LS2 Stream Helmet Review | In-Depth Review 2024

LS2 Stream Helmet Summary

LS2 Stream Helmet Review


  • Top-rated ventilation system
  • Equipped with highly advanced technology
  • Protects your eyes and skin from sun rays
  • Anti-bacterial fabrics
  • Made of durable materials


  • The inner lining takes dust more often
  • The sun visors blur the visibility

People need to know that their safety of themselves comes first in this world. There is nothing more important than the complete safety of the people. In motorcycle riding, the human system is completely exposed to the environment. The chances of accidents in motorcycle riding are very high. This LS2 Stream Helmet review will help you make up your mind about your next helmet. LS2 Stream is one of the best helmets for protection.

Safety gadgets are essential in riding a motorcycle. People go through severe injuries without the safety equipment used in motorcycle riding. There is a healthy list of equipment critical in bike riding. But essential equipment is the helmet motorcyclists wear on their heads. These helmets save the crucial nervous system from getting exposed during rides. Helmets protect the nervous system of humans. The risk is when one gets severe head injuries during an accident. 

There is a lot of experimenting and tests carried out by different commissions like DOT, ECE, SNELL, etc.; then, helmets are approved for wear. These DOT helmets and ECE-approved helmets sit well among consumers. Without their approval, you cannot wear a helmet in different countries and ride without a helmet. Although many different helmets are available on the market, nothing can match the standards of the LS2 Stream Helmet.

They not only protect your head during an accident but also protects your eyes and face from excessive sun rays. Additionally, the construction of this helmet is worth praising as it becomes more durable and lightweight.

Difference From Other Helmets

This helmet is very different from the rest of the helmets in terms of features and price. They are different in ventilation, construction, and inner lining as well. The Bluetooth system is newly added to this helmet, making it the most advanced helmet on the market. The carbon shield makes it more durable and lightweight. These things make The LS2 Stream Helmet different from the rest of the helmets.

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Features of LS2 Helmet

A lot of features are present in the LS2 Stream helmet. You will hardly find these features together in any other helmet. Let’s have a brief review of the options and facilities that are available in this helmet. 


When companies want to make a product great, they tend to add lightness to that product. The helmet weight is of critical importance for the rider. The lighter the helmet, the better because it would be easy to carry from one place to another, and you would feel comfortable riding with it. Moreover, the LS2 Stream Helmet is made of carbon materials that make the product more lightweight and durable. The LS2 Stream Helmet weighs about 3.32 pounds which is even lighter than other lightweight helmets.

Ventilation of the Helmet 

The best-ventilated helmets are needed to keep you cool on hot days and help keep your visor fog-free on cold days. Ventilation on the LS2 Stream is through a single chin vent and twin forehead vents. The chin vent works with a simple toggle switch that’s nice, big, and easy to use in gloves.

The forehead vents have sliders as covers. Again, they’re both excellent and easy to use and allow air to flow through channels inside the helmet and out of the rear through a single exhaust vent.

However, even though they’re friendly and easy to use, reports are that the flow through them is only about average. If you’re riding on a cold or rainy day, your visor will probably fog up without a Pinlock or similar. Plus, if you’re riding on a sweltering day, the flow through possibly won’t be enough to keep you cool.

If you’re only going to be riding in moderate temperatures, though – or using it for shorter journeys – the LS2 Stream should be fine. It’s only in more extreme temperatures that users reckon it struggles.

Comfort & Sizing

The LS2 Stream is a tight fit when you wear it for the first time. It’s worth knowing that it’s been designed to fit people with slightly longer, narrower heads best. Also, there’s a split between owners who say the Stream’s sizing is correct and others who say it’s a bit on the small size.

Therefore, one should figure out the correct head size. But if you’re between sizes, maybe go for the size up. Also, if you’ve noticed your previous helmets have pressed uncomfortably on your forehead, that probably means you have a more extended head type. In this case, the Stream might well be good for you.

The interior lining is removable, washable, and hypoallergenic. There’s also a glasses groove in the sides to stop your glasses’ stems from digging into your face, and there’re modest cut-outs to fit speakers.

Helmet Noise

There’s always a mix of opinions regarding noise-canceling helmets, depending on the bike you ride, whether you’re behind a screen or not – or even what your last helmet was like. All these factors usually color our judgment. And while some owners reckon the Stream is OK, some say it’s deafening. As usual, stick in a pair of decent earplugs, and you should be fine.


With the advancement in technology, helmets have advanced. There was a time when people would stop and remove their helmets to talk on the phone or with someone. But now, with Bluetooth technology installed in helmets, people no more do this. The LS2 Stream Helmet has a Bluetooth system that allows you to talk to anybody on the phone for hours. Bluetooth is easy to connect, and it is durable as well.

Why should you buy it?

There are many reasons you should prefer this helmet over the others, and among those reasons, one reason is its price. The LS2 Stream Helmet is very affordable and durable at the same time. Its price is not more than $150. Additionally, it has the most advanced features a helmet can ever have, i.e., Bluetooth system, Anti-bacterial fabrics, internal sun visors, etc. So you would not find such features in any other helmet, so you should buy this instead of some other helmet.


As we know, people’s safety should be the utmost priority in any situation. In bike riding, the use of a helmet is essential. In motorcycle riding, the person’s whole body is exposed to the environment. In case of any severe accident, one can suffer severe injuries if he does not wear safety gadgets during the ride. That’s why the helmet has this much importance in motorcycle riding. A variety of helmets is present in the market—every helmet changes in quality from each other. People should buy a helmet according to their needs and riding style.

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