Explore how to paint a motorcycle helmet | FAQs included

how to paint motorcycle helmet

Anyone who wants to learn how to paint motorcycle helmets must be familiar with some level of painting. 

A motorcycle helmet for beginners can also cost a fair amount, and you can’t mess with the looks much as they are already suitable for the job. 

This can be done in some cases if the helmet is worn out or if you have some cool helmet painting ideas. 

Following are the things that are necessary both for painting and repainting the helmets.

  • Paint Spray Gun
  • Bunch of Newspapers
  • Raincoat
  • Painter’s Tape
  • 400-600 Grit Sandpaper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Your preferred colors of Markers
  • Your preferred colors of paints

Which Paint to use on a helmet?

Spray paints and water-based acrylic paints are the most recommended paint types for motorcycle helmets. They may last for a long time without impairing the overall durability of the helmet. 

More artistic people use acrylic paints with unique ideas for helmet paintings. In contrast, spray paint can accomplish the task more quickly. However, it would all depend on the design type that you would like for your motorcycle helmet. 

How to get started with helmet paint?

It is important that you prepare yourself and the surrounding area before you begin painting a motorcycle helmet. 

It is best to wear a raincoat yourself to keep from getting paint splashes on your clothes. Paint gloves are also an option if you care about your hands.

In order to remove any existing paint shine, you would need to rub the helmet with 400-600 Grit Sandpaper. You must do this; otherwise, your current paint won’t adhere well or won’t be even. 

Ensure you are also removing all grease and sticking from the helmet by using a clean detergent. 

The newspapers should then be placed on the ground or on any table countertop you can reach. 

You should then use Painter’s tape to cover all areas, both inside and outside, where you do not want the paint to go. 

Furthermore, you can remove removable parts, such as the helmet glass, usually found on full-face motorcycle helmets, and the inner lining. 

After that, you should put the helmet on newspaper so that the paint can be applied evenly.

Using Spray Paints for Helmets

The spray paint application process is far easier than that for acrylic paints, as mentioned earlier. When you are all done, you can use spray paint of your preferred color to get started. 

Using spray paints on helmets, some say, can reduce durability. The fact is that stickers are mostly painted too, and nothing interferes with them.

You can let the helmet dry for half an hour after spraying it. The paint is usually coated three to four times so that it will be strong in harsh weather conditions, similar to a motorcycle helmet for hot weather.  

Helmet Painting with Acrylic Paints

Basically, it is an improved motorcycle helmet painting that requires more artistic skills on your part. You’ll need a clear model in front of you to paint from so you can watch it closely during the process. 

Start by painting the foundation paint on the parts of the helmet you want to paint. It will be helpful to use different types of paintbrushes to apply different types of thicknesses to the helmet design. After applying the foundation paint, let it dry before proceeding.

Then, using paint and markers, add various designs and texts to your helmet. Acrylic paints have a very sophisticated look to them, and if used properly, they are quite pleasing to the eye.

Motorcycle Helmet Paint FAQs

Can you paint a motorcycle helmet visor?

Helmet visors should not be painted. Nevertheless, stickers can be used upon them to enable see-through vision as well.

Motorcycle helmets are disposed of after a certain period of time?

Three to five years is the average lifespan of a motorcycle helmet. As long as their outer shell quality remains stable, you can paint them to extend their life, but since their appearance might wear out, you may need to repaint them as often as possible.

Is it legal to tint motorcycle helmets?

Yes. It is legal.

Should I try out helmet painting?

A helmet design that is specifically made for you is a worthwhile activity to try.

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