Best Street Motorcycle Helmet Picks | Exclusive Buying Guide 2023

best street motorcycle helmet

Riding a motorcycle is a beautiful medley of thrill, exhilaration, anxiety, fear, and euphoria. It is an unmatched feeling that, once felt by a person, becomes so addictive that one yearns to come back to it again and again. 

While this exhilarating escapade is an experience unparalleled, many people don’t weigh in on the dangers involved when you’re cruising at high speeds. Every move you make, and every turn you take, has consequences.

Conquering city streets isn’t an easy task either. There’s more at risk than when you’re out and about on a highway. Equipping yourself with safety gear is crucial, especially when you’re engaging in an activity as dangerous as motorcycle riding. This is where motorcycle helmets prove useful.

They create an additional layer of protection for the head, mitigating many fatalities or traumatic brain injuries. However, with a diverse range of best motorcycle helmets available in the market to choose from, picking the best one that fits your criteria can be a challenging task.

Hence, to aid you and save you from the hassle of rolling numerous products, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 Best Street Motorcycle Helmets that provide ultimate safety. Additionally, a buying guide is also curated, so don’t forget to check that out as well.

Top Best Street Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

1Bell Qualifier DLX - Best Street Bike BluetoothBell
2GLX GX11 - Best Top Rated Street Motorcycle Helmet GLX GX11
3LS2 Helmets Stream - Best Face Shield Street Motorcycle HelmetLS2 Helmets Stream
4Bell Qualifier - Best Overall Street Motorcycle HelmetBell Qualifier
51Storm Design Street Motorcycle Helmet1Storm HG339
610. Westt Rover - Best Open Face Budget Motorcycle HelmetWestt Rover
7Westt Storm X - Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet For MenWestt Torque
8Bell Qualifier DLX - Best Comfortable Street Motorcyle helmetBell Qualifier DLX
9Triangle TFF15 - Best Cheap Motorcycle HelmetTriangle TFF15

1. Bell SRT – Best Lightweight Street Motorcycle Helmet

Bell SRT - Best Lightweight Street Motorcycle Helmet

Offering all the legendary Bell fit and protection, the Bell SRT is a real-world helmet that combines premium safety and comfort with a budget-friendly value that fits our criteria.

You can’t go wrong with this one.


Constructed with an industry-leading fiberglass composite shell, the SRT helmet can fill a wide variety of roles out in the street. Since the helmet boasts a fiberglass build, it is lightweight, weighing around 3.5 pounds.

This ensures comfort even during long rides, mitigating neck fatigue.

Panovision Viewport

Featuring a Panovision viewport, the helmet offers riders additional vertical and lateral visibility over more traditional viewports in a Class-1 optical quality shield.

It also comes with a drop-down sun shield, eliminating the need to carry spare face shields or sunglasses similar to modular motorcycle helmets.

Chin Strap

Additionally, the helmet comes with a removable chin strap that has a Double D-ring closure. This ensures the helmet remains on the rider’s head and won’t be knocked off regardless of the force of an impact.

This provides a higher degree of protection from the elements, protecting your neck from freezing wind and rain. The curtain will also come in handy to provide further protection from dust, dirt, and bugs.

EPS Liner

Moreover, the SRT is accompanied by a heavy-duty EPS liner that can absorb a significant amount of force. The interior is antibacterial and washable, making it the perfect option during long summer days.

As the face shield is anti-fog, this helmet is also ideal for use during cold winter nights. Further, the ventilation is more than adequate with the SRT. Embedded with multiple air vents, the helmet allows for enhanced breathability and makes sure you stay cool all the time.

Additional Features

The helmet is eyewear compatible. This means using prescription glasses or a preferred pair of shades is now possible with eyewear arm pockets that are woven right into the interior liner.

Another beneficial feature of this helmet is the integrated speaker pockets. These allow you to install your favorite Bluetooth communication setup and enjoy the features you could with the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.


