ScorpionEXO R420 Helmet Review | Snell-approved Helmet 2024

ScorpionEXO R420 Helmet Review Summary

ILM 902 Motorcycle helmet review


  • DOT and Snell M2015 Certification
  • Solid construction
  • Finish belies inexpensive price point
  • Updated fit compared to R410 


  • Large overall shell size
  • Tendency to lift at highway speeds
  • Relatively heavy

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People need to know that their safety of themselves comes first in this world. There is nothing more important than the complete safety of the people. In motorcycle riding, the human system is completely exposed to the environment. The chances of accidents in motorcycle riding are very high. Safety gadgets are essential in riding a motorcycle. People go through severe injuries without the safety equipment used in motorcycle riding. 

There is a healthy list of equipment used in bike riding. But essential equipment is the helmet motorcyclists wear on their heads. Helmets save humans’ most crucial nervous system from getting exposed during rides. Helmets protect the nervous system of humans. Most risk is involved when one gets severe head injuries during an accident. 

There is a lot of experimenting and tests carried out by different commissions like DOT, ECE, SNELL, etc.; then, helmets are approved for wear. Without their approval, you cannot wear a helmet in different countries and ride without a helmet. Although many other helmets are available on the market, nothing can match the standards of the ScorpionEXO R420 Helmet.

It has been considered one of the best helmets for protection. They not only protect your head during an accident but also protects your eyes and face from excessive sun rays. Additionally, the construction of this helmet is worth praising as it becomes more durable and lightweight.

Difference From Other Helmets

This helmet is very different from the rest of the helmets in terms of features and price. They are different in ventilation, construction, and inner lining as well. Plus, it’s different from other motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth integration due to its enhanced features making it the most advanced helmet on the market. The carbon shield makes it more durable and lightweight. These things make The ScorpionEXO R420 Helmet different from the other helmets.

Distinctive Features

A lot of features are present in the ScorpionEXO R420 helmet. You will hardly find these features together in any other helmet. Let’s have a brief review of the options and facilities that are available in this helmet. 


The shell of the EXO-R420 is made from polycarbonate, which is expected at this price. Polycarbonate isn’t a liability for the safety, but it tends to be heavier than fiberglass or composite shells. Some people feel polycarbonate is better at energy absorption thanks to the material’s inherent flexibility.

Squeezing and pulling on the shell demonstrates some flexibility, but it is well controlled, as expected for an M2015 Snell helmet. When testing this out, the cover made very little noise from creaks and squeaks.

The paint and decals are covered in a lovely layer of clear coat that is smooth and well-polished. The finish has a very subtle “wave” to it. The sliding covers for the two vents operate smoothly and provide good tactile feedback. They feel nice and solid with a quality feel to them. They work as lovely, if not better, than some helmets costing twice as much.

Face Shield Removal

Like most modern motorcycle helmets, the EXO R420 uses a toolless visor removal system consisting of levers accessed when the shield is fully raised. Once entirely raised, one pulls a lever up (one for each side) and then pulls the visor forward and up to release it from the pivot point. This takes a bit of a tug to get the ratchet pin out from behind the ratchet position, and then the visor will pop free on that side. Repeat on the other side to altogether remove the bill.

Re-installation requires one to hook the ratchet pin in the top position and then push the visor towards the pivot to get the pivot point back into place. It’s not the most graceful system, as it often results in a “snap” sound, but I have done this several times, and it doesn’t appear to be anything that will damage the visor or mechanism.


The ScorpionEXO vented motorcycle helmet is handled by three vents, a chin vent, a top vent, and an exhaust vent. The chin vent has three positions, including closed. Sliding the cover down one “click” reveals a duct that directs air towards the face shield for defogging. One more click down opens a direct path through the chin bar.

Up top, we have a closeable dual scoop that opens to two holes in the shell that go through the EPS liner. These are pretty straight shots; one can easily see the light from a flashlight through these holes inside. The rear exhaust “spoiler” covers small ports through the liner that, like the top vent, appear to be paths from the interior to the outside.

The chin vent is the exact opposite of the top vent as far as performance goes. Once open, it flows copious air at the chin. It’s almost too much to use the middle positionDesigneded to direct air at the visor only. It serves as a happy medium since some air still flows through the chin bar vent in this position.

Intercom and Speaker Fit

Scorpion has included cut-outs in the EPS liner (and internal plastic covering) for speakers and associated wires. The holes are about .25 inches (6mm) deep and 1.75 inches (44mm) in diameter.

These should accommodate many helmet communications system speakers, but specific systems like my Sena 3s or the more prominent speakers on some UClear systems might need to fit better. The bottom surround of the helmet opening uses a standard setup making it easy to insert clip-style intercom holders between the shell and EPS.

Safety Standards and Warranty

Looking at the underside of the helmet, there are two red fabric loops. These can be used by first responders to safely remove the helmet in the event of a crash without causing further trauma to the neck or head.

Pulling the red tabs will remove the cheek pads without the need to unsnap the connections. The plastic pins in the liner are set in a sliding holder that “pulls” the pins out of their relationship when pulled in the removal direction.

The EXO-R420 meets both the DOT and the Snell M2015 standards and comes with one of the most extended warranties in the business. Five years from the date of purchase or seven years from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.

Why should you buy it?

There are many reasons you should prefer this helmet over the others, and among those reasons, one reason is its price. The  ScorpionEXO R420 Helmet is very affordable and durable at the same time. Additionally, it has the most advanced features a helmet can ever have, i.e., Bluetooth system, Anti-bacterial fabrics, internal sun visors, etc. So you would not find such features in any other helmet, so you should buy this instead of some other helmet.


The EXO R420 should well serve the 400 series helmets from Scorpion. While it departs a bit from the more straightforward shell shape of the previous versions, it remains true to the spirit of providing good value and protection.

There are just enough styles and colors to satisfy most riders, and they are finished with a quality clear coat and good attention to detail. Of course, style isn’t likely the most crucial factor when looking at sub-200 dollar helmets, but the available offerings at this price point are welcome.

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