RPHA 11 PRO Helmet Review 2023 | Pros & Cons Included

Riding a motorcycle can be fun until you encounter a dreadful accident. There is quite a lot of difference between the fatality of a motorcycle accident and a car accident. The cars are more protected and secure as compared to a motorcycle. While riding on a motorcycle, most of your body is vulnerable to an accident, while in motorcars, a significantly less proportion of your body is exposed to accidents.

Thus making motorcycle accidents more fatal and dangerous than other vehicles. But with the advancement of technology and science, motorcycles are now also protecting their riders in the form of helmets. They are designed in a unique way to lessen the effect of an accident on a rider. The ECE, SHELL, SNELL, and DOT approve these helmets after a lot of experience and tests.

Rpha 11 Pro is the most attractive, secure, and safer helmet you can ever find among these approved helmets. Both DOT and ECE have approved it. This article will thoroughly review these helmets’ features, design, and price.

What makes it better than others?

They are the most durable of the helmets you can ever find because they are made of a mixture of glasses. Their weight is lighter than other helmets at the same price. The price of these helmets is also very moderate. The oval design of these helmets makes them very comfortable to use. These are some of the fantastic things that make Rpha 11 Pro helmets different than other helmets present on the market.

In-depth RPHA 11 PRO Helmet Review

The comfort, durability, ventilation system, and other similar features make them the most desirable helmets to buy. They are designed in such a beautiful way that it attracts people’s eyes. Their price is very moderate and affordable. The security and safety measures make them very reliable to wear during a ride.

Shell composition

The shell of these helmets is made of different glasses. It is a mixture of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and aramid. These different strong and rigid materials make these helmets more durable and they last very longer than other helmets. This composition also secures and provides safety to a rider during an accident.


Although the composition of the shell is rigid the weight of these helmets is very light making them comfortable and very easy to wear. They are designed in a way to be easily fitted in every head and the rider feels comfortable while wearing them.


Most the helmets do not work at the extreme condition and maximum speed. They lose their essence and proper function. But Rpha 11 Pro helmets are not like them. Their aerodynamic system can work at very extreme conditions and speeds as well. The air that is required for normal breath in and out is provided thus making the helmet more reliable to wear when you are opting for higher speed and extreme conditions.

Emergency release

Riding at a very higher speed can sometimes create an emergency to release the helmet or remove it. Or sometimes due to malfunction, the air accommodates inside your helmet making you suffocate. In that case, all you need to do is to push the pads of the helmets and they will be automatically removed from your head to rescue you.


They come with an eyeglass that protects you from the sun rays directly coming your way. This protects your eyesight and lessens the chances of accidents. This helmet is best for glasses wearers.


Almost all of the helmets come with a few days of warranty on which you can refund, repair, or replace the helmet, but Rpha 11 Pro helmets provide you with 30 days of warranty. You can refund, repair or replace your helmet within 30 days of buying.


They are a bit expensive, ranging from 560 to 600 dollars. But the features and design of these helmets make them worthy of that price.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Aerodynamics system
  • Lightweight
  • Made for extreme speed


  • Visors are too lose
  • Very expensive

Why should you buy it?

In case you have a bike, you would definitely need to wear a helmet because it is mandatory in almost all the European and some Asian countries. Similarly, it is illegal to ride without a helmet in some states of America. So why not buy a helmet that gives you full protection and security during an accident. It will not only secure you from accidents but will also protect you from sun rays.


Rpha 11 Pro helmets are one of the best presents on the market in the sense that they are more durable and effective in an accident. The double shell and the glass fibers help the helmets to last long. The ventilation system of these helmets is also worth praising. Similarly, the emergency helmet release system is the unique one because no other helmet provides that.

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