, makes this helmet the best of the best.

Using the built-in Bluetooth, cyclists may interact with each other while still on their bikes. 

Hypoallergenic Fiber Lining

The health of your head is protected with hypoallergenic technological fiber lining which is washable. There must be a wide variety of colors available for this LS2 helmet in order to make a strong fashion statement.


  • UV-protective, scratch-resistant visor.
  • The airflow is controlled by the device’s top vent and channel openings.
  • Washable hypoallergenic Laser-cut liners.
  • The exterior is protected by a kinetic polymer alloy.


  • Much of the wind squeaks.

7. YEMA YM-831 – Best Lightweight Helmet For Riders With Glasses

MA YM-831 - Best lightweight helmet for riders with glasses

There is a wide range of riders that can use the YM-831 motorcycle helmets, from the everyday commuter to the more adventurous.

Using a quick-release clasp, you may remove the helmet from its aerodynamic shell. 

UV Protection

Besides, if you use glasses as a regular the UV protection aspect would show to be very much beneficial for you. To guard against sun glare, the helmet incorporates a replaceable sun visor and a transparent visor.

Eyestrain is a thing of the past thanks to this technology.


At high speeds, the helmet’s aerodynamic shell helps maintain your head on a straight path. This reduces the amount of drag on a motorbike helmet, making it seem stylish.

No more dizziness and headaches on lengthy road trips thanks to this product.

Inner Linning

YEMA has simplified the process by including removable and washable cushioned inner liners and pads. This supports the rider in maintaining a fresh and odor-free helmet.


  • Reasonably low cost.
  • Suitable for both sexes.
  • D.O.T. approved.
  • Bracelet with a tether.
  • Installing and removing the transparent visor is a snap.


  • There are no other add-ons available.
  • The helmet is painted matte black, which is prone to fading and tarnishing in direct sunlight.
  • Only one color is available.

8. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor – Best Glasses Helmet With High Resistance ABS Shell Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor - Best Glasses Helmet With High Resistance ABS Shell Helmet

Bikers everywhere should get their hands on ILM’s latest offering.

ABS Shell

An ABS Shell with Micro-metrically adjustable strap is not only stylish, but it also has a high-resistance ABS Shell. Besides, it’s a highly user-friendly design that allows the glasses to be set in a comfy way. 

It is because of the Acrylonitrile of ABS that the helmet is able to withstand extreme temperatures. The ABS helmet’s butadiene rubber provides strong impact resistance as well as chemical and weather resistance. 

Micrometric Strap

In order to tighten and unfasten the helmet, the micrometric adjustable strap comes handy.

In addition to the removable and washable cheek pads, this model has a helmet liner and a set of lightweight cheek pads.

Noise Cancellation

Its design decreases wind noise and helps make it quieter, which is a welcome respite considering its hefty 4.6-pound weight.

DOT Certified

Anti-scratch and anti-fog material is used in its flip-up function, which provides the user with an expansive and clear vision of the world around them.

It has passed DOT safety standards certification.


  • The whole face is covered.
  • Motorcycle helmets with glasses may benefit from the anti-fog and anti-scratch properties of the Dual Visor Flip.
  • The ability to withstand high temperatures and severe impacts.
  • Washable and lightweight.


  • For heavy-duty usage, it might be cumbersome.
  • Polycarbonate is much more durable.
  • Exposure to sunshine may cause the skin to become yellow.

9. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet – Best Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmets For Glasses

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet - Best top-rated motorcycle helmets for glasses

Advanced optics are one of its most notable qualities. This helmet is designed for motorcyclists who need to see well at all times.

This helmet’s inside can accept optical inserts, making it ideal for those who wear eyeglasses. It’s always ready to make life easier and more convenient for you.

Dual-Visor Design

Additionally, this helmet has an interchangeable dual-visor design. A helmet visor can be used even if there is no light available because of this technology.

You can ride in the dark or in the glare of the sun without having to remove the visor.


The making of a helmet is crucial and this one is made of durable materials that can withstand the elements. In addition, it may be taken apart for cleaning purposes.

The helmet, on the other hand, is constructed from a variety of materials. The shell of this helmet was designed to endure harsh blows thanks to the mix of multi-density EPS materials and aerodynamic ABS.


I’ve heard from multiple people who had terrible accidents while wearing this helmet that it saved their lives, including it being among some of the safest helmet options available in the market. A glossy anti-UV treatment has also been applied to the helmet.

Unlike other helmets, the 1Storm Helmet’s elegant design is unaffected by heat exposure.


  • The whole face is covered.
  • Strong and long-lasting materials.
  • Fully breathable full-face helmet with a built-in cooling system.
  • All of the padding and lining within the cushions and covers may be washed.
  • Eyeglass wearers will benefit from this helmet’s focus on optics.
  • A quick-release buckle is included as a feature.


  • Wind noise is understandably high.

