TORC T27 Helmet Review 2023 | Pros & Cons Included

The number of fatal injuries to your head decreases by significant numbers if you wear a helmet on your head. There are a number of different helmets having different features, structures, designs, and performativity. All of them are somewhat similar and different at the same time from each other. The ECE must approve all of them and the commission supporting helmets after testing and experiencing them through various methods. Torc t27 helmet is one of the best helmets you can get on the market. It has unique features with a fantastic design. These features and design are very costumers friendly. In this article, we will give you an indepth Torc t27 helmet review and tell you why you should buy it.

What makes it better than others?

Torc t27 helmet is not like any other ordinary helmet. It has unique features and designs. The very light size of the helmet, the Bluetooth connectivity, the shape of the helmet, the ventilation system, and the built quality. These essential aspects make a torc t27 helmet better than other helmets present on the market.

In-depth TORC T27 Helmet Review

Torc t27 helmets are the best when it comes the features like Bluetooth connectivity, the small size it has, the ventilation system it carries, the quality, and the lower price. The design is also unique, which sets the torc t27 helmet apart from other helmets on the market.

Following are the amazing features and unique design of the torc t27 helmet and how these features help the biker while riding.

Bluetooth connectivity

It is illegal and hazardous to use your mobile while riding, and the traffic police may fine you if you do this. On the other hand, when you ride on the motorcycle, you may need to call someone, or you may desire to listen to music. Well! For these specific reasons, the torc t27 helmet has a Bluetooth system.

You can call anyone or listen to music without any hesitation. This Bluetooth can work at speeds like 60mph. Only the torc t27 helmet has this unique Bluetooth connectivity system, making it one of the best Bluetooth supported helmets.

Small size

The special thermodynamic alloy present in the torc t27 helmet makes it 20% more light than any other helmet present on the market. When you plan to ride at a speed and for a long drive, then the torc t27 helmet is best for you. The smaller size makes it very comfortable to wear at high speed and for a more extended period.


Both fog-resistance visor and sun visor are present in the torc t27 helmet. The fog accommodated inside your helmet can be very irritating, and it may cause some accidents as well because it blurs the view in front of you. These helmets come with an anti-fog visor that prevents fog from building up inside your helmet.

Sun can also blur your view and may cause some trouble. So these helmets also have a sun visor that makes you able to see the sun without any problem.


The ECE and DOT approve these helmets. These are the special commission to ensure safety for the riders. If they approve some helmets, these helmets are safer to wear while riding. These helmets go through different tests and experiences to ensure that they are safe for the rider, and it helps to minimize the chances of severe or fatal injuries.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Very light size
  •  Comfortable to wear
  •   Bluetooth connectivity
  •   Have safety measures
  •    Special visors
  •  Low costs


  •   No breath guard
  •  In freezing weather, the anti-fog system may not work correctly.

Why should you buy it?

The lighter size and the Bluetooth connectivity system are the two unique features that you will only find in the torc t27 helmet. Alongside these unique features, it is designed to improve safety and ventilation and minimize the danger of fatal injuries. And with all these features and designs, it only costs 250$. So the price is also lower when considering these fantastic features and designs. There is not a single thing that prevents you from buying a torc t27 helmet.

Final thoughts

Suppose you want a helmet that is safer than other helmets. In that case, it is different from other helmets, and it has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can call someone or listen to your favorite music at a reasonable price than the torc t27 helmet is made for you.

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