  • The lightweight and durable fiberglass design 
  • Features Panovision viewport
  • Includes chin curtain 
  • Excellent ventilation system 
  • Removable and washable interior 
  • Superior 5-year warranty
  • Integrated speaker pockets
  • DOT and SNELL certified 
  • Available in seven different colors
  • A diverse range of colors


  • A bit narrowish fitting

2. GLX GX11 – Best Top Rated Street Motorcycle Helmet 

GLX GX11 - Best Top Rated Street Motorcycle Helmet

GLX GX11 Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet is engineered using a lightweight thermoplastic outer shell packed in aggressive styling. With a DOT certification, there exists additional peace of mind when it comes to the safety of the helmet.

Lightweight Design

With a weight of around 3 pounds, this GLX model is pretty lightweight and will definitely be the ideal choice if you plan on taking longer trips on your motorcycle.

Ventilation System

The GLX Motorcycle Helmet does not fall behind in the ventilation department either. The helmet is accompanied by air vents placed all over the helmet to let fresh air in and dense air out.

It also includes a removable breath guard that proves beneficial in rerouting the rider’s breath to reduce shield fogging.

3D Molded Shield

Not just that but this one of the best full-face helmets comes with a unique 3D molded shield. This design ensures a distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision. Also, the helmet is prone to noise as the rear vents are not lockable.

However, the helmet has an inflated face shield that blocks substantial noise from infiltrating the rider’s ears. 

EPS Liner

The GX11 comes with a plush EPS liner. Soft materials provide additional comfort allowing you to set off on long motorcycle rides without sacrificing your comfort.

The padding is also washable, which helps keep the helmet clean and odor-free, so you don’t have to worry about if you sweat a little too much. Moreover, this helmet is accompanied by a quick-release chin strap which allows for effortless usage.

Also, the chin curtain design reduces wind turbulence and noise, allowing you to concentrate on your ride.


  • Affordable price
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Superior ventilation system
  • Includes chin curtain
  • Removable and washable liner
  • DOT approved
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Fitting runs a bit small 
  • The build could be better

3. LS2 Helmets Stream – Best Face Shield Street Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets Stream - Best Face Shield Street Motorcycle Helmet

Whether you’re new to the world of motorcycling or this isn’t your first rodeo, the LS2 Full Face Stream Street helmet is one of the best beginner’s choice motorcycle helmets.

These will ensure you enjoy your ride all the way. 

Aerodynamic Design

Constructed with an aerodynamic shell made using High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology, this helmet provides a durable and sturdy build. This ensures superior protection in case of an impact. Not only that but weighing around 4 pounds.

It is also quite lightweight, allowing for a comfortable riding experience even during long rides.

EPS Liner

Equipped with a high-tech, multi-density EPS, the LS2 Stream Street Helmet provides the utmost protection and safety in the event of a crash. The included neck roll also supports and protects your neck when you’re riding at fast speeds.

Twin Shield System

The helmet features a Twin Shield System including a drop-down Sun shield. This drop-down shield is easy to operate, involving simply pressing a switch, and can even be done so with a gloved hand.

Also, with the helmet’s quick-change face shield that requires absolutely no tools, you can swap shields in less than 15 seconds. 

Contoured Cheek Pads

Additionally, the cheek pads of the Stream Helmet are there using LS2’s 3D Laser Cutting Tool. This allows for a contoured cut to fit your face better and makes sure there are no hot spots.

Not just that but the breathable and hypoallergenic fabric liner will also help avoid the stinky helmet sweat smell. Since the padding is removable and washable, you can keep it as fresh as new.

Chin Strap

Furthermore, the helmet consists of a reinforced, easy-to-secure, and quick-release chin strap. This provides additional convenience and protection by making sure the helmet securely remains on the head of the rider.

Also, with DOT and ECE approval, this is a great choice for riders who love to cruise at high speeds, as the helmet provides full face coverage.

Ventilation System

Moreover, the LS2 Stream is a good summer motorcycle helmet because it uses breathable fabric and has a number of built-in air vents to allow for better breathing. The top vent and chin vent allow an adequate supply of air circulation using dynamic flow-through ventilation.

The rear exhaust vents push back the warm air, which helps keep you cool inside the helmet. This makes it an ideal choice for sunny weather.


