49 ‌Cool‌ ‌Motorcycle‌ ‌Helmet‌s 2023 | Safety & Style On the Go!

cool motorcycle helmets

With an assortment of options available in the market, settling for only a few options has become rather challenging. Cool motorcycle helmets should cater to two needs; protect the brain from injuries in an accident and match the motorcyclists’ style statement. 

Motorcycles are a great way to add a little fun and adventure to your daily life. Riders must wear protective gear to stay safe because they don’t have seat belts or crumple zones.

It is essential to have a helmet because you don’t want to lose your brain and skull at any cost. To help you protect your melon, we’ve picked 49 of the best cool motorcycle helmets out there in 2023. They’ll keep your style in check, too. 

Additionally, we will talk about what makes a motorcycle helmet cool and what’s new and cool in each of the different types of motorcycle helmets.

Cool full face Motorcycle Helmets

Full Face Helmets are helmets that primarily exist to provide safety. They are best for high-speed motorcycle runs or other events where you need to go fast. It’s the best choice for people learning how to ride.

Read on to find out which full-face motorcycle helmets out of this collection are the safest and most stylish.

1. TRIANGLE Full Face Helmet

TRIANGLE Full Face Helmet

This Helmet from Triangle has a washable EPS liner that makes it the safest to ride a bike on the street. Helmet top and back extractor liners have highly complex ventilation systems.

These keep them cool and stop sweat from building up inside them, so they stay dry. The Advanced A.B.S. shell is made with high-pressure thermoplastic technology that helps withstand pressure and heat.

The chin strap is adjustable for safety, and it has a micrometric clasp that opens and closes automatically.

2. ScorpionExo Covert Helmet

ScorpionExo Covert Helmet

The ScorpionExo’s outside shell comprises L.G. polycarbonate and is lightweight and robust. This makes it easy to move around. The Helmet’s tinted sun visors are adjustable and changeable so that you can pull up and down to protect yourself from harmful U.V. rays damaging your skin.

You can wear a “three-quarter” helmet or a “full” helmet. The Helmet is also antimicrobial to keep you fresh and comfortable, and indeed you will not get sick.

It also has double-density polystyrene foam to protect against shocks better, too.

3. Speed & Strength SS2400

Speed & Strength SS2400

The Speed & Strength SS2400 helmet has a certified homopolymer alloy shell that makes it comfortable and safe to ride on the roads. Additionally, some of its features are a single-action, removable chin bar and strike direct course Ventilation, and a tri-tech adjustable three-stage visor that is changeable and adjustable.

The SS2400 comes with iridium shields that are clear and match the color of the Helmet itself.

The Helmet’s extra moisture-wicking lining is removable and washable to keep things clean. 

4. LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

The LS2 Rapid Helmet is tiny and light because it has a lot of different ventilation options. This makes it smaller and lighter than other helmets with the same level of protection.

The Helmet has two shells instead of just one, making it different. Furthermore, it comes in a wide range of shapes and colors, so you can choose the Helmet that best fits your bike and your style.

The prominent feature of this piece is the look, design, and ventilation system.

5. Martian Genuine Real Carbon Fiber

Martian Genuine Real Carbon Fiber

Martian Helmet has a carbon fiber composite shell which is more durable and lighter than A.B.S. and Fiberglass. This makes the helmet light and strong.

On the inside of the Helmet, there’s a lot of padding and comfort. There’s also a safety strap in case users need to take off the helmet quickly.

Additionally, when you wear this Helmet, you can choose from three levels of ventilation, a five-position ventilation channel and a venturi effect that lets air flow through the back of the Helmet.

6. Bell Broozer Helmet 

Bell Broozer Helmet

There is a wide opening for the eyes in this Helmet and a chin bar that is removable entirely to protect the head. Interior comfort and ease of use are also important.

In this case, it is, therefore, a streetfighter helmet with a rough look and a light mold. “Neo-retro” is a big thing with bikes. The Helmet is called a Bell Broozer, and it is convertible into a couple of different shapes.

It was made for people who are café racers.

7. Robot Motorcycle Helmet

Robot Motorcycle Helmet

The robot is one of the unique style cool motorcycle helmets. The A.B.S. shell of the robot helmet is made from high-pressure thermoplastics increasing its longevity, and a multi-density EPS liner makes it highly shock-proof.

