10 Best Half Helmet Choices You Can Buy In 2022 | (Dot Approved)

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Chuckling at traffic jams on your morning commute, heeding the call of the open road after a stressful day, or breezing past heavy traffic effortlessly are some incidents that are all too familiar for a motorcycle enthusiast. The initial thrust, the motion blur when you’re cruising at high speeds, the crisp cool breeze across your cheeks; every single part of the motorcycle riding experience is truly sublime. However, since it can be equally dangerous, motorcycle helmets are a vital addition to the riding routine.

The invention of the helmet revolutionized high-speed travel in a way that was unprecedented. They made motorcycles a viable option to travel for many. With a diverse range of motorcycle helmets available, one has the option to pick what suits them best.

While full face helmets undoubtedly are the safest gear to equip yourself with, some riders may still prefer to opt for a half helmet as their riding companion.

Half-helmets are considered somewhat of an outlaw in the helmet world but the truth is, they prove quite appropriate in areas with hot, humid weather. Also, they provide enhanced breathability and better vision during the ride. In the end, it all comes down to the personal preference of the rider.

However, with an array of great options available in the market, it can be troublesome trying to find the best one that fits your needs. After meticulous research, to aid you in your hunt, we’ve featured the 10 best Half Helmets along with an assisting buying guide.

Top Best Half Helmet Choices Comparison Table

S. NoPreviewProductPrice
1LS2 Helmets Rebellion - Best Double Visor Half HelmetLS2 Helmets Rebellion
2GLX M14 - Best Half Helmet For WomenGLX M14
3Vega Helmets 7817-054 - Best Top Rated Half HelmetVega Helmets 7817-054
4ILM 883V-GB - Best Lightweight Motorcycle HelmetILM 883V-GB
5Daytona Helmets Hawk - Best Low Profile Half HelmetDaytona Helmets Hawk
6Bell Pit Boss - Best Cruiser Half HelmetBell Pit Boss
7AHR Run-G - Best Cheap Half HelmetAHR Run-G
8Sena CAVALRY - Best Bluetooth Integrated Half HelmetSena CAVALRY
9Sena CAVALRY - Best Bluetooth Integrated Half HelmetTORC T55
10Daytona Helmets Eagle - Best Overall Motorcycle HelmetDaytona Helmets Eagle

1. LS2 Helmets Rebellion – Best Double Visor Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion - Best Double Visor Half Helmet

The LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Helmet is a great union of the classic traditional helmet incorporating some great 21st century features. If you’re looking for a great riding companion, the LS2 helmet will no doubt fulfill all the best motorcycle helmet feature needs.

Featuring a Kinetic Polymer Alloy Shell, this LS2 helmet offers a sturdy yet lightweight construction. It helps ensure that the helmet does not get worn out even in the toughest of terrains or harshest of weather. With a weight of 3lbs or less, the rider doesn’t feel any pressure on their head while riding for longer routes.

Also, the helmet is available in different sizes ranging from XS to XXL, catering to every head size. It further has an intermediate oval fit that will suit most head shapes. This makes this helmet ideal for all kinds of riders, providing a seamless and comfortable fit.

The LS2 Rebellion Helmet comes with an adjustable Twin Shield System that includes a drop-down sun shield. This ensures protection and clear vision despite the blinding rays of the sun. The drop-down system can be operated with ease and is also glove-friendly. Also, it is lockable all the way down or halfway depending on your preferences. This gives you the option to allow the wind across your face all the while protecting your eyes.

Armoured with a dual-density fully vented EPS liner, this helmet will take your comfort riding experience to the next level. As the liner works to wick moisture away from the skin, you will enjoy improved comfort and visibility. Not just that but the liner has hypoallergenic properties common in motorcycle helmets for hot weather which will also help avoid the stinky helmet sweat smell. Since the padding is removable and washable so you can keep it as fresh as new.

Additionally, the helmet is accompanied by a chin strap that helps keep the helmet in place. Chinstrap padding ensures comfort so you can easily wear that helmet for a long duration without even feeling it. Plus, the quick release ensures that it would come in handy just when you need it. Also, with DOT approval, this helmet is a great choice for riders who love to cruise at high speeds without having to worry about safety.

On hot, humid summer days, you won’t have to worry about staying cool with this helmet. With a number of air vents, the helmet allows for an adequate supply of air circulation using dynamic flow-through ventilation. The rear exhaust vents push back the warm air which helps keep you cool inside the helmet. 

