ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face with Pinlock Review

Motorcycle riders always choose to wear full-face helmets to keep safe on the road. This gear’s brands, designs, features, and pricing vary widely. A full-face motorcycle helmet is an excellent option for regular motorcycle riders.

There are many different types of motorcycle helmets on the market today, each with its own set of requirements, but the ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face with pinlock provides features like none.

It includes a visor lock to lock the outer visor to the helmet while riding at high speeds, a metal buckle and quick-release mechanism, ample ventilation,  two fins, a mirror, and the typical pin-lock and anti-fog visor.

What makes it better than others?

The ILM helmet meets or exceeds the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 and the Department of Transportation Safety Standards.  Using a visor lock, you can guarantee that your outer visor remains securely linked to your helmet when riding at high speeds, which increases your safety.

There are many air vents for maximum ventilation, a rapid-release mechanism, and a metal buckle for robust protection. The cost of this item is well worth it. It may cost up to $149, but that’s not too much to ask if you’re seeking protection and style at the same time.

In-Depth Product Review

The ABS material used to construct the helmet is lightweight and sturdy. The helmet’s outer shell provides stability and long-term use. The quick-release strap mechanism in the helmet keeps your head secure. This functionality outperforms the standard D-ring method.

The helmet’s aerodynamic design ensures that it will never fall off your head. A visor’s primary function is to shield the wearer’s eyes and ears from the sun and rain—precisely the same but more advanced.

The helmet looks and performs like a high-end, high-tech helmet, yet it’s a fraction of the price.

The Right Fit

The ILM is an excellent choice if you are a professional motorcyclist or a fan of motocross racing since its style and colors will complement your sport.

It is a product that complies with safety regulations and alleviates anxieties. The equipment is also suitable for scooters, street bikes, and snowmobiles.


It features two visors, one of which is transparent and the other of which is tinted or mirrored, with the tinted visor being suitable for wearing in the sun.

During challenging journeys, the transparent visor shields your eyes from harmful rays. An anti-fog visor, which is readily available, may also be attached, and the lock ensures that both visors remain in place.


This helmet’s ABS shell includes an innovative lightweight feature that adds comfort to the helmet’s previously existing features. The aerodynamic design is the defining element of the majority of ILM Helmets. It is a simple but essential aspect that cannot be overlooked.

This aerodynamic design is responsible for increasing speed and decreasing wind noise. Furthermore, even though the helmet is reasonably priced, it seems to be more costly and feels more high-tech.


The shell offers excellent breathability, which helps to keep you and your inside garments dry. The inside fabric is well-fitting and washable, and it is simple to replace the lining with a new one that matches the shell.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Customizable colors.
  • Compatible sizes.
  • A shell that is impervious to the elements.
  • Lighter in weight than other types of headgear.


  • The small size may make you feel unfit.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly helmet, the ILM Full Face Helmet is an excellent option to consider. For just $149, this helmet has all of the features you could possibly want. This makes it one of the most competitively priced choices on the market at the moment.

Final Thoughts

If your budget permits it, there is nothing wrong with investing in a high-end piece of equipment. It is essential to pick the best full-face motorcycle helmet while staying within your budget if you are a regular rider who spends most of your time on or off the road.

Many times, a less expensive helmet is equipped with high-end features. Although there is always a difference in quality between a pricey and a low-cost helmet, you can opt for ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face with Pinlock for your journey or go with Fly Racing to match your requirements.

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