Extractor liners on the top and back of the Helmet have built-in ventilation systems. It is easy to unlock the chin strap with its micrometric closure.

It comes with easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean earplugs; hence it’s a good choice in any weather.

8. Duke Helmets DK-120

Duke Helmets DK-120

Duke’s DK-120 Full Face Helmet’s composite poly-alloy shell is lightweight and robust; nevertheless, you’ll be able to ride for hours without feeling tired because your neck won’t hurt. 

Having a nylon lining makes it more comfortable on your cheeks as it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The scratch-resistant compound curves guard you against everyday weariness as well as harmful U.V. rays. Several vents on the Helmet allow plenty of air into it. 

9. Typhoon TH158 Adult Modular Motorcycle

Typhoon TH158 Adult Modular Motorcycle

The Typhoon Helmets modular helmet is safe to wear. It is made into a sleek and light design using the A.B.S. shell, which is exceptionally aerodynamic; that is also very durable.

Whether or not the sun visor is on, you can still use the Helmet. Typhoon is a good choice for a hot-weather motorcycle helmet as it has a lot of small holes for ventilation and comfort.

There are channels in the front flow ventilation system, which gives you both comfort and ease. A quick-release buckle can fit different chin sizes and make removing and washing the lining easier.

10. Kuaifly Cool Cat Ear Electric Motorcycle

Kuaifly Cool Cat Ear Electric Motorcycle

The European Union has approved the Kualifly electric motorcycle helmet. Additionally, its high-tech design is safe, even though it looks fantastic.

There are EPS inside the Helmet, and A.B.S. outside, making it essential to have a helmet for safe rides. In addition, it has a durable polycarbonate shell that is lightweight and easy to clean.

This helps keep the weight of the Helmet down. The Helmet looks vintage or retro; it looks cool and stylish.

11. ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

I.L.M. Motorcycle Helmet has a lot of vents allowing efficient ventilation and a metal clasp that protects it well. However, to make sure you stay safe when riding at high speeds, you should use a visor lock.

In fact, it fulfills D.O.T. requirements. The Comtex Technology inner lining is washable and removable. Moreover, it is also softer, more comfortable, and better fitting.

This Helmet comes with a pin-lock anti-fog lens, two fins, two visors, and an easy-to-use buckle.

12. LS2 Helmets Full Face

LS2 Helmets Full Face

The LS2 Rapid is very light and aerodynamic, and it comes with completely adjustable ventilation channels that you can open and close. Because there are two shells instead of just one.

This Helmet is smaller and lighter than other helmets in its class. It is available in a variety of various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to pick the perfect Helmet for your bike as well as your particular taste.

It is a great deal in this price range.

13. 1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE

1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE

1STORM’s reinforced A.B.S. Shells and multi-density EPS Materials make it safer for riders. It has three front, and two top vents that allow you to change the amount of air coming in and going out and padding inside that protects your head.

Keep the inside of the helmet clean and fresh with the detachable and machine-washable liner and cushions. The buckle on the Helmet makes it easy to put on and take off. Thus, it also makes it easy to wear.

14. HJC Unisex-Adult Full Face

HJC Unisex-Adult Full Face

The RPHA 11 Pro has an aerodynamic shell for the best speed. The Premium Integrated Matrix shell comprises carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fabric reinforcements to make it more shock-absorbing and comfortable.

The RPHA 11 Pro has an aerodynamic shell for the best speed. It is a perfect match for sports riders as the ventilation system lets more air in and lets more air out.

There are reflective patches on the neck and cheek pads that you can release in an emergency.

15. HJC Helmets C91 Helmet

HJC Helmets C91 Helmet

C91 falls into the line of best HJC helmets. The Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell is made with cutting-edge CAD technology to make a lightweight and comfortable Helmet. You can even use gloves to move the chin bar with one lever.

To slide it forward or backward with the sunscreen, you can do it both ways. With the wide top vent, the Helmet’s EPS channels stay very good; consequently, the Helmet has a lot of space.

The two parts of the Super Cool liner and cheek pads are made of moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabric.