You can convert this into a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet as it allows the setup of a LinkIn Bluetooth communication system. It can be a perfect riding companion while you intend to cover some distance on a motorcycle.


  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Adjustable drop-down sun visor
  • Removable and washable liner with hypoallergenic properties 
  • Flow-through ventilation 
  • Bluetooth and speakers
  • DOT approved


  • A little on the pricier side
  • There is no clear visor for riding at night

2. GLX M14 – Best Half Helmet For Women 

GLX M14 - Best Half Helmet For Women

The GLX M14 Half Helmet is another great option if you’re looking for a decent helmet that comes with a minimalist design. This superior quality half helmet sports an aerodynamic polycarbonate shell making it lightweight yet sturdy to take on any riding challenges.

The helmet has a DOT certification that provides additional peace of mind where the safety of the helmet is concerned.

Available in a matt black finish, this headgear comes in a variety of measurements ranging from S to XXL. This ensures there’s a fit available for any and every head size.

Not only that but the GLX helmet is also quite lightweight weighing about 2.1 pounds. So, no matter how long your ride is, this helmet will minimize any potential neck fatigue.

In addition to that, the GLX M14 has a heavy-duty EPS interior lining that is great for impact absorption. This will help keep the helmet hygienic and will prevent nasty odors allowing for a comfortable motorcycle ride. Also, premium synthetic leather along the lower edge of the liner is designed to increase durability and add an extra touch of style.

This model does not lack behind in the helmet ventilation department either. While most half helmet brands do not include any ventilation system within their helmets, we’re pleased to tell you that the GLX M14 sets itself apart by the inclusion of air vents on both sides to keep you cool even in the hottest of weather.

Moreover, this helmet comes with a quick-release chin strap which allows for effortless usage. Further accompanied by an integrated shield designed to deploy and retract promptly. This proves useful in minimizing time adjusting and maximizing time enjoying.

Also, it comes with a smoke shield that protects from 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Moreover, there are additional built-in compartments are present to encompass audio enhancement equipment or similar communication systems.


  • Lightweight and sturdy construction 
  • Equipped with quick-release chin strap
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Bluetooth compatible 
  • DOT approved


  •  The chinstrap may be too short

3. Vega Helmets 7817-054 – Best Top Rated Half Helmet

Vega Helmets 7817-054 - Best Top Rated Half Helmet

Considered to be one of the leading motorcycle helmet brands, Vega Helmets is a brand you can trust. Their Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is loaded with features that are guaranteed to offer you a more comfortable, custom-fitting motorcycle helmet.

Constructed of high-quality materials, the shell of the helmet provides a sturdy and durable build. Not only that but the helmet is also lightweight, weighing only 2.2 pounds. This helps in eliminating neck fatigue on those long trips with your motorcycle. You’re provided with an option of different sizes ranging from XS to XXL, ensuring you find your perfect fit.

The Vega Warrior Half Helmet is accompanied by an EPS liner. This provides ultimate impact protection and cooling abilities, keeping you safer by absorbing a high percentage of force upon impact. The liner is also made out of moisture-wicking material, which will prevent sweat from running into your eyes and ensure you’re cool and dry during long rides.

The Quick Release Strap System is comfortable, fully adjustable, and easy to use with or without gloves on. The quick-release strap is a much better option compared to older models of helmets that come with a D-ring strap adjustment system as they can be difficult to adjust. The quick-release strap allows you to take your helmet off in seconds. 

Furthermore, The Vega Helmet is equipped with a custom fit dial adjuster for the perfect custom fit. This allows you to tighten or loosen the padding and can be great for those hard to fit smaller heads. Also, the helmet is DOT approved ensuring safety in the event of collisions.

The helmet comes with an optically correct drop-down sun shield. This helps protect your eyes from flying debris, bugs, dust, and bright light conditions. However, as the sun shield is tinted, it may be wise to not use it at night since this will have a negative impact on visibility.


  • Lightweight design
  • Padded quick release strap for additional safety 
  • Includes a size adjustment dial system
  • Superior 5-year warranty
  • DOT approved


  • Does not include a clear shield for night use

4. ILM 883V-GB – Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

ILM 883V-GB - Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re looking for a helmet that has a classic half-helmet design reminiscent of early riding helmets, the ILM Half Motorcycle Helmet is definitely worth checking out. Available in matte black or glossy black, rest assured this helmet will look sleek with any bike.

