10 Best Motocross Helmets: Exciting Prospects [2021] Inside

best motocross helmet

Sure, cruising at full throttle under the night sky aglow with bright city lights is a feeling unparalleled. However, this may fall short of the action-packed riding experience that off-roading enthusiasts are searching for.

This is where the sport of motocross comes in. This is for riders who are out there pushing boundaries and not stopping when the road ends and the trail begins. The obstacles of muddy and rocky terrain add a new element of risk and competition that adrenaline junkies are looking for in their riding adventures.

But with such a physically demanding and dangerous sport such as motocross, you will no doubt need to equip yourself with the best safety gear to ensure you come out of it in one piece. The most important safety equipment, in this case, would be a good, protective helmet. This is because helmets provide an additional layer for the head and thus protect the rider from some of the more severe forms of traumatic brain injury. In short, they help mitigate the risk of a rider cutting his head open after a rough fall or collision. Therefore, tossing a high-quality helmet over your head is crucial.

With numerous options of motorcycle helmets available in the market, it can be challenging to pick out one that not only provides superior protection but also possesses all features a motocross helmet should possess. Hence, to aid you in your hunt for the best motocross helmet, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 Best Motocross Helmets that provide ultimate safety. For further assistance, this is accompanied by a comprehensive buying guide so you’re fully aware of the features to look out for.

1. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS – Best Top Rated Motocross Helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS - Best Top Rated Motocross Helmet

Investing in a well-reputed brand like Bell to accompany you in your motocross pursuits will no doubt pay off. Embedded with a ton of incredible features, the Bell MX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet will definitely take your riding experience to the next level. This is surely a great pick whether you want a beginner’s motorcycle helmet or a pro one!

The Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet has a sturdy and durable exterior consisting of a polycarbonate composite shell. This helps in mitigating bulk and providing a more comfortable fit. It is DOT and ECE certified like the Bell Qualifier DLX, so it provides additional confidence to the rider as it is strong enough to absorb the impact of accidents.

This Bell model is available in seven different measurements that range from extra small to triple extra-large. By doing this, Bell ensures there is a helmet for every head shape and size. Not only that but this headgear also comes with secure D-ring lock straps that allow the helmet to remain in its place once put on. With this, you can rest easy as your helmet won’t be knocked off regardless of the force of an impact.

Another highly beneficial feature that makes this helmet ideal for motocross is its Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. MIPS is a leading slip-plane technology inside the helmet that reduces rotational forces. This, in turn, helps disperse some of the energy that would otherwise be directed into your head.

Also, the Bell MX-9 comes with a Velocity Flow Ventilation System. This keeps the air flowing inside the helmet, forcing fresh air in and hot moist air out. This results in better breathability and allows you to keep cool during long, hot rides. The helmet is further accompanied by an integrated face shield. This helps provide protection from dirt, bugs, dust, and flying debris all the while allowing for a wide range of vision.

Another prominent feature of this helmet is the use of NutraFog II Technology. This ensures that moisture does not form on the shield and even in inclement weather, the Bell helmet provides a clear field of vision. The UV-protected visor is present so you can easily ride in the scorching heat without having to worry about those harmful UV rays. Additionally, the shield is also anti-scratch.

Moreover, the interior of the helmet is armored with a removable and washable liner embedded with anti-bacterial interior capabilities. This ensures that you can keep sweat build-up at bay and after a long ride, it can easily be tossed into the washer. Also, the interior does not have built-in speaker recesses for a communication system but you are able to install Sena Bluetooth speakers easily.

The MX-9 ADV helmet can also transform into a more street-able helmet. This can be done by removing the peak visor. The included side pods replace the visor where it mounts to the helmet, giving you sleek top-gun styling. Lastly, when you hit the dirt and need the added protection of a pair of goggles, you can simply flip up the shield and throw them on. The MX-9 is designed to work with any dirt goggle out there making it one of the better choices for a street motorcycle helmet.


