Triangle ‎TFF15-MB Helmet Review 2024 | Laser Cut Padding

Triangle ‎TFF15-MB Helmet Review Summary

Triangle ‎TFF15-MB Helmet


  • Wide peripheral view
  • DOT certified
  • Lightweight
  • EPS vented liner
  • Comfortable
  • Exquisite color
  • PC dual visor
  • ABS Shell 


  • No warranty is guaranteed
  • Slightly expensive

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With the growing globalization, everything is moving at the speed of light. The introduction of advanced technology motorcycles in the field of transportation equally requires avant-garde protection. Helmets are central when it comes to protecting yourself on the roads. It protects your head, neck, and face during major or minor accidents.

To prevent head injuries, you must invest in a good quality helmet that ensures safety, comfort, and durability. However, the difficult task is to find the one that suits your preferences among the long list of different helmets.

When discussing our safety, we should research and consider various dimensions before choosing one. Don’t worry; we have already done thorough research, and Triangle TFF 15 is the one that stands out among all the others with its unique features. 

What Makes Triangle ‎TFF15-Mb Motorcycle Helmet Different?

Several important reasons make the TFF 15-MB helmet a unique choice in contrast to its counterparts. It comes along with a unique glossy finished visor that provides a great peripheral view of the surrounding. Triangle’s helmet has a great fit with the updated version of interior molds that exhibits comfort throughout the ride. 

Moreover, it is a lightweight motorcycle helmet, adding to its comfort level and durability. Many helmets may offer one or two features, but TFF 15 possesses all the required characteristics, which are hard to find in other helmets. 

In-Depth Review

Before buying any product, you need to have a full understanding of the required features. We are providing an in-depth review of each characteristic to give you a better idea of the product. Some of the recognized features are a lightweight ABS shell, PC visor, laser cut padding, and safety standard certification. The best thing is to make a checklist of your preferred features and then compare it with the following detailed review.

ABS Shell with Thermoplastic Technology

It comes with an advanced ABS shell which is extremely lightweight, delivering comfort throughout the ride. The ABS shell is designed with high-pressure thermoplastic technology. This lightweight exterior shell prevents extra pressure tension on the neck and head. 

Providing comfort is the key concern of the installed ABS shell. Further, the shell comes along with quick-release straps and clasps that provide ease for putting the helmet on and off. 

PC Visor with a Glossy Finish

Triangle’s helmet has a well-designed dual visor lens for a wide view. The outer visor comes along with a pin lock system, while the inner visor prevents the sun rays from entering your eyes. The glossy finish of the PC visor offers 99% protection against UV toxic rays. 

Both visors have anti-fog technology that prevents the accumulation of fog on the visor, aiding in a clear ride even in challenging weather. Moreover, the installed quick-change mechanism can easily remove the PC visor. 

Streamlined Aerodynamic Design

Who doesn’t love a peaceful ride with no noise disturbance where you can explore your inner self and meditate? The helmet comes with updated, streamlined aerodynamic designs that cancel road and wind noise. It also reduces the drag force during the rides, providing you with an impeccable peaceful experience. 

Vented EPS Liner

The helmet’s interior is lined with high-quality, thick, and high-density EPS liner. The EPS liner is made with soft laser-cut pads that provide comfort and hygiene. It also absorbs heavy impact force in case of unfortunate accidents. The laser-cut pads are fully removable and washable in case of heavy sweat or dirt. It also has a padded chin strap that ends with a micrometric closure.

DOT Certified

Safety certification should always be considered while you plan to buy a new helmet. It gives you a surety that your product is practically tested and tried. Triangle’s helmet meets and exceeds the safety standards of DOT FMVSS. Proper tests and trials assure the certification of safety in ACT labs, approved by the authorities. 

Other Features

Apart from the major updated features, it has numerous other features; for example, it’s lightweight. The overall product weighs around 3.1 pounds which is extremely comfortable, especially for long motorbike drives.

Also, it comes in a matte black solid color, adding more essence to its appearance. It comes in four different sizes offering an ideal fit for the clients. 

Why Should you Buy it?

Most of the helmets might provide one or a few of the features mentioned above. But TFF 15 delivers all the updated features with a minimal price of a motorcycle helmet that will never exceed your budget. You should definitely try it if you are tired of using your old worn-out helmet. It will elevate your motorcycle rides while making you the center of attraction with its elite matte black color. 


Prevention is better than cure; it is excellently applicable in the case of motorbike rides. The head is an integral part of the human body. You should provide proper protection with a high-quality helmet. Finding a perfect helmet for fear-free rides is arduous, but it isn’t entirely impossible. We have provided you with a detailed review of the Triangle TFF helmet that will ensure high safety and comfort. All you are required to do is don’t skim through the review and consider every feature before buying it.

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