7 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets | 2023 Picks

best dual sport motorcycle helmets

Those who are always ready to wade on an adventure need double support protection. This dual protection saves the rider from any injury or harm. These motorcycle riders tend to accelerate with the speed of light and gusts of high-speed wind.

Subsequently, they can have any unforeseen situation that could harm them. So they need to brace themselves by carrying protective and guarding things. 

A motorcycle helmet is a vital constituent of a rider’s journey. It protects him against harsh wind, bright sunlight, dust, pollution, and other toxic elements. Therefore, the helmet must be firm and durable to provide better protection.

A dual-sport motorcycle helmet is the most widely used helmet by experts. That fits conveniently and provides agile protection. Here’s a list of the Top 7 best dual sport helmets in 2023.

2Bell MX-9Bell MX-9r
3ScorpionEXO EXO-AT950Scorpian EXO AT950
4Klim Krios KarbonKLIM Krios Karbon
5Arai XD4Arai XD4
Shoei Hornet X2Shoei Hornet X2
7KLIM Krios proKLIM Krios Pro Rally

1. HJC DS-X1 Synergy – Best Overall Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

HJC DS-X1 Synergy - Best Overall Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet


It comprises Polycarbonate Composite Shell that makes it a lightweight helmet. It gives a high-class quality due to its formidable design and attractive look.

Inner Linning

Its interior is washable and sweats absorbent. It doesn’t hinder the vision and provides good visibility. It is one of the most recognized HJC Helmets.


  •  It is easy to carry due to its comfortable design.
  •  DOT has also approved this dual-sport helmet.
  • Provides a clear vision


  •  It has a heavyweight design
  • Provides poor airflow. 

2. Bell MX-9 – Best Cheap Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Bell MX-9 - Best Cheap Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

MIPS Technology

It uses the MIPS technology acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. The helmet protects, in any case, from rotational impact as the inner of the helmet moves downward in the encounter.

Removable Interior

It is specially equipped to provide dual-sport. All its parts are removable, including liner and speaker pockets.


  •   It provides a 5-year warranty along with its affordable price. 
  • It is packed with aggressive styling. 


  •  However, its structure is heavy for the rider. 
  • Its visor can catch wind sometimes.

3. Scorpion EXO-AT 950 – Best External Visor Helmet

Scorpion EXO-AT 950 - Best External Visor Helmet

Polycarbonate Shell

LG polycarbonate makes its exterior that provides rugged and compact support. It has an EPS liner, which is easily washable, and arranged in multi-layers to cushion against any jolt or jerk.

Comfort and Convenience

One could also adjust goggles while wearing this dual-sport motorcycle helmet. It has a removable peak that allows a comfortable ride on the street. 


  •  The helmet carries the significance of being modular. 
  • DOT has given its approval.
  • Advanced protection


  •  While talking about its cons, this design is suitable mainly for those having thin faces. 
  • Furthermore, it does not shield noises really well.

4. Klim Krios Karbon – Best Aerodynamic Dual Sport Helmet

Klim Krios Karbon - Best Aerodynamic Dual Sport Helmet

Sturdy Built

It is entirely made of carbon fibers which makes it highly safe for riding. Therefore, it has gained the approval of both ECE and DOT.

Lightweight Structure

It’s one of the lightweight helmets on the market and also includes a pin-lock face shield. 


  • Advanced protection by carbon fiber shell.
  • It has a pin-lock-ready face shield.
  • It incorporates a dropdown visor


  •  However, ordinary goggles don’t fit inside, so one must buy Klim Radius Goggle for use. 
  • Further, these helmets are only available in 2 sizes. 

5. Arai XD-4 – Best True To Size Helmet

Arai XD-4 - Best True To Size Helmet

Durable Structure

Its impressive style comes with a 5-year warranty, making it a first choice if you are looking for cool motorcycle helmet options. Furthermore, it has passed all the tests related to quality assurance. Snell M2020 has also approved it.

Ventilation System

It provides great ventilation and comfort to the rider. Although its price tag is high for the consumer, it is gaining many positive reviews. 


  •   High-quality helmet
  • Provides great ventilation
  • Approved by Snell M2020


  •  However, consumers have complained that due to frequent use of the visor, scratches appear on the helmet.

6. Shoei Hornet X2 – Best Top Rated Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Hornet X2 - Best Top Rated Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Unique Design

Shoei’s contemporary design and excellent quality are ready to compete with any other top helmet brands. Both Snell and DOT have approved its quality.

Pink-Lock Feature

It has a specialized pin-lock-ready face shield for optimum protection. All the items interlocked together in a helmet are removable. 


  •  It also has a pin-lock-ready face shield
  • It reduces noise to a great extent


  • On the other aspect, these helmets are cumbersome to carry. 
  • It provides weaker ventilation as compared to Arai. 

7. Klim Krios Pro Rally – Best Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Klim Krios Pro Rally - Best Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Carbon Fiber Shell

For high-end DS gear, Klim serves as a benchmark. It reduces the incidence of head trauma by providing a carbon fiber shell enmeshed with a Koroyd material.

Photochromic lens

It has an optimized transition Photochromic lens. Furthermore, it gives excellent ventilation to the rider. 


  •  It has specialized transition photochromic lenses
  • Excellent ventilation for the rider


  • Its transition visor is not durable enough to sustain for a long time.
  •  Furthermore, they are only available in 2 sizes. 

Critical Features of Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Its durability allows you to function along with highway rides and saves you from mud-flinging action. A dual-sport motorcycle is the latest arrival that complies with the demands of the users.

It is a comfortable helmet that does not hinder breathing. It provides a cooling effect when you sweat. The dual-sport motorcycle helmet protects against dirt if you are jostling around on a muddy pathway. 


Best dual-sport helmets provide the benefit of street riding and in the dirt. Dual sport lids are helpful to survive in both environments and give feasibility.

It provides shielding when you are riding in the mud. It is professionally designed for an off-road trip. Therefore it is better to invest in a dual-sport motorcycle helmet for a comfortable ride. We hope that this review of the best dual sport motorcycle helmets helps you in finding the correct option according to your requirements.

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