10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $300 | Top Picks Reviewed

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

A motorcycle is one of the most dangerous modes of transportation when it comes to riding. Before embarking on a road trip, it is essential to consider safety.

You should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle to protect yourself from head injuries. Most motorcycle riders know that wearing a high-quality helmet is critical.

On the other hand, some riders are price-sensitive and want the best possible protection for their head under budget. In this article, we will discuss the best motorcycle helmets under 300.

High-quality materials, like EPS technology, increase the cost of a motorcycle helmet. However, that all changes when you find the best motorcycle helmet for under 300. Let’s not waste any more time and get to work.

Top Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $300 Comparison Table

1AHR RUN-M Flip up Helmet - Best Lightweight Helmet In BudgetAHR RUN-M Flip up Helmet
2ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor - Best Value For Money Under $300ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor
3FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Helmets - Best Bluetooth Helmet For Music Under $300 FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Helmets
4Bell Qualifier - Best Overall Street Motorcycle HelmetBell Qualifier Unisex-Adult
5ScorpionExo Covert - Best Top Rated Hot Weather Motorcycle HelmetScorpionExo Covert Unisex Helmet
6Bell-Revolver-Evo-Modular-Motorcycle-Street-Helmet.jpgBell Revolver Evo Modular
77. 1Storm Dual Sport - Best Motocross Full Face Motorcycle Helmet1Storm Dual Sport
8Triangle TFF15 - Best Cheap Motorcycle HelmetTRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmets
9ILM-Bluetooth-Motorcycle-Helmet-Modular-Flip-up-Full-Face-Dual-Visor-Group-IntercomILM Bluetooth Modular Flip up
10GLX-Unisex-Adult-GX11GLX Unisex-Adult GX11

1. AHR RUN-M Flip-up Helmet – Best Aerodynamic Design Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

AHR RUN-M Flip-up Helmet - Best Aerodynamic Design Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

AHR provides all the qualities you need to get a high-quality shiny helmet. The gleaming sheen of their half-face helmets results from their distinctive design elements.

This dazzling finish provides you with long-lasting gear that never loses its shine!

ABS Shell

A high-quality ABS shell protecting the wearer’s head is made for this helmet. The half-helmet provides impact energy absorption with a high-density buffer layer. You can also remove the visor.

As a result, the speed reduces at which objects collide. 

Safety Feature

The feature provides an excellent means of redistributing the energy saved by avoiding collisions while maintaining a reasonable spending limit. The AHR half-helmet will protect you in the event of a collision!

Chin Strap

The helmet has an adjustable D-ring chin strap to keep the head and chin in position. The AHR Half Face Cruiser Chopper has additional accessories such as a bag and visor for a safe ride.

The helmet is certified by DOT and contains ear protection to help you enjoy the journey.


  • Extremely light.
  • High-density buffer provides enhanced head protection.
  • A chin strap and an adjustable D-ring serve to secure the head.
  • Visor with a detachable visor.
  • suited to a wide range of riders.


  • There may be sizing issues
  • Visors aren’t customizable.
  • There are just a few options for head and face protection.
  • Wearing it is a pain.

2. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor – Best Value For Money Motorcycle Helmet under $300

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor - Best Value For Money Motorcycle Hemlet under 300

If you’re looking for a low-cost modular helmet, ILM is the answer! It features an aerodynamic and streamlined design, which helps to decrease wind and noise.

ABS Shell

To provide long-term protection for the helmet, a high-resistance ABS shell is used.

Anti-Scratch Feature

The helmet’s modular design incorporates a flip-up anti-scratch feature and a broad-vision transparent visor to keep out fog. A safer ride option is available with a visor with a larger field of vision.

Advanced Dual Sports and Dual Visor headgear are available. 

LED Lights

This helmet is ideal for nighttime riding! The control button for the LED lights may be found on the rear of the helmet, right below the LED panel. To operate, you’ll need two AAA batteries (included), and the light is DOT-approved.

Ventilation System

Additionally, it features-release strap and ventilation holes. The helmet is able to adjust to changing weather conditions thanks to the helmet’s open and closed ventilation system.

This helmet is a cost-effective option for protecting one’s head from the elements. 


  • The aerodynamic design is used to keep wind and noise out.
  • The cheek pads and liner can be removed and washed.
  • The visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog.
  • LED lights will let riders show that they are ready to ride.
  • There is an extra chin curtain to protect the chin better.


  • Sometimes it may feel suffocated.
  • Due to extra parts, LED lights might not last long.

3. FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Helmets – Best Helmet For Music Under $300

FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Helmets - Best Helmet For Music Under $300

FreedConn’s Bluetooth 3.0 connection allows you to stay in touch with other riders, unlike the other two helmets discussed.

You may now enjoy FM radio, GPS tracking, and the ability to reject incoming calls all at the same time, using its Bluetooth technology.

Easy Assembly

Furthermore, the helmets can be assembled in a matter of minutes and can provide up to 9 hours of intercom time, 12 hours of phone time, and 120 hours of standby time.

Durable Built

When it comes to helmets, this one is made from the strongest polycarbonate available which helps the helmet to last longer. In addition, the low weight and soft hand feel make it easy to wear for extended periods of time.

Ventilation System

In addition, the deodorant-infused cheek pads wick away perspiration, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed all day long.

Additionally, the ventilation system ensures that even on the hottest days, you remain comfortable while riding. 


  • Bluetooth 3.0 is a high-performance device.
  • Cheek pads with deodorant.
  • Proper oxygenation of the air.
  • Although it’s thin, the outside skin is quite tough.
  • A vehicle that has passed DOT inspection.


  • The battery can’t be heard very well.
  • Bluetooth has so many features that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

4. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult – Best True to Size Helmet Under $300

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult - Best True to Size Helmet Under $300

The DLX version of the Bell Qualifier features polycarbonate/ABS, a high-quality material that absorbs impacts and shocks.

The washable and anti-bacterial liners are removable, if desired, to give additional sanitation options.

Noise Cancellation

A wind collar has been installed inside, preventing you from being able to hear the constant din, canceling out excess noise. The flow is kept under control by adjusting the velocity of the flow.

Additionally, UV protection protects your eyes from harm. 

DOT Certified

The FMVSS 218 standard, which is easily satisfied by the DOT, affirms the safety criteria. On the most treacherous, dangerously twisted rods, you can take a ride.

Aside from that, the DOT has cleared the building to provide you with overall safety and security. 

Inner Lining

The washable and reusable liners are ideal for maintaining good hygiene on the head. The built-in speaker pockets and the padded collar add excitement and speed to your riding experience.

So many functions in one product necessitate lower-priced purchases.


  • Speaker pockets and a spades collar.
  • Bluetooth technology is used for wireless communication.
  • Scratch-resistant visor.
  • Clear, anti-fog visor.
  • Radiation shielding.


  • The Bluetooth visor is of low quality and falls off.

5. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Helmet – Best Overall Motorcycle Helmet under $300

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Helmet - Best Overall Motorcycle Hemlet under 300

Scorpion’s quality polycarbonate hard shell protects the skull from any hard harm. Its aim is for those who need to have road exposure in order to stay safe.

ScorpionExo is the only helmet you’ll need if you’re on a tight budget but yet want a lot of visibility.


It also lessens the unpleasant effects and unexpected shocks. Because the dual-density ESP can absorb the predicted shock in a fraction of the time, it is a better choice.

Another option to alleviate eye discomfort is to wear a visor that blocks UVA and UVB rays. 


The visors have a transparent visor which is installed in dark smoke. The front mask is easy to change using neodymium magnets and block-off plates.

This allows the helmet to be worn open-faced. 

Additional Features

The open-face mode may be quickly and easily switched to using the magnetic function. As a result, you can raise and lower the visor in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to the finest possible support, the KwikWick II washable comfort lining makes this helmet even better, which helps you to not wear something heavy under the liner.


  • Speaker pockets and a spades collar.
  • Bluetooth technology is used for wireless communication.
  • Scratch-resistant visor.
  • Clear, anti-fog visor.
  • Radiation shielding.


  • The Bluetooth visor is of low quality and falls off.

6. Bell Revolver Evo Modular – Best Safe Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Street Helmet - Best Safe Motorcycle Helmet Under 300

Bell helmets are known for their quality, trustworthiness, and high-grade materials. Bell revolver has a fashionable style, a comfortable design, and is light on the head.

It’s first and foremost worth noting you can protect the head with an ABS external casing. 


With the helmet’s visor, you won’t have to deal with the sun’s harsh rays because of an ultraviolet protection concern. The adjustable ventilation system allows breathing easier since the helmet stays cool inside. 

Chin Curtain

In freezing weather, wearing a chin curtain may help to keep the cool air out of your face and ears. Magnefusion also provides an additional benefit by providing a magnetic strap.

