How to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging?

How to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging

If you are a motorcyclist, you are aware of how fogs built upon the visor while cruising on a bike. It can lead to many problems and can result in severe accidents.

For instance, you are cruising at high speed, and suddenly, the fogs build up in your visor, and the visibility decreases. This article will cover everything about how to keep motorcycle helmet from fogging. 

Open the visor 

While opening your visor isn’t generally a choice, particularly at high velocities or then again on the off chance that it’s coming down outside, opening your visor even when you stop at a crossing point will assist with diminishing fog on your helmet.

Furthermore, you could keep your visor opened up for only a break to allow air to stream in a while riding. Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet equips one of the best pinlock visors that provide extra protection. This is one of the least expensive and speediest ways of removing fog. 

Open the helmet vents 

Opening the visor is only one method for further developing ventilation in your cover; one more fast method for doing this is by opening the vents of your helmet, particularly the vents around your jawline.

As this article calls attention to, it’s vital to purchase the best-ventilated motorcycle helmets to keep the hassle off the shore.

Wear balaclavas under the helmet

Regardless of what helmet you wear, balaclavas ought to constantly go with you on your motorcycle rides in winter. In any case, a critical perspective that ought to not the slightest bit be undervalued is their helpful plan. Balaclavas are made up of great material that continuously ensures excellent breathability.

They are worn under the helmet for an extended length. Simultaneously, they ought to be equipped for engrossing any buildup so they can be utilized during the chilly climate.

Utilize pinlock inserts

The Pinlock inserts comprise two pins that permit you to fix the fog on your visor. This twofold layer keeps the visor from misting up because the air seals between the two glasses.

However, if your helmet visor doesn’t have pin inserts, you can purchase another Pinlock visor. It comes furnished with against fog focal point, or change the visor by boring two openings over it.

These two openings should be penetrated in the first visor on the left and right, in which the counter fog visor is embedded with two pins. This method is the most effective way to keep the helmet from hazing in the long haul.

Since the inward visor isn’t of a similar size as the external one, some fog can, in any case, develop close to the edges of the visor. However, any possibilities of deterrent in the field of vision are intriguing.

Invest in antifog films

Numerous motorcyclists depend on an anti-fog film to forestall the gathering of mist inside their visors, which is brilliant. The inward sheet of the visor can be covered with fog film that can keep the helmet visor from gathering

If your motorcycle helmet doesn’t have against fog film, you can buy it at the store and apply it to the visor with your hands. You must be very careful here because there should be no air pockets between the outside protection and the anti-fog film.

Try breath deflector 

As you probably are aware, hot air ascends. You can coordinate your breath down and away from your visor with an incorporated breath reflector. Such redirectors are typically coordinated in the most recent helmet, and if they are not, you can fit them yourself.

You should observe an ideal size contingent upon your protective cap, so visiting a particular store would be brilliant.

Use antifog spray 

The usefulness of an anti-fog spray is underrated. It is a decent and modest method for safeguarding the visor from the fog. The usefulness of these splashes guarantees that the buildup is spread over a vast region of the glass.

Additionally, ensuring the slightest hindrance in the rider’s field of vision. The anti-fog spray is inexpensive and mostly comes under $10. It’s never too late to invest in some good accessories to witness a better road experience.


The fog built up inside the visor can definitely wind you up in multiple problems. You need to find a quick solution to this issue. There are a couple of ways to keep a motorcycle helmet from fogging as explained earlier, but the best ones are: opening the visor for some time, opening the vents of your helmet, using an anti-fog film or you can use a breath deflector.

A winter helmet would be the ideal but you can also try using these methods and it will definitely help you with keep the fog off your motorcycle helmet.