How to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair?

How to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair

According to research, a motorcycle helmet significantly reduces fatality by 70% in an accident. That’s why these helmets guard people against any collision or strike. A motorcycle helmet has a composite carbon exterior covering for extra protection. Moreover, its interior is lined with leather or nylon for cushioning the skull and facial structure. 

These motorcycle helmets fit easily on all skull sizes. Further, it’s available in a variety of sizes and colors. That’s why people do not experience any trouble in wearing them. However, some often encounter, especially those with long hair. Men and women with long hair need considerable effort to wear helmets. Often the hair strands are stuck with the helmet’s components. Hence, they need guidance regarding a feasible ride with a motorcycle helmet. 

Challenges for a long hair rider

People with long hair often face considerable challenges while traveling. A motorcycle ride with inconvenience and discomfort can result in tragedy. Similarly, people with long hair have an uncomfortable ride. Their hair may slip underneath the helmet and float in the air. That is unpleasant for the rider. 

Furthermore, those roaming hair strands can come in front of the eyes. This action can obscure a rider’s vision and result in a severe accident. Hence, long hair is always a trouble for a motorcycle rider. 

Practical tips for wearing a helmet

Here are some essential tips and guidelines that a rider with long hair should follow. Many riders with long hair have similar issues. Therefore, there is a standard solution to these problems mentioned above. 

Use a good-fitting helmet

Usually, people with loose helmets often experience challenges. Loose-fitting helmets allow hair to escape while riding a bike. These fluttering hair strands become entangled. Sometimes, it obscures the vision while riding. It is a significant issue with girls as they are sensitive about their hair. Due to the floating hair strands, their hair becomes rough and dry. 

Hence, experts recommend a good-fitting helmet. These helmets restrict the outward motion of hair and constrain them. Following this, a rider can have a clear vision and doesn’t feel inconvenienced anymore. 

Tie your hair tightly

You can try this method if you do not have a good-fitting helmet. Many people try to tuck their hair inside. But this doesn’t make any significant difference. Therefore, make a ponytail or bun out of your hair. It will inhibit its outward motion and keep a rider safe from discomfort while traveling. 

Wearing a headscarf or skullcap

If the rider is a girl, she can wear a headscarf. While for boys, a skullcap is the most appropriate option. A headscarf or a skullcap stays in its position and keeps the hair secure. Moreover, the rider can buy these accessories from any local market. Further, this doesn’t cost an exorbitant price. 

Before traveling, a person should tie the hair with a rubber band. Afterward, he can wrap his head with a skullcap. This technique will keep the hair fixed in its position. 

Keep hair moisturized

Before tying or wrapping your hair in a scarf or cap, apply hair moisturizer thoroughly. A hair moisturizer will keep your hair strand strong and healthy. Moreover, it will prevent it any damaging effects during riding. Many times, dry hair is more prone to damage. That’s why a person should keep their hair greasy with a moisturizer. 


People with long hair encounter many challenges. Their hair are damaged by floating in the air while traveling. Many don’t give any considerable importance to this problem. As a result, not only their hair gets damaged but also they may hurt themselves. Hence, here are some solutions to this problem that they must follow. 

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