10 Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet Picks| Buying Guide 2023

Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

Tired of seeing people get hurt on motorbikes every two weeks, a British doctor came up with the first helmet in 1914. It was just a stiff canvas covered in shellac. It did its job and kept a rider from getting a bad head injury in the 1914 Isle of Man race. Therefore, modern helmets are better than they were a hundred years ago.

In modular helmets, flip-up mechanisms make them even heavier. Manufacturers came up with lighter motorcycle helmets to make them easier to carry. These helmets are made of high-tech materials, offering protection without adding a lot of weight.

It has three parts: an outer shell made of polymers, an inner shell to cushion the impact, and a liner to make it feel good. Premium helmets use lightweight materials like carbon fiber and kevlar to keep them light. Most manufacturers use EPS to make the inside layer (Expanded Polystyrene).

This layer breaks when it is hit, which protects the skull. Finally, the cushioning makes it easier to ride for a long time, and it also makes it easier to stay in the same place. The inside EPS layer and cushioning are thick, and they add a lot of weight, but not as much as the outer shell material.

Often riders prefer cool motorcycle helmets to accompany them on the road. This article has many options for you to choose from, along with a buying guide.

Top Best lightweight Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

1LS2 HelmetsLS2 Helmets 590-1101
2VCAN CruiserVCAN Cruiser
3 ScorpionExo CovertScorpionExo ‎COV-0104
4FreedConn BM2-S - Best Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetFreedConn ‎COMINU085591
5YEMA 925 - Best Overall Noise Cancelling Motorcycle HelmetYEMA Helmet Yema-627mbxxl-6
6Daytona HelmetDaytona Helmets ‎DC1-B
7Bell Qualifier - Best Overall Street Motorcycle HelmetBELL ‎Solid ‎7049224
8HJC HelmetHJC Helmets 130-144
9 Vega-HelmetsVega Helmets 87029-226
10Shoei GTShoei GT-Air 2

1. LS2 Helmets 590-1101- Best Value For Money Lightweight Helmet

LS2 Helmets 590-1101- Best Value For Money Lightweight Helmet

Whether you’re a rookie rider seeking the finest affordable motorcycle helmets or an experienced rider looking for another helmet that won’t put a massive dent in your wallet.

The best choice in all cases will be the LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet.

Moisture-Wicking Liner

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet has a moisture-wicking fabric that makes the rider’s experience unparalleled.

Drop-Down Visor

It has an adjustable Twin Shield System; the drop-down sunscreen is lockable in place halfway down, or it can fully protect you.

It has hypoallergenic properties resulting in additional comfort, making it a top choice for a hot-weather motorcycle helmet.

Bluetooth Integrated Technology

In addition, the LinkIn Communication System of HJC Helmets can be easily installed because it meets the FMVSS 218 standard and is Bluetooth-ready. It means that riders and passengers can use LS2’s LinkIn Communication System.

With flow-through ventilation. The technical fabric liner of helmets is hypoallergenic and dries quickly. It is removable and washable.


  • Very minimal wind noise and true to size. 
  • The aerodynamic form of a high-quality helmet contributes to a more enjoyable ride.
  • Vents well in hot weather
  • One of the best-fitting helmets on the market.
  • It’s a great buy for the price.


  • Fragile face shield.
  • CS-R1 ear pockets are covered with a very thin layer of fabric

2. VCAN Cruiser – Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet For Round Head

VCAN Cruiser - Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet For Round Head

Every trip needs the right helmet size, whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice off-road motorcyclist on a tight budget who wants to protect your head in a crash.

Sturdy Built

Your safety is the most important thing to keep in mind. In this case, you might need the best motorcycle helmet for a roundhead. Nevertheless, there are still debates about whether or not it is possible to have a completely round helmet.

But there’s a catch. Some companies make a lot of round helmets. These headgears are better at absorbing stress than other types of headgear, but they also protect the rider’s head from getting hurt.

For people with round or oval-shaped skulls VCAN Cruiser Solid, Half Face Motorcycle Helmet is the best choice.

ABS Shell

VCAN Cruiser Solid Half Face Motorcycle Helmet is made of plastic and is best for round heads. ABS thermoplastic resin shell of superior quality, in compliance with DOT requirements.

Inner Lining

It has rich internal padding for a comfortable fit from a motorcycle helmet. Its manufacturer has over 30 years of experience.

These helmets have a nylon chin strap with a double D ring securing system, meeting the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218.


  • It’s a tad on the tall side, but it’s light and comfy.
  • The cushioning on the inside of the headrest is fantastic.
  • It’s a great-looking headgear.


