How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet?

How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing A Helmet on a Motorcycle

Do you have a problem arriving at your destination with your hairstyle all messed up while your motorcycle helmet is on? Learn how to maintain hairstyle while wearing a helmet to arrive at your destination in style. This is an issue for many motorcyclists as wearing helmets is essential to protect the head. But at the same time annoying when we put it off after a long ride. Though helmets are important for safety for long periods can be harmful to the hair causing dandruff, sebum, and dermatitis If not cared for. 

Having these issues can overall reduce the quality of life. After a long trip, having your hair weighed down or not looking the best can be upsetting for many people. Reaching your workplace and college while looking your best can boost your confidence and put you in a productive mood. 

Considering the messed-up hairstyle issue, we have figured out some effective tips to help you maintain your hairstyle under a motorcycle helmet. 

1. Opt for a Motorcycle Helmet with Proper Fitting

The shape of a helmet defines how your head is going to be placed within it. Choose a helmet that provides optimum fitting according to your head shape. For example, an oval-shaped helmet is better for people with an oval head structure than one with a round head shape. 

If the helmet is too loose and not shaped accordingly, It will weigh down on your head. This can create weight on your hair and can potentially ruin your hairstyle. Since cool full-face helmets do not allow any air pressure to enter, they can be optimized to maintain a particular hairstyle.

2. Choose a Well-Ventilated Helmet

How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing A Helmet on a Motorcycle

A superior ventilation system maintains airflow within the helmet keeping your hair dry from all the sweat, moisture, and sebum. Proper vent adjustment helps air to flow through your hair in a breeze keeping your scalp from feeling suffocated and sweating up. 

Keeping your hairstyle intact under a helmet will be much easier with a ventilated motorcycle helmet. Proper ventilation eliminates the need to dry and restyle your hair every time you remove your helmet, keeping you fresh and holding your hairstyle longer.

3. Wear a Bandana or Cover Your Hair with a Cloth

Covering your hairstyle with a bandana or a cloth under your helmet is a sure-shot way to keep your hairstyle in place. It reduces friction caused between your hair and the interior of the helmet generating any unnecessary static. The statics can make your hair stick out in many directions. 

Wearing a bandana makes sure that your hair stays in place throughout the motorcycle ride. It also protects your hair against any breakage or damage. So if you are comfortable with a bandana, you do not have to worry about your hair damage or hairstyle.

4. Clean Helmet Interior 

It is considered an important step to clean the interior of the helmet you wear. If the inner lining of the liner is dirty and filled with grime or dirt then it’s bound to ruin your hairstyle. 

Even If you make a new hairstyle, a dirty helmet interior can make your hair look unkempt and soiled. You can take out the inner lining of the helmet, wash it, dry and place it again inside the helmet to keep your hairstyle in place. 

5. Use Hair Products 

Hair gels and other products can help your hair from being tangled under a motorcycle helmet. Use products that can help keep your hairstyle in place, but make sure you wash these products out of your hair. 

High-quality hair products provide nutrition to hair and keep it in a particular style reducing the effect of helmet pressure on the head. Braiding and adjusting to various hairstyles such as low-buns or ponytails can also help maintain your hair while wearing a helmet for longer hours. 

6. Maintain Cleanliness

An essential factor is to keep your hair clean If you want to retain a hairstyle under a motorcycle helmet. Unwashed hair can easily get oily and loose. Clean hair on the other hand can stay in shape for longer times If styled.

Also do not wear a helmet on wet hair as it can cause dandruff and scalp problems because of various factors. Use a clarifying shampoo and dry your hair optimally before wearing a helmet to keep your hair in the best shape.


Using motorcycles as a daily mode of commuting demands wearing a helmet. Helmets can sometimes weigh the hair down leading to ruining hairstyles. This issue can be solved by countering it in many ways involving choosing the right helmet fit and shape. Ventilation also helps in keeping from sweat and maintaining the volume of the hair. Using hair products and covering your head with a bandana also keeps the hair fresh and sweat-free whether you are traveling long distances where you have to wear the helmet for long hours. Last but not least, the cleanliness of the scalp, which removes dirt and oils also an important factor in maintaining hairstyle under a helmet. 

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