Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet 2021: 6 Cool Helmet Choices

Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle riding is synonymous with freedom. It is an addictive, hedonistic experience where all your senses are heightened and while the world around you may slowly dissipate, you’re still able to feel it all. Every journey you take is a joy-filled juxtaposition of terror as well as serenity; an adrenaline thrill coupled with the sense of peace you’ve been longing for. 

However, such an experience may suffer when riding in hot or humid weather conditions. This could be due to the sheer amount of heat and sweat causing you discomfort. You could also lose concentration while driving. As a result, many riders tend to skimp out on the helmet altogether. However, while you may be tempted to ride without a helmet in the scorching heat, safety is paramount. Since this option would be less than ideal, the best alternative is to upgrade or invest in the best hot weather helmet. 

Due to the numerous motorcycle helmet options offered today, it can be taxing to determine the best one meant for the heat. But no need to worry as we’ve hunted down the 6 Best Motorcycle Helmets For Hot Weather. We’ve included a list of them below along with an interactive buying guide.

1. ScorpionExo Covert – Best Top Rated Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet

top rated helmet

If you’re in the market for a badass motorcycle helmet to match your overall aesthetic, this is the protective gear to invest in! Flexing a unique shape-shifting design, the ScorpionExo Covert is fearless in both concept and execution. To call it a fan favorite would be an understatement. But while it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, flaunting a matte black sheen, the Covert is more than just a visual stunner. It boasts the industry-leading Advanced LG Polycarbonate Shell. Developed specifically to provide the utmost protection, reduce weight, and disperse impact. 

Apart from promising a superior five-year warranty, the helmet can be found in a variety of sizes. Ranging from XS to 3XL, the ScorpionExo ensures its users find their ideal fit so they’re provided with maximum protection. The Covert also has a dual-density EPS liner for maximum comfort. The KwikWick II fabric keeps you cool and dry in the warm weather. Additionally, the user can easily remove and wash the liner. Also, the ScorpionExo comes with a removable rear comfort sleeve as well. 

Apart from that, this headgear comes with an EverClear retractable tinted sun visor. This helps reduce eye strain while riding in differing lighting conditions. You also get a dark smoke visor as well as an extra clear visor for trips in the nighttime. Its dual-sided EverClear coating keeps the windshield free from fog. Using the helmet in open-face mode also includes block-off plates. Furthermore, the Covert includes a removable front mask that comes with neodymium magnets. 

Other features include the Aero-Tuned Ventilation System for the ultimate air ventilation helmet during the hot season. Moreover, it comes with Double D-Ring Chin Straps that ensures the helmet stays on the head of the rider. This radical helmet not only offers great value for money but is the ideal option for those that love rendering an impression. 


  •  Boasts a tough advanced LG polycarbonate shell
  • Embedded with KwikWick II liner to keep you cool and dry
  • Includes retractable visor with a fog-free coating 
  • Offers a 5-year warranty 
  • DOT certified


  • Only available in black color

2. GDM DK-140 – Best Overall Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet

best overall hot weather motorcycle helmet

Next on this list is the GDM DK-140 Motorcycle Helmet. Its price tag is under $100 and falls under the options of a motorcycle helmet on budget, yet it has all the features that make a helmet superior. Many people prefer to wear helmets for their looks rather than their safety merits. This full-face helmet combines good looks with excellent performance. 

A sleek, black paint job adorns the DK-140, which also has a reinforced shell made from an advanced plating alloy. There is a thorough testing phase before this is accepted in the market. Approved by DOT, this motorcycle helmet is not only safe but durable as well. 

The DK-140 is accompanied by an excellent ventilation system as well. With five points of ventilation spread all over the helmet, it ensures the rider does not feel suffocated. In addition, this headgear includes an antimicrobial nylon liner with cheek pads inside. This allows for comfort and provides protection to the face in the event of a collision. It is easy to remove the liner and clean it, so the interior remains clean and fresh. 

Featuring a flush-fit, side-coverless face shield, the DK-140 provides protection against various elements. Various visors are available that can be interchanged, ensure good vision, and reduce the risk of impairing sight. Furthermore, the GDM DK-140 is a Bluetooth-compatible helmet. This allows you to stay in touch with friends or sing along to your favorite tunes on the go. 


  •  Reinforced with an advanced poly-alloy shell
  • Comes in different colors 
  • Includes antimicrobial interior 
  • Features a flush-fit, side-coverless face shield
  • Bluetooth compatible 
  • DOT approved


  • Visor fogs up a bit

3. LS2 Helmets Open Face Track – Best Visibility Motorcycle Helmet For Hot Weather

best visibility

One of the most trustworthy helmet brands in the industry is LS2. Producing high-quality safety gear recognized all over the world, the LS2 Open face track helmet is the epitome of what LS2 strives to achieve with its products. Combining the traditional helmet design with 21st-century features, this helmet makes a great riding companion. It features an aerodynamic shell constructed using High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology. This makes it sturdy enough to provide for the rider and helps minimize wind drag, making it the ideal helmet choice for beginners

With a weight of around 3lbs, the LS2 Open face helmet minimizes any resulting neck stain. It is also available in different sizes that range from XS to XXL. This allows LS2 to cater to different head sizes for a proper fit. Apart from that, the LS2 helmet rocks a built-in twin-shield system. This allows the rider to control the amount of air or light that enters the helmet by the simple slide of a switch. By having total control over the ventilation, you can remain comfortable regardless of the weather changes. Another highlight is the tool-less quick-release option system. This allows you to quickly replace the face shield without any hassle. 

