Bell Recon Helmet Review 2024 | Minimalistic Design Helmet

Bell Recon Helmet Review Summary

Bell Recon Helmet Review


  • Tough and durable exterior
  • Velvety inner lining
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Removable ear cover
  • Provides ventilation


  • Unprotected face area
  • Not quite appealing

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Whether a part of luxury or safeguarding equipment, a helmet is a constant to a motorcycle rider. Research has supported the wearing of a motorcycle helmet for various reasons. The most potent argument is its role in shielding the rider against any unanticipated situation. Moreover, it dampens friction and jerks. This way, it protects the rider against any challenging situation. 

Therefore, every cautious rider puts considerable effort into selecting the most efficient helmet. However, only a few know tactics to buy an all-rounder, competent helmet at an affordable price. According to analysis, the Bell Recon is not only the safest half helmet but it’s also available at an exciting price with uncompromisable features. 

What makes Bell Recon Helmet better than others?

Bell Recon helmet’s compelling features always spellbound consumers. This way, they become hooked up and cannot buy any other helmet. These helmets have a tough and durable exterior. This strength provides exceptional protection against any collision or impact. On the contrary, it has a soft interior for a comfortable ride. 

As a result, DOT has given its approval due to its exceptional features. While traveling, it considerably reduces external sound and enables a quiet journey. 

Significant Features of the Bell Recon Helmet

Bell Recon helmet has various exceptional characteristics that will compel users to buy one. These helmets are famous for their durability and sturdy strength. This way, it safeguards the skull and facial features during an impact. Some of its commendable features are; 

External appearance

These Asphalt helmets are available in black matte and grey hues. Hence, it is a primary choice for those who want subtle and well-defined helmets. The physical appearance is quite appealing due to its monochrome shade. Further, the camouflage on the grey-colored helmet also gives a classical appearance. 

Bell Recon helmet takes the designing clues from the troops and soldiers. Hence, it tries to imitate their formidable and durable helmets. Those loop patches and shape cuts also get their inspiration from troops. With a minimalist class, it serves the most profound task of protecting your skull. 


Everybody talks about its material due to its impressive strength and durability. You can easily guess its strength by holding the helmet in your hands. This helmet gets its extraordinary strength from the exterior carbonate shell. The exterior shell is hard enough to neutralize any impact or collision. The shell consists of three layers which together accomplish the task of protecting the rider. 

The inner lining is soft and velvety in texture. Usually, expanded polystyrene runs in a parallel fashion to constitute the interior lining. The EPS or crushable foams protect the head against any bumps or jolts. Many leading motorcycle helmet companies use expanded polystyrene in construction. This way, using EPS will provide a cushioning effect to the rider. 

Moreover, the interior lining is breathable and washable. Due to these additional characteristics, it doesn’t breed bacterial’s colonies. This way, it prevents humidity and sweating from generating a foul odor. 

Weight and dimension

Bell Recon helmet is comfortable and handy. As a result, the rider doesn’t feel any extra burden on his head and shoulder. It’s a lightweight motorcycle helmet that weighs only 3.34 pounds, which designates it as the lightest helmet. This way, the rider can wear it even on a long-distance journey. 

Moreover, it measures 12.5 x 12 x 12 inches, according to the standard size. However, one can order it in various sizes according to the head measurement. As a result, it entirely covers your head and provides 360-degree protection. Due to these characteristics, DOT has authorized its certificate of approval. 


Bell Recon helmet has a plastic goggle strap holder. This holder allows you to wear your concave or convex-mirrored goggles while riding. Many helmets don’t offer this facility. As a result, many long-sighted people cannot wear helmets. On the contrary, the Bell Recon helmet wants a comfortable and pleasant ride for the rider. Hence, it tries to accommodate additional features for its customers. 

This helmet has removable Peltor ear covers. These air covers also help in reducing the noise to a great extent. A built-in speaker pocket facilitates the rider to connect to his friends or listen to music while going on a ride. 

The helmet provides adequate ventilation to the rider. This way, the rider will not feel any suffocation during the journey.


Bell Recon helmet provides a comfortable ride to its wearer. It is evident from positive customers review on its website. Moreover, its affordable price and exceptional features attract the buyer. Hence, you can never get a helmet with surprising features at this cheap rate. 

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