Torc T14B Helmet Review 2023 | Detailed Review + Pros & Cons Included

Many motorcyclists, particularly those who ride in groups, are turning to Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for their safety and convenience. Some riders wonder whether these “smart helmets” are worth the additional money spent on them.

Should you buy a Bluetooth helmet? A Bluetooth helmet gives a motorcycle rider a lot of benefits, like being able to talk to passengers or other riders without using their hands, stream music, and find their way. The price difference between Bluetooth helmets and ordinary motorbike helmets isn’t that big.

Not every rider needs a Bluetooth helmet, but for some, it’s a great thing to have. When you turn to the market to buy a Bluetooth helmet, you might get confused by the variety of helmets available on the market. Among helmets, the Torc t14B Bluetooth helmet is one the best choice if you are willing to invest in Bluetooth Hemet.

What makes it better than others?

Using a Torc helmet will guarantee a safe and enjoyable bike experience for you. The helmet was built and designed in a way that gives its user a lot of stability and support. Its elegant oval form will make you seem to have just landed from a spacecraft.

The torc t14 Bluetooth helmet is made with an advanced polymer alloy shell, like most other torc brands. This keeps the user safe. The headgear is strong and durable, so it can take hard hits and still stay together.

The helmet has a Bluetooth device built-in that lets you listen to music as well. It also has a 400-meter intercom so you can talk to other riders and keep yourself busy while you’re riding. So, you’ll have a more interesting and enjoyable time riding.

In-Depth Product Review

There are a number of appealing aspects to the Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated. The sunshade that flips down is one of its most fantastic features.  It also has a talk time of 24 hours and a standby time of 600 hours. This is great because once the battery is full, you don’t have to worry about charging it often.

The helmet also has a shield that doesn’t fog up and doesn’t get scratched. This keeps the shield clean and clear, even when there is bad weather. Further, it comes with It has two stereo speakers, a lithium battery, DOT, and ECE 22.05 certification, and is 2.2kg.

Outer Shell

The advanced polymer alloy is used in the construction of the outer shell of the helmet. The fact that the polymer alloy shell provides an alternative that is both more lightweight and more durable than the polycarbonate shell is one of the many things that sets the torc helmet apart from other helmets.


Ventilation is another fantastic feature that comes standard with every single torc helmet. They are designed with a ventilation system that allows air to pass through them freely. Exhaust gases may be released via front and rear vents on some models, which are also available. Unbelievably, you can change the position of the vents.

Additional EPS liner

Every Trc helmet has an EPS lining, which serves to protect the wearer from the effects of shock. Enhanced comfort and safety are provided by models like the Torc T14b, which has a dual-density EPS lining. Additionally, the inside padding may be removed and either placed in a washing machine or cleaned by hand.


The majority of torc helmets already have Bluetooth 2.0 technology built-in. Bluetooth, on the other hand, is built in a manner that allows it to be disconnected at any time. You are able to transmit, receive, and decline incoming calls while using Bluetooth. The device also comes equipped with an intercom, which will allow riders to communicate with one another across a distance of around 400 meters.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • The t14B Bluetooth helmet adjustable vents will keep you from getting wet and sweaty. 
  • The inside liner of the helmet is nicely cushioned with thick EPS material.
  • The inside paddings are removable and can be washed in the machine. This makes the helmet easy to clean and maintain.


  • Some users may find it too noisy compared to other non-bluetooth helmets.

Why should you buy it?

This helmet offers a high level of protection against severe head injuries. Torc’s T14B Bluetooth Integrated Helmet will provide you with one more pleasant surprise after another. The inner liner is totally detachable, making it best selling feature. It can be washed on its whole without any problems. 

The Torc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a fantastic product, and it ought to provide the vast majority of users with everything from a budget-friendly motorcycle helmet that they need to satisfy their requirements. It has the robust structure that most individuals need. The addition of Bluetooth increases both the product’s value and its convenience.


Even though it is heavier than other helmets of its kind, it is without a doubt the greatest option available on the market when considering its quality, features, and level of protection. It requires little effort to keep up and is built to endure for many years.

Additionally, the fact that the Bluetooth capability is built-in and offers seamless integration saves you from having to spend additional money on a separate Bluetooth device.

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