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best bluetooth motorcycle helmet

It’s a surreal feeling when you suddenly experience a surge of adrenaline, a gust of wind against your face, while the world around you blurs as you cruise through busy downtown traffic. 

The euphoria is often cut short when you have to stop making a call or receiving it. However, there’s always a solution to every problem, and Bluetooth helmets are as good as the rest.

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet allows riders to communicate with other riders within a short-range, conduct hands-free phone calls, and listen to their favorite music. 

Some superior quality, highly advanced Bluetooth helmet models also have the feature of navigating through the maps by listening to the instructions. The only problem is how do you pick the best one for you?

An array of incredible options are available in the headgear industry. It can be troublesome to find the best one that fits your needs. After meticulous research, we have featured the 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets. It is done to make the most of your riding endeavors. It is also accompanied by a buying guide to provide you with further assistance in your hunting task.

Top Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

ILM 953 - Best Bluetooth Integrated Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet ILM 953-MB
2FreedConn BM2-S - Best Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet FreedConn BM2-S
31Storm HB-B89Clear - Best Cheap Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 1Storm HB-B89Clear
4TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular HelmetTORC TB27
51Storm HB-B89Clear - Best Cheap Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetTORC T15B
66. MOPHOTO Helmet - Best Off-Road Bluetooth Integrated Helmet  MOPHOTO HELMET
7Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street HelmetBell Qualifier DLX
88. Torc T14B - Best Comfortable Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetTorc T14B
9HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 - Best Top Rated Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetHJC Helmets CL-MAX 2
10FreedConn BM12 - Best Range Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetFreedConn BM12

1. ILM 953-MB – Best Overall Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

ILM 953-MB - Best Overall Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is accessible on the wallet while flaunting many capabilities. The helmet uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to keep you connected to your device and other riders.

Bluetooth Integration

The integrated Bluetooth system offers riders a one-touch system for answering, rejecting, or redialing incoming phone calls.

Also, intercom communication, listening to music, FM Radio, and GPS navigation audio are available.

Built-In Speakers

The Bluetooth modular helmet comes with built-in speakers and noise-canceling microphones. Modular helmets allow bikers to conduct calls efficiently or listen to music or voice commands while commuting or touring.

You’re provided with 8 hours of talk time, 110 hours of standby, and 1000 feet of range between two riders using the intercom. The Helmet also offers DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise suppression technology. This allows you to enjoy the Bluetooth feature without much disturbance. 

ABS Shell

Sporting a High Resistance ABS shell exterior makes the helmet durable and sturdy to provide safety in a collision or a crash. Also, the ILM Bluetooth Helmet offers superior convenience and style.

You have the option of rocking a classic matt black look, a lily-white, or a scarlet red helmet. This headgear is further available in various shell sizes, ensuring an option is available for anyone.

Visor Support

In addition to that, the helmet comes with both an external and an internal visor. The clear external visor proves helpful in protecting against dust, wind, or bugs, making it ideal for night rides. At the same time, the internal visor protects against harsh lighting conditions.

It makes the Helmet perfect for not only night but day use as well. Also, the external visor moves with the front of the Helmet when you flip it open. At the same time, the internal visor can be easily accessed and adjusted using a switch on the side of the Helmet.

The outer visor, however, does not come with anti-fog properties. Therefore, it may not be ideal for low visibility or foggy areas. It has scratch-resistant properties making it durable, and allowing you to ride through the city stress-free.

The top liner and the ear liners are interchangeable and removable. It allows you to easily toss them in the wash after a long or hot day of riding.

Flip-Up Chin Guard Feature

Due to modularity, you get a release button that allows you to lift the chin guard. This flip-up feature helps save time in removing and putting the helmet back on. This way, it will also eliminate any physical discomfort faced while using a full-face helmet.

The inclusion of a chin curtain protects your neck from freezing wind and rain. It is removable and replaceable, adding to the overall convenience offered by Helmet.

