Royal M139 Open-Face Helmet Review 2024 | DOT-Approved

Royal M139 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review Summary

Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Review


  • Double D-ring chin strap
  • Expanded Polystyrene inner material
  • Anti-scratch visors
  • DOT approval


  • Heavyweight helmet

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Motorcycle riding can be fun and exciting if you complement it with a stylish helmet. Wearing a high-quality and stylish helmet can make it the talk of the town. Whether going for an off-road trip or roaming around in the streets, a well-designed helmet never goes out of style. Like your clothes, it also reflects your personality. 

Every motorcycle rider looks for trendy helmets. However, if you blend vintage with style, you can have a perfect helmet for yourself. Vintage and classic helmets are back in trend. Therefore, you can have one for your new venture, such as the Royal M139 helmet. It has a new classic range for helmet lovers. Moreover, it features exciting style, ergonomic design, and durability for its consumers. 

What Makes Royal M139 Open-Face Helmet Better Than Others?

Royal M139 helmet incorporates different unique features that make it a reliable choice. Manufacturers have performed various tests to gain DOT certification. Therefore, you can choose this helmet as it complies with all safety standards. The inner lining resists moisture. As a result, it significantly diminishes the accumulation of harmful bacteria. 

A Deep Insight

Royal M139 helmet offers the best features that a motorcycle rider is looking for in a helmet. Unlike traditional ones, it’s a durable motorcycle helmet that offers strength and style at an affordable price. Moreover, the helmet is available in different skull sizes. Additionally, the helmet also offers 3 positions for ventilation. As a result, you can no longer have a suffocating ride, especially in summer. 

Its anti-scratch visors possess excellent quality. They are proficient in providing a better view that puts less strain on the rider’s eyes. These not only provide a wide-angle view but also offers UV protection. Hence, visors add comfort to your journey by providing a clear view. Hence, trusting this helmet will get you amazing features at an affordable price. 

Significant Features of the Royal M139 Open-Face Helmet

This retro motorcycle helmet has exciting and unique designs for both men and women. This helmet comes in different skull sizes and designs. Therefore, you can pick one according to your preference. It incorporates different unique features, which are listed below:

Building Material

Different manufacturing companies use various building materials for helmets. Generally, a helmet has three distinctive layers. The outermost layer is most vulnerable to damage. As a result, manufacturers must pick suitable materials for their construction.

Royal M139 helmet uses Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for making its exterior shell. 

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a thermoplastic polymer. This material is easy to mold into the required shape. Moreover, it imparts strength to the helmet. As a result, the helmet prevents the head from any external and internal injuries during an impact.  

The innermost layer comes in proximity to the head. Therefore, it must be soft and efficient enough to absorb a shock of any magnitude. Royal M139 helmet uses Expanded Polystyrene for the internal lining. The material serves as a shock absorber and prevents injuries. 

Good for Safety

What is the main reason behind getting the helmet? For sure, the primary reason is safety. A helmet is useless if it fails to safeguard its wearer. Therefore, the Royal M139 is one of the best safety-rated motorcycle helmets that offer maximum safety for its wearers. It carries out various tests and trials to comply with safety standards. 

DOT FMVSS 218 has approved the Royal M139 helmet for strictly following all the safety rules. Its exterior is tough to neutralize the force, and the interior is soft to absorb the shock. This way, it offers a high level of protection for its wearers. 

Elegant Design

What attracts consumers most is its well-designed structure. It is an amalgam of vintage and style. Therefore, this unique combination has made it popular among motorcycle riders. The design is attractive and sophisticated. As a result, people of different age groups can also wear the stylish Royal M139 helmet. 

It uses a corrosion-resistant material that makes it durable. This open-face helmet is a classical adult choice for its elegant style and unique designs. 

Anti-scratch Visors

This open-face helmet has an anti-scratch visor that extends up to the chin. As a result, it will prevent the entrance of dust and smoke inside the chamber. At times, minute dust particles can cause scratches on visors. Subsequently, it compromises the rider’s vision. Therefore, the Royal M139 helmet has incorporated anti-scratch, non-breakable, and durable visors. 


The helmet houses three liners for extra protection. Fortunately, they are removable. As s result, you can remove them for either washing or cleaning. Motorcycle riding in summer can be challenging due to sweat and humidity. However, the Royal M139 helmet offers a moisture-resistant liner. It not only absorbs moisture but also prevents the accumulation of harmful bacteria. 

This helmet incorporates a Double D-ring chin strap for securing the helmet. Traveling on a rough surface can dislocate your helmet. However, a D-ring strap can fasten the helmet firmly to its original position.

Why Should You Buy Royal M139 Open-Face Helmet?

Royal M139 open-face helmet houses incredible features. It is an adventure tour helmet for both men and women. Moreover, it offers a vintage look complemented by unique designs. It becomes annoying when the helmet dislocates. However, the Royal M139 helmet has a D-ring strap for firmly holding the helmet.


Like other accessories, a helmet reflects your personality and vision. Whether a teenager or a young adult, you need utmost protection by wearing a helmet. A helmet safeguards its wearer and prevents any fatal damage. Therefore, choosing the right helmet is key to your security. Marketplace offers a wide range of variety. However, it’s up to you to choose the right one according to your need.  Royal M139 helmet not only introduces intricate designs but offers maximum security for motorcycle riders.                                                                                           

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