  • Solid and sturdy finish 
  • Makes use of MIPS
  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Integrated speaker pockets
  • Superior 5-year warranty 
  • DOT and ECE certified 


  • Always-open vents make it drafty in cold weather
  • Can be noisy at high speeds

2. O’Neal Sierra II – Best Face Shield Motocross Helmet

O'Neal Sierra II - Best Face Shield Motocross Helmet

The O’Neal Full-face Style Sierra II Helmet is the perfect companion for any aggressive adventurous bikers out there. Not just that but beginners getting into the thrill of motocross just now will be very pleased with this helmet as well.

The futuristic-looking shell of the O’Neal Sierra II helmet has a sturdy, lightweight exterior featuring a polycarbonate ABS construction. This makes it perfect for more aggressive adventure riding and varying terrain as it safeguards your head in the event of a crash.

With DOT and ECE certifications, you know you’re getting a well-built helmet. So, rest easy as this helmet is strong enough to protect your head from collisions. This is available in different sizes ranging from XS to 2XL making sure it comfortably fits every head. Also, the helmet has an intermediate oval fit that will suit most head shapes. This makes it ideal for almost all riders with varying head shapes.

Another beneficial feature of this full face helmet type in motocross style is the height-adjustable face shield that not only looks absolutely cool but operates effectively. It comes included with two visors; one is tinted while the other one is clear. The fitting does not have any fancy mechanism to lock the visor in place. Instead, it only has two protruding notches on either side to lift it up or bring it down. Having a tinted visor is something that isn’t available with most off-road helmets. These allow for easier riding during the day and end the need for goggles altogether.

Talking about ventilation, this headgear comes with a number of vents on the mouthpiece to allow for enhanced airflow. The motorcycle helmet with vents also helps in efficiently removing the hot humid air stuck in the lid, allowing for a cooler riding experience.

Additionally, the O’Neal helmet comes with a standard padded chin strap with a Double-D safety lock that helps secure the helmet to your head even with a strong impact. It also comes with a removable comfort liner along with cheek pads. These are soft materials to provide additional comfort. This allows you to spend long hours on a motocross track without sacrificing your comfort similar to the qualities you find in this list of the best motorcycle helmets. They are also washable which helps keep them clean and odor-free so you don’t have to worry about your excessive sweating.


  • Sturdy, lightweight construction 
  • Chin straps equipped with Double-D safety lock
  • Integrated sunshade
  • The removable and washable inner lining
  • Meets DOT and ECE safety standards 


  • Tight fitting
  • Bluetooth device space unavailable

3. GLX GX23 – Best Overall Motocross Helmet

GLX GX23 - Best Overall Motocross Helmet

The GLX GX23 Dirt Bike Off-Road Motocross ATV Helmet is a great riding companion that provides equilibrium of style, functionality, as well as safety.

Armoured with an aerodynamic shell packed in sharp and aggressive styling, this helmet provides impeccable impact protection to excel at your motocross riding adventures. As the helmet exceeds DOT certification ensuring impenetrable safety, it provides additional peace of mind as it will protect the rider’s head in case of any collisions or impacts.

Available in 4 diverse colors, this piece of headwear comes in different sizes allowing you to choose from S to 2XL so that it fits the rider’s head perfectly. Also, the helmet weighs about 3.5 pounds so it doesn’t put a strain on your head or neck ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

The high-quality EPS liner fitted on the interior of the helmet provides superb shock absorption. For convenience, it is fully removable, washable, and replaceable. It also helps absorb sweat without compromising comfort or security and easily tosses it into the wash after a long day.

Additionally, the GLX GX23 is a good helmet choice for summer as it comes with an advanced cooling system. This consists of 14 intake and exhaust vents in total to maximize airflow. This is further improved with the help of the multi-density liner yielding advantageous cooling passages throughout the helmet itself.

Furthermore, the helmet is accompanied by an adjustable shatter-resistant visor with high-grade steel screws tested for optimal rooster-tail smut protection and secure mounting positioning. This helmet also comes with a quick-release chin strap which allows for effortless usage. Moreover, it also includes an advanced mouthguard which proves highly useful for motocross riding.