Cool Motorcycle Half Helmets

A half-face helmet covers the rider’s head and uncovers the face. The visor protects your face while allowing you to see everything on the field. You’re more likely to sustain facial injuries in an accident if you’re wearing a half-face helmet.

As noise and wind enter the Helmet, it further resists the wind’s blowing force. Let’s uncover some of the cool motorcycle helmets in half-face style.

16. VCAN Cruiser Patriotic Eagle

VCAN Cruiser Patriotic Eagle

With the Solid VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet, you may ride in style, and with confidence, and have a comfortable off-road experience.

The A.B.S. thermoplastic resin shell of this skid lid complies with Department of Transportation requirements. Its cushioned inside and easily adjustable nylon chin strap makes it one of the most comfortable helmets available on the market today.

The chin strap has a movable double D ring for the greatest fit on the market.

17. Bell Rogue Half Helmet

Bell Rogue Half Helmet

The Rogue Helmet blends raw attitude and real-world practicality! It has the style of a half helmet, the fit of a three-quarter, and an aggressive muzzle to guard your face from accidents or the curious public.

Rip the streets in the comfort of a half-helmet. Its lightweight composite shell construction with integrated roost guard and magnetic cheek pads ensures smooth rides.

The design of the interior liner provides maximum comfort, and the shell is D.O.T. approved.

18. Daytona Helmets Half Shell

Daytona Helmets Half Shell

The Daytona German helmet is the world’s tiniest and exceeds all D.O.T. safety criteria. One-piece nylon strap retention and quick-release mechanism provide excellent impact protection. 

German motorcycle helmets come in five different padding sizes, ranging from X.S. to XL. A bike’s High-Performance helmet and riding gear improve safety and comfort on motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds. Furthermore, the moisture-wicking inner lining fabric will keep you cool while cycling in the heat.

19. LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet

The LS2 Helmet is built on a high-performance fiberglass shell and hypoallergenic cushioning. The cushioning is removable and washable. It has a detachable zip-off neck skirt that you can put on or take off.

A hidden neck pocket for cords is in the neck skirt if you have an MP3 player. A third snap lets you attach an aftermarket shield, which comes with a quick-release strap. It helps protect and is approved by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.).

20. Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

The Warrior half-face helmet’s drop-down sunscreen is simple to use and correct. Secondly, it shields your eyes from the sun, mosquitoes, and other debris so you can appreciate the landscape. It is lightweight and adjustable. 

The Rebel Warrior skull cap helmet has a new size-adjustment dial system, improved moisture-wicking lining, channeled EPS for enhanced cooling and safety, and a cushioned quick-release strap. The liner is made of thick, high-density EPS that provides ventilation well.

21. DJCALA Vintage Motorcycle Scooter Crash Half Helmet

DJCALA Vintage Motorcycle Scooter Crash Half Helmet

DJCALA Vintage Motorcycle comes with A.B.S. plastic, which is lightweight and impact-resistant. As a result, the bike’s overall durability and riding quality improve. In an accident, a layer of EPS foam inside a helmet may assist in protecting your head by reducing the friction impacts.

The Helmet equips removable earmuffs. All-year-round comfort thanks to the soft and breathable lining. Four-season ventilation, moisture absorption, and sweat separation.

22. AHR RUN-C Motorcycle Half Face Helmet DOT

AHR RUN-C Motorcycle Half Face Helmet DOT

AHR RUN-C retro German-style half face motorcycle helmet comprises an updated A.B.S. composite shell and EPS lining that provides extra protection and a carefree ride on the road. The finish is a beautiful glossy U.V. protection finish.  

The Helmet has maximum ventilation control with three levels, a five-position ventilation channel, and an exhaust spoiler with an aerodynamic rear venturi effect. The Interior has a lot of cushioning and comfort and an emergency strap. It is removable and machine washable. 

23. CXKS Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

CXKS Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

This cool half-helmet comes with high-quality A.B.S. plastic construction, and a one-piece edge may assist protect the head in case of an accident. It’s strong, light, and safe to drop. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, beneath your bike’s seat, or under your arm.