  • The padding design on the helmet’s interior is very high and may not fit all.

3. ScorpionExo ‎COV-0104 – Best Overall Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

ScorpionExo ‎COV-0104 - Best Overall Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

Having a light helmet can make a big difference to tour riders, couriers, or people with long commutes. It isn’t the only thing that makes your neck muscles tired.

Wind turbulence, your riding position, and the wrong kind of gear all play a role. As time goes on, though, having an easy-to-wear helmet covering all aspects can make a difference. 

Durable Built

The Scorpion EXO Covert half helmet is the best option for strength and style. This creative motorcycle helmet will amaze you with its distinctive, radical design and exceptional durability.

Retractable Visor

This half helmet’s groundbreaking 3-in-1 design, retractable tinted sun visor, detachable front mask, and rear sleeve provide superb protection in a half-size helmet.

Polycarbonate Shell

The durability ScorpionExo Covert is unmatched. This revolutionary Scorpion EXO motorcycle helmet is constructed with a sturdy polycarbonate shell to reduce impact and a dual-density EPS to distribute energy absorption.

Ventilation System

This helmet has an aero-tuned ventilation system and a soft, comfy lining for all-year comfort. Overall, the helmet is lightweight, balanced, and provides good impact dispersion.

All-terrain, utility, and street touring bikes are compatible with the helmet. They are approved by DOT FMVSS 218.


  • Very simple to use, wear, and maintain.
  • The strap is comfortable.
  • Remarkably light for its size.
  • Looks “Bad Ass” 


  • An excess amount of air enters through the face shield, which may dry your skin and lips.
  • No way to avoid fingerprints on the helmet.

4.FreedConn ‎COMINU085591 – Best Top rated Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn ‎COMINU085591 - Best Top rated Lightweight Motorcycle

From the reviews from customers and independent market assessments, we can say that FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is one of the top-rated helmets on the market.

Bluetooth Integrated Technology

This helmet comes with Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which allows you to connect to your phone and audio player quickly, and GPS. 9 hours of intercom, 12 hours of phone, and 120 hours of standby making team motorcycle communication more accessible and more efficient.

Consequently, it also meets and surpasses ECE and DOT safety requirements. “Easy Control Bluetooth Helmet” The motorbike Bluetooth helmet allows one-button calling, responding, rejecting, and redialing. Intercom, music, FM, and GPS navigation sounds are overridden.

A 2-second second long press on the MFB button activates Siri or Android voice command. Make communication easier. With a built-in Bluetooth intercom, two riders may converse, or three can link up to 500m away (1640 ft) with built-in quality stereo speakers.


The helmet comes with advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, high-speed music, and intercom speech clarity.

Ventilation System

A lightweight shell with an improved ventilation system makes the ride more pleasant—deodorant, absorbent, and detachable cheek pads and liner are easy to clean.

If the size doesn’t fit, you can get a larger or smaller liner.

Battery Time

Additionally, the battery goes into deep sleep mode when the helmet Bluetooth system is not used for a long period. You need to charge the battery for roughly 30 minutes to wake it up.

Furthermore, If you don’t use it for a long time, charge it once a month.


  • Lightweight shell.
  • Easy-to-operate visors.
  • Wide field of vision.
  • The Bluetooth intercom system has many features and is easy to use.
  • DOT certified.


  • Insufficient padding on the forehead.
  • Noisy at high speeds.

5. YEMA Helmet Yema-627mbxxl-6 – Best DOT-Approved Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA Helmet Yema-627mbxxl-6 - Best DOT-Approved Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

It’s essential to protect your head, so don’t just buy a motorcycle helmet because it is cheap.

DOT Approved

Many good deals are out there, but at the very least, you want a helmet that has been approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Anything else is a toy and not worth your money or protection.Yema-627mbxxl-6 of ‎YEMA Helmet is the best DOT-approved helmet. 

Visor System

Its noticeable features include a large field of vision, and the open face 3/4 design shell, which protects while preventing the feeling of being trapped. Design with two visors, an inside retractable smoked visor, and a clear outer shield.

Moreover, it has a switch that is easy to use to change the sun visor quickly. You don’t need a tool to remove and put on a clear visor.

Ventilation System

At last, the flow-through ventilation that is entirely adjustable gives you complete control over the elements—approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for the United States Safety Standard and street legal for men and women.

The liner and pads are washable to keep the helmet clean, fresh, and odor-free. Glasses and Bluetooth speakers can now fit in the extra space on the table.