Constructed with a High Resistance ABS shell exterior, this helmet is quite durable and strong to palliate the effect of collisions and safeguard your skull in case of a crash. Also, this model is available in different shell sizes so there’s an option available for everyone.

The helmet meets all requirements for DOT certification which allows for additional peace of mind when the safety of the helmet is concerned. This half helmet is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at around 2.03 lbs. The small design of this helmet means that it can easily be slipped into a backpack, under a bike seat, or carried under your arm without any effort.

Accompanied by a high-density EPS liner, the ILM Half Helmet allows for impact absorption. It is also skin-friendly and breathable making sure you’re comfortable and can use as a replacement for motorcycle helmets for street riding.

Additionally, the ILM Half Helmet is equipped with a retractable, tinted sun visor. This is designed to handle bright light conditions making it the perfect option for use during the day. It also eliminates the need to carry sunglasses. The visor can be retracted into the helmet when it is not required. When retracted, the visor is almost invisible in the overall helmet design.

Not just that but this half helmet includes a chin strap that features a quick-release clasp allowing you to quickly and easily remove the helmet. It is also equipped with sliders around the ear-loops in order to accommodate any head size or shape. The straps are easily adjustable and, when adjusted correctly, provide maximum protection with maximum comfort.


  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Economical 
  • Equipped with a retractable, tinted sun visor 
  • Features a high resistance ABS shell
  • Includes an adjustable quick-release chin strap 
  • DOT certified 


  • Loose microfiber layer on the inside

5. Daytona Helmets Hawk – Best Low Profile Half Helmet

Daytona Helmets Hawk - Best Low Profile Half Helmet

Next up is the Daytona Motorcycle Half Helmet. If you’re looking for a decent riding companion for either commuting or seeking adventure, this helmet will help satisfy your needs.

With a sturdy, lightweight shell construction, Daytona Motorcycle Half Helmet is perfect for longer rides as you will be able to wear it for a long period of time without having to sacrifice your comfort. It weighs up to 2.02 lbs and is available in different sizes ranging from XXS to XL, ensuring you’re provided an easy, comfortable motorcycle ride.

The Daytona Hawk has been designed with a contoured shape. This ensures that if you bend your head back, the helmet will never cut into your neck. It will also prevent a lifting effect at high speeds by keeping your helmet straight instead of inclined. The helmet further meets DOT safety standards so rest easy as it is durable and strong enough to palliate the effect of collisions.

Also, the helmet is accompanied by a multi-density EPS liner. This is designed to absorb force upon impact, so it can help to reduce the severity of head injuries. It also ensures comfort during long rides and allows you to remain cool.

Furthermore, this half helmet is equipped with a quick-release chin strap. The last thing you want to feel when you’re cruising at high speeds is a dig caused by an uncomfortable and narrow chin strap that pinches or painfully pulls your hair as this can be distracting and dangerous.

However, the position of Daytona’s chin strap can be adjusted forward or back to prevent this and protect the beard of those that have cared to grow one. Also, the quick release function allows you to unlock with just one click.


  • Lightweight and sturdy design 
  • Equipped with an adjustable quick release chin strap
  • Features multi-density EPS liner 
  • Meets DOT standards 


  • Does not include a visor

6. Bell Pit Boss – Best Cruiser Half Helmet

Bell Pit Boss - Best Cruiser Half Helmet

If you’re looking to place your trust in a brand that is guaranteed to deliver high-quality, durable helmets, Bell Helmets will be right up your alley. Bell has a proven track record for ultimate protection, innovative design as well as unparalleled quality. The Bell Pit Boss Open-face Motorcycle is no different!

The helmet boasts a sturdy and durable exterior consisting of a TriMatrix composite shell. This allows the helmet to be strong without hurting a person and weighing them down. Also, it is DOT approved so rest easy as it is strong enough to protect your head in the face of collisions.

The Bell Pit Boss Helmet comes in seven different sizes that go all the way from extra small to triple extra-large. Therefore, rest easy as this is a helmet that fits everybody regardless of the size of your head. Weighing under 4 pounds, the helmet is also relatively lightweight. However, there are options available in a similar price bracket that weighs even less.

Bell is always ahead of the curve, producing products offering superior features. Continuing the tradition, another beneficial feature included by Bell in this helmet is the speed dial fit system. The helmet has an adjustment that can be customized in order to match the speeds that a person is traveling at.

There is a low-speed setting that can be set when a person is just cruising around making it a great choice for novice riders. If riders do not prefer the best beginner’s motorcycle helmets in regular styles then they can opt for this one.

