GLX M14 Helmet Review 2024 | Anti-Smoke Helmet

GLX M14 Helmet Review Summary

GLX M14 Helmet Review


  • Tinted retractable visors
  • DOT approval
  • EPS foam layer
  • Three preset positions for shield
  • Intercom-ready design


  • The shield can retract back from its position
  • Slightly heavy on the head

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Undoubtedly, grabbing the right helmet can lead you to a comfortable ride. However, searching for the best helmet is a grinding task. A variety of helmets are available in the marketplace. However, only a few can grab the eyeballs of buyers. Whether going for a long road trip or a casual city ride, a motorcycle helmet is your constant partner. Therefore, grab the best helmet for optimum shielding. 

GLX M14 helmet is one of the most renowned helmets. The helmet is available in a universal size; therefore, it can fit different skull sizes. Apart from that, it incorporates salient features that can instantly make you buy one. 

What makes it better than others?

GLX M14 helmet has a free tinted visor to offer clear vision. The helmet is not manufactured for only male riders. Due to its uni-sex features female can also wear it. Moreover, it complies with all essential criteria of DOT and has gained its approval. Therefore, it’s considered as safest half helmet one can acquire to have a comfortable and stress-free journey. 

A deep insight

GLX M14 helmet acquires all the good features that can deliver a comfortable ride. You can have a great ride without worrying about dust, smoke, and pollution. Its anti-smoke shield prevents the accumulation of dust or contaminants. Moreover, you can acquire swift communication by integrating a communication or Bluetooth device. 

This helmet helps you to look stylish due to its sleek design. Moreover, it acquires premium finishes due to its synthetic material: Expanded Polystyrene, Polyester fabric, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It offers a dynamic layout and sturdy texture to grab your attention. Fixing helmet compartments can be tough. However, the GLX M14 helmet requires no additional gadgets for fixing its compartments. 

Significant features of the GLX M14 helmet

A scooter helmet that varies in size from small to X-large. This helmet houses the most incredible features that every rider yearns to have. Additionally, the helmet is affordable and is not heavy in your pocket. GLX M14 helmet has the following significant features:

Premium finishes

Despite charging heavy amounts, many helmets fail to impress riders. However, the GLX M14 helmet has an innovative layout. Its configuration ad structure instantly grabs buyers’ attention. Manufacturers have put considerable effort into minor detailing. As a result, it is a superior-quality and premium finish helmet. 

The extensive fabrication exhibits a dynamic layout. Moreover, the exterior covering is tough. As a result, its durability and strength have gained DOT certification. Manufacturers use a combination of materials for their making. These materials are Expanded Polystyrene, Polyester fabric, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. 

Hence, this helmet offers superior quality due to its rugged exterior and flexible interior. The EPS serves as a compact surface to absorb maximum friction. Hence, it shields your head against a high-magnitude force. 

Integrated Shield

The integrated sun shield is an additional feature to remove strain from your eyes. Occasionally, glaring can compromise your vision. However, the sun visor enables you to see and shield your eyes from UV sun radiation. GLX M14 helmet incorporates an anti-scratch and free-tinted shield. 

Riding on rough terrain can be challenging due to wind and dust. Ultimately, that can compromise your vision. However, these new shields are smoke-free and prevent the accumulation of dust particles. These shields not only clear your vision but also fulfill the criteria of DOT certification. Complying with the dot standards, it shields the wearer from any injury and harm. 

Intercom-ready design

This feature allows riders to have an intercom in their helmet. The built-in compartment offers the capacity to adjust any communication device or audio enhancement system. This way, a rider can enjoy seamless communication service. Moreover, the helmet incorporates a quick-release strap design to conveniently adjust the communication device. 

EPS foam liner

Many helmets are hard from the inside. As a result, riders feel uncomfortable and tired. However, the GLX M14 helmet has a soft interior to absorb maximum friction. Its manufacturers have added EPS foam liner to give comfort to riders. This microfiber inner layer is a quick impact-absorbing lining. Moreover, it is entirely removable. Riders can wash it to get rid of any impurities. The inner lining is not only durable but adds style to your helmet. 

No tools require

At times, when a person has to change the shield, it becomes a tiring task. A person has to fetch the right equipment to replace the old shield. However, the GLX M14 helmet offers its rider to replace the shield without using any specific tools. By adjusting the peripheries, you can quickly fix the helmet’s shield. 

Furthermore, it contains three preset positions to adjust the shield. One can choose the right spot according to comfort and skull size. 

Weight and Dimension

GLX M14 helmet doesn’t cause extra burden on your head and neck. It’s a lightweight motorbike helmet and only weighs 2.1 pounds. Hence, you can wear this stylish helmet even for a long-distance ride. In addition to that, its dimension measures 12.75 x 9.8 x 8 inches. A person can conveniently choose the right one according to his head size. 

Why should you buy it?

All its incredible features will compel you to buy this uni-sex helmet. It is available in different sizes so you can pick one that fits you. Moreover, the microfiber inner material is removable and washable. The helmet is durable and protects your skull from abrasive damage. Therefore, wearing it can be life-saving for you. 


Finding the right helmet is equally important as having a life jacket before sailing. Acquire the best helmet that matches all your requirements. GLX M14 helmet is one of the leading helmets due to its exclusive features. Picking it up can save not only your money but also your life. It incorporates different significant features to add comfort. Hence, you can choose to have stress-free riding. 

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