What is the difference between a snowmobile helmet and a motorcycle helmet?

What is the difference between a snowmobile helmet and a motorcycle helmet

If you plan to ride on a motorcycle, the first thing you should keep in mind is the helmet. It is an essential tool to protect yourself from different kinds of injuries if an accident happens to you. The helmet covers your head, face, nose, teeth, and forehead during an accident because they are the most vulnerable body parts to a motorcycle accident. By wearing a helmet, the chances of serious injury are reduced significantly.

There are different types of helmets specially designed and approved by ECE. One of them is a snowmobile helmet. They are similar to the general helmets available on the market in many ways. For example, their design is the same, they go through similar testing and experiences, and both these different kinds of helmets must be approved by the ECE to be legalized for the riding.

Although they share some similarities, there are quite a several dissimilarities between these two helmets. This article will thoroughly examine the differences between a snowmobile helmet and a motorcycle helmet.

Different design

As the name suggests, the snowmobile helmets are designed for freezing temperatures. When the temperature is lower than the freezing point or the weather is near to the freezing point, the general helmet does not work. For that particular temperature, the snowmobile helmets are designed.

Double pane shield

When you ride in cold temperatures, the probability of fog accommodation in your helmet is very high. This fog can irritate and distract you, but these shields are designed in such a way that it reduces the mist inside your helmet. Their layers are made of insulators which work to decrease the moisture.

In some of the snowmobile helmets, there is a heater that helps you reduce the fog and keep the temperature constant. When you have a cold temperature around your head and brain, it may cause some damage to some organs. So if you have a heater inside your helmet, it will ensure that your brain and other organs near your brain remain at a warm temperature.

Breath deflector

It is also called a breath box. When you breathe in a cold temperature, the warm breath can become fog within a few seconds. This warm breath, now fog, then circulates inside the helmet which sometimes obstructing the view. It becomes very irritating then. So to remove this problem the snowmobile helmets have a breath deflector or breathe box inside the helmet.

The breath deflector forms a seal around your cheekbone and nose. When the warm air is released from your mouth, this seal removes it from the helmet to the outside. Instead of accommodating inside the helmet, it is released through the lower part of the helmet.


These are features are attached extra to the snowmobile helmets. While motorcycle helmets do not have these features. As we discussed that these are better suited for the cold weather but if the weather is normal you can remove the extra parts from the helmet. For example, if you want to remove the double shield from the helmet, breathing box, or heating material, you can easily do this. 


The anti-fog protection added to the snowmobile helmet can cause many problems to you when the weather is warm. You may feel suffocation due to the anti-fog protection, and it even might kill you. So you should be very careful about these things.

General Motorcycle helmet designing

Anti-fog protection, breathing box, and single pan shield are also present in the motorcycle helmets, but they are present in different ways.

You can add a pin-lock shield into the single pan shield to reduce the fog inside the helmet. But these do not come ready-made with the helmets, so they have to be added manually to your helmet. And they also do not work as effectively as snowball helmets.

There is no breathing box in the general motorcycle helmet. All you can do is open the shield a bit and take the fresh air from the outside environment.


The above discussion shows how the general motorcycle helmets are different from snowmobile ones. The breathing box, the anti-fog protection, the double shield, and the heating features are added for a particular purpose and exceptional weather. These helmets are very different from one another, and everyone serves a different role. So you must decide for yourself what helmet you want? The snowmobile or the general motorcycle helmet.