What to do with motorcycle helmet when parked?

What to do with motorcycle helmet when parked

The motorcycle is one of the best riding vehicles you can ever get. It is so friendly, easy to find and cheap. Even a minor accident can cause severe injury, so almost all riders wear helmets while riding.

But sometimes, and somewhere you have to stop your bike and go around, the helmet becomes a headache. You cannot carry it with you for an extended period, and you cannot be left it with your bike because there is a danger of stealing.

So we have shown some tips through which you can decide what to do with your bike when parked. Let’s quickly jump into that.

Carry it around with you

Is it a good idea to carry the helmet with you? It depends on quite a few things. First, it depends on how long you are parking your bike. You should take your helmet if you are gone for a long time. And if you are around, you can leave it on the bike.

Next, you have to be aware of the location of the parking. When you are parking in an area where there are many strangers, and you cannot give it to someone for protection, it is advisable to carry it with you.

Additionally, it depends on your mode and mind. Most probably new bike riders want their helmets to be theirs no matter what. If you are one of them and your helmet is not an extra burden, you can carry it with you.

Get a backpack for your helmet

There is a unique backpack bag designed for the helmets. If you do not want your helmet to be left with the bike, you can use that. It will be easy for you to carry the helmet, and alongside the helmet, you can take other necessary stuff in that backpack: one ticket, two prizes.

Leaving it hanging on the bike

Carrying the helmet with you sometimes becomes irritating, and there is a chance of leaving it somewhere unintentionally. Why not leave it alongside the bike with proper caution. Here are some ways you can use to make your helmet safe wherever you left it.

Get a helmet lock

The best and safest option to store your helmet is to lock your helmet with your bike. You can buy a lock in a market. There are different types of helmet locks, and purchase one suitable for you and your bike. And next time you go somewhere, lock your helmet with your bike and do not worry about the helmet.

No one can steal your helmet from then onwards. The only way he can do it is to steal the whole bike with it, which is significantly less likely to happen. So locking a helmet is the best option among many other options for the helmet.

Keep it in a storage place. Some bikes worldwide provide you with storage where you can put the helmet. The area is usually under the seat, and there is a lock and key. So when you leave your bike in a park. Place helmet in that storage place and do not worry further.

But there is a significantly less number of bikes provide this type of facility. So you have either keep it with yourself or leave it on your bike.

Leaving the helmet on the bike

When the situation doesn’t allow you to carry your helmet with you, and your bike doesn’t have a place to store your helmet, you may not be able to do so. On top of that, if you do not have a helmet locker, you are left with only one option: to leave your helmet on the bike.

Leaving your helmet with the bike without any locker has two cons. First, there is a chance of it being stolen, and second, there is a problem of a place where you should situate your helmet. The best place we would recommend you to lay your helmet on is the mirror. It is a suitable place for a helmet.

We cannot say anything about the stealing part because if the helmet is dear to you, either carry it with you or have a helmet locker.


If your helmet is dear to you, you should carry it with you. Carry it in a bag, or hand or any other thing. If you cannot do this, thee sure you have a locker because it is the only safe way to prevent your helmet from being stolen. Whatever is convenient to you, do that but make sure you have the helmet placed at a safe and do not let it be stolen.

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