How to add Bluetooth to motorcycle helmets For Musical Rides?

How to add Bluetooth to motorcycle helmet 

Turning an ordinary motorcycle helmet into a Bluetooth-specialized one is every rider’s dream. Although many helmets with Bluetooth connectivity are available on the market, they can be expensive for someone. Many riders look for customizing options for Bluetooth connectivity. Let’s figure out how to add Bluetooth to motorcycle helmets.

A Bluetooth helmet offers multiple purposes, including easy access to GPS, listening to music, and communicating with your friends and family. Thus, it offers convenience for a rider during an off-road trip.  There are many ways a person can choose to install Bluetooth in his regular helmet. An in-built helmet is quite expensive. Therefore, create your own by following simple steps. 

Why have a Bluetooth headset for your helmet?

Bluetooth offers plenty of services that make a person hooked to it. Essentially, it allows you to connect with other riders on an off-road trip. Therefore, it prevents you from disrupting the interaction with your friends and family, even if you are riding a bike. Riding can be fun when a great song list accompanies it. Hence, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen to music and make your journey pleasant. 

What do you do when your phone rings? You possibly have to stop by to attend the call. However, you can still communicate while traveling if you have a Bluetooth system. Not every helmet incorporates this advanced feature. Buying those helmets can be hard on your pocket. However, customizing your helmet with a Bluetooth device is achievable and affordable. You can integrate a Bluetooth device on your open face motorcycle helmet or full face motorcycle helmet.

Guidelines for adding a Bluetooth to your helmet

Undoubtedly, you can have a comfortable journey if your helmet has an in-built Bluetooth system. However, you have to pay extra dollars to buy a Bluetooth-specialized helmet. What if you have Bluetooth connectivity in your ordinary helmet? Yes, you can acquire this unique feature by following simple steps. 

You can do this by adopting two pathways. One method is to cut the helmet to accommodate a Bluetooth device. The following method is a bit complicated and requires interior modification. Whatever method you choose will depend on your expertise. These two methods are illustrated below:

Insertion without exterior changes

This method involves fitting the Bluetooth device without making any significant external changes. Therefore, it requires only internal changes to accommodate the in-built communication system. It involves the following crucial steps:

Prepare the headset

Possibly every action requires some pre-planning and preparation. Similarly, mounting a headset in a helmet also requires some preparations. For the headset preparation, you must have a highly efficient Bluetooth system. Therefore, purchase it either through a retail store or e-commerce. 

Prepare the helmet

The next step is preparing your helmet for the installation process. Your helmet has the ROI that is the target area. Therefore, inspect the entire helmet, both exterior and interior. You have to highlight the area that comes directly over your ear. Therefore, wear a helmet to mark that spot. This step needs accuracy and precision, as a slight error can ruin your helmet. 

Remove the interior cushioning to make the spot visible and avoid unnecessary cuts. After visualizing the marked area, start cutting. However, ensure to cut according to the headset size. Moreover, the cut must be big enough to accommodate the Bluetooth setting without damage. Again examine the entire helmet to look for any unnecessary cuts. 


Put the headset into the socket you have created. Attach the wires useful for communication. Place the cushioning back in the original spot. The next step is to glue the headset to the desired location firmly. This way, the headset will not dislocate even while riding on an imbalanced surface. 

Installation with Exterior Cuts

The previous procedure doesn’t involve any exterior modification. However, this method requires significant exterior and interior changes to create a well-functioning Bluetooth device. Following are its salient key steps:

Disassemble the headset

For this purpose, you need to disassemble the entire headset arrangement. Unscrewing it will make the process a lot more accessible for you. You must know precisely the right location for each wire, as you have to re-arrange it. After removing all the screws, remove all compartments of the headset. This way, disassembling the headset is the first step toward a customized Bluetooth helmet. 

Prepare the helmet

The next step is to prepare the helmet, which is your target region. Preparing the helmet involves scrutinizing the entire helmet. Moreover, wear the helmet to determine the exact location for making a hole for the headset. Make sure you have removed the cushioning before cutting. 

Initiate the installation process

After making all necessary preparations, begin the installation process. Place the headset in the helmet and start the assembling process. Moreover, also place the amplifier and speaker at the right location. Ensure connecting the wires are in the correct spots. After making all the connections, activate the Bluetooth to determine its working status. Later on, put the cushioning back to complete the process. Nonetheless, you will have to clean the inside of your motorcycle helmet more carefully after inserting a bluetooth device to avoid any damage.


Having Bluetooth connectivity gives you relief if you are traveling. The in-built Bluetooth helmet is quite expensive. However, you can make it affordable by creating one for yourself. You only require two things; a headset and a helmet. The process looks complicated, but it is relatively easy. Moreover, it doesn’t require any expert hand to accomplish the task. 

Before starting the installation process, do significant planning. Possibly you need to examine the headset and helmet. Moreover, carefully mark the spot for the cut. A slight miscalculation can have irreversible outcomes. Therefore, plan and perform carefully to add Bluetooth to your helmet. 

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