Moisture-wicking fabric keeps your head calm and peaceful. The ear sliders adapt to any head size. The chin strap incorporates quick-release ear loop sliders. Straps are simple to use and provide optimal protection.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth 

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet does the same things as a standard helmet. As this Helmet has Bluetooth technology, drivers, riders, and people can talk to each other. Wind or other noise won’t bother you. 

Bluetooth has better sound quality in all of the bike helmets we’ve looked at. Wireless headphones and other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets are enjoyable accessories for people who want to use them. 

These motorbike helmets have so much cutting-edge technology that may surprise some people, even though that’s not the point; we live in a constantly changing world with new things coming out. As Bluetooth helmets were coming to our area, it was only a matter of time before they made their way to the roads.

‎24. FreedConn BM2-S Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn BM2-S Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn Full Face Bluetooth Helmet is a helmet with outstanding sound quality and a lot of airflows, and you may breathe freely using a three-dimensional ventilation system on your road excursions. It comes with a helmet case, gloves, and a user’s handbook, distinguishing it from other Bluetooth helmets. 

There is no need to worry about whether or not your music, phone calls, or G.P.S. navigation system will work properly; on the whole; this Helmet comes with echo cancellation and noise reduction technology. 

25. FreedConn BM12 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn BM2-S Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn Full Face Bluetooth Helmet is a helmet with outstanding sound quality and a lot of airflows, and you may breathe freely using a three-dimensional ventilation system on your road excursions. It comes with a helmet case, gloves, and a user’s handbook, distinguishing it from other Bluetooth helmets. 

There is no need to worry about whether or not your music, phone calls, or GPS navigation system will work properly, as this helmet is equipped with echo cancellation and noise reduction technology. 

26. TORC T15B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

TORC T15B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Torc T15B comes with a 400-meter intercom with two stereo speakers for smooth communication. It incorporates an adjustable chin and a rear exhaust spoiler for easier breathing. Additionally, it includes an anti-noise microphone and a call stop button. 

The lithium battery has a more incredible talk time; hence, it lasts longer and lasts up to 24 hours. It features an F.M. radio and G.P.S. to assist you in finding your route. Many admire its size. You may also use the Helmet with an Android or Apple phone.

27. TORC T27B1


TORC T27B1 is 100% POLYESTER and 20% smaller in size than the bigger competitors, but just as safe. This Helmet has ample ventilation for the inflow and outflow of air through the Helmet.

The front chin bar is releasable with a single button. It’s possible to make and receive calls with Bluetooth 2. 0 technology. The Bluetooth 2. 0 also lets you listen to streaming music on the stereo and get clear G.P.S. directions. E.C.E. and D.O.T. certified.

28. TBTBZXCV Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

TBTBZXCV Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

The A.B.S. shell has a ventilation system for all four seasons and a lot of safety protection and heat dissipation system with many pipes to make riding more manageable and less hot. The front, top, and tail of this Helmet have a lot of airflows.

This Helmet has it all with stereo bass surround sound, automatic call answering, music playing, and F.M. radio. The CSR5.0 Bluetooth chip has a built-in amplifier, bass surround, and speaker. You can connect Bluetooth-enabled phones and motorcycle G.P.S.

29. ILM Touch Built-in Bluetooth Integrated

ILM Touch Built-in Bluetooth Integrated

With I.L.M., Safety and comfort are a must feature. However, the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet’s high-quality A.B.S. shell and two visors provide enough safety. It has built-in speakers and noise-canceling microphones so riders can hear well.

Three riders may use intercoms on motorcycle helmets simultaneously, and two riders can talk over 500 yards. Both the ILM 953 and ILM 902 Bluetooth helmets can interact; it also comes with a charging cable and two batteries.

30. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet FreedConn BM12

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet FreedConn BM12

Full-duplex Bluetooth allows three riders to connect, but only two can talk simultaneously. As long as there is no cover, you can go up to 500m. D.S.P. echo cancellation and noise reduction technology are used to make the Helmet’s noise-canceling microphone work better. 

It features an 8-10 hour talk time and 300-hour standby duration. Here, you may use a voice command or one-button control to make calls, converse, listen to music and obtain G.P.S. instructions.

31. HJC i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

With Bluetooth 3.0 and Sena technology, you can listen to music, obtain G.P.S. instructions, and even call for assistance. Everyone riding a motorbike must consider their eyes. The SunShield shields you from the sun’s damaging rays.