  • Sturdy build
  • Has an advanced cooling system
  • Includes shatter-resistant visor
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Makes use of quick release chin strap
  • DOT approved


  • Helmet screws needs to be tightened before use

4. Fly Racing Thrive – Best Lightweight Motocross Helmet 

Fly Racing Thrive - Best Lightweight Motocross Helmet

If you’re looking for a decent motocross helmet that outperforms, allowing you to indulge completely in your off-road riding experience, the FLY Racing Kinetic Thrive Helmet is definitely worth your money!

Featuring a durable and sturdy exterior, the Fly Racing helmet boasts a polymer shell. Combined with a weight of 2.1 pounds, this helmet provides an extremely lightweight and comfortable off-road riding experience. This exerts less force on the head and the neck muscles of the rider, making this perfect for long rides. Also, since it is DOT certified, it provides the rider with additional peace of mind as it has the ability to protect your skull in the event of a collision.

Equipped with a thick, multi-density EPS liner, this helmet protects your head when on uneven, rugged surfaces. Having removable and washable properties, this comfort liner allows for additional experience. This is because the liner and cheek pads that absorb swear can easily be tossed into the washer after a thrilling ride.

When it comes to ventilation, all FLY helmets are accompanied by their signature ventilation system; the True Functional Ventilation System. This means that the helmet has multiple air intake vents. When in motion, the air is forced through these vents, then passed through aligned vent channels in the EPS to finally exit out its rear exhaust vents. This helps improve breathability inside the helmet as well as keeps you cool during hot summers.

Additionally, the FLY Kinetic Helmet is available in three shells and four EPS sizes. This provides for a precise fit no matter the size of your head. The helmet is also equipped with a high-flow mouthpiece that is replaceable and a custom-molded rubber nose guard. These features allow for additional safety and protection on your ride.


  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Includes replaceable mouthpiece and a rubber nose guard
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • DOT approved


  • Slightly narrow fitting

5. 509 Delta R3 Ignite – Best Versatile Motocross Helmet

509 Delta R3 Ignite - Best Versatile Motocross Helmet

If you’re looking for an incredibly versatile helmet that not only safeguards you but also allows you to successfully conquer the cold weather, look no further because the 509 Delta R3 Ignite Snow Helmet is the ideal option for you.

Having a polycarbonate ABS constructed to shell and a weight of around 2 pounds, this helmet ensures lightweight along with durability. This exerts less force on the head and the neck muscles of the rider, making this perfect for long rides. This also makes it capable of withstanding high impact without shattering as you would expect with most motocross and half motorcycle helmets.

The 509 Delta R3 Ignite is DOT and ECE approved so rest easy as it is strong enough to protect your head in the face of collisions. The helmet also offers different sizes ranging from XS to 2XL allowing you to find one that perfectly fits your head. Further, you offered the option to pick between 11 diverse colors to match your bike or pick according to your preferences.

A highly versatile feature of this helmet is that it comes with three configuration options: dual-sport, full face, or open face helmet style. This allows you to use the helmet for different situations accordingly. Also, the helmet features a dual-pane, ITO electric clear shield which keeps it heated to ensure it doesn’t fog up, helping prevent the formation of moisture on the shield. Since the shield is anti-fog, it ensures a clear field of vision without distorting the view of the rider.

Featuring anti-scratch properties, the outer shield provides a wide range of vision and can withstand extended use. Additionally, the helmet comes with a drop-down internal orange-tinted sun visor. This can be engaged to get relief from the sun when riding during the day.

This helmet comes with a chin curtain that is removable. This provides a higher degree of protection from the elements, protecting your neck from freezing wind and rain. The curtain will also come in handy to provide further protection from dust, dirt, and bugs.

Furthermore, with the interior of the Delta R3 armored with a dual-density EPS liner, you’re provided additional safety. It is also removable and washable. This allows for further convenience as it can easily be tossed into the washer after long riding days, preventing odors.

This helmet doesn’t lack in the ventilation department either. It includes multiple forehead and chin ventilation ports that are adjustable. This allows for better breathability inside the helmet and gives more control over which vents you want to open.

