What does it take to break a motorcycle helmet?

What does it take to break a motorcycle helmet

The number of fatal and severe injuries to the head, neck, teeth, nose, and cheeks is more in those riders who do not wear helmets than those who wear them. In most European and other developed countries, you cannot ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. These helmets ensure your safety during an accident and protect you from sun rays, dust, and other unhealthy things.

The riders use those helmets that the ECE approves. They only approve helmets after many tests and experiments to ensure the rider’s complete safety. Only the ECE-approved helmets are present on the market.

When you buy an approved helmet from the market, you would need to break it in. In this article, we would suggest you a few steps on how to break into a new helmet.


Before buying a helmet, you should know the size and shape of your head. Different forms of heads exist, such as oval, round, and intermediate shapes. You should buy a helmet which suits your head’s shape. Also, try to purchase those whose size helmets fit into your head.

You would not be able to break in a helmet that does not fit your head no matter how hard you try. Before breaking in the helmet, make sure you have the proper size and shape helmet based on the size and shape of your head.

There are different types of helmets, so you should decide which type of helmet you want, from full-faced to half-faced to open-faced helmets, before buying it.

Wear it around your house

The first thing you can do to break in your helmet is to wear it. It takes around fifteen to twenty hours for the helmet to break in. For that, you need to wear it for that much time. All you can do is wear in your house while you eat, walk, or when you do other daily chores in your home.

In this way, the foams and the inner pad in the helmet will be adapted to the structure of your head. The suds and the inner pad would be pressed against your head, thus making it comfortable while you ride.

Wear it for thirty minutes

If you are busy with your work or studies and cannot wear it straight for eighteen to twenty hours a day, all you need to do is wear it for thirty minutes each day. In this way, it would take a few days to break in the helmet instead of only a few hours, but your time and energy would be saved.

Press the foams and pads under a heavy object

If you are in a rush and do not want to wait 15 to 20 hours for the helmets to the break-in, or if you cannot wear it for thirty minutes daily, or if the foams and pads do not fit your head structure after the time mentioned above, you should do the pressing. All you need to do is to press the foams and the pads under a heavy object which would make them fit your structure.

If this does not work, you need to change your helmet or the foams and pads it carries. They might not be made for the shape or size of your head.

How to know whether the helmet break-in or not?

If the helmet is causing hurt, uneasiness, or numbness to your head, it is still not a break-in. If it moves on your head abruptly, it is also not suitable to wear. A helmet should neither be too tight that you cannot move your head in it, nor it should not be too loose so that it moves abruptly on your head. It should be so tight that it only moves when you abruptly shake your head.


It is necessary to break in a new helmet because the tightness and rigidity of the pads and foams of the helmet cause discomfort and distress if you wear it for the first time without breaking it. You can break in a helmet by wearing it for hours or press the foams and pads under a heavy object.

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