Shoei GT Air 2 Review 2024 | Safe Touring Helmet

Shoei GT Air 2 Review Summary

Shoei GT Air 2 Review


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight 
  • DOT certified
  • It comes with quite a few vents and exhausts
  • Noise reduction
  • Sun Shield dual visor
  • Stain and water-resistant


  • No warranty

Eager to start driving your dream bike? With the ultimate vision to thrive on roads with swift speed, making the heads turn while you live one of the best moments of your life. I get the idea of you imagining yourself on the wildest of roads and tracks, but what if the fear of accidents haunts you on the road?

The answer is no way; you can enjoy the best of your drives without the fear of hurting your head or body with our best-selected Shoei gt air updated helmet. You don’t have to perform extensive browsing to find and explore the best of them. All you are required to do is thoroughly read and review every feature.

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What makes Shoei GT Air 2 Unique? 

There are numerous reasons why Shoei’s helmet is better than other helmets on the market. Firstly, it comes with various unique features that are rarely found in other helmets. Secondly, the quality and durability it offers will last you for quite a few years. Lastly, it employs high-quality materials such as comfort cheek pads, interior water, and stain resistance pads with a robust exterior that prevents head, face, and neck injury.  

In-depth Features

Before buying anything, the first thing to know and review is its features. It is mandatory to consider all the features before buying it. The versatile Shoei gt air has been made unique with updates that highly benefit today’s bikers. It features a number of new features, for instance, the aerodynamic system, sun visor, ventilation scheme, and full-face coverage.

Aerodynamic Shell Design

The helmet’s exterior is designed with an aerodynamic shell with properties that minimize extensive wind noise. The shell contains a multi-piece EPS liner that absorbs the impact force during any major or minor accident, protecting the head. 

The installed molded air spoiler in the exterior shell diminishes lift and drag while reducing the pressure on the neck during high-speed rides. 

Wide Protection

It protects your overall face region. Its elongated surface at the back supplies a shield to your neck and ears. The glass shield is flexible enough to bear a shock caused during an accident. Its feature of wide protection is preferable for street bikers, who have more chances of having an accident.

Lightweight & Quick Buckle Release

This lightweight motorcycle helmet ensures a comfortable and relaxing experience during the ride. Heavy helmets are challenging to wear for long hours of ride, especially in summer. It weighs around 5 pounds which is very light compared to other helmets. It is the perfect solution for all of your problems. In addition, the unique feature of a quick buckle release helps you wear it within seconds.

Sun Shield Visor

It comes along with a built-in QSV-2 shield from the sun that gives extra relief from dust and direct sun rays. The installed visor meets the certified standards of ANSI Z80.3 for the non-prescription of eyeglasses. The 3D-injected molded inner shield is activated through large, easy-to-reach slides in the helmet. In addition, the shield blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV rays to provide you with a fear-free ride. 

Ventilation System

Ventilation is the key concern of many bikers and racers during their rides. It is a must-have feature in any helmet, though only a few deliver this feature, for instance, the Shoei gt air 2.

It possesses an enlarged lower intake vent that reduces fogging and enables better ventilation.

Moreover, Shoei’s helmet comes with three intake and six exhaust vents. The upper and lower installed vents play the main role in smooth ventilation throughout the ride. Further, for effective air exhaust, it comes with a rear neck vent making it unique among its counterparts.

High-quality Interior System

High-quality materials ensure enhanced durability; that’s why you have to make sure you are buying the right material. Shoei’s helmet has a 3D dry center pad and polyurethane cheek pads that protect your facial feature from high-impact force. The chin curtain prevents wind from entering the helmet’s insides and eradicates excessive noise. 

Moreover, Shoei’s helmet features an Emergency quick-release system which helps easily remove the helmet during any accident. What is better than a helmet that comes with high-quality built-in materials? 

Stain and Water-resistant

It comes with a stainless steel interlocking mechanism that is quick, smooth, and easy to operate. You don’t have to worry about water affecting your helmet. It also helps you with easy washing and cleaning. 

DOT Certified

If you are planning to buy a high-quality helmet, never ignore the safety standards. Shoei’s helmet is DOT tested and considered among the best safety-rated motorcycle helmets.

Why should you buy Shoei GT Air 2?

There are a lot of reasons that explain why you should give it a try once in your life. It is a gem of equipment for bikers and riders who want a high-quality helmet and various updated features. Moreover, it is highly affordable considering all the facilities it provides. Read each of the features thoroughly to understand the helmet better. It is a perfect example of whatever you want; we have all.


You have read the detailed review, and here, you know that it is the best substitute for your worn-out helmet. If you plan to buy it, go to your nearby retail store, or you can easily find it on Amazon. You will never regret buying it. Furthermore, it is highly affordable, considering its price tag and features. Order your updated helmet right now, and get on an exceptional experience.

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