How to clean motorcycle helmet straps?

How to clean motorcycle helmet straps

Always think about your safety when you’re riding your motorcycle, whether you’re doing stunts, jumping, or getting into accidents that could cause you to get hurt. Armour, knee pads, elbow shields, helmets, and other protective gear can be used. In order to protect your head from severe unintended impacts and possible brain damage, you should know how to clean the straps of a motorcycle helmet.

However, they must be of good quality, last a long time, and have advanced features in order to do so, which means that they will cost a lot of money. As for your high-end motorcycle helmet, if you don’t take care of it, you won’t get premium service or a warranty claim from it, not from a helmet that doesn’t work. So, even though you have a busy schedule, take some time to keep your motorbike helmet straps in good shape. Here is a quick way to clean motorcycle helmet straps at home instead of going to a bike shop.

Material to use

The market is flooded with a range of soaps and detergents. Only mild soaps or detergents are effective at cleaning the sensitive textiles of chinstraps. As a result, clean your concrete road bike helmet pads and straps using mild cleaning motorcycle materials. You can use a light, soft brush or old toothbrush to clean your sensitive straps.

Using lukewarm water to remove odors and dust from a soft cloth is quite effective. To obtain the finest cleaning helmet strap, use a mixture of water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. You can begin the primary cleaning process once you have gathered all of these items. Look at what you should stay away from first.

How to clean motorcycle helmet straps?

You must first remove the inside padding of your helmet liner so that it doesn’t get wet while you’re taking it off. Using a soft and gentle stream brush, remove any dirt, dust, or sodium chloride from the helmet straps’ microscopic holes. Bend the straps a little so that you can get into all the spaces. Then, remove the dust and salt deposits.

Soak the straps in a shower of gently warm water until they’re completely wet. Brush the straps again to get rid of any last residues. Brush the straps with soap and mild detergent on a soft surface. Avoid soaps that are very strong. Continue rubbing the straps with the brush as long as it takes to get rid of all the dust and dirt from all the places you can touch that is hard to get to.

Under running water, rinse the straps until the soap is gone. Let the straps dry outside. Even a fan can help things move faster. When the straps are dry, smell them to see if they have a bad smell. This is the last step.

Use an antibacterial spray on the straps if the smell doesn’t go away. Spray the straps with it to get rid of the bad smells. Here is a quick way to clean motorcycle helmet straps at home instead of going to a bike shop.

For Fragile Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you may use a different material for the straps. The helmet includes polyester, which might irritate delicate skin. Itching, lice infestation, and facial and neck marks are common. Also, the leather may replace polyester.

Alternatives like leather or imitation leather keep your helmet dry and your body cool.


After cleaning the helmet or motorcycle, You should clean yourself too. As getting debris in your heading by using a dirty helmet is inevitable. Use an antibacterial spray from your shoes’ components. You may also use a little Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo mixed with a sink full of water as a second alternative. Now, just add some water and shampoo to your hair.

This shampoo removes all the body oil particles from the helmet, quickly eliminating the stench. If your motorbike helmet has a foul odor, use this method for cleaning the straps.

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning

Regular cleaning is vital for the longevity of your helmet. It is possible to soak the whole helmet in a big bucket or a sink if the inner padding and padding are not detachable. Instead of using dish soap, use baby shampoos like Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. Mix well and soak your helmet for at least 10 to 15 minutes before using your fingers to remove the dirt. 


The helmet is for your safety. Straps are things that keep your helmet in place so it can better protect you. These helmets will keep you safe even if you get into a crash or have an accident.

In addition, they keep you safe while you’re riding your bike. So, you want to make sure they are clean, don’t have any marks on them, and don’t smell. To avoid buying a new helmet every year or two, you should try to keep yours clean. This should help you understand how to clean the straps of bicycle helmets more quickly.

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