What is a 3/4 motorcycle helmet?

what is a 3/4 motorcycle helmet?

In addition to protecting you from the cold breeze during winter or the hot breeze during summer, helmets also protect you from injury in case of an accident. In motorcycle accidents, head injuries are a common occurrence. By wearing the helmet, the chances of injury to the nose, teeth, eyes, face, and other parts of the head are reduced.

A helmet is essential for riding and its function is to protect the rider during an accident there are different types of helmets according to a particular riding style. The types of helmets include full-face helmets, half-face helmets, modular-face helmets, open-face or ¾ helmets, off-road helmets, and dual-face helmets.

Every helmet has its unique design and features and they are designed for particular conditions. ¾ is one of these helmets.

¾ or Open-face helmets

The problem with other full-face and half-face helmets is that there is no good ventilation system in these helmets. A rider feel suffocated in these helmets. Especially in hot summer weather, a rider cannot wear it for more than an hour. It becomes very difficult and uncomfortable for the rider to ride in the hot summer.

This problem of proper ventilation and comfort is solved by ¾ helmets. ¾ helmets are in between full-face helmets and half-face helmets. These are specially designed helmets.


These are specially designed helmets. They do have a chin bar so their weight is less than other kinds of helmets. But their structure is almost the same as other helmets. There is not a significant change in it. As it is an open face so it does not provide any protection from either hot or cold weather.


Following are some of the advantages that are provided by the open-faced helmets


Open-face helmets can be good for ventilation because it only covers the forehead down to the skull. The front of the head is open to breeze and ventilation. These types of helmets are strongly recommended for those riders who ride in hot summer areas. The ventilation in the helmet gives fresh and cool air to the riders.


These helmets are the best option for those riders who ride for their daily chores. And for those areas where the roads are easy and moderate and when there are very less chances of an accident. These helmets provide a full view through which a rider can look around to see the traffic lights, and the road signs, and see the pathways easily.  

Communication and eating

These helmets are best for those riders who do not ride alone. They would easily communicate with their partner through these helmets. They can also call someone while riding. eating also becomes easy when you wear a ¾ helmet.


As we know that everything has its pros and cons.They give some good advantages for the riders as compared to other helmets but with this, they have some drawbacks as well.

Following are some drawbacks of the ¾ helmets:

No proper safety

These helmets do not have a proper safety system. They are not equipped with a chin bar so when you have accidents there is a greater chance of more injuries to your head. The rest of the head is somewhat secured but the jaw, eyes, and nose are more vulnerable to injuries in the case of an accident.

No shield for the face

The face is not fully shielded in these helmets. So while riding you may be annoyed by the insects, hot and cold weather, and noise. Even though the helmets come with visors, you have to purchase the visor separately.

Best ¾ Motorcycle Helmets

There are some best helmets available in the market which are worth mentioning.

Scorpion EXO

Scorpion EXO is considered to be the best helmet in the ¾ or open-faced helmets. The helmet is light weighted, it has a mask, a full visor, and rear comfort sleeves.

Bell Custom 500

The look of this helmet is great, the outer shell is made of fiberglass and the interior of the helmet is made of leather. The sizes and colors of the helmet vary.

Shoei J-Cruise

It is a bit expensive but it has a lot of features. The inner surface is made of a sun visor thus protecting the rider from the sun. The outer shield is also well designed. It is designed in a way to reduce vibration and noise. The ventilation of this helmet is much better than any other ¾ helmet.


Helmets are essential for protection and safety, but some helmets may cause irritations while riding. ¾ or open-faced helps you in the navigation system, it also helps you in the communication, and most importantly, it is specially designed for a better ventilation system. The light weight is also an additional good feature.

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