Chin Strap

Furthermore, Helmet includes a chin strap equipped with a quick-release clasp for additional safety. This allows you to easily and quickly remove the helmet. Also, the polyester strap material makes this comfortable and adjustable. 

Ventilation System

Finally, the ILM Bluetooth helmet provides sufficient ventilation as well. It comes with 3 adjustable air intake vents. This makes the helmet comfortable in all weather conditions, especially during long rides or tours.

Also, it is DOT approved, while the visors have ECE certifications. So, the ILM helmet meets all the basic standards required for safety, allowing for additional peace of mind.


  • Lightweight design 
  • Includes chin curtain 
  • Quick-release strap
  • Weather-resistant 
  • 2 built-in speakers
  • One-touch control system 
  • Noise-canceling microphones
  • DOT and ECE approved


  • Face shield non-anti-fog

2. FreedConn BM2-S – Best Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn BM2-S - Best Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The FreedConn Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet might be the best pick for you due to its seamless Bluetooth technology performance. With this helmet, the thrill and fun don’t need to stop!

Exterior Built

The FreedConn Bluetooth Integrated Helmet has an exterior of ABS thermoplastic polymer. It is one of the most solid manufacturing materials for helmets.

This solid yet lightweight build provides durability and protection throughout the years. The FreedConn headgear complies with ECE, UL, and DOT standards. It ensures protection against brutal head injuries in the event of a collision.

Communication Systems

The Motorcycle Helmet is equipped with one of the market’s best built-in integrated communication systems. Employing Bluetooth 3.0 technology, the FreedConn Helmet successfully provides top-notch communication that ranges up to 1640 feet.

From jamming out to your favorite tunes to staying in touch with loved ones, Helmet will gladly deliver. It can make decent intercom calls with two individuals while supporting up to three-rider pairings. It can prove quite helpful during group trips.

Single-Control Button

The Helmet is accompanied by a single multi-functional button that allows you to control and command all the operations. You can answer or reject any incoming calls and redial the last number. Also, you can easily adjust the volume.

You can further play FM radio and even operate the GPS with simple voice prompts.

Echo-Cancellation Feature

Additionally, the item of headwear features Advanced DSP echo cancellation that successfully suppresses all the noise from the surroundings. It lets you answer calls without noise interference, even at top speeds. This feature makes Helmet a suitable choice for riders who prefer noiseless communication.

Battery Life

All these functions are made possible by the inclusion of a decent battery. The Helmet has a 600 mAh polymer battery. It can easily be recharged using any smartphone adapter. It has a standby time of 120 hours.

When the battery is fully charged, it can last up to 9 uninterrupted talk times over the intercom. Also, you have the luxury of about 12 hours of talk time over the phone.

Ventilation System

Not only that, but the helmet offers a sound ventilation system as well. Including three air intake vents allows for the proper air exchange within the Helmet. Two of these vents are located at the top, and one is near the chin bar. It ensures ample airflow and a comfortable ride on even the hottest days.

Dual Visors

The helmet also has a missing feature in most Bluetooth helmets: Dual visors. You get a clear outer visor and a tinted interior one. The clear visor helps deliver a wide range of visibility, protects from wind and rain, and is helpful during the night.

The tinted visor offers protection against UV rays, making it ideal for riding during the day.

EPS Linning

Furthermore, this modular motorcycle helmet can be used as a half or a full-face helmet. It offers more versatility in your riding experience. The Helmet also has an EPS liner capable of absorbing moisture, ensuring heat and sweat.

It is removable and easily tossed in the washer after a long day of riding, providing convenience. Lastly, the FreedConn Helmet is available in six different colors and five different sizes to choose from. Whatever your preferences may be, there’s an option available for everyone!


  • Lightweight and sturdy exterior 
  • Washable microfiber liner
  • Advanced ventilation 
  • Can easily connect to phones, GPS systems, MP3 players
  • Built-in intercom system
  • One-touch control system
  • ECE, UL, and DOT certified 


  • The visor may fog up
  • The audio has no bass

3. 1Storm HB-B89Clear – Best Cheap Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

1Storm HB-B89Clear - Best Cheap Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet is the complete package for a superior riding experience. This helmet offers versatility and durability at an affordable price.

