How to keep the rain off a motorcycle helmet visor?

how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet

Traveling in the rain can be especially difficult for riders. Motorcycle helmets and movable visors can be very helpful in this regard. A clear helmet visor is not only vital for visibility but also ensures the safety of the biker.

If a rider is traveling in rain or humid weather, it might result in blurring of the helmet visor due to the accumulation of water. It is better to keep rainwater away from the visor to make sure that the journey is safe.

One needs to be innovative in keeping the visor clean to eliminate the danger factor. There are different ways to keep the rain off the motorcycle helmet visor. It depends upon the conditions in which a biker is traveling.

It also depends on the user’s convenience in choosing a method to keep the helmet visor clear. Here is a detailed overview of how to keep the visor clean for a safe ride.

Keeping Your Safety a Priority

Many people are dependent on motorcycles for their commutes. It becomes especially risky in the rainy season to travel safely. Safety should be the priority of the rider. It is for this reason that keeping the movable helmet visor is recommended even for helmets for beginners.

It keeps the rider safe in many ways, ensuring that possible problems are eliminated. Some hazards can’t be avoided, but still, one can take safety measures to lower the risk. The rider should ensure that they keep the visor clean at any cost.

This won’t take them much time or resources, but it will keep them safe. The rider should keep their safety priority instead of ignoring problems like accumulation of rainwater on visors or fogging.

Different tips can help the rider rain off their visor.

Tips to Keep Rain off the Helmet Visor

Here are some tips that can help the rider keep the rain off the helmet visor.


The first tip is to keep the visor clear. If it stays clean, it won’t keep rainwater retained. It will also ensure that the rider can see clearly what is ahead.

A cleaning kit is a better option to keep so that the rider can clean the visor. Clean the visor before the rider starts their commute and when they are done.

There are special cleaning kits available for helmet visors which make the cleaning job easy. If someone can’t afford a cleaning kit, they can use chamois for this purpose.

Hydrophobic Sprays

The rider can use some products during the commute to keep the visor clean from water. These products are water-repellent, and the water flows away when they are applied. These include sprays, film, and foam that the rider can use for wiping off rainwater.

When a biker applies these products, they create a thin film on the visor. This film doesn’t let rainwater accumulate. This way, the rider can safely complete their commute without wiping the screen.

It is a reliable solution, but in harsh rain, the rider needs to clean the visor. Some of the sprays from this category can also be used against fog.

These sprays are used in the case of fog, where visibility is impaired due to the accumulation of fog inside the visor.  

Squeegee Gloves

These are special gloves that bikers use. These gloves are a little different from normal gloves. They have a squeegee, which is a small strip of rubber on the index finger or left thumb.

This can be very much helpful in wiping rainwater off the visor. This strip is built-in in most winter gloves. A biker can find them very effective in case of harsh rainy weather. 

Head Turn Method

Though the old-school bikers are well aware of how to use this method, new ones rarely know. It is an easy trick, and the biker doesn’t have to do something tricky. All they have to do is turn their head when they are moving at a speed of 30 mph or more which is mostly applicable in full-face helmets.

It won’t take much time to wipe off water from the visor this way. This method is risky as choosing the right moment to turn the head is important. It might result in an accident if the rider doesn’t pay attention to it.

They need to keep in mind that turning head-in turns or on busy roads might prove fatal.

Pin Lock

Installation of a pin lock visor is very helpful for riders to keep themselves undistracted.

It will help with the cleaning and easy movement of the visor.

Using Film Coating

Film coating keeps the rainwater away from the visor. The products used for this cleaning helmet visor can vary from expensive chemicals to potatoes.

Some might wonder thinking about how they can use a potato. It is a simple solution to create a film on a visor. The rider needs to cut a potato into two and then rub it on the visor.

It will create a thin film on the visor, which won’t allow the accumulation of water. Film coating is not similar to painting a motorcycle helmet.

Final Thoughts

Safety comes as the priority for bikers. It becomes especially important when it is raining. A rider can solve this problem by using any of the methods mentioned earlier.

They will keep the visor clean and the biker safe. It depends on the choice of the biker and which method they prefer how to keep the rain off the motorcycle helmet visor.

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