  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Drop-down sun shield 
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Tool-less quick-release face shield 
  • 3-D Laser-cut cheek pads
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • 5-year warranty


  • The shield can get hazy in low temperatures
  • Vents are not adjustable 

4. Bell Qualifier – Best Overall Street Motorcycle Helmet 

Bell Qualifier - Best Overall Street Motorcycle Helmet

Making yet another appearance in this list, the Bell brand continues to amaze. Producing superior helmets, Bell retains its focus on creating the best safeguards for everything from regular road travel to land speed racing.

The Bell Qualifier Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is no different and will definitely prove to be one of the great helmets for beginners.

Polycarbonate Shell

The Bell Qualifier is armored with a polycarbonate shell construction that is strong enough to safeguard your head if things go wrong. The helmet also has a sleek and purposeful design that reduces lifting and buffeting.


You can get this helmet in seven different sizes starting from extra small all the way to a baffling triple extra-large. By doing this, Bell ensures that they provide options for every head size, so no one is left out.

The Qualifier helmet is relatively lightweight, making it perfect for longer rides without you having to sacrifice your comfort. Also, while this particular model comes in a matte black finish, it is available in a multitude of colorways, so you can always pick one that matches your aesthetic.

Face Shield

A major highlight of this helmet is the face shield that accompanies this headgear. Even though the helmet ships with only the clear face shield, Bell offers a plethora of tinted face shields to choose from. 

ClickReleaseTM System

The helmet features a ClickReleaseTM system that is exclusive to the Bell brand. This lets riders conveniently switch the shade of their whenever required without the hassle of any tools.

NutraFog II Technology

The face shields also feature Bell’s tried and true NutraFog II Technology, which helps prevent the formation of moisture on the shield.

Therefore, whether it is extremely humid or freezing cold, you will have clear visibility to make the most of your ride and also be protected at the same time.

Inner Linning

It comes with a soft, plush liner that has antibacterial properties. The interior padding snaps in and out easily. Helmet owners can do regular washing to keep it smelling like new.

The helmet includes several air vents that have been strategically positioned to keep you cool in the hottest of weather.

Another feature that is a great addition to the helmet is its padded wind collar. The padded wind collar shines in this aspect, providing a more calming and quiet environment, thereby mitigating the risk of unnecessary accidents.

Lock Straps

Moreover, the helmet comes with secure D-ring lock straps that provide additional safety by ensuring the helmet stays in place once you put it on. With this, you can rest easy as your helmet won’t be knocked off regardless of the force of an impact.

Bell also has integrated speaker pockets that allow you to enjoy your favorite music on the go resulting in a more enjoyable riding experience.


  • The lightweight yet durable polycarbonate exterior
  • Features a ClickRelease system for easy switching of face shields
  • Includes a padded wind collar
  • Has an effective ventilation system 
  • Offers a 5-year warranty
  • Comes with integrated speaker pockets
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • DOT and ECE certified 


  • Comes with a clear visor only

5. 1Storm HG339 – Best Design Street Motorcycle Helmet

1Storm HG339 - Best Design Street Motorcycle Helmet

At such an affordable price, it is hard to believe that the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet offers a ton of astounding features.

While the helmet has a price tag similar to our range of best budget motorcycle helmets, a high-quality build provides you with an unforgettable riding experience.

Lightweight Design

The 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet has a lightweight, as well as a study, feel and what makes it this way is its thermoplastic shell plus alloy composite construction.

It also has an aerodynamic design that significantly reduces wind drag force and helps to increase the rider’s stability.


The helmet visor is another crucial element that greatly affects your ride. In this case, the 1Storm helmet features a dual visor system in order to provide clear visibility always. The inner visor is tinted and offers protection against harsh UV rays, so your vision is not compromised during the day.

Whereas the outer face shield delivers a broad, clear vision to the rider and can be great for night use. The face shield is also fog and wind-resistant enhancing visibility in bad weather conditions.

Ventilation System

Additionally, a feature that wins this helmet the spot in most top helmet circles is its excellent helmet ventilation system which involves eleven vents.