Exterior Built

One of the main features of the best motorcycle helmet from an average one is its construction. That being said, the 1Storm Helmet is constructed with an aerodynamic thermoplastic shell that is lightweight yet ensures durability.

The helmet also does well in obtaining its primary purpose: protecting in case of an accident. Since it is DOT certified, it meets safety standards and protects the head, minimizing the possibility of a fatal head injury.

Colour and Design Availability

The Helmet is available in different colors with at least 24 different designs. It will allow you to match the color of the helmet to your bike for a killer look, setting you apart from other riders on the road.

The Helmet is also available in different sizes, so you can easily find the one that best fits you. Since it weighs just under 5 pounds, you can ride comfortably without neck fatigue.

Ventilation System

The Helmet boasts an excellent ventilation system. It has five position ventilation channels and three-top ventilation control. It ensures sufficient airflow within the helmet, allowing you to stay fresh and comfortable on those hot, humid days.

The vents can also be adjusted by switching to choose your optimum intake level.

Hypoallergenic Linning

In addition, the Helmet’s inner liner provides supreme comfort through the hypoallergenic fabric. Rest assured, whether it be dust, heat, or sweat, as these won’t interfere with your journey because of hot weather motorcycle helmets.

Not only that, but the liner is removable, which means it can be conveniently washed for a clean and hygienic riding experience. Cheek padding has also been included, cushioned heavily, providing additional comfort and safety.

Bluetooth Communication System

The 1Storm Helmet has spaces within the helmet specifically designed to accommodate a Bluetooth communication system. It allows you to freely immerse yourself in your favorite songs while riding and keep in touch with family and friends.

Dual Visor

Also, this headgear comes with a dual visor system. The inner visor is tinted to provide maximum UV protection against the harsh rays of the Sun, making it ideal for day use.

On the other hand, the exterior face shield delivers a broad, clear vision to the rider and can be great for use during the night. The visor is also fog proof allowing you to ride easily in extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, this full-face helmet by 1Storm rocks a modular design. It gives you plenty of flexibility as it can be converted from a full-face helmet to a half-face helmet.

This feature is operated through a button that, when pressed, allows you to swing away from the chin bar area of the Helmet and flip up the helmet’s visor.


  • Wallet-friendly 
  • Available in several colors and sizes
  • Provides UV protection
  • Bluetooth compatible 
  • Flip-up and dual-lens design
  • DOT approved


  • A bit sturdy tinted visor

4. TORC TB27 – Best Compact Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

TORC TB27 - Best Compact Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Next up, we have the perfect riding companion for you if you’re looking for an effective, sleek metallic helmet to enhance your riding experience.

Compact Structure

The TORC T27 helmet is designed to be 20% smaller than the other helmets. It makes it more aerodynamic, lighter, and more pleasing to the eyes. The exterior is constructed of a unique thermoplastic alloy that reduces weight but still feels sturdy.

It is available in different sizes and has an intermediate oval fit that will suit most head shapes. It makes it ideal for all riders, delivering a proper fit.

Dual Visor System

The dual visor system includes an internal dark visor and a rigid, front clear visor. It adds convenience as the dark inner visor provides additional eye protection from sunlight, so you don’t get dazzled by the Sun.

While the front portion offers a wide visor visual that is clean from rain or dust and is sturdy enough to resist impact, this can easily be controlled with a switch without having to flip down the front visor.

Muti-Density EPS Liner

Additionally, including a thick, multi-density, fully vented EPS liner is a great feature that takes your comfort riding experience to the next level.

It is washable; you can quickly eliminate nasty odors after long rides. Also, Helmet features significant intake venting and incredible Venturi venting for the rear exhaust.

