SHOEI QWest Helmet Review 2023 | Detailed Specifications

The Shoei Qwest Full-Face Helmet is a top contender in the world of the best motorcycle helmets. Since its inception, Shoei has been a popular choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. Now, Shoei has reinvigorated the product line with Qwest.

With powerful and inclusively unique features, you have to read through this SHOEI QWest helmet review. This helmet is all that and a bag of chips and, just like its predecessors, is making waves in the helmet universe.  

The helmet offers the best you could expect from Shoei. This includes unrivaled comfort, the ideal fit, the highest quality build construction, and Shoei’s legendary attention to detail.

The QWest is your perfect companion for everyday riding and touring and provides equal utility compared with our best street motorcycle helmets. Hence, if you’re in the market for a versatile helmet that offers a superior riding experience, the QWest will not disappoint!  

Body Design 

The brand-new Shoei QWest is armored with a shell design that uses Shoei’s exclusive proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell technology. This is essentially a blend of fiberglass, organic and high-performance fibers to construct a lightweight, DOT, and ECE-approved shell.

Shoei claims that its exterior shell is one of the best providing the optimal amount of impact absorption, strength, and elasticity. Apart from that, this incorporates a highly aerodynamic design. It includes extra ridges and a little dip at the back, which allows it to be stable even during high speeds.

The aerodynamic properties expand through extensive wind tunnel testing. This also aids in minimizing any wind noise or drag, like ventilating motorcycle helmets.


On the inside of the helmet, there is a dual-layer EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner that enhances impact absorption. It makes the helmet comfortable to put on and doesn’t chafe. Since the interior is removable and washable, you won’t have to worry about any foul odors after long, hot days of riding.

Also, the cheek pads are made of 3D center pad polyurethane foam. This is multilayered and can also be removed easily. Not only that, but the helmet is available in sizes from XS to XXL, ensuring a perfect fit for every rider.

Moreover, the QWest helmet is available in a diverse range of colors to choose from.


As for ventilation, the helmet ensures the ultimate comfort and ventilation for its users. Several vents placedoughout the helmet control the ventilation within the headwear. These vents are adjustable.

They allow riders to regulate the airflow within the helmet depending on the weather conditions or personal preferences. Also, one vent on the chin provides wind directly to the face and prevents fogging on the shield with improved ventilation.

In addition, two defectors on the chin of the QWest help slice through the air. Furthermore, the revised shell features, referred to as Vortex Generators by Shoei, help smooth the airflow back and away from the helmet. 


Another standout feature of the Shoei Neotec Helmet is the visor. The visor comes pin-lock-ready and is one of the best in the helmet industry. The visor’s mechanism entails a spring that helps it seal into the helmet.

When the visor is pushed down, the spring pushes it so it seals firmly against the helmet’s shell. This also helps reduce wind noise in the QWest. Also, the visor can be opened and set in seven different positions depending on whichever feels most comfortable to you. 

 Additionally, the helmet also offers UV protection. This does the job of your everyday sunglasses, reducing harmful UV rays and giving you a clear field of vision.  

Noise Reduction

Perhaps, the most notable change in the QWest is noise reduction. Shoei has achieved this by adding extra material around the neck area. This reduces a significant amount of wind that may enter the helmet through the neck and its resulting noise. 

Here you can explore other options too for motorcycle helmets that offer noise reduction.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Features a reliable, strong exterior 
  • Scratch-resistant and UV protected face shield
  • Available in different colors
  • Offers a 5-year warranty 
  • DOT and SNELL approved 


  • Not as quiet as expected 


With over 50 years of experience in the helmet market, Shoei is still going strong. The QWest is just the latest example of its capabilities. Touted as a mid-range touring helmet, the QWest is more of an entry-level beginner helmet.

Overall, this is a fantastic helmet and offers excellent value for money. We are hopeful that you are convinced after reading through this comprehensive Shoei QWest helmet review.

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