With five vents in the front, two on top, and four in the rear, this helmet gives riders the perfect adjustment for air intake and exhaust.

EPS Liner

The helmet incorporates a multi-density EPS liner that is designed to restrain a great deal of shock. The internal padding has moisture-wicking properties and ensures a comfortable riding experience.

Also, in order to help you keep the inside of your helmet clean and odor-free, the inner liner and pads of the 1Storm helmet are made to be fully removable and washable.

Additional Features

Apart from that, the helmet has a modular design, letting you pull up the chin bar to allow access to greater ventilation. An easy-to-use switch has been included to ensure easy operation.

It is also accompanied by a quick-release buckle that allows you to keep the helmet secured and release it conveniently and easily.


  • Wallet-friendly 
  • Available in a number of colors and sizes
  • Provides UV protection 
  • Flip-up and dual-lens design
  • DOT approved
  • A diverse range of colors
  • Size range from S To XXL


  • The clear vision fogs up
  • The tinted visor can sometimes be difficult to operate

6. Westt Rover – Best Ventilated Street Motorcycle Helmet

Westt Rover - Best Ventilated Street Motorcycle Helmet

As we edge closer to the end of the list, we would like to interest you in an open-face helmet, one of the best, actually, if the full-face helmet design isn’t really for you.


The Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet will not only allow you to take in your surroundings more but provide impeccable protection. Featuring a durable and sturdy exterior, the Westt Rover Helmet boasts a polymer shell.

Having a lightweight design, the helmet also has a weight of 2.4 pounds, so your neck fatigue problems will be out the window if you pick this helmet. 

Retractable Sun Shield

A prominent feature of this headwear is the inclusion of a retractable sun shield despite it being an open-face helmet, a feature that many open-face helmet brands forget to include.

This ensures that you’re never caught off guard on those warm, sunny days.

Ventilation System

Riding for hours in the scorching heat can cause the helmet to be hot and stuffy on the inside. To avoid this, the Westt Rover helmet includes multiple adjustable foreheads and chin ventilation ports.

These give you more control over ventilation inside the helmet and give you some respite from the heat, that’s why it comes under the category of best-ventilated motorcycle helmets.

EPS Liner

Not only that but Westt Rover Helmet consists of heavy-duty EPS padding that is great at absorbing impact. It also ensures a comfortable riding experience.

Since the padding is removable and washable, you can easily get rid of any unpleasant odors after a long, hot day of riding. Also, the face shield of the helmet carries anti-scratch properties providing a clear, wide view even after rigorous use.

The helmet is also glasses-friendly so that anyone can fit their prescription glasses easily inside the helmet.


  • Boats a durable and sturdy exterior 
  • Can be customized as per preferences 
  • The interior padding can be removed 
  • Includes ventilation points for a cooler ride
  • Prescription glasses can be accommodated 
  • Features a retractable sun shield 
  • DOT certified 
  • Size range from XS to XL
  • Interchangeable size pieces


  • Narrow fitting

7. Westt Torque – Best Street Motorcycle Helmet For Men

Westt Torque - Best Street Motorcycle Helmet For Men

Next up, we have the classic West Torque Motorcycle Helmet that is great if you’re looking for a decent modular motorcycle helmet that allows you to cruise through the streets safely.

Lightweight Construction

With a sturdy, lightweight shell construction, Westt Torque Helmet is perfect for longer rides as you will be able to wear it for a long period without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Helmets by West are perfect for any kind of bike, whether it be dirt bikes, cruisers, ATVs, Four-wheelers, Snowmobiles, etc. This allows you more diversity and versatility in the use of the helmet.

DOT Certified

Additionally, the helmet is DOT approved, so rest easy as it is durable and strong enough to palliate the effect of collisions. The Westt Torque helmet features a dual visor to provide the ultimate riding experience no matter what time of day it is.

It comes with an integrated sun shield that is perfect for use during the day, protecting against harsh sun rays. Then you have an outer clear visor that is scratch-resistant, offering a clear field of view. 


Another benefit of this helmet is that it is compatible with eyeglasses, so riders that deal with weak eyesight have nothing to worry about with this headgear.