Moreover, the R3 is accompanied by a Fidlock magnetic chin strip buckle. This allows for easy one-handed operation, even while wearing your snow gloves. It also includes a removable breath box which helps eliminate fogging inside the helmet that can develop within the face shield as a result of the rider’s breath.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a drop-down sun visor 
  • Has anti-fog and anti-scratch capabilities
  • Makes use of gridlock magnetic buckle for smooth and easy function
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Breath box for counteracting condensation. 
  • DOT and ECE approved


  • The electric shield can sometimes go off.

6. O’Neal 2SERIES – Best Comfortable Motocross Helmet

O'Neal 2SERIES - Best Comfortable Motocross Helmet

Next up, making another appearance in this list is a helmet by O’Neal. The O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 2Series Helmet is built to take you from cruising on the open road to gunning it off the beaten track without the need for switching helmets.

The O’Neal 2Series Helmet features a solid exterior build including a lightweight ABS shell. This headgear is both DOT and ECE certified as well so you can ride calmly no matter the terrain as this helmet will be able to protect your head in the case of a collision. Also, as it weighs only about 3 pounds, you can ride for hours without having to worry about any resulting fatigue from the helmet.

This off-road helmet offers a couple of sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, allowing you to find one that perfectly fits your head. It has been updated with sleek, race-inspired half helmet stylings and will make a welcome addition to your off-road motorcycling kit.

The O’Neal helmet has multiple air vents so there won’t be a need to worry about ventilation or cooling inside the helmet on hot days. Inside the helmet, there are three EPS layers that help displace the impact force evenly allowing for a safer ride by absorbing any impact. The interior is also fully removable and washable. This allows you to easily keep the liner clean after several uses by tossing it in the wash. Also, if you’re sweating, this padded inner layer will wick away the sweat and keep you dry. 

Equipped with a smart-looking face shield, this helmet comes with a tool-less height adjustment system for the visor so you can comfortably adjust it as per your preferences. In addition to that, the opening of the helmet is big enough to fit almost any type of goggles you prefer. 

Moreover, the O’Neal 2Series helmet includes chin straps that have a Double-D release system. This ensures that the helmet does not move from its place even on the harshest of turns. Also, the helmet is accompanied by a rubber nose guard that is in place to provide additional protection to the face.


  • Robust build
  • Comes with a height-adjustable visor
  • Removable and washable padding 
  • Nose guard
  • Available in different multi-colored, clear coated graphics
  • DOT and ECE certified 


  • The fitting runs a bit tight

7. AHR Run-M – Best Motocross Helmet For Glasses

AHR Run-M - Best Motocross Helmet For Glasses

Looking to upgrade your helmet without it costing you a great deal? Well, then the AHR Run-M helmet might just be the ideal choice for you. Boasting plenty of features to allow you to make the most of your ride. This helmet will fit right within your budget similar to the pricing of reliable models in the list of best budget motorcycle helmets.

The AHR Run-M Helmet utilizes a high resistance ABS material for a light but strong shell. It also ensures durability as well. Also, since the helmet meets or exceeds DOT safety standards, it has the capability to withstand a good deal of force in the event of a crash.

The helmet includes sizing options from small to extra-large, making this model a useful option for bikers of all head sizes. It is also available in a few different colors so you have the choice of picking one that goes with your preferences. Apart from that, this headgear weighs about 3.5lbs which is relatively lightweight for a full face helmet. This ensures maximum comfort during long rides without any worries about neck pain.

Apart from that, the helmet features a ventilation opening system so it won’t suffocate you with sweat and heated air within the shell. This helmet boasts a total of six air vents for an effective air intake and exhaust system resulting in the optimum circulation of air. Also, most motocross helmets do not usually accommodate glasses but the case is different with the AHR helmet. Therefore, if you require your glasses while riding, no need to fret because the helmet can adjust your glasses within the helmet.

The interior of this helmet does not disappoint either. It includes a thick, high-density EPS liner that is sure to provide you an extra layer of protection during the worst of crashes. Also, it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, keeping the moisture within the helmet under control and ensuring a comfortable ride. Since the liner is fully removable, it can be conveniently washed when the need arises. This allows you to keep your helmet clean and hygienic.