The primary thing about the Helmet is Sena’s Bluetooth headset is the Sena 10B. True. Sena and H.J.C. have teamed together to ensure riders enjoy the finest sound quality possible.

32. TORC T15B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

TORC T15B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Torc T15B comes with a 400-meter intercom with two stereo speakers for smooth communication. It incorporates an adjustable chin and a rear exhaust spoiler for easier breathing. Additionally, it includes an anti-noise microphone and a call stop button. 

The lithium battery has a more incredible talk time as it lasts longer and battery life is 24 hours. It features an F.M. radio and G.P.S. to assist you in finding your route. Many admire its size and consider it to be one of the best motorcycle helmets. Nevertheless, you may also use the Helmet with an Android or Apple phone.

Cool Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Modular helmets feature chin bars that move up on hinges. Simply flip the chin bar to make a call, check G.P.S., or discuss the journey. This converts a full-face helmet to an open-face one. They are circular to somewhat elongated in form. They suit slow speeds and upright riding.

Modular helmets do not have the same strength and crash protection as full-face helmets. The lower chin parts of the Helmet are more substantial with sunscreen than the remainder of the Helmet. When the Helmet is struck, each component reacts differently.

Modular helmets typically weigh more than full-face helmets due to the strength reinforcements in the chin and other Helmet portions and the heavy-duty pivot hinges.

33. Bell SRT Modular Street Helmet

Bell SRT Modular Street Helmet

This is a full-featured helmet for the Cardo or Sena systems. It features deep ear compartments and fits both. It’s also surprisingly light for a modular helmet, with a retractable sun visor and plenty of vision. The inside of the Helmet is cozy with non-moving cushioning.

It has a mouth port entrance and a top vent. Its heavy-duty detents hold a Pinlock face shield’s lid in place even when raised for more helmet ventilation. Switchgear is large enough for gloves. Bell even incorporated a gap beneath both visors for glasses wearers.

34. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

The Rebellion’s sleek Kinetic Polymer Alloy (K.P.A.) shell is the perfect blend of vintage flair and technological edge. Short peaks and sun shields will keep the sun out of your eyes. The sunscreen is adjustable in two stages.

It may be half-closed for partial shade or fully opened for complete sun protection. A micrometric, rapid-release chin strap is included with the LS2 Rebellion Helmet, which is the simple installation of Sena’s LS2 LinkIn Bluetooth communication system.

35. SHARK Helmets EVO-ONE 2


The shark helmet sunscreen rapid-release Evo-one 2 blank is a direct progression of our evolving series 3 helmet, the first modular helmet type to get European approval for full-face or open helmets. This top modular helmet combines the flexibility of an open-face helmet with the comfort and security of a full-face helmet.

The shark Evo one 2 is a modular helmet, but most chin bars don’t fit your needs like the shark Evo one 2. Its chin bar flips from front to back. This keeps the Helmet’s weight low and its chin bar from hitting the wind.

36. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up

The ILM 902 Modular Helmet is a fantastic option for city and touring usage since it has many standard functions and excels at them. The Helmet is ideal for those who desire the appearance and safety of a full-face helmet but prefer the open helmet style.

The sleek chin guard fits nicely into the contours of the shell when the chin bar is closed. When the chin guard is open, the Helmet is the smallest class. When the chin guard is open, it reduces the sail effect.

37. AHR RUN-M Full Face Flip-up 

AHR RUN-M Full Face Flip-up

The RUN-M AHR Modular Flip Up comes with a new lightweight A.B.S. shell and thick, high-density, fully vented EPS lining, giving you better protection and more comfort when you ride. It lets you get more air or eat without taking the whole Helmet off.

The front visor is firm and elastic to protect against impact; the dark inside visor protects your eyes from the sun, and you can switch them on and off, and getting in and out is easy. The washable lining and cheek pads make it easy to clean.

38. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular 

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular

The sleek and lightweight design cuts down on wind noise. Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads are light, soft, and easy to remove and wash. The Helmet’s functionality is changeable to fit your needs Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog, and Clear Visor with a Wide View.

The Helmet has L.E.D. Lights will flash at different speeds depending on how fast the rider wants them. To use the L.E.D. function, you can press the control button on the back of the helmet right next to the L.E.D. Panel.