Riding can be frustrating in the summer especially if the interior is uncomfortable or the helmet lacks ventilation. Fortunately, there is no such case with this LS2 helmet. The headgear features fully adjustable flow-through ventilation which ensures the optimum level of airflow. In addition, the helmet is armored with a multi-density, laser-cut EPS liner. This has moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic properties and provides impeccable impact absorption. 

Furthermore, the LS2 helmet features a chin strap that keeps the helmet on a rider’s head during an accident. The helmet also has both DOT and ECE approval. This makes it a great choice for enthusiasts that love to cruise through the city streets at high speeds.


  •  Budget-friendly
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Features a twin-shield visor system
  • Equipped with quick-release chin strap 
  • Removable and washable padding 
  • Meets DOT and ECE standards 


  • The visor may be problematic at high speeds

4. HJC IS-MAX II Helmet – Best Summer Motorcycle Helmet For Humid Conditions

hjc helmet for hot weather

HJC is one of the top motorcycle helmet brands in the market today. Till now, it has consistently produced industry-grade best budget helmets that don’t break the bank. The HJC IS-MAX II Modular Helmet is perhaps the finest example of the HJC narrative. Featuring a study resilient exterior consisting of advanced polycarbonate, the MAX II successfully fulfills its primary purpose of protection. With a strong and protective build in place, you set off on your riding endeavors stress-free.

A helmet’s size determines its comfort and protection. Offering a plethora of different sizes that range from XS to 5XL, the IS-MAX II ensures a perfect fit for all head sizes. On top of that, this helmet makes use of advanced auto-CAD technology. This helps deliver the ideal fit for users. In addition to that, the helmet’s interior is just as impressive. Interior includes moisture-wicking nose pads and cheek pads with antibacterial qualities. It is also removable and washable. Such qualities ensure the rider doesn’t drench in sweat but remains cool. Also, you can keep the helmet smelling fresh after long rides on hot days. 

Proper ventilation is absolutely crucial during the hot weather, allowing the rider to stay cool and focused. Fortunately, the MAX II Helmet incorporates HJC’s exclusive Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. This allows for optimum ventilation and improved breathability even on the hottest days of the year making it count in the list of best ventilated motorcycle helmets. Several intake vents exist on the chin and top corners of the helmet, ensuring all-around ventilation. Also, exhaust vents are at the rear of the helmet that helps flush out heat and humidity. 

Moreover, since the helmet sports a modular design, it can be conveniently converted into an open-face helmet. This feature can prove to be even more useful during the summer season. Another highlight of the IS-MAXII is the double-visor and the supporting QuickSlide Tool-less Shield Replacement System. The stock visor comes pin lock ready and provides protection against 95% of the harmful UV rays. Also, shields are switchable easily in seconds without the hassle of tools. 


  •  Has a sturdy, resilient exterior
  • Offers incredible value for money
  • The visor provides protection from up to 95% UV rays
  • Provides  excellent ventilation  
  • Includes a quick shield replacement system
  • The liner has moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties
  • DOT certified 


  • Minor fogging on the face shield

5. 1Storm HB89 – Best Cheap Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet

best cheap hot weather motorcycle helmet

Projected at an affordable price, the 1Storm HB89 Modular Motorcycle Helmet stuns its users with various user-oriented features it has to offer. The helmet flaunts a tough thermoplastic ABS skin, ensuring safety for its riders. This is further evidenced by its DOT certification. With an aerodynamic design, it helps in deterring any wind drag and noise and is also relatively lightweight for being a modular motorcycle helmet

The helmet is available in a wide assortment of colors. This provides alternatives to riders that are tired of the standard matte black shade. The 1Storm Helmet also comes in all the standard sizes so riders can select a size that fits them best. In addition, the interior of this headset is equally impressive as its exterior. The helmet is cushioned with a plush, hypoallergenic liner that ensures comfort. It can be conveniently removed and washed as well. This means you can keep your 1Storm Helmet as good as new by tossing it in the wash after a long ride on a sunny day. 

The 1Storm helmet is accompanied by a dual visor system as well. This is an incredible feature for users at such a low price tag. It comes with an exterior clear shield and an internal tinted visor. This ensures the vision of the rider is not compromised, allowing them to ride stress-free regardless of the time of day. This helmet’s high ratings are further supported by its incredible ventilation system. It has six openings to allow for maximum airflow. The top and front vents are also adjustable, allowing riders to set ventilation at the required level. 

Other features of the 1Storm HB89 include a glossy UV-resistant finish to reduce heat absorption and chin straps with a quick-release buckle. Some of these features are difficult to find on a helmet that is valued at under $70. However, the 1Storm Helmet delivers in every aspect while being offered at a lucrative price tag.