10. MMG (Model 20) – Best Glasses Wearer Aerodynamic Motorcycle Helmets

MMG (Model 20) - Best Glasses Wearer Aerodynamic Motorcycle Helmets

If you’re a commuter on a budget, this could be a good alternative for you. DOT-approved for US safety standards, and it’s simple enough for novices to learn.

One of the reasons it is a good option for those who wear glasses is the large amount of room it provides both within and around the ear region.

Cheek-Pads Support

The cheek pads on this one really make it stand out because of how well-padded it is all around. The fact that they support your face and keep it well-protected makes them a highly useful accessory.

At any moment, you may remove and wash them.

Anti-Scratch Technology

As a result of the anti-scratch technology, it is now a little more durable. Because of the clean windshield and broad field of view, it’s much simpler to operate.

Overall, the lightweight aerodynamic design is ideal for casual commuters because of its current aerodynamic design.


It comes in a variety of sizes, so be sure to check the size chart provided by the manufacturer before ordering.

There are no fancy features, but it is a straightforward design that is excellent for scooters and other tiny motorcycles.


  • Small speakers may be used. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Ease of removal of cheek pads.


  • Tight space may be an issue.

How To Pick The Right Motorcycle Helmet For People Who Wear Glasses?

There are certain crucial elements to consider while selecting the best motorcycle helmets for glasses, such as:


Many different motorcycle helmets are on the market, each with a distinct degree of safety. Despite their name, many full-face helmets aren’t compatible with eyeglasses. Even after they’re meant to cover the whole head.

On the other hand, open-face and half-helmets are more likely to be compatible with glasses while protecting your head’s top and rear.

Full Face Helmets

It’s clear from the name that a full-face helmet covers your complete head, as you would expect (including your face, of course) to provide the maximum degree of safety; such devices cover your head and part of your neck.

The chin bar, which extends below your jaw and chin, is one of the most distinctive elements of these helmets. Another outstanding feature is that they may have built-in capabilities to decrease visor fogging and wick moisture.

 It’s possible to have tinted visors on them, which may make sunglass worthless. However, wearing a helmet might make some individuals feel confined or claustrophobic.

Open-face helmets

Open-face helmets are designed to protect your head and neck but leave your face wholly unprotected. The most noticeable difference is the absence of a chin bar.

People who want to have their faces open often use these helmets. It’s worth noting that some riders find full-face helmets to be too confining. Thus, this is a popular alternative for them.

These helmets are also lighter in weight due to reducing the amount of material used in their construction. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting whether or not these goods include a visor. 

Shell Material

Shell Material Padding is necessary, but if the helmet breaks, it doesn’t matter. That’s why you need to look for a model with a sturdy outer shell.

You can choose either of the two primary materials used for the shell: ABS or polycarbonate. It’s up to you to decide which one best meets your requirements and desires.

Head Shape

The shape of your head may not seem like a big deal at first, but you should pay attention to it if you want to get the most out of your helmet. More extended ovals, intermediate ovals, and round ovals are the most common shapes.

Your experience will be even better if you choose a product based on the shape of your head. The middle oval is usually a good choice. It’s also a good idea to wear the helmet for a time before purchasing if that’s feasible. That will give you a broad notion of whether or not it is the best solution for your situation.

Weighing and sizing

Compare the weights of several helmets before making your final decision and go with the one that feels most comfortable on your head.

Even if it’s a little heavier, it’s crucial to find a hat that’s the right size for your head to get the best motorcycle helmets for glasses.

Convenience And Safety

Having a comfortable helmet is essential, particularly if you plan on wearing it for a lengthy period. Internal ventilation allows keeping sweat from building up and other types of discomfort.

Discomfort may also be minimized by using cheek cushions or chin strap cushioning. If you’re fortunate enough, it is possible to acquire helmets with interior cushioning tailored to suit spectacles.


When you’re wearing a helmet, you need to be able to put on your glasses without causing any obstacles. An open-face or modular motorcycle helmet suits the best while wearing glasses. To wear a motorbike helmet while wearing glasses, you’ll need to choose the correct helmet based on various elements.

If you want to get the best motorcycle helmet for glasses, you don’t have to worry; follow the instructions above and drive safely!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, you can wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet. Many helmets ensure extra padding, pin-lock systems, and anti-fog visors to allow the comfortable use of glasses.

Which helmet is best with glasses?

The best helmet for glasses depends from individual to individual. However, helmets like Shoei RF-SR and Bell Qualifier DLX are known for their comfortable and secure fit.

How do people with glasses ride a motorcycle?

People with glasses should opt for helmets that have a rounded interior shop, adjustable pads, and an anti-fog visor mechanism to prevent glasses from fogging up. Moreover, riders should also carry a microfiber cloth to keep their glasses clean.

How do I keep my glasses from fogging up in my motorcycle helmet?

Firstly, riders should apply an anti-fog spray to their glasses before riding. Secondly, they should ensure the helmet fits them properly to prevent warm air. Lastly, riders should slightly open the vsior of the helmet for increased ventilation.

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