How to change the visor on a motorcycle helmet?

how to change visor on motorcycle helmet

A motorcycle helmet is your frontline savior in on-road safety. It protects you from possible injuries from accidents and, at the same time, protects your face from harsh weather. It’s the helmet visor that provides much of the utility.

Visors protect your face from the gushy winds and keep dirt out as well, and even help to keep off the rain. What should you do when the visor cracks or has some other problem? Many people think of throwing away helmets, but that isn’t a solution. The user can easily replace it by knowing how to change the visor on a motorcycle helmet.

There are replacement visors for motorcycle helmets available at spare parts shops. If your motorcycle helmet is broken, don’t spend bucks on a new one. Instead, motorcycle helmet visor replacement is the best option.

It is easy to remove, replace and install a new visor. Here is the complete detail of removing the motorcycle helmet visor and installing a new one. It covers the entire process from removal to installation of a new visor. It is discussed in detail as follows.

Types of Helmet Visors

Different types of helmet visors vary because of a biker’s kind of helmet. The main focus here is the full helmet visor. These include a clear helmet visor, smoked visor, and mirrored helmet visor, especially in the case of dirt bikes.

In this discussion, the focus is on a full-face motorcycle helmet. Follow these steps to replace the visor on your motorcycle helmet.

Removal of Sun Shield

You have to start with the removal of the old visor. The first requirement for it is the availability of a new visor. A matching helmet visor should be available in stores. After you’ve acquired the visor, you can proceed with the change.

Helmets should be placed on a soft surface not to get damaged. The soft area prevents scratches and dents. The next step is checking the mechanism for the removal of different parts for the ultimate replacement of the visor. Different parts shall be included for the removal of the visor.

The first of these is the removal of the sun shield. The pivot point is where the tabs are present and can help remove the shield. It is easy to remove; you should pull forward the tabs. Once you complete it, you can move on to the next step.

The next part is the removal of the pivot. Pivot points are there for the movement of the visor up and down. A screwdriver can prove helpful in this removal. Once these are removed, it is now possible to remove the visor.

Visor Removal Process

The next step after removing the pivot points is to remove the old visor. This step prepares you for the final step of removing the visor. There are no screws or other mechanical parts to complete this process.

Now, how to remove the motorcycle helmet visor? You have to grab it in the midpoint and push it outwards. This push will complete the process of helmet removal once it is detached from the helmet. The next step in motorcycle helmet visor replacement is installing a new piece.

Ultimate Step of Installation

Before installation, clean the area with a cloth where the visor is installed. Take it and place it at the point where it is installed. When placed at the right point, push it downwards so that it is appropriately placed. Once it is done, put the pivot mechanism in its proper place. Once it is correctly installed, you will hear the clicking sound.

You should lock into the proper place not to move while replacing the hinge pin, pivot mechanism, and other parts. Once they are installed, you can check if they can slide back and forth. If it is done properly, then the helmet is good to go.

Once the installation process is completed, you can remove the protective sheet of plastic on the visor. It is used for protection during storage and installation. After you install the visor, you can add a sun shield to make it a hot-weather motorcycle helmet.

From the above step, we come to know that replacement visors for motorcycle helmets can save you from spending money uselessly. It is an easy-to-do process that saves money and the helmet.


The helmet visor is made of plastic, and it needs proper care. It can crack if it falls or is hit with something heavy. It can also lose transparency if it is placed on rough surfaces. Therefore it is recommended that it should be placed safely.

The process of motorcycle helmet visor replacement is easy. While the process requires some technical ability, it is easily doable by anyone, as we discovered when painting motorcycle helmets. The user needs to be careful about the arrangement of the right visor and its installation.

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