Furthermore, as this is a modular model, you can use this full-face helmet or as an open-face helmet by flipping up the chin bar.

Safety Buckle

Also, the helmet is accompanied by a quick-release safety buckle. This ensures the helmet stays in place and can quickly and easily be taken off in case of any emergencies.


  • Durable and lightweight shell
  • Multipurpose 
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Compatible with eyeglasses
  • Quick-release safety buckle
  • DOT approved
  • Size range from XS to XL


  • The shield fogs up a little
  • The Sun visor needs to be pulled down manually sometimes

8. Bell Qualifier DLX – Best Comfortable Street Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Qualifier DLX - Best Comfortable Street Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to Motorcycle helmets, Bell is one of the top brands producing high-quality motorcycle gear with some remarkable features.

Bell Qualifier DLX Motorcycle Helmet, no doubt, lives up to the famous Bell name, offering an extraordinary riding experience.

Durable Exterior

The Bell DLX Helmet has a sturdy and durable exterior comprising a polycarbonate composite shell. This helps in mitigating bulk and providing a more comfortable fit.

Since the helmet is DOT certified, it provides additional peace of mind to the rider as it is strong enough to palliate the effect of collisions.

Lock Straps

Also, the helmet comes with secure D-ring lock straps that ensure the helmet stays in place once you put it on. With this, you can rest easy as the helmet will stay on your head.

NutraFog II Technology

Additionally, the helmet features NutraFog II Technology, a standout feature for all Bell Helmets, which helps prevent the formation of moisture on the shield.

In inclement weather, the Bell Qualifier ensures a clear field of vision. The visor is also UV protected, so you can easily ride in the scorching heat without having to worry about those harmful UV rays.

Additionally, the shield is also anti-scratch and able to withstand extended use.

Ventilation System

The DLX is equipped with its Velocity Flow Ventilation System. This keeps the air flowing inside the helmet, forcing fresh air in and hot moist air out. This results in better breathability and allows you to keep cool during long, hot rides.

An integrated face shield further accompanies the helmet. This helps provide protection from dirt, bugs, dust, and flying debris, all the while allowing for a wide range of vision.

Inner Linning

Moreover, the interior of the helmet is armored with a removable and washable liner embedded with anti-bacterial interior capabilities. This ensures that you can keep sweat build-up at bay, and after a long ride, it can easily be tossed into the washer.

Also, the interior has built-in speaker recesses, which allow you to enjoy music on the go.


  • Sturdy polycarbonate composite shell
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch capabilities 
  • Fully removable and washable interior 
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Comes with integrated speaker pockets
  • Has contoured cheek pads
  • DOT approved
  • Size range from XS to XXXL


  • Does not include Bluetooth

9. Triangle TFF15 – Best Cheap Street Motorcycle Helmet

Triangle TFF15 - Best Cheap Street Motorcycle Helmet

The Triangle Full-Face Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet is clear proof that you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a decent full-face helmet that can be trusted to protect your head.

Even though this is a low-budget motorcycle helmet, it possesses remarkable features to keep your safety and comfort in check.

ABS Shell

The Triangle Helmet features an advanced ABS shell with high-pressure thermoplastic technology that is quite effective at resisting big impacts, improves the lifespan of the helmet, and keeps your head fully protected.

Its DOT certification is further evidence that the helmet is indeed capable of safeguarding you if an accident takes place. 

EPS Liner

Above all, the Triangle Full Face Helmet has a multi-density EPS interior lining which not only provides impeccable impact absorption but also offers you the ultimate comfort, especially when taking long rides.

What’s more, is that the soft laser-cut padding provides dry comfort. The liner can be removed and washed easily, which adds to the convenience offered by this helmet.


In addition to that, this headgear features a clear PC, an anti-scratch visor, plus removable DVS treatment with a quick-change mechanism system. It protects the face against any unwanted elements.

Ventilation System

Furthermore, several air vents have been placed all over the helmet to allow riders sufficient ventilation and, ultimately, a cool, calm ride.

