How Do Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmets Work?

How Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmets Work

A motorcycle helmet with multiple features will instantly grab your attention. Your excitement reaches another level when you see amazing features in a single helmet, such as Bluetooth connectivity. Due to advanced technology, ordinary helmets are now Bluetooth Intercom Helmets. Learn how Bluetooth motorcycle intercom helmets work and the features of these innovative devices to stay connected on the road.

With this major advancement, you can now converse with your friends while riding a bike. Likewise, you can access music streaming and have a pleasant ride. But how come Bluetooth integrates into a helmet? Let’s check out this innovative addition to a helmet and how it works. 

What Is Bluetooth Communication?

For sure, you have experienced Bluetooth communication on your smartphone. Now, it’s time to take a more significant leap. With the evolution of technology, manufacturers have incorporated Bluetooth into the helmet. Yes, it’s now possible. 

The Bluetooth device has ensured a bike-to-bike connection. With it comes a wider availability and an easy installation process. However, one must notice that it’s not entirely new for motorcycle riders. Years ago, people used CB radio technology to connect with riders. But, that comes at the expense of discomfort as the motorcycle rider has to wear bulky CB equipment. 

Working Mechanism of Bluetooth Helmet

The Bluetooth helmet uses short-range networking to establish a connection with other riders. As a result, it enables connectivity among riders. The entire setup consists of headphones and a receiver for stable Bluetooth connectivity. Generally, the headphones lie over your ear while the receiver saves its spot near the mouth. Ideally, the receiver functions to pick up your voice. 

Once connected, the device becomes the master of every tool and gadget. Now, it can regulate your phone calls, connect your phone to GPS, enable you to play music, and much more. Significantly, it maintains a reliable connection whether your phone is in the pocket or bag. Here, the receiver is the main component that tends to capture signals for a stable connection. 

However, the Bluetooth device has a specific range. Suppose you are traveling in a group with your friends. If one rider becomes out of range, you cannot communicate with that person wirelessly. 

Once the connection is secured, you will be able to perform these functions;

  • Connect with neighbor riders within a specific range
  • You will be able to connect with GPS or music. 
  • You can have a conversation with other riders as you do on the phone. 
  • The Bluetooth device operates with your voice. This way, you can send any command using your voice. 

Here is an example to give you a quick understanding of how the Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom works. Suppose you want to listen to music and command the intercom, “Play