  • It’s scratch and ultraviolet-resistant.
  • Quick-release visors are easy to use.
  • Suitable for use with gloves.
  • Visibility across a large area.
  • Foam laser-cut to suit the wearer’s face.


  • The chin is not properly protected.
  • Using the visor in harsh situations may not be safe.

6. Daytona Helmets ‎DC1-B – Best Low Profile Lightweight Helmet

Daytona Helmets ‎DC1-B - Best Low Profile Lightweight Helmet

Low-profile helmets do not look like a mushroom head because they are made to fit perfectly to your head, no matter what type of material or brand they are.

In addition, they are also lighter and more comfortable than other helmets that are only half or full-face.


They come in many different styles, designs, sizes and features, so it can be hard to find exactly what you want.

By researching and looking at many different motorcycle helmets, it can be clearly said that Daytona Helmets 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is the best low-profile lightweight helmet.

DOT Approved

D.O.T. Safety Standard FMVSS 218 indicates that this helmet can protect your head in accidents. Is it a mushroom look? Much less critical than brain protection. Hence, whether small or large head helmets, your quest for an open-face helmet in various sizes is done. 

This manufactured helmet is DOT 1/2 Shell product for individuals with the tiniest or biggest heads. Not all DOT-approved helmets are genuinely DOT-approved!

Unlike others, this Low-profile DOT open-face helmet has been verified by a lab.

Chin Strap

Its chin strap may be moved forward or backward to protect the beard of individuals who have chosen to grow one. Its specialty is the fast-release lock. They come with a 90-day no-risk guarantee.


  • It’s an exact fit true to its name.
  • Retro 70’s styled helmet.
  • It limits wind, road, and exhaust noise.


  • To protect your eyes, you need to wear glasses.

7. BELL ‎Solid ‎7049224 – Best Lightweight Carbon Fiber Helmet

BELL ‎Solid ‎7049224 - Best Lightweight Carbon Fiber Helmet

When driving, you need every form of protection., especially for riders who aren’t correctly seated behind the wheel with a seatbelt. Carbon fiber helmets may help here.

Durable Built

They are tough and keep you safe in bad situations. Carbon fiber helmets are light yet give maximum protection. 

For these reasons, they are a bike community favorite. And one of the finest Carbon Fiber Helmets is ‎BELL ‎Solid ‎7049224.

Tinted Shield

The helmet is shown with an optional tinted shield, which can be added. It has a lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS shell.

Padded wind collars cut wind and road noise by a considerable amount. 

Nutra Fog II Technology

It has a UV-protected shield called NutraFog II. It’s a ClickRelease shield, which means it’s easy and doesn’t need any tools to change the shield quickly.

Ventilation System

Speed Flow ventilation system with FlowAdjust approved by the DMV means flow-through ventilation. It meets FMVSS 218, which is a standard for cars and trucks.


  • The visor features a lip that allows it to be raised and lowered to various heights.
  • Lightweight, comfy, and airy helmet.
  • All three vents can be closed. When the vents are closed, the noise goes away.


  • No chin guard.
  • Not an exact fit for everyone.

8. HJC Helmets 130-144 – Best for glasses

HJC Helmets 130-144 - Best for glasses

If you wear glasses, you know better than anyone else how difficult it can be to put on a helmet. However, you don’t have to go through all of these pains.

It will be easy to ride a bike and wear glasses with HJC Helmets 130-144.

Polycarbonate Shell

This helmet is D.O.T.-Approved with an advanced polycarbonate lightweight composite shell with a better fit and more comfort thanks to advanced CAD technology. HJC Helmets 130-144 have HJ-09 Anti-Scratch Face shields.

It’s a hard-coated 3D shield design that protects against 95 percent of the sun’s rays and scratches.

Shield Ratchet System

Additionally, an easy-to-use shield ratchet system makes it easy to remove and install the shield quickly and without tools.

This makes for a more efficient operation.

Ventilation System

Moreover, this helmet containsACS Channeling, a new ventilation system that is better than the old one. In addition to forehead and chin vents that can be adjusted, two rear exhaust vents create a full airflow from front to back.

This flushes heat and humidity up and out.


  • Comfortable padding that adapts to the face every time.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Offer more protection from noise, sun, wind, rain, cold, bugs, and stones.


  • It might not be a proper fit for everyone.

9. Vega Helmets 87029-226 – Best Cheap Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets 87029-226 - Best Cheap Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is essential for any biker, but figuring out a proper budget might be challenging. Of course, we all want to get the best one out there, but they might not be worth the investment. These high-end helmets can cost several hundreds of dollars that are not worth it.

