LS2 Helmets Valiant II Helmet | In-Depth Review 2023

Helmets are a prerequisite to your safety but also add to your style. If there is a reliable helmet that can add to your safety, your appearance would be the best fit. If you have checked the top brands in helmets, you would be convinced that LS2 helmets are one of the top-notch products.

We have researched the market to find the best product that would add an extra layer of protection to your commutes and add to your appearance. Based on a detailed overview of different products, we have chosen one of the best that can significantly benefit the user.

If you are looking for a helmet that would feel easy, cool, and comfortable to the user, this one is among the best choices available. Here is a brief overview of the LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet. You will be able to decide whether to choose it based on the basic features, pros & cons, and what makes it better than other available models.

What makes it stand out?

LS2 Valiant II helmet is our choice because of the reliable visor mechanism, color variety, and the much-needed protection demanded from a helmet. This helmet was unveiled in 2020 and was a worthy addition to the Valiant helmets. The mentioned product resulted from several improvements needed in the previous models of Valient helmets.

What makes it the best as it can be utilized as an open-face helmet or a full-face helmet. So, it is upon the user’s choice to see how they want to use it. There have been various feature changes, including improved aerodynamics, thus making the journey more comfortable.

The development team has ensured that the ventilation issue faced in the helmet is resolved. So, the user won’t feel any problem with airflow. They have enhanced it by introducing three exhaust ports and two intake ports in the helmet. Along with that, the chin intake has also been improved. For this reason, it can be used both in cold regions and hot regions.

In-Depth Product Review

If we go into the detail of this helmet, we know that this model is ideal for users because of its several pro features. Some of them are given as follows.


The weight of this helmet is just 1,700 grams which means that the user won’t feel any weight when going on long commutes. Also, the weight is evenly distributed, which means that there is no issue of pressure on a specific area.


The material of which this helmet is made is Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) which is a mix of different durable materials. Thus, it will ensure that the user remains safe in case of possible shocks resulting from collision or fall.

Visor Mechanism

The visor of the Valiant II Modular helmet is exceptional as it has a self-up visor mechanism. This means that if the ban is lifted, it won’t remain in a middle position; rather, the visor will be completely up or down. It has a visor that is especially helpful in the fog because it keeps that vision clear. Along with that, the removal and installation of a new visor on this helmet are pretty easy.


The user can choose the color of their style while the design has been kept elegant to ensure that it fits the user’s personality.

Outer Shell

There are two outer shell sizes in this helmet. These include XS/S/M, while the users can also avail of XL. In addition, the polycarbonate material on the outer shell will ensure safety in case of accidents.


It has a type-2 buckle, ensuring that the helmet doesn’t create problems due to air pressure. It is safe, easy to use, and won’t open until the user unfastens it. Additionally, its buckle is easy to adjust as it can be done even with winter gloves on hand. So, the ease of use makes the fastening mechanism better than many other brands.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • It fits FMVSS 218 Standard
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable chin bar


  • No complete sealing of vents
  • No full retraction of the sun shield

Why should you buy it?

If we look at the features mentioned above, like the extra protection, exceptional weight distribution, ventilation, etc., these make it the best in the market. There are other helmets available in the market which lack some of the mentioned features and have relatively higher prices. So, you should go for Valiant II Modular Helmet for better results.

Final Thoughts

Valiant Helmets are widely famous for their quality and durability. The adjustability, size variation, protection in different weather conditions, use of Bluetooth headset, and other features ensure that it is the best fit for you in the market. The improved model of this helmet will help you with safe driving on roads. 

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