Using the modular design provided by Helmet, you can use it either as a full helmet or a half helmet, based on your preferences. It offers flexibility and lets you get more air or grab a bite to eat without taking the helmet off.

Bluetooth Integration

Moreover, regarding connectivity, Helmet comes fully equipped with improved Bluetooth 2. 0 technology. It ensures compatibility with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, android, or iPhone.

The model has two built-in speakers, up to 8 hours of continuous talk time, and 150 hours of standby time. The T27B also allows you to receive and send calls and listen to stereo music streaming from your MP3, phone, or XM radio, as well as GPS directions.

Noise Cancellation

Other features include a noise-canceling microphone and full-duplex communications with DSP Filter. Noise-canceling motorcycle helmets allow you to communicate with other riders easily. Furthermore, waterproof controls are also included for added convenience during inclement weather.


  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release shield system
  • Dropdown sun visor
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Waterproof controls
  • DOT and ECE approved


  • The shield may fog up

5. TORC T15B – Best Dual Speakers Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

TORC T15B - Best Dual Speakers Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re looking for a decent Bluetooth-integrated motorcycle helmet that delivers good looks without sacrificing performance, the TORC T15B Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is worth checking out.

Aerodynamic Shape

The helmet comes with a race-inspired, aerodynamic design with a sturdy shell. Since it is DOT and ECE certified, it can withstand a reasonable force. Also, it comes in different sizes ranging from XS up to XXL to cater to various head sizes.


The Torc T15B helmet comes fitted with two replaceable visors. The inner visor is tinted, offering maximum UV protection in harsh sunlight. On the other hand, you can quickly flip down the clear visor.

The helmet delivers clear visibility and protection during the night, wind, or rain. The visors have anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, preventing the visor from fogging up in humid or wet weather.

It also allows for a clean, clear field of vision, mitigating the risk of potential accidents.

Rear Spoiler

The helmet also features a built-in rear spoiler that minimizes wind noise and keeps your ears intact. Helmets with noise-canceling features are designed to eliminate wind buffering and improve stability, which helps the rider be more aware of his surroundings.

Ventilation System

This Torc helmet provides a superior air ventilation system by including air vents. It offers enhanced breathability and keeps you cool during long hot rides. The padding is also removable and washable, which allows for added convenience.

Bluetooth Technology

The most crucial feature of the Helmet is the use of built-in Blinc Bluetooth technology. Dual stereo speakers provide up to 24 hours of talk time and 600 hours of standby time. The T27B allows you to receive and send calls, listen to stereo music, and listen clearly to GPS directions.

Furthermore, you can answer or decline calls using the one-touch system. It is very straightforward and does not require you to stop the motorcycle whenever you get a call.


  • Built-in spoiler to eliminate wind buffeting
  • Includes dropdown sun visor 
  • Washable padding and replaceable visors
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Visors have anti-fog and anti-scratch properties 
  • Equipped with a built-in anti-noise microphone 


  • Bluetooth speakers could be louder

6. MOPHOTO Helmet – Best Off-Road Bluetooth Integrated Helmet 

MOPHOTO Helmet - Best Off-Road Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

Want to take your motorcycle riding experience to the next level? The MOPHOTO Bluetooth Integrated Helmet is a great option to check out.

ABS Shell

The MOPHOTO motorcycle helmet has a high-strength ABS material shell construction. It makes the Helmet durable and lightweight while weighing around 3.3 pounds only. It will allow you to set off on long rides without worrying about it putting any strain on your head or neck.

DOT Approved

The Helmet is DOT-approved, providing additional peace of mind if you’re concerned about the helmet’s safety. On the exterior, you’ll also find reflective material designed to keep you highly visible in low-light conditions.

Flip-Up Feature

The helmet has a modular design; you can quickly flip up the chin guard. The chin guard allows you to use it as a half-helmet. It proves beneficial when you have to eat or drink. You can quickly be done without having to take off your Helmet.

