HJC I90 Helmet Review 2023 | Pros & Cons Included

Riding a bike without a helmet is like inviting death for yourself. According to a survey, the number of fatal and severe injuries increases in those who do not wear helmets while riding a bike. The helmet protects your head, nose, teeth, and other head parts during an accident. If you do not wear a proper and legalized helmet, you are more likely to suffer severe and fatal injuries to these parts of your body.

Due to this reason, many countries around the globe have made it mandatory for every rider to wear a helmet when they travel from one place to another on a motorcycle. Special commissions like ECE, DOT, SNELL, SHARP, and ISI allow certain helmets to wear. These helmets are given permission after experiments and tests on these helmets to ensure that they would provide safety to the ride. Among these helmets, the Hjc i90 is the best present on the market. It is a South-Korea based helmet that ensure the complete protection and safety of a rider in an accident. This article will review the features and design of the Hjc i90 helmet.

What makes it better than others?

Almost all the helmets are for the safety and protection of the rider, but some helmets provide extra features at a meager cost, and the Hjc i90 is among those helmets. The comfort, durability, sun visor, lightweight, polycarbonate external shell, and ventilation system make the Hjc i90 different from any other helmet on the market. 

In-depth HJC i90 Helmet Review

It is is durable because its outer shell is polycarbonate. Also, due to the ventilation system, it becomes very comfortable while riding. Your eyes are also protected by the sun visor placed in the helmet. These are some of the fantastic features of the Hjc i90 helmet. On top of that, they are less costly than other helmets.

Alongside all these features, the Following is the in-depth review of the Hjc i90 helmet.


The sole purpose of a helmet is to provide safety to the rider, and Hjc i90 helmet is best made for that. They are approved by the SHARP after testing them in different situations. According to the SHARP, This helmet is one of the more secure helmets because the chain guard remains close and locked during every impact. The helmet stays on your head to protect you. The SHARP has given four stars based on the safety of the Hjc i90 helmet.

These helmets also provide a more comprehensive view, thus making it easy for the rider to see here and there, thus reducing the chances of an accident and increasing safety.

Pin lock visor

During the winter, fog can accommodate inside the helmets, which can result in an accident because you would not be able to see things in front of you. The Hjc i90 helmet has solved this problem by inserting a pin lock visor. It has a anti-fog lenses that help resist the fog that accommodates inside the helmet. Thus it allows you to wear it in winter without any fear of fog.


The ventilation system makes it one of the best ventilated motorcycle helmets in the market. It has a visor in the chin bar that takes the air from outside to the mouth, and from then, it moves out through another visor placed near the neck. In this way, you would have proper ventilation and would not feel suffocated inside your helmet or need to remove your helmet for fresh air.

Sun visor

Sun rays can cause a lot of disturbance while riding. When they go straight to your eyes, you will have a hard time riding the motorcycle. Also, ultraviolet rays are dangerous to health too. So to overcome these problems, Hjc i90 helmet has sun visors. It protects you from the ultraviolet and other sun rays.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Good ventilation system
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Provide protection from the sun’s rays
  • Durable
  • Anti-fog
  • Light-weighted


  • Need more breaking-in time
  • Switching the sun visor can be hard sometimes

Why should you buy it?

If you are planning to ride a motorcycle, you would probably need a helmet for safety and protection. In such a case, Hjc i90 helmet is the best for safety and security. It is specially designed in a way that would decrease the chances of severe and fatal injuries. So if you are planning to buy a helmet, buy one with more features than the other, and the Hjc i90 helmet is the best in this.

Final thoughts

The Hjc i90 helmet is one of those rare helmets which give extra features alongside safety. The ventilation system, the sunrays visors, the pin-lock, and the anti-fog lens are some of the most striking features a helmet can provide. You should at least once try this helmet, and you will never regret purchasing it.

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