It keeps the helmet securely in place on your head while you are wearing it.

NutraFog Shield

The anti-scratch NutraFog shield and UV protection of the NutraFog shield offers you the comfort of a high-end motorcycle helmet.

Matte black and matte white rallying are two more colors that may be added to your bike to make it more thrilling. This helmet is also ECE-Approved.


  • Easily to use a sun visor.
  • The chin curtain prevents you from developing a cold in the winter.
  • ABS, a lightweight yet durable material, was utilized to make it.


  • Improper fit, the original size is different.
  • There are backward switches on the vents

7. 1Storm Dual Sport – Best Full Coverage Helmet Under $300

1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle - Best Full Coverage Helmet Under 300

1Storm has combined the Dual Sport and Off-Road helmets into a single helmet. This kind of helmet is ideal for those who prefer to bike on both flat surfaces and more challenging ones. 

Advanced Dual Sports and Dual Visor headgear are available. 


This design is ideal for cycling on both paved and unpaved surfaces. In order to protect the wearer’s eyes from the elements, the helmet incorporates an inside smoked visor and an exterior transparent shield.

The visors may be taken off and swapped out without the need for any special equipment. 

Thermoplastic Alloy Shell

The aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell of the helmet makes it both lightweight and makes it last longer.

This feature gives it the ability to protect the wearer’s head. Once you put this helmet on, you won’t feel the weight on your head at all!

Inner Liner

Internally, there is an inner liner. You can easily take it out of the headgear. The 11 ventilation systems in the helmet allow for a significant amount of cool airflow inside the helmet.

You won’t feel like you’re suffocating in the heat this way! 


  • Protect your eyes twice as well with this dual-visor design.
  • The shell that’s both light and tough.
  • The use of eleven distinct ventilation systems to handle airflow from various angles.
  • Fast-release buckle.
  • Eight colors are available.
  • It is DOT approved.


  • Environmental issues may arise from the use of thermoplastic alloy.
  • Cheek pads may be too tight.

8. TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmets – Best Cheap Helmet Under $300

TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmets - Best Cheap Helmet under $300

TRIANGLE Graffiti Cross consists of an ABS shell with high-pressure thermoplastic technology that provides streamlined protection when driving at high speed.

You won’t have to be concerned about the helmet falling off that way! 

EPS Lining

The multi-density EPS lining enhances head cushioning in the wearable. As a result, it provides a level of comfort that is unbeatable by any other method.

This helmet is perfect for a quiet journey! The helmet includes a ventilation system with rear and top extractor liners for ventilation. 


The quick-change mechanism method for the visor’s mechanism allows the user to quickly swap out the visor’s mechanism without removing the helmet.

This saves time when it comes to replacing the visor with the use of tools.

Additional Features

When it comes to the helmet’s inside, it has a soft laser-cut cushioning for dry comfort throughout the hygiene process.

The inner liner may be removable and washable to keep it free of germs and dust.


  • Aerodynamic speed thanks to a high-pressure thermoplastic exterior.
  • An air-conditioning system that provides a refreshing breeze.
  • An adjustable micrometric chin strap with padded padding helps to keep the chin in place and provides cushioning protection.
  • A scratch-resistant visor.
  • The contoured cheek cushioning made of soft laser-cut padding is a definite plus.


  • Environmental issues may arise from the use of thermoplastic alloy.
  • The visor cannot be taken off or replaced.
  • Suffocation might be a risk with the helmet.
  • The helmet may be too small.

9. ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip up – Best Top Rated Motorcycle Helmet Below $300

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up - Best Top Rated Motorcycle Helmet Below $300

ILM Modular flip-up helmet aerodynamic design reduces wind and noise by making the helmet sleek and aerodynamic.

ABS Shell

The headgear composed of a high-quality ABS shell provides a sturdy exterior to guard against the sun for an extended period of time.

The cushion’s detachable and machine-washable cheek pads and lining ensure cleanliness.

Anti-Scratch Feature

The helmet’s flip-up anti-scratch feature and broad vision clear visor help keep it fog-free and rain-free thanks to the modular design.

It’s safer to ride with a visor that provides a broader field of vision!

LED Lights

LED lights in the headgear flash at different rates. The LED lights may be accessed by pushing the control button on the back of the helmet.

This is located just below the LED panel on the back. The LED light is powered by two AAA batteries. It is DOT-approved for safety.