Additionally, Helmet consists of a reinforced, easy-to-secure, and quick-release chin strap. It provides additional convenience and protection by ensuring the helmet remains on the rider’s head.


Furthermore, this motorbike helmet is equipped with a high-definition anti-fog lens that is waterproof. It enables you to easily ride it in the rain or fog without worrying about the field of vision getting blurry.

The MOPHOTO Bluetooth motorcycle helmet allows the wearer to stay connected with two other riders, with a talk time of twenty hours. The built-in Bluetooth system can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a tablet, cell phone, or MP3 player.

Battery Support

The Helmet is designed with a powerful battery of 800mAh, lasting up to 7 days with moderate use. Moreover, the inbuilt Bluetooth keeps you connected with Microphone, Stereo Sound Music, and a GPS.


  • Lightweight shell
  • Anti-fog proof
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Waterproof
  • Quick Release clasp
  • DOT approved 


  • Thinner padding

7. Bell Qualifier DLX – Best Street Bike Bluetooth Helmet

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

The Bell brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable brands on the market when helmets are concerned.

This vintage-loo Helmet is among the most famous Bell models and will not disappoint. It also provides the best bang for your buck as the helmet falls in the friendly budget range.

Exterior Built

With an exterior shell constructed of polycarbonate, the helmet ensures durability. It is also strong enough to protect your head in a crash. It can be confirmed because the Bell DLX helmet is DOT and ECE-certified.

Size Ranges

Available in 3 different shell sizes ranging from extra small to double extra-large. Bell ensures that whatever size you choose, the DLX should look the right size proportionately on your head. The helmet is also relatively lightweight, weighing from 1.6 to 4.8 pounds.


A significant standout feature of the Bell DLX helmet is its visor. It features Bell’s tried and true NutraFog II Technology, which helps prevent the formation of moisture on the shield. Whether chilly or downpour, the helmet will ensure a clear field of vision. 

The Helmet also comes with a photochromic reactive visor as standard. Bell provides Transitions Adaptive visors, and that too at a very reasonable price. Therefore, this might be an excellent alternative if you’re not in favor of fiddling around with sun visors.

It doesn’t take very long to react and can be effective. The rider will not have to keep separate visors or helmets for day and night riding. This single accessory is versatile enough to be used in any condition.

Quick-ReleaseTM System

The Helmet further features the ClickReleaseTM system exclusive to the Bell brand. It includes a ratchet visor with an easy-to-use quick-change mechanism. It allows riders to change the shade of the photochromic visor whenever needed. 

Ventilation System

According to its ventilation aspect, the airflow mechanism provides a decently good job. Several air vents have been strategically positioned around the helmet and are adjustable.

A single switch can operate some that are placed by the chin vents. Four brow vents placed right above the visor can again be adjusted using a central switch. A slider behind each vent independently operates two separate crown vents. It allows you to adjust the airflow to the optimum.

Padded Wind Collar

The Bell DLX helmet also comes with a padded wind collar that helps drastically reduce wind and road noise. Also, this headgear is accompanied by secure D-ring lock straps. These ensure that Helmet remains in place once you put it on. 

Furthermore, the DLX motorcycle helmet does not have a built-in Bluetooth device. However, it features ports, making it ready to accept your chosen device. Here we have the complete Bell Qualifier DLX Review.


  • Durable polycarbonate shell
  • Photochromic, anti-fog, and UV-protected visor
  • Padded wind collar
  • Excellent ventilation system 
  • Superior 5-year warranty
  • Integrated speaker pockets
  • DOT and ECE certified 


  • The Bluetooth system is not built-in but supported
  • It comes with a clear visor only

8. Torc T14B – Best Comfortable Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Torc T14B - Best Comfortable Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Next in line is another TORC product that provides a tremendous Bluetooth-integrated riding experience. It is one of the safest helmets on the market. The design is on purpose to take on several roles. It is an excellent option for beginner motorcycle riders looking to get their motorcycle riding game strong!