The dual visor system of this helmet is another promising feature of the AHR Run-M helmet. It includes an internal tinted visor and a tough, front clear visor. The combination of the two ensures additional protection to the face and allows you to ride no matter what time of the day it is. The inner sun visor is ideal for rides during the day while the clear visor will be the perfect choice for night riding. The visor is controllable through a switch which provides additional convenience.

What makes this helmet stand out is its modular design that provides versatility in its use. Before you set off for some serious riding, you can pop down the chin bar whereas for day-to-day commuting. The chin bar can be pushed up to provide more ventilation like the best modular motorcycle helmets. Also, the Run-M helmet includes a chin strap equipped with a quick-release buckle to ensure the helmet remains on your head, even on the roughest of surfaces.


  • Lightweight build
  • Six air vents for improved airflow
  • Washable and antibacterial liner 
  • Easy to remove liner and cheek pads
  • Quick-release buckle 
  • DOT certified 


  • Loud noise at higher speeds

8. ILM Off-Road Helmet – Best Motocross Helmet For Youth

ILM Off-Road Helmet - Best Motocross Helmet For Youth

Next in line is the ILM Motocross Motorcycle Helmet. This safety gear is an incredible option for anyone wanting to fulfill their adrenaline-driven riding dreams, especially for beginners’ choice motorcycle helmets!

Constructed with a High Resistance ABS shell exterior, this helmet is quite durable and strong to palliate the effect of collisions and safeguard your skull in case of a crash. Also, this model is available in an array of shell sizes so there’s an option available for everyone from kids to adults. Weighing less than four pounds, this helmet is lightweight enough to not cause any neck strain after long hours of riding.

The ILM Motocross Helmet is accompanied by a detachable sun shield. All you will need to do is rotate the screws to remove and install the shield according to your needs. This allows you to handle bright light conditions making it the perfect option for use during the day. The helmet interior also embeds a removable and washable liner. This means you can also remove them and toss them in the wash after a long ride, preventing odors.

Furthermore, to allow for enhanced breathability, the helmet includes multiple air vents on the front and rear of the helmet. These help release oppressive heat while riding in a warm climate, allowing riders to feel comfortable when riding off-road. They are flippable in order to adapt to changing weather conditions and user preferences.

The helmet also includes a chin strap that features a quick-release clasp that allows you to quickly and easily remove the helmet. Also, the polyester strap allows it to be comfortable and adjustable. Moreover, the helmet is DOT certified so you don’t have to worry about the safety of you or your child when you’re out riding.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Durable and solid exterior 
  • Detachable sun shield 
  • Removable and washable padding 
  • Equipped with quick-release chin strap
  • DOT approved 


  • Small ear pockets 
  • No UV protection

9. 1Storm HGXP-14B – Best UV Protected Motocross Helmet 

1Storm HGXP-14B - Best UV Protected Motocross Helmet

The 1Storm Motocross Helmet is another great option for any riding aficionados looking to take it up a notch, exploring the rugged, uneven paths to test their limits. Flaunting a ton of amazing features, this helmet comes at a price that will leave you stunned! 

Constructed with an aerodynamic thermoplastic shell, this helmet manages to look rich while providing durability. Featuring a lightweight design, this model allows you to ride comfortably, without neck fatigue. As it is DOT certified, it can protect your skull in the event of an impact. The helmet is also available in different sizes. You can easily find your perfect fit from the seven diverse colors to choose from.

Also, a multi-density liner ensures that maximum comfort is offered to the rider. It makes sure that heat, sweat, and dust don’t cause discomfort during your journey. The liners are also washable and removable. This means you can take the liner out after a long ride and easily toss it in the wash. The helmet’s heavy cushioning helps absorb the force of an impact much better.

Another great feature of this helmet is its beautiful glossy UV protective finish. This helps provide protection against harmful and harsh UV light rays. 

When it comes to breathability, the helmet offers a number of ventilation channels like discussed in the buying guide for best ventilated motorcycle helmets. This helps ensure you get your dose of fresh air while you’re riding across the city, even at high speeds. This also makes sure you’re kept cool while riding during hot summer days.

Furthermore, the 1Storm Motocross Helmet is equipped with a chin strap that ensures the helmet stays on your head when riding on uneven, rugged surfaces.


