How much does a motorcycle helmet cost?

How much does a motorcycle helmet cost

If you’re keeping an eye on the costs of a motorcycle and genuinely considering purchasing your ride, you’ll need to add up the cost of the safety gear. These safety gear include gloves and helmets.

You don’t necessarily need to burn through every last dollar.Regardless of whether regulations in your state direct that you should wear a helmet or don’t, consequently accept it is ideal for wearing one.

Consider your life and the individuals who care about yours. When talking about the cost of motorcycle helmets, different motorcycle helmets come at different prices. The cost of a motorcycle helmet will vary with the varying demands of the buyer.

Thus, we have sorted out cost options for some of the most popular types of motorcycle helmets in this article. Let’s get right into it.

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The costs of a Modular Motorcycle Helmet range from $100 up to $1,000. Modular Motorcycle Helmet resembles their full-face siblings, yet they highlight an openable chin bar. A hinge system is coordinated into the helmet, allowing you to overlay up the chin bar by pressing a button.

Even though it seems like these helmets offer the most innovative possible solution, however, they likewise have their cons. To begin with, they are generally heavier due to the hinge and can be marginally noisier than full-face helmets. Notwithstanding, specific excellent Modular Motorcycle helmets offer great commotion assurance.

Unfortunately, they are not affordable. Yet, the most significant disadvantage of a Modular Motorcycle Helmet is that its chin bar is more vulnerable because of the hinge. As a result of these shortcomings, the Modular Motorcycle Helmet offers less insurance contrasted with full-face helmets.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

If you desire to communicate with your traveler while riding, you can pick among an endless number of Bluetooth helmets. The Bluetooth system can be bought independently, while specific manufacturers have already fixed the system in the helmet.

A Bluetooth helmet goes from $150 up to $2,000. Nonetheless, most of these great helmets are in the value range of $200-$700.They are accommodating as the more significant part of these helmets includes a control button on the shell. This button permits you to place, reply or even make calls.

Likewise, other than calling choices, it can be utilized for listening to music or interfacing with the GPS route system.If you have a standard helmet, you can, in any case, utilize different Bluetooth motorcycle correspondence units on it.

These systems typically cost about $30-$500, relying upon their highlights and reach. Also, you can see a large number of “Bluetooth-viable” helmets available. They are altogether less expensive.

Dual-Sport Helmet

Dual-Sport Helmet commonly costs about $100-$800. These helmets are somewhere between full-face and motocross helmets. From the beginning, they look like a motocross helmet, yet they include a face safeguard and extended cushioning.

Motocross Helmet

Motocross helmet costs start somewhere in the $100 and go up to $800. Remember that the Motocross helmets don’t include face safeguards! This is because they are commonly used with a couple of MX goggles.

The costs of these special motocross goggles range from $30 up to $200. Remember to add this thing to your cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most reasonable price for a motorcycle helmet?

If you are searching for the most secure choice, a full-face helmet is the best way to go. The cost of a decent quality full-face helmet begins from about $200 and goes up to $4,000.

In this class, helmets cost about $50-$200, while the costs of most models fall into the $200-$1,000.

Which Motorcycle Helmet is the Cheapest?

The least expensive helmet is half an open-face helmet. These helmets start as low as $30-$50! They are reasonable, lightweight, simple, and don’t cause claustrophobia.
Numerous riders believe they look a lot cooler in this helmet. In any case, these modest helmets are not suggested as they offer no security to your face.


Helmets are necessary while riding a bike. In the case of no helmet, this can result in significant accidents, which sometimes cause life disability or, worst, death. However, these helmets can cost you a fortune, but there are multiple options in the market.

We have listed the price of different types of helmets to buy the most affordable helmet for you, as it is always better to have any helmet rather than no helmet.