Odds of surviving an accident with and without a helmet

What are the odds of surviving a motorcycle accident with and without a helmet

Motorcycle drivers are generally rash drivers who travel at the speed of light. Risk is always evident when someone travels at such a high velocity. It could be detrimental not only for the riders but others as well. Rarely do motorcycle riders moving at high-speed reach safely without any encounters. Moreover, a motorcycle rider is more likely to get hurt than a car driver. 

Considering all these preventive measures, a motorcycle rider must ensure strict precautions while riding a motorcycle. Further, he should equip himself with all the essential items that could save him from any unanticipated situation. The first and foremost safeguarding equipment is the motorcycle helmet. The helmet provides ultimate protection due to its durable and sustainable core. 

Implications of surviving an accident without a helmet

If a motorcycle rider without a helmet gets hit by any other vehicle, he has to face various consequences. That comes not only in terms of death but also serious complications if that person survives. Out of 111,000 motorcycle accidents, 5,114 result in death. Moreover, motorcycle accidents are 15 times more lethal than car accidents. 

Furthermore, 77% who survived an accident have to face the consequences in the form of injuries. Those implications could be brain hemorrhage or paralysis. Moreover, a person could damage his bones. Sometimes, irreversible damage to the spinal cord takes place. If the force during an impact takes up entirely on the abdomen, it will damage crucial visceral organs.

According to statistics, the odds of surviving the motorcycle helmet without wearing a helmet are still 90%. However, survival can permanently damage your organ system or any external structures such as bones. But wearing a helmet can protect you from any permanent damage.  

Significance of wearing a helmet

According to the statistics, 37% of the general public can survive a motorcycle accident if they wear a helmet. Further, the chances of getting a head injury are reduced by 69%. 

A helmet is a protective gear that helps a person survive head impaction. The head encloses the brain, the body’s main controlling organ. Hence, it is necessary to safeguard it for the welfare of the whole body. 

Variable materials form the helmet’s outer covering. Most are made of polycarbonate shells that protect an impaction. Moreover, the interior surface is soft, which provides a cushioning effect. A good quality helmet is light in weight, so its weight will not affect the rider’s ability and capacity. Further, it possesses a groove in which a person can fit his glasses if he has myopia. 

If a person deals with a cervical issue, the manufacturers will prepare a special helmet according to his condition. A motorcycle rider with myopia can fit his glasses inside. Hence, a rider has no excuse for not wearing a motorcycle helmet. Due to its significance, one can escape any tragic incident. 

Final thoughts

Therefore, the helmet provides solid protection to the head and defends it against any lethal damage. A person wearing a helmet can protect his head if he encounters any challenging situation. The laws related to helmet wearing vary from state to state. However, it should be made compulsory that the rider who are 18 and above should wear a helmet. 

The government should introduce a motorcycle safety course to inculcate helpful information among the riders. Moreover, governments should make strict laws to protect the general public at the national and international levels. They should levy heavy taxes that fail to follow the law. This way, the rate of unexpected injuries and deaths will be reduced. 

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