Lightweight Construction

With a sturdy, lightweight Advanced Thermo polymer alloy shell construction, the Torc T14 Helmet is perfect for longer rides. You will be able to wear it for an extended period without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Lock Dropdown System

The Helmet features a smooth lock dropdown system. The included sun visor and the outer shield provide the ultimate riding experience. As a result, the integrated sun visor proves helpful against harsh sunlight during the day. The shield is also fog-resistant, allowing you to ride in wet, cold weather easily.

Ventilation System

As for ventilation, Helmet comes with adjustable forehead and chin vents. It allows for better breathability and can convert to an open-face helmet. Assistance is provided to adapt to changing weather conditions and user preferences.

Additionally, it is DOT and ECE-certified. It assures that it is strong enough to safeguard your head in a collision.

Laser-Contoured Liner

Another essential feature of the helmet is its laser-contoured comfort liner tailored for intermediate oval head form. It is also fully removable and machine washable, allowing for a helmet’s ultimate convenience.

It also incorporates a padded chin strap with ring D closure for additional safety.

Blinc Bluetooth Technology

Furthermore, Torc T14 Blinc Helmet comes equipped with Blinc Bluetooth technology. It allows you to listen to music, attend to or reject calls, and offers GPS and intercom services.

Moreover, you’re also provided with an anti-noise mic and 400 meters of the intercom. On top of that, all of this can be operated by its one-touch function.


  • DropdownDropdownystem
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch shield
  • Fully removable and washable liner
  • Powerful lithium battery 
  • DOT and ECE certified


  • Reduced sound quality at high speeds

9. HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 – Best Top Rated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 - Best Top Rated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

HJC is one of the top brands producing high-quality motorcycle gear with significantly notable features. Cl-Max 2, no doubt, is of the same descent, staying true to what HJC has set out to achieve.

Helmet, too, provides extraordinary experiences and exciting, action-packed rides. It further meets the DOT safety standards, ensuring a safer ride. Sizes ranging from XS up to 5XL allow us to buy this Bluetooth Helmet.

Face Shield

The HJC CL-Max 2 helmet features a face shield that protects up to 95% of UV rays. It’s important to note, however, that this model doesn’t come with a Bluetooth system installed. Instead, you’ll need to purchase the system separately.

However, the helmet does feature a recessed design in the interior. It allows you to install a Bluetooth headset with plenty of spare space.

Shield Replacement System

A QuickSlide Shield Replacement System ensures easy visor replacement without needing tools. This secure system is very effective and convenient for installation and removal.

Also, it comes with a 3-Stage shield closure system with a one-touch center open/close shield locking system. It counts for an extremely tight and secure seal. 

Ventilation System

Furthermore, the premium Advanced Channeling Ventilation System helps you enjoy your ride for a more extended period with enhanced breathability.

This ventilation helmet provides total front-to-back airflow by dint of its top vents and chin vent slider. The top vents allow air intake from the front to the back, removing heat and humidity through the rear exhaust vents of the helmet.

The chin bar vent enables airflow through the top of the chin bar and to the back of the shield.

Moisture-Wicking Liner

Moreover, Helmet comes with a Bioceramic Nylex moisture-wicking Interior and antibacterial fabric cheek pads. These are easy to clean after a long ride making them one of the best motorcycle helmets.


  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Provides up to 95% UV protection 
  • Ventilation System for enhanced breathability 
  • System for easy visor replacement 
  • Removable and washable liner 
  • DOT certified 


  • Chin curtain not included 

10. FreedConn BM12 – Best Range Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn BM12 - Best Range Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn is making another appearance in this list, providing another decent helmet with exceptional Bluetooth capabilities.

The FreedConn BM12 Motorcycle Helmet offers five different measurements with a fine matt black finish. It allows users to choose the one that best fits them for the ultimate riding experience.

Lightweight Structure

The BM12 provides a sturdy, lightweight shell with its sculpted aerodynamic ABS design. Since the helmet is both DOT and ECE certified, you can trust it to safeguard your head in the event of a crash.