  •  Offered at an affordable price
  • Available in a wide assortment of colors
  • Features an excellent ventilation system
  • Includes a Dual Visor System
  • DOT approved


  • The clear visor tends to fog up occasionally

6. FreedConn BM12 – Best Advanced Technology Motorcycle Helmet For Hot Weather


Lastly, if you’re in the search for a helmet to accompany you on your hot, summer rides while allowing you to keep in touch with friends, the FreedConn BM12 is the perfect choice for you. Armoured with a lightweight yet sturdy ABS shell, the BM12 ensures protection for its user. It also carries both DOT and ECE approvals. Apart from that, the helmet can be purchased in five different sizes and is available in six diverse colors. 

Many riders skimp out on wearing full-face helmets during the hot season due to the sheer amount of sweat buildup inside the helmet. However, a good ventilated helmet will provide the utmost comfort regardless of the level of heat. This holds true for the FreedConn BM12. It includes multiple air vents that allow for the proper exchange of air. As a result, you’ll experience better ventilation and breathability. 

As for the interior of the helmet, it is padded with a microfiber liner capable of absorbing moisture. This ensures heat and sweat do not cause any discomfort to the rider. Additionally, the headgear comes with a double visor system. This includes a tinted inner visor and a clear external visor for both day and night use. 

But the highlight feature of this helmet is its built-in Bluetooth 3.0 technology likewise found in our list of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets. You’re provided with a range of up to 1640 feet, supporting 3 riders( 2 paired riders) to the intercom at the same time. It offers one-button control for hands-free calls, MP3 music, FM radio, GPS voice prompt when riding your motorcycle. Furthermore, the BM12 features Advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. This allows you to communicate clearly, also making it a great option for a noise-canceling motorcycle helmet.


  •  Sturdy build
  • Equipped with double visor system
  • Washable and removable liner
  • One button control for Bluetooth options
  • Features Advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology
  • DOT and ECE approved


  • Sound quality could be improved

Buying Guide For Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet 2021

Not all helmets are adequate for use during hot weather. The build-up of sweat, heat, and lack of airflow can be dangerous as well as a source of discomfort to you. Hence, it is absolutely essential to do your homework about helmets and their characteristics before making the final call. Since there is a lot of information out there, it can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming. 

However, rest easy as we’ve prepared the ultimate buying guide for you. It lists the features and characteristics of a helmet you need to consider in order to make a smart decision. Let’s get into it. 


No matter what season you’re planning to use your motorcycle helmet for, the prime duty of a helmet will always be to ensure the safety of the rider. This can be determined by its safety rating and the material used for construction. 

Carbon fiber is considered to be the most study material for helmets with polycarbonate falling behind. The use of the material will, however, depend on the purpose of the helmet as well. 

A helmet is required by law to meet the minimum level of safety, which is best defined as DOT. On the other hand, SNELL carries much more strict merit. Thus, before buying a helmet make sure it meets the DOT safety standards at least. 

Style Of Helmet

The style of the helmet is another important decision you’ll need to make. However, this depends entirely on your preferences so it’s essential to know what you want. There are 4 major different styles of motorcycle helmets. 

Full-face motorcycle helmets are the most secure, providing the best coverage. Generally, these are considered to be the hottest. However, contrary to popular belief, a full-face helmet can be the perfect choice for a summer ride. Granted, it features an excellent ventilation system. 

Modular motorcycle helmets are a popular choice offering flexibility and versatility to their users. They are the hybrid between an open-face helmet and a full-face helmet. These are considered to be less hot but you’ll probably have to opt for an open-face helmet if you require something cooler. 

Half motorcycle helmets follow the design of traditional helmets. These only cover the head and offer the least protection. However, they are also the coolest helmets. 

Open-face motorcycle helmets or 3/4 helmets provide a greater degree of ventilation but perhaps not as much as half-helmets. These can be the ideal choice for the upcoming summer season. 


Ventilation is perhaps one of the most critical factors to consider when you’re looking for a helmet to accompany you during the hot, summer days. A good one will ensure you’re not drenched in sweat by the time you’re done with the ride. It will provide additional comfort and make the journey much easier as well. This is why we have also got the review of best ventilated motorcycle helmets for you too. 

An excellent ventilation system consists of intake vents. These pull clean air inside, keeping the rider cool regardless of how hot it is outside. The helmet should also have exhaust vents, usually at the back, to ensure that the damp, warm air is flushed out. For maximum comfort, look for one that offers an adjustable ventilation system so you can set airflow at the optimum level.

The Bottom Line

The excitement and thrill of a motorcycle ride during hot weather may be cut short due to a number of reasons. Whether you’re sweating profusely or can’t take the heat, upgrading your helmet for one that is more suitable for the hot weather is the way to go. Getting your hands on the right motorcycle helmet can completely change the game for your motorcycle riding experience. 

Due to the plethora of helmet options available in the market today, choosing the right helmet can be difficult. However, if you follow our buying guide and select any one of the above products, we’re positive you won’t be disappointed. We wish you luck on your helmet hunt!