On the other hand, there are other settings that offer additional protection when a person is traveling at a higher rate of speed. This helps the rider customize their helmet and prevent what is known as lift. 

Another standout feature of the helmet is the inclusion of a removable neck curtain that proves quite useful during cold weather. The helmet is also available in eight different colors and designs to choose from, allowing you to match the helmet to your bike.

The Bell Pit Boss Motorcycle Helmet is further equipped with a drop-down internal sun shield that provides on-the-fly protection from the sun. This makes this helmet the perfect choice for long day rides. The helmet is also accompanied by an EPS liner to help displace the impact force evenly allowing for a safer, more stable ride.


  • Sturdy and durable exterior 
  • Includes a chin curtain
  • Equipped with an innovative speed dial fit system for better stability 
  • 5-year warranty
  • DOT certified 


  • Can be a little bulky 
  • Those that wear glasses may encounter issues

7. AHR Run-G – Best Cheap Half Helmet

AHR Run-G - Best Cheap Half Helmet

Featuring a retro and classic German-style, the AHR Run-G Open Face Motorcycle Half Helmet is another great option if you’re looking to get a motorcycle helmet on a limited budget that gets the job done.

AHR Run-G motorcycle helmet sports a high-strength ABS material shell construction. This makes this helmet durable and lightweight at the same time weighing around 2 pounds only. This will allow you to set off on long rides without the worry of it putting any strain on your head or neck.

Also, the helmet meets or exceeds DOT safety standards. So, rest assured as it has the capability to withstand a good amount of force providing protection against harsh impacts. This helmet is further available in different sizes to choose from, allowing you to find one that perfectly fits your head.

The inclusion of a thick, high-density fully vented EPS liner is a great feature that takes your comfort riding experience to the next level. Since the liner works to wick moisture away from the skin, you’ll also enjoy improved comfort and visibility.

Additionally, the Run-G helmet comes with secure D-ring lock straps that ensure the helmet stays in place once you put it on. With this, you can rest easy as your helmet won’t be knocked off regardless of the force of an impact.


  • Has a lightweight ABS shell
  • Comes with secure D-string lock straps
  • DOT approved 


  • Does not include a visor

8. Sena CAVALRY – Best Bluetooth Integrated Half Helmet

Sena CAVALRY - Best Bluetooth Integrated Half Helmet

If you love to listen to your favorite tunes on the driveway or converse with your friends and family on the go, the Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Motorcycle Half Helmet is a terrific option for you.

Featuring a robust exterior, the Sena Cavalry’s shell is constructed of fiberglass composite material. This makes the helmet durable and also provides both comfort and protection. Its aerodynamic design allows for a more stable ride as it lets you cut through the wind at high speeds.

Available in a variety of different sizes, it allows riders to find the right fit. The helmet also weighs in under 4 pounds which may be a little bulky for some but is still relatively lightweight. Further, as this half helmet is DOT certified, it will safeguard you and allow you to withstand impacts in the face of a collision.

Additionally, this half helmet comes with a low-profile visor that can be removed easily. It can keep you safe from the wind or dust going into your eyes. It is also equipped with a D-ring retention system that is made of nylon. This ensures the helmet stays on the rider’s head. Talking about the interior of the helmet, the liner keeps you cool during hot, summer days and allows for a comfortable ride.

Cavalry is the first of its kind among other Sena helmets. It comes pre-wired and ready to go with built-in communication capabilities and controls, so users can enjoy all of the features of Sena’s communication devices without the hassle of installing a headset.

The helmet is engineered with Bluetooth 4.1 features, so you can chat freely over the half helmet intercom at ranges of up to 900 meters (0.5 miles), share music with another riding companion, listen to FM radio, and even hear turn-by-turn GPS directions.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are a nice luxury to have to experience good sound quality while riding. Moreover, The helmet comes with two different ear inserts to help reduce wind noise and increase the sounds you want to hear from the speakers.


  • Robust and durable shell
  • Comes with a removable visor
  • Equipped with a Nylon strap D-ring retention system for additional safety
  • Bluetooth integrated 
  • DOT certified 


  • No drop-down sun visor

9. TORC T55 – Best Retro Half Helmet

TORC T55 - Best Retro Half Helmet

Next up, we have the perfect riding companion for you if you’re looking for an effective, sleek metallic helmet to enhance your riding experience.