The helmet also includes a padded chin strap that comes with a micrometric closure to help tightly fasten and secure the helmet on your head.


  • Lightweight design
  • Includes a padded chin strap with a micrometric closure
  • The visor is easily removable 
  • Washable and antibacterial liner
  • DOT certified 


  • Vibration experienced with fast riding

10. AHR H-VEN20 – Best Off-Road Street Motorcycle Helmet

AHR H-VEN20 - Best Off-Road Street Motorcycle Helmet

Lastly, we have the AHR H-VEN20 Full-face Helmet. This is a pretty decent helmet similar to motocross helmet styles that will allow you to satisfy your safety needs when you’re either out offroading or street biking.

ABS Shell

This headgear consists of sturdy polycarbonate and ABS-constructed shell that is able to withstand a significant amount of force in the event of a collision. It is available in different sizes intended to fit all head types and sizes properly.

This helmet is also compliant with DOT standards, so rest assured you’ll be investing in a trustworthy, safe helmet.

Ventilation System

As the AHR H-VEN20 is equipped with multiple air vents, you won’t have to worry about ventilation and cooling with this one.

These allow for optimum airflow and improved comfort and moisture management in warm riding conditions.

EPS Liner

Additionally, the helmet is accompanied by a multi-density EPS liner for greater absorption of impact and providing a comfortable ride.

The liner and cheek pads are also removable and washable for comfort after repeated use.

Chin Strap

Another beneficial feature that is not a surprise and that should be in any off-road helmet is the buckled chin strap. This allows for additional safety and secures the helmet on your head.

This way, you can be certain your helmet is not going to be knocked off your head when you’re riding over uneven surfaces.


  • Solid build
  • Lightweight 
  • Reinforced chin strap
  • Removable and washable liner
  • DOT approved


  • Narrow fitting

What to consider when looking for The Best Street Motorcycle Helmet – Buying Guide 2023

For you to roam around the streets quickly and conveniently, it is certain you just can’t buy a motorcycle helmet randomly.

For you to quickly analyze which one will be the most comfortable and suitable for you, do check on the following factors:


While you mess around, it is extremely important to have a durable motorcycle helmet that remains the first most criteria of evergreen best motorcycle helmets. The build material should remain top-notch and not break away easily with low-intensity falls.

Some low-quality helmets lose their shape even when they slip off through hands when trying to place them somewhere. You gotta check out the durability of the best street motorcycle helmet.

Comfortable Interior

The frequent usage of a motorcycle helmet places great emphasis on having a comfortable interior. The helmet should be soft, sweat-absorbent, and keep its shape to add up to the interior comfortability numbers.

The long-term viability of inside materials is also a great necessity so it remains usable over a consistent period of time. 

DOT Approval

The helmet’s overall features should be certified and fit for use by the United States Department of Transfer. This means you can be a bit more satisfied with any street motorcycle helmet on offer when it is DOT Approved.

Build materials are checked rigorously so that they ensure that human life has to bear the minimum impact of any incident. 

Ventilation Design

The ventilation feature ensures that sweat and heat don’t irritate much to the human body much. With air ventilation designs, air inflow and outflows are allowed and provide extreme levels of comfort to the nicely designed motorcycle helmet ventilation design. 

Eyewear Compatibility

The helmet glass quality should never be compromised. The eyes would hurt too much once the low-quality glass is used. It should always deliver matchless eyewear compatibility so that the rest can follow.

Once there are scratches on the glass, the eyesight through a motorcycle ride gives new perspectives. 

Summing Everything Up

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you probably have enough knowledge to make a wise decision that you won’t regret. Finding the right motorcycle helmet is a tricky business and can also be quite confusing, especially if this is your first time.

We’ve mentioned all the necessary information and included the top ten list that has been tailored to include the needs of every motorcyclist. Therefore, you’ll surely find your gem here. Be sure to keep the buying guide in mind as well.

Good luck, and ride safe!

Joost Smith

A Perpetual motorcycle rider with the sound experience & knowledge to analyze and write about motorcycle helmets. You would get to read the most practical reviews, honest opinions, and best possible recommendations through my review articles.