What to do with an old motorcycle helmet?

What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmet

At regular intervals, bike lovers face a problem. Best motorcycle helmets may last for years. But, tragically, in all actuality, motorcycle helmets do have an expiry date, and riders should decide between buying another one.

However, that regularly leaves us with a helmet we can’t use during rides yet won’t be guaranteed to need to discard them. A few helmets are extravagant while others look astonishing, and discarding them would seem like a waste.

Assuming you’re struggling with choosing how to manage your old helmet, then here are ways by which you use your old helmet. 

Use As Decoration

In all honesty, helmets can be made to use for decorating purposes. You might feel that sounds a piece junky. However, there are a couple of ways you can approach doing this more tastefully.

I have seen individuals do things like transforming their open-face helmets into lights. It’s straightforward and requires boring an opening through the helmet itself. It would be ideal. You can likewise take a chance at showcasing every one of your helmets in your carport.

We know individuals who have arranged or draped their helmets coordinated on their carport wall, which looks astonishing. This functions admirably, assuming you have an assortment of old helmets you utilize no more.

Try Out Its Durability

It would help if you never were placed experiencing the same thing to perceive how well your helmet functions while out for a ride. Assuming you love the particular helmet brand, you can never again utilize and anticipate getting a similar kind to supplant it.

This is an ideal chance to try out its toughness sincerely. This is the ideal opportunity to take a mallet, utilize a belt sander, or even run over it with your vehicle.

This can be a genuine indication of how the helmet would respond to the situation you do get in a mishap in the future with a similar brand. You might even need to post a video on YouTube to help other people choose if it’s long-lasting and solid enough for them.

Reuse It

Assuming you disdain the prospect of simply discarding your helmet yet at the same time would instead not make them stay nearby your home, reusing it would be an ideal arrangement. Call around to your nearby recycling center and check whether they’d have the option to take such a piece.

All aspects of a helmet ought to be recyclable. However, you won’t see that helmet at any point in the future; you’ll essentially realize it’s not gathering dust in your carport and being made into and utilized for something different.

Dismantle It and See What’s Inside

You might want to in what a motorcycle helmet looks like behind the entirety of the foam. There are numerous fruitful YouTube channels where everything they do is slice things down the middle and show recordings of what it resembles inside.

Assuming you have a saw or the like, you can go to slicing your old helmet down the middle and see the exact thing’s happening inside and see what components it had that was safeguarding you on your past rides. Remember to take pictures and recordings so others can share their interest!

Give It To Emergency Services

This is one choice a lot of motorcyclists don’t know about. If you have any fire or police offices close to you, please inquire whether they need any cool motorcycle helmet gifts. Emergency services don’t utilize helmet gifts to safeguard their heads. Instead, they use them for training while figuring out how to focus on individuals wearing a helmet.

They regularly practice how to eliminate a helmet from a harmed individual securely. A helmet would be an ideal gift because the possible sort of individual they’ll manage that is wearing a helmet in crisis will be motorcyclists.