The exterior of the TORC T55 consists of an advanced thermal polymer alloy shell. This is engineered to protect the rider by minimizing the weight of the shell and dispersing impact energy. This allows the helmet to be more aerodynamic, lighter in weight, and more pleasing to the eyes. 

The Torc half helmet is available in different sizes and has an intermediate oval fit that will suit most head shapes. With a weight of approximately 3lbs, this helmet is pretty lightweight making it perfect for long rides.

Additionally, The helmet comes with a retractable drop-down sun visor. The visor is optically correct and it provides the ultimate protection against harmful UV rays of the sun and blinding vision due to the sun’s direct sun rays. 

Further, the inclusion of a thick, multi-density fully vented EPS liner is a great feature that takes your comfort riding experience to the next level. As it is washable, you can easily get rid of nasty odors after long rides. Also, the inner linings of the T55 have antimicrobial properties that help save the rider from the onset of skin infections.


  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Antibacterial inner lining 
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Equipped with a drop-down sun visor 
  • DOT approved


  • Sun shield sturdy adjustments

10. Daytona Helmets Eagle – Best Overall Half Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona Helmets Eagle - Best Overall Motorcycle Helmet

Lastly, we’re ending the list with another Daytona Half Helmet. Constructed with a polycarbonate shell, this helmet provides a sturdy build. It is also available in a number of sizes in order to cater to varying head sizes, delivering the perfect fit.

The helmet is extremely lightweight ensuring comfort during long rides. Also, the helmet is fully lined with a custom-formed interior for extreme comfort. The moisture-wicking fabric within the helmet keeps your head cooler and more comfortable during long, hot rides.

Another beneficial feature embedded in this helmet is a quick-release chin strap. It can function with a single finger which makes it easy to get the item on and off. The forward-positioned Nylon Y-Strap retention system comes with a sliding adjuster for fine adjustments. Also, the sewn seams to the outside prevent facial chafing.

The helmet includes a cloth drawstring bag to help protect your novelty item while it is not in use. Also, included with the purchase is a mesh bandanna in the headwrap style.


  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Lined with Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Available in a number of sizes
  • Features a quick-release chin strap


  • Does not include a visor

Features That Will Make Up The Best Half Helmet : 2022 Buying Guide

With half helmets for your motorcycle ride, you have the immense pleasure of breathing and escaping away from the intense sweating. Let’s have a look at them our recommendations when you are looking to get the best half helmet for yourself.

Size Fit

The sole purpose of a half helmet is to have extreme levels of comfort. With all other features not considered that are provided by the full face helmets, you can’t compromise on this one. The half helmet needs to fit in nicely with your head size and should give a very compact outlook. 

Soft Foam Fabrics

The foam fabric that is soft and lasts long makes up the best half helmet. When your face and eyes are in complete freedom, the head is the only part that is in contact with the helmet. Softness will add to the comfort levels of the usage so do not forget to check the quality of the helmet from the inside. 

Drop Down Sunshield

This is the feature available with the latest half helmet models available. You can’t have a safe motorcycle ride when the wind is rolling or the sun is shining right above you. This drop-down sun shield can help you to have better comfortability and increased safety levels provided by the helmet. This feature is equally necessary for open face motorcycle helmets.

DOT Approved Motorcycle Half Helmet

With any of the motorcycle helmets approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), you can be sure that it meets certain safety guidelines. DOT-approved motorcycle helmets have durable construction and are tested rigorously to prevent any hazardous injury to the human body.


Since the whole purpose of a half helmet is to have maximum breathing space. A built-in ventilation lining system on the head side would increase the comfort level to the maximum extent. You won’t be then feeling much around your head as the air continues to seep in and prevent any heat build-up.

Water Resistant Fabric Lining

As the half helmets are for off-road riding where the chances of catching dust are high for a motorcycle rider. You need to have them washed frequently so a water-resistant fabric lining would ensure you have a durable choices model for a considerable period of time. 

Summing Up

Now, half helmets may not be the safest to ride a motorcycle but it doesn’t mean they don’t provide any protection. Most motorcycle riders opt for a half-face helmet because they get a wide range of vision. As well as no obstruction in your view that these vintage-looking headgears have to offer along with better ventilation. 

However, the best half-helmets, such as the ones mentioned above, offer sufficient protection along with all these benefits of a half-helmet. Therefore, be mindful before you make your final pick. The products featured in our list are some of the greatest on the market. We’re positive that no matter what your preferences are, you’ll find a high-quality helmet here! Keep the buying guide in mind and good luck!