However, if you are looking for the best cheap, lightweight motorcycle helmet, then Vega Helmets 87029-226 is the answer to your prayers, as it’s budget-friendly and covers almost every requirement.

Premium Built

With its aesthetically pleasing Blend texture, the newly designed X390 Vintage Motorcycle Helmet for Men & Women by Vega Helmets offers all the features you love from the x380 open-face helmet with the addition of a roomier, more comfortable fit, true-to-size, drop-down sun-shield, and HD clarity.

ABS Shell

While the X390 sports a classic look, its features are everything. Only 2.5 pounds in weight, the X390 open-face motorcycle helmet boasts an ABS thermoplastic alloy shell with a wick-dry inside and a detachable headliner.

Drop Down Sun Shield

It’s all about the old-school style! The vintage fit shell of the X390 open-face motorcycle helmet now has a mirrored drop-down sun shield for a classic look.

Additionally, it is possible to buy additional drop-down shields in the following colors: Clear and Amber. The sort of fit is universal.


  • Universal Fit.
  • Aesthetically pleasing matt vs. Gloss finish.
  • Cheap but can compete with any overpriced helmet features.


  • Its visor is not suitable for people wearing glasses.

10. Shoei GT-Air 2 Crossbar Helmet 0119-1103-05 – Best Lightest Helmet In The Market

Shoei GT-Air 2 Crossbar Helmet 0119-1103-05 - Best Lightest Helmet In The Market

The head is the most vulnerable body area in an accident; thus, wearing a helmet is the best option. The failure to wear a helmet accounts for nearly half of all motorcycle deaths.

Shoei GT-Air 2 Crossbar Helmet 0119-1103-05  is the best lightest helmet.

Lightweight Built

If you ride your motorcycle for long distances or you need to ride at high speed, like 150 mph, for a race, then every little thing counts.

A heavy helmet can cause getting tired sooner and having a sore neck and headaches.

QSV-2 Sun Shield

In addition, instant sun glare alleviation thanks to the built-in QSV-2 sun shield. It is possible to activate the 3D injection-molded interior sun protection by pressing a large and easily accessible button on the side. 

It prevents 99 percent of UV rays without distortion.

DOT Approved

The helmet is DOT Approved and meets FMVSS 218 standards. The top air intake vent was redesigned to enhance airflow into the helmet interior.

This lightweight modular helmet uses aircraft-grade materials to provide the necessary safety and comfort.


  • Its aerodynamics are great in reducing neck fatigue.
  • The Sena SRL 2 Bluetooth Communication System for the GT-Air II Helmet allows you to listen to music and GPS instead of the roar of the road.


  • The SRL2 system does not provide enough decibels to satisfy earplug users.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet? Buying Guide 2023

Whether you drive a motorbike for pleasure or transport, being well-protected and safe is essential. A helmet is a crucial component of riding gear. Motorcycle riders must use protective gear.

Lastly, here are some factors you must consider when buying a motorcycle helmet.

The Helmet’s Design

You’ve undoubtedly seen amazing and sensual photographs of bikers wearing their helmets if you like motorcycles. Similarly, you should also observe that every cyclist wears complete riding gear, including a helmet. The market offers full-face, modular, ADV dual sport, open-face or skull caps, and half-shell helmets.

The most common types of helmets favored by riders are Full-face helmets and open-face helmets. Your helmet’s design will ultimately determine your safety. Sleek helmets are safe and attractive.

The Helmet’s Outer Shell

The helmet’s outer shell should be made of a strong, lightweight material like polycarbonate to withstand the impact of a collision without feeling heavy on the head.

Look for a light motorbike helmet to protect your head in such scenarios. Look for models that offer your safety and security at all times.

Inner Foam Materials

Additionally, when shopping for low-profile motorcycle helmets, pay attention to the inside lining and foam.

The foam should be high quality, hypoallergenic, and laser cut for a snug and comfortable fit.


Your neck and shoulders will thank you if you use a lightweight helmet. If you often ride your motorbike for long miles, you may consider purchasing a lightweight helmet. Weighing in only a fraction of the weight of other alternatives, each of the helmets we examined is enough to keep you safe.

Anyway, ensure that your helmet is comfortable and satisfies your demands before buying it. Never, under any circumstances, compromise on safety for the sake of a cheaper helmet.

Do your research and ensure that the helmet you pick complies with DOT regulations and other safety requirements in your region.

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