Dual Visor

The Helmet comes with a dual visor system. It includes an integrated sun visor that allows you protection against direct sun rays during the day. The outer shield is responsible for protecting elements such as wind, dirt, etc.

MicroFiber Liner

Additionally, Helmet is accompanied by a fully washable microfiber liner. It provides both comfort and convenience, and you can easily toss it in the wash after a long day of riding.

Also, the included 3-dimensional ventilation system ensures maximum airflow. It results in improved breathability and keeps you cool in hot weather.

Bluetooth Technology

Most importantly, the BM12 Motorcycle Helmet comes with Bluetooth 3.0 technology. It lets you receive clear GPS voice instructions, conduct calls on a mobile phone/ intercom, or listen to music clearly at high speed.

The built-in full-duplex Bluetooth intercom supports 3 rider pairing, 2 riders intercom, and a range of up to 1640 feet. With this Helmet, you get 300 hours of standby, 8 hours of intercom talk, or 10 hours of pretty good phone talk.

Single Button Control

Moreover, the one-button control function allows you to attend to the call, navigate, and listen to music without stopping. The motorcycle helmet Bluetooth lets you receive clear GPS voice instructions and conduct calls on mobile phones/ intercom.

This is due to the built-in speaker and microphone with Advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology.


  • Sturdy build
  • Equipped with sun visor
  • Washable and removable liner
  • One button control for Bluetooth options
  • Built-in anti-noise speaker
  • DOT and ECE approved


  • The visor fogs up
  • The sound quality could be better

Buying Guide 2023 For The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth technology becomes imminent when you have an intelligent gadget available to most users. However, buying this would require careful evaluation of features.

Let’s go through some considerations that would help you get a suitable Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Bluetooth Features Considerations:

The first and foremost feature that we need to consider is the Bluetooth technology viability in a motorcycle helmet. High-performance delivery needs are necessary because poor sound quality can be frustrating. 

Also, Bluetooth technology integrated should be compatible with your gadget and can catch signals even from a fair distance. Attending calls during a motorcycle ride should also require minimum movements.

The best Bluetooth helmet would provide one-touch control for call answering and rejection. For a long-distance traveler, do consider that Bluetooth technology is power efficient. It should turn itself off when not used for a considerable period. 

Ventilation System

For you to be able to get the profound Bluetooth listening experience, you need to have a fully closed helmet. In this way, the impact of external noises gets minimized. Proper ventilation would ensure your head does not get too sweaty in hot conditions. 

The inner pads should be sweat-absorbing to provide maximum comfortability for a smooth ride. Bluetooth technology having a decent performing ventilation system makes one of the best motorcycle helmets.

Weight Considerations:

Having a lightweight helmet during a motorcycle ride gives the best outdoor experience. Heavy-duty helmets offer the best protection, but ergonomic designs and balanced weights have covered up nicely.

With a lightweight helmet with powerful Bluetooth sound production, users can optimize the user experience. 

Final Thoughts

Modern motorcycle helmets have progressed by leaps and bounds beyond their forebearers. This is due to the introduction of Bluetooth technology, an evolving and ever-growing field of science. Additionally, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets not only fulfill the fundamental purpose of a helmet.

They also provide the luxury of streaming music on the go. You can communicate hands-off with fellow riders and even navigate through the use of GPS. With many of these tech-friendly motorcycle helmets available in the market, not all may be worth your precious time.

Evaluating your needs and research before reaching a final decision will be crucial. Therefore, let our buying guide and product reviews assist your search for a reliable, durable Bluetooth Helmet.

Rest assured, the ones that have secured a spot in our lineup are genuinely the best and won’t disappoint.

Joost Smith

A Perpetual motorcycle rider with the sound experience & knowledge to analyze and write about motorcycle helmets. You would get to read the most practical reviews, honest opinions, and best possible recommendations through my review articles.