Cool Sports Motocross Helmets

Sport motocross helmets are essential in preventing traumatic brain injuries when you hit your head. It can happen when you skateboard, ride a bike or scooter, skate, play a contact sport, rock climb, or ride a horse. All of these can cause head injuries. You should always wear a helmet when you do something that could be dangerous.

39. TCT-MT Helmets Motocross DOT

TCT-MT Helmets Motocross DOT

This is a helmet that meets the D.O.T. safety standard. It has a beautiful glossy finish protecting it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It has a supremely cushioned and comfortable interior.

You can remove and wash the padding. This is an all-purpose helmet that can be put to use for both summer and winter riding and off-road riding.

40. Scorpion AT950 Helmet – Solid 

Scorpion AT950 Helmet - Solid

With its removable peak, modular chin bar, and removable face shield, this Helmet is a true all-arounder. The ventilation system, anti-fog face shield, KwikWick II antimicrobial liner, and metal hardware for the chin bar are, in fact, things that we like about this Helmet.

The AT-950 is useable with dirt goggles; however, it doesn’t come with them. Keep that in mind if you’re going to be doing a lot of off-roading. It is also DOT-approved, which means it is safe to wear.

41. GMAX GM-11 Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventure Off-Road

GMAX GM-11 Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventure Off-Road

DuPont Coolmax keeps you dry and warm, wicks perspiration away from the body, and dries rapidly. Coolmax is a material that is simple to clean, remove and wash. The Helmet’s design allows air to flow freely over the Helmet, almost eliminating helmet lift.

When you fully raise the outer flip shield, it is hidden. This is how it works: with eyewear, you can raise or lower the shield to its full height or lower it all the way down. The Helmet comes with a set of side shield cover plates. You utilize them when you remove the visor.

42. Orthrus Dirt Bike Helmets

Orthrus Dirt Bike Helmets

The Helmet comes with an A.B.S. material shell with a removable, clean, and high-density fiber lining that is washable. The adjustable sun visor can block ultraviolet rays, change the field of view, and keep people safe.

It has a new air circulation system, making it easier to breathe out and in. The off-road Helmet meets D.O.T. safety standards and has a quick-release buckle to keep the helmet in place. The cushioning is the best thing ever and is very comfortable.

Cool open face helmet

Open face helmets are as safe as full-face helmets in their coverage areas. The full-face Helmet is slightly lighter because it doesn’t have a chin bar, but it’s not a big difference.

In addition, because the Helmet is open, it doesn’t protect you from bad weather and other things that might hit you on the road. If you want to keep your eyes and face from getting sunburned, they either come with partial or full-face visors, or you might have to buy one of them.

43. ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet 

ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet

It meets FMVSS-218 and D.O.T. safety rules. Ventilation System with many Vents, Breathable, and Keeps You Cool. Additionally, it comes with a detachable Lens, Sun Shield, and Chin Guard. It’s easy to change them.

The 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet is for both men and women, and it has a full open face. If you’re going to be riding an ATV or a dirt bike or a street bike or a cruiser or a scooter or a moped outside, this is the tire for you. Helmets can be put on and taken off quickly, thanks to a quick-release buckle on the back.

44. LS2 Helmets Open Face Spitfire Helmet

LS2 Helmets Open Face Spitfire Helmet

This Helmet from LS2 Helmets is a modern take on the classic bobber-style helmet with a 3/4 open face. It comes with a sun shield that utilizes in two different ways. It uses two outer shell sizes to make the Helmet as small and light as possible.

There is a goggle strap with the Spitfire. The Spitfire has a multi-density EPS and a comfort liner made of multi-density foam that is both removable and washable. It’s laser cut to fit the shape of the rider’s face.

45. TORC Unisex-Adult Open-face Style

TORC Unisex-Adult Open-face Style

There are two different sizes of outer shells to give a scale appearance. It has an advanced A.B.S. shell that is light and strong; additionally, it comes with ultra-soft comfort cushioning that is washable and removable from the inside.

The DOT-approved sun visor is removable and meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. The D.O.T.’s most miniature 3/4 shell helmet. It meets or surpasses the D.O.T. FMVSS 218 safety requirements.

46. Daytona Helmets Leading The Way In Quality Headgear 3/4 Shell

Daytona Helmets Leading The Way In Quality Headgear 3/4 Shell

The bike helmet’s nylon straps and quick-release mechanism guard against significant injuries. The Helmet comes in three shell sizes and six cushioning sizes. You can stay safe and comfortable when riding a bike, scooter, or in fact, moped by wearing the proper biker gear.

To keep your head cool and comfortable in hot weather, line your hat with a liner made of moisture-wicking cloth.

47. MMG Model 20 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

MMG Model 20 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

The Department of Transportation has certified the vehicle for usage on public roads in the United States. Comfortable padding inside, removable and washable cheek pads provide additional protection. This vehicle has a clear windshield, broad field of vision, and anti-scratch technology.

It’s lightweight and aerodynamic in design. The design is up to date seems to be of high quality and gives an edgy look making sure your style is on point. The ABS shell provides extra protection and covers to avoid any injury.

48. ROYAL R02 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

ROYAL R02 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The R02 open face helmet has four ventilation positions, two on the head and two on the back. The openings allow air to enter and exit, cool and aired. 

The Helmet’s inside is an odor-resistant fabric. The D-Ring chin straps are solid and easy to adjust. It comes with anodized aluminum R02 double-lens visor and replaceable anti-scratch visors with finger tabs. As “Urban” holds the face shield better.

49. Shoei RJ Platinum-R Open Face Motorcycle Helmets 

Shoei RJ Platinum-R Open Face Motorcycle Helmets 

The Helmet is a composite of an AIM+ shell that is light and easy to move around. The vent on the top of the Dual layer liner makes it easier for air to move through, which improves cooling performance.

The OpenRoad visor and 3D liner that is soft and comfortable to wear. The interior parts of the Helmet are removable/washable. For eyeglasses, cheek pads have grooves.

What makes a motorcycle helmet cool?

By putting the pads on the right way on almost any Helmet, helmets can stay cool. This ventilates the front and sides of the Helmet. As a result, you may need a headband to keep your eyes clean.

Most helmets don’t have enough foam sweatbands at the front to keep sweat from running down your face. If you don’t want this to happen, you’ll need a second headband that covers your whole head to avoid this.

Putting on a sweatband

Cool air can’t get to your head because of the clothing. When it’s cold outside, switching out a sweatband for an ear band is easy without changing the fit. Putting on a sweatband will make your head a lot hotter. Some folks simply require a half-sweatband with an elastic back. First, choose a front pad for your Helmet that fits well. 

Putting on thick cushions

There are thick cushions that can be used to raise the top of the Helmet. It’s not a good idea. This is because the bottom of the Helmet gets taller, which makes it less likely to protect your head if you get into an accident while riding. You don’t want to be one of the many people who get hurt below the edge of their helmets.

You might wear a much bigger helmet than your head to keep your head cool. Because this idea would make it more difficult for the outside to move during a collision, this is another reason why this is bad. Fit pads might block your air vents, so check before buying them!

Cutting the helmet foam

Helmet foam can be cut open so that air can get through. The fitting foam makes the Helmet more comfortable and stable. It does not improve the Helmet’s protection from being hit.

As long as your Helmet is securely fastened to your head, you can leave space between the pads so that they don’t touch each other. They used air movement around the outside of their Helmet to keep them cool when they first made them.

Even though they had vents on the inside or a belt to keep the Helmet away from their heads, they were still boiling. With riding, vents are an essential thing to have. At the same time, don’t forget the effects of airflow at the edges.


We’ve talked about six main types of cool motorcycle helmets that you might want to think about when you buy your first or replacement motorcycle helmet.

However, there are a few things to think about before looking for a helmet; it depends on what you ride is, where you plan to ride (streets or off-road), and what features you want. You should choose full-face, modular, or open-face helmets if you want to ride on the street.

If you want to ride off-road or dual-sport, you should choose an off-road or dual-sport helmet. The Helmet should fit your head, let you wear extra eye protection, and work with other safety gear. 

While there are other things to think about, your Helmet is an essential piece of safety gear. Keep you comfortable in the weather and terrain you want to ride in. Any helmet should be able to do this.

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