Ventilation System

The helmet’s open and closed ventilation allows it to adapt to changing weather conditions. This low-cost head protection solution has grown in popularity as the nation’s weather changes.

The helmet has an extra chin curtain for extra chin protection in case of an accident.


  • Aerodynamic design to decrease noise and wind.
  • Washable and reusable cheek pads and lining.
  • a visor that resists scuffs and fog.
  • LED lights enable cyclists to signal their presence.
  • An additional chin curtain is included for further chin security.


  • A sensation of being choked.
  • There is a chance LED lights won’t survive very long because of all the extra components.

10. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 – Best EPS foam Helmet Under $300

GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 - Best EPS foam Helmet Under $300

This full-face helmet features the aerodynamic DOT shell technology that you’ll find in high-end helmets. All of this adds up to a snazzy dark green helmet with a confrontational design.

With the help of aerodynamic DOT shell technology, sensitive areas may be kept safe in the event of an accident.

EPS Liner

To improve impact absorption, there is an addition of an EPS foam layer to the chassis.

The foam is used in varying densities in the lower-key sections and around the skull to provide this effect, as well.

Ventilation System

Two additional higher vents are provided for further fresh air intake. These come in helpful when it’s hot outside. Additionally, the maker has installed four exhaust vents on the helmet.

These are installed in a unique and strategic location for the ultimate riding experience. The negative pressure suction created by these vents is ideal for a variety of applications.

Chin Strap

The chinstrap is attached to the helmet using high-quality metallic rivets. In addition, a chin curtain has been added to help reduce any noise or wind turbulence that may be present during flight, proving it to be a great noise-canceling helmet.


  • It is strong and lightweight.
  • In hot and humid situations, the ventilation system supplied is superb. 
  • The inside microfiber installation may be removed and washed.
  • The visor is excellent.


  • The quick-release strap doesn’t always fit correctly.
  • Large-headed people should not use this product.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

It’s always your goal to receive the highest potential return on your investment when you put money into anything.

Make sure to check out a few things before making your final decision on the helmet. Listed below are a few of these aspects.

Longevity and Power

To protect the head from injury we use helmets. They should be able to take a lot of abuse before breaking. Not buying a new one every time your car is in an accident is the goal here.

Buying a helmet that has passed the DOT and FMVSS safety requirements will guarantee that you obtain a high-quality product. It’s possible that a cheap helmet you purchase might put you and others you care about in danger.


Helmets are almost the same. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly examine all aspects of any given helmet before making a purchase.

As an example, some of them provide earphone support or warranties, while others don’t. As a result, if you want more features, you’ll need to hunt for a more expensive option that may include additional fees.


The quality of a helmet depends on the type of material it is made up of. It’s important that helmets are made up of high-quality durable plastic so that they don’t break or shatter. In addition, this material makes an excellent helmet while minimizing the weight on the head. Carbon fiber helmets are also safer than standard helmets when it comes to severe activities such as racing.


Which is the best motorcycle helmet under 300?

Wearing a high-quality motorcycle helmet ensures long-term investment in safety. As a result, the force of the hit on your head should lower. The ILM Dual Visor is our pick for the best motorcycle helmet under 300, according to our review.

Our #1 pick is because of its overall superior quality and long-term performance compared to the others. As a result, you’ll receive a helmet that’s both fashionable and simple to clean, all in one.

Why do motorcycle helmets cost so much?

Research and development expenditures are often quite expensive for most enterprises because of the nature of manufacturing.

As a result of these expenditures, they raise the price of their products to compensate.

How often do Motorcycle helmets need to be replaced?

When purchasing a new helmet, age is one of the most significant considerations. Helmets should be replaced every 4-5 years. It may be shorter if your helmet has been worn, torn, or cracked.

To make sure your safety on the road, check the condition of your helmet every three months. Premium motorcycle helmets may last up to seven years before needing any upgrades.

How much value do you get for the money you spend on your motorcycle helmet?

Yes. Premium helmets cost more, but they last longer, protect better and look better than cheaper models. In addition, most of them contain extra characteristics that may not be present in the other helmets.

Final Thoughts

A great riding experience is dependent on your ability to be safe on the road and within budget. To ensure a safe journey, wearing a helmet should not be prohibitively costly. As a result, we’ve included some of the top motorcycle helmets under 300 that are currently available.

In the hope that you’ll be able to select the helmet that’s just right for you, Before making a purchase, you should review our buyer’s guide, which includes a checklist of the most critical factors to consider.

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