  • Wallet-friendly 
  • Available in a number of colors and sizes
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Provides UV protection 
  • DOT certified 


  • Buckling chin strap is a bit rigid

10. AHR H-VEN20 – Best Cheap Motocross Helmet

AHR H-VEN20 - Best Cheap Motocross Helmet

Lastly, we have the AHR H-VEN20 Full-face Helmet. If you’re into motocross, dirt biking, ATV, and more, this is a pretty decent helmet that allows you to fulfill your safety needs when offroading.

The helmet consists of sturdy polycarbonate and ABS material shell that is able to withstand a significant amount of force in the event of a collision. It is available in different sizes in order to cater to all head types and sizes. This headgear is also compliant with DOT standards so you can be sure to receive a safe, protective helmet as you see with most street motorcycle helmets.

As the AHR H-VEN20 comes with multiple air vents, you won’t have to worry about ventilation and cooling with this one. These allow for optimum airflow and improved comfort and moisture management in warm riding conditions. Additionally, the helmet is accompanied by a multi-density EPS liner for greater absorption of impact and providing a comfortable ride. The liner and cheek pads are also removable and washable for comfort after repeated use.

Another beneficial feature that is not a surprise and that should be in any off-road helmet is the buckled chin strap. This allows for additional safety and secures the helmet on your head. This way, you can be certain your helmet sticks to your head when you’re riding over uneven surfaces.


  • Solid build
  • Lightweight 
  • Reinforced chin strap
  • Removable and washable liner
  • DOT approved


  • Narrow size fitting

Buying guide 2021: What features will make the best motocross helmet for you?

Getting a Motocross helmet is not a tricky business as most of us are aware of the design pattern that we need to get. However, if you think you need a keynote checklist of the factors that are to be evaluated, we’ve mentioned them below to completely assist you in getting the most suitable motocross helmet. 

Motocross Helmet Design

The helmet design for an off-road helmet is aerodynamic and a bit slim with a sharp outlook. You really need to keep off the wind pressures while doing intense motorcycle rides so the design of a motocross helmet will always fit this criterion. 

Lightweight Always

With a sleek design, the motocross helmets are always lightweight. Any heavyweight object won’t feel comfortable for the off-road terrains so you need to have this luxury feature at all costs. 

High Levels Of Comfort

The comfort level of a motocross helmet depends on the inner foam quality and ventilation system. You need to get them both right if you want to have a superb comfort level during your off-road ride. The inner foam provides smoothness to helmet usage. Built-in ventilation allows you breathing space even the helmet is closed from all sides. 

Durable Construction

Motorcycle off-road riders are more prone to falling off their bike and you need to have an extraordinary durable construction. The polymer shell is commonly used to increase the durability of a dirt bike helmet so you can always play safely while riding around. 

DOT Certified Safety Standards

With a motocross helmet approved by the US Department of Transportation, you must be pretty confident that you are going to enjoy a certain level of safety features. It means you won’t be getting a major head injury in case you fall off from your bike as the helmet will be enduring much of the force exerted. 

Glass Shield Quality

Some half face helmets do not come with a glass shield. We did include in our list of best motocross helmets the ones with the glass shield protection that gives the impression of a full-faced helmet. It should be anti-fog and anti-scratch so that you can have the ultimate off-road riding experience without any hindrance to visibility.

Size fitting

To experience the true motorcycle riding experience, you need to have a helmet that best fits your head size. Carefully measure the head diameter from the forehead and match them with a helmet size. There are variations available in the sizes of any helmet so you need to carefully take measurements in order to prevent any misfit. 

To Conclude 

Whether you’re new to the world of motocross, are an ardent offroad motorsport fanatic, or have had yourself mud plunged face first multiple times, choosing a motocross helmet is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Looking for the right motocross helmet is not always about style but those advanced features that will prove crucial in protecting your head in the case of a crash. Even if you’re finding a motorcycle helmet on a friendly budget, do not try to compromise with safety because there is no riding gear that is as expensive as your life.

Make sure to keep our buying guide along with our top product reviews in mind to aid you in your decision-making process. Any of the models we’ve mentioned could be a fine choice to accompany you on your next ride.