9 Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmets For Long Rides in 2024

Most Comfortable motorcycle helmet

A comfortable helmet always accompanies an exciting motorcycle venture. You seem to enjoy it when you are in your comfort zone. Therefore, a well-fitted and comfortable motorcycle helmet can only deliver an all-day comfortable ride. You often pour your capital into buying highly exorbitant motorcycle helmets. However, you couldn’t get on with it due to the discomfort it carries along. 

If you are looking for a subsequent replacement, take a thoughtful overview from experts. Going with the flow will only cause discomfort. Here is a list of the most comfortable helmets that also fall within your budget. Dig in to explore more about them. 

Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

ImageProductDetailLatest Price
Triangle ‎TFF15-MB

Triangle ‎TFF15-MB

  • Best Cheap
Check Price
LS2 Helmets Valiant II

LS2 Helmets Valiant II

  • Best Overall
Check Price


  • Best Top-Rated
Check Price


  • Best Lightweight
Check Price
LS2 Helmets

LS2 Helmets

  • Best Full-Face
Check Price
ILM Vintage Model Z502

ILM Vintage Model Z502

  • Best Helmet with Inner Visor
Check Price
Shoei Neotec II

Shoei Neotec II

  • Best Stylish
Check Price
1Storm HB89 Arrow Blue

1Storm HB89 Arrow Blue

  • Best Helmet with Sunshield
Check Price
Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS

  • Best Padded
Check Price

1. Triangle ‎TFF15-MB – Cheap and Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet

Best Cheap
Triangle ‎TFF15-MB - Cheap and Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet


  • Affordable
  • EPS liner
  • Lightweight
  • The soft laser-cut padding


  • No anti-scratch visors
  • Available in only black color

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The triangular-shaped helmet is the latest development in the helmet range. This shape swiftly cuts through the air, reducing air pressure on the helmet. Moreover, it has a unique design and style, which makes it popular among riders. Some of its exclusive features are:

Comfortable liner

You cannot wear a helmet for a long time if it’s irritating you. However, this full-face triangle helmet has an EPS internal liner. The expanded polystyrene is soft and has a tremendous shock-absorbing capacity. As a result, it’s pleasant to wear and provides a shielding effect. 

Lightweight design

Unlike other traditional helmets, Triangle full-face helmet has a lightweight design. This way, riders can comfortably wear it during their long motorcycle adventures. The helmet weighs only 3.1 lbs. Subsequently, it reduces the tension in the neck and shoulder. 

Good for safety

Every rider always looks for a safe and secure helmet. This helmet provides maximum safety by complying with all the safety standards. That’s why it is among the best safety-rated motorcycle helmets and has also gained DOT approval. You cannot find this amazing helmet at this affordable price anywhere. 

2. LS2 Helmets Valiant II – Overall Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet

Best Overall
LS2 Helmets Valiant II - Overall Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet


  • Chin bar strap 180-degree flips
  • Ultra-light building material
  • Polycarbonate exterior shell


  • Its oval shape can result in forehead pressure

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This sleek design helmet will grab your attention at first glance. It offers intricate designs for helmet lovers. Moreover, the internal lining will give its wearer a relaxing and soothing effect. Some of its most amazing features are listed below:

Building material

The helmet acquires a unique combination of building materials; 50% Nylon and 50% Spandex. It uses a Kinetic Polymer Alloy, which is ultra-light material. Therefore, it offers a comfortable ride to a motorcycle rider. 

Chin Bar flip action

LS2 Valiant Modular Helmet has dual characteristics. Using a chin bar, you can switch it to a full-face or open-face helmet. In doing so, the chin bar flips to 180 degrees to facilitate this transition. Moreover, this helmet is specialized to protect a rider against scorching sunlight. It has a twin shield system that drops down the sun shield depending on the weather condition. 

Removable lining

Its comfortable internal lining is removable and washable. Moreover, it acquires comfortable padding for additional protection.

3. BELL MX-9 MIPS – Top-Rated Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet

Best Top-Rated
BELL MX-9 MIPS - Top-Rated Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet


  • Five-year warranty
  • 3 shell ABS shell
  • DOT approved
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation System


  • A face shield may extend to the side hinge

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Bell Unisex-Adult helmet includes intricate design and attractive colors. This is a unisex helmet so women can pick their favorite one from its versatile collection. It offers both comfort and style to your motorcycle riding. Its exclusive features are described below:

Lightweight helmet

The polycarbonate exterior shell makes it a lightweight helmet. Polycarbonate is a hard yet lightweight material. As a result, the Bell Unisex-Adult helmet exerts no additional pressure on riders’ necks and heads. 

Ample Ventilation system

Ventilation is essential, if you are riding in summer, you must go for a motorcycle helmet with ventilation. Dampness and sweating can ultimately make your journey unpleasant. However, the Bell Unisex-Adult helmet offers ample ventilation. This way, the air vents will ensure the maximum cooling effect. Its Flying Bridge Visors also incorporates intake vents for additional ventilation. 

DOT approved

Essentially, you can enjoy the ride when you are feeling secure. Therefore, to provide top-notch security, this top-rated helmet incorporates a strong shielding mechanism. Bell Unisex-Adult helmet has been approved by DOT by strictly following its rules. Hence, it is a great relief for many motorcycle riders.

4. GLX GX11 – The Most Comfortable & Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

Best Lightweight
GLX GX11 - The Most Comfortable & Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet


  • EPS foam lining for safety
  • Optimum ventilation 
  • Tinted shields for 99% protection against UV radiation
  • Removable Breath Guard and Chin Curtain


  • It can be quite expensive
  • The quick-release system may get stuck at sometime

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A lightweight helmet is a dream for every motorcycle rider. Heavy-weight helmets put an unnecessary burden on your head and shoulder. Therefore, to relieve this pressure, GLX GX11 full-face helmet has taken a step ahead in this regard. 

Aerodynamic shell design

The aerodynamic shell offers smart styling and design for passionate riders. Whether going for a short-distance journey or long-distance touring comfort, it readily provides classic design along with comfort. 

Ventilation panels

Good ventilation can exhibit additional comfort for a rider. It channelizes the air stream and provides sufficient oxygen for the rider. Moreover, it delivers a cooling effect and freshness even during humid days. Lower air vents are easy to shut and open. Even if you wear gloves, you can manipulate them without any trouble. 

Breath Guard and Chin Curtain

GLX GX11 full-face helmet houses a removable breath guard to reroute the exhaled air. This way, it will not fog the shield. The chin curtain ensures smooth air gliding without any friction or turbulence. Moreover, GLX GX11 full-face helmet has a Quick-Release Chin Strap to provide additional comfort to the rider.

5. LS2 Helmets – Full-Face Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet 

Best Full-Face
LS2 Helmets - Full-Face Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet 


  • Adequate Ventilation System
  • Quick-release chin strap for maximum security
  • Pin-lock-ready shield system


  • Doesn’t have any night visibility
  • Some customers have trouble with sizes

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This DOT-approved motorcycle helmet is available in all sizes and shapes. Moreover, this full-face helmet exhibits a comfortable ride along with maximum safety and protection. 

External Shell

Its durable exterior shell complies with all the safety standards. Its manufacturers have utilized High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology (HPTT) for its potential consumers. LS2 full-face helmet has met all the criteria of DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05. Hence, a rider can rely on this full-face most comfortable helmet. 

Pinlock Ready Shield

Its advanced technology has incorporated a pin-lock-ready shield. This polycarbonate shield not only provides a clear vision but also significant protection against UV radiation. Additionally, the shield is scratch-free so a rider should not have to compromise his vision. 


LS2 full-face helmet offers multiple ports for efficient and quick ventilation. On top of that, these vents are fully adjustable. At times, EPS liner can lead to excessive sweating. Hence, a good ventilation system will channel the air streams and keeps the inside cool. 


The primary function of a helmet is to provide protection. A helmet is of no use if it fails to perform this function. LS2 full-face helmet presents security to the rider. It houses a quick-release chin strap for maximum protection. 

6. ILM Vintage Model Z502 – Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet With Inner Visors

Best Helmet with Inner Visor
ILM Vintage Model Z502 - Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet With Inner Visors


  • Available in all sizes
  • The retractable inner tinted lens
  • Quick-release chin strap with a buckle
  • Comfortable internal lining


  • Weighs 4.39 pounds

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This vintage helmet is pretty cool due to its exclusive design. Its pointed design has made it popular among passionate riders. ILM Vintage is one of the best full-face motorcycle helmets for hot weather.


For sure, safety comes first when you are talking about the helmet. ILM Vintage Full-face Helmet almost matches all the safety standards. That’s why it has managed to gain FMVSS-218 and DOT certification. 

Retractable Inner Visors

One of the key features that have made this vintage helmet popular is retractable inner visors. These visors come in three distinct shades, black, clear, and silver. Hence, one can choose the desired one according to preference. 

Humanization design

People having myopia have issues adjusting their glasses inside the helmet. ILM Vintage Full-face Helmet has come forward with an alternative solution. It has transformed the helmet in a way to completely adjusts the glasses for clear vision. Additionally, it has provided a socket for inserting Bluetooth devices. Now you can connect with your friends, make phone calls, and even enjoy music while riding. 

Quick Release Buckle

For providing convenience and comfort to riders, this helmet has a quick-release buckle. Now with a metal clip, you can quickly remove the helmet. This feature is not commonly found even in the best helmets on the market.

7. Shoei Noetec II – The Most Stylish and Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet

Best Stylish
Shoei Noetec II - The Most Stylish and Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet


  • Expanded Polystyrene internal layer
  • ABS aerodynamic shell
  • Full-face Modular helmet
  • DOT certified


  • A little heavy on the head
  • Not cost-effective

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If you are looking for a stylish yet comfortable helmet, Shoei Noetec II Helmet must be your prime choice. It’s stylish, noise-prevented, and one of the Shoei’s most comfortable helmets that are packed with other essential features as well.

Highly aerodynamic shell

The ABS aerodynamic shell helps you to cut swiftly through the bombarded air particles. Through this lightweight helmet, you can witness versatility never seen before. 

Noise reduction

Many helmets fail to dampen the noise. As a result, it causes inconvenience for the rider. On the contrary, Shoei Noetec II Helmet offers an advanced system with maximum noise reduction and is considered one of the best noise-canceling helmets available. Now you can enjoy the ride without being annoyed by the irritating noise. 

Modular design

Shoei Noetec II Helmet is a modular helmet that exhibits high-grade protection. Moreover, this full-face or flip-up helmet is essential as it guards the face and chin. This helmet offers exciting features for its potential customers. Precisely speaking, it offers high safety and visibility standards for comfortable riding. 

Internal lining

Expanded Polystyrene offers incredible support to the rider. It works as a cushioning medium, preventing its wearer from any lethal injury. Many helmets are hard from the inside, which is quite discomforting for riders. Therefore, Shoei Noetec II Helmet has an EPS lining. This internal fabric is soft and velvety in texture. 

8. 1Storm HB89 Arrow Blue – Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet With Sun Shield

Best Helmet with Sun Shield
1Storm HB89 Arrow Blue - Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmet With Sun Shield


  • Six vents for the adequate ventilation system
  • EPS material with multiple densities
  • Dual visors for maximum visibility and protection


  • It can be heavy for most of you.
  • Excessive glare can restrict the visibility through visors

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What if you get incredible features at an affordable cost? 1Storm Full-face Helmet presents exciting features for its riders. Along with amazing features, this helmet offers maximum comfort with minimum hassle. 

Advanced Modular helmet

1Storm Full-face Helmet belongs to the modular category. This full-face helmet is specialized to provide optimum protection. 1Storm is the best budget modular helmet with flip-up technology that allows you to intake fresh air whenever you feel suffocated. 

Dual Lens design

1Storm Full-face Helmet incorporates a dual lens. The outer lens is a clear one to allow maximum visibility, including the peripheral. On the contrary, the internal lens is a bit smoky to prevent excessive sun glare. 

External shell

1Storm Full-face Helmet employs an aerodynamic Thermoplastic shell. It is a lightweight and durable structure that permits a comfortable ride. Moreover, it offers complete protection against an impact. 

Advanced Ventilation System

The helmet houses six ventilation systems. It houses four adjustable vents which a rider can modulate. Hence, it offers a perfect adjustment so that a rider can easily breathe even at high speed. 

Removable Liner

1Storm Full-face Helmet has an internal EPS liner. For your convenience, this liner is entirely removable. Riding can be challenging due to excessive sweating which can give a bad odor. With the removable liner, you can easily retract it for washing and cleaning.

9. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS – Most Comfortable Padded Motorcycle Helmet

Best Padded
Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS - Most Comfortable Padded Motorcycle Helmet


  • UV-protected shield
  • DOT approval
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation System
  • Lightweight polycarbonate helmet


  • Slightly expensive 
  • The UV shield may fall off sometime

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If you are looking for a comfortable padded helmet, the Bell Qualifier Full-face helmet should be your prime choice. Solid building material and an enhanced ventilation system are something that makes it a desirable helmet.

Building material

Bell Qualifier Full-face helmet has a unique blend of Polycarbonate and EPS liner. The polycarbonate forms the exterior shell which is durable and lightweight. While the interior chamber has an EPS liner. The Expanded Polystyrene offers the utmost protection against any impact. 

UV-protected shield

This modular helmet has a NutraFog II UV-protected shield. Moreover, this Click-Release shield permits quick removal, even with gloves. UV radiation from the sun may be damaging to the human eye. Therefore, this yield serves the purpose to protect your vision. 

Ventilation System

Bell Qualifier Full-face helmet incorporates Velocity Flow Ventilation System. This system allows sufficient airflow so that you can breathe properly. Along with superb fit and comfort, it has plenty of vents for proper breathing. 

Comfortable padding

Bell Qualifier Full-face helmet has comfortable cheek padding so that rider can acquire a perfect fit and comfort. Additionally, a padded wind collar reduces air friction and noise. This is probably the best feature so far. 

Most Comfortable Motorcycle Helmets – Buyer’s Guide

For sure, you don’t want your purchase to go wrong. Therefore, this buyer’s guide will bring a deep insight into the dos and don’ts of purchasing a motorcycle helmet. You might not be an expert, but after reading it, you can buy a good helmet for yourself. 

Constructing material

Before buying a helmet, cross-check its building material. Carbon or glass fiber is an ideal material for building a motorcycle helmet. Always ensure to check the inner material, which should be an EPS liner. 

Ventilation System

Always looks for air vents in a helmet. These vents, if properly located, will provide good airflow. If you breathe well, you can better enjoy the ride even on a deserted road. 

Noise reduction

Many motorcycle riders try to move at the speed of light. In doing so, fast rushing wind can be discomforting for them. Therefore, look for a helmet that claims to minimize the noise. 


Look for a certified helmet. Many helmets fail to meet the criteria of safety standards. Buying such a helmet can be life-threatening for you. Therefore, always buy a certified helmet, such as DOT certification. 


Traveling can be fun when you have the best-fitting and most comfortable helmet on your head. These comfortable helmets soothe your nerves, and you can better enjoy the spectacular view. Therefore, buy a comfortable helmet that reduces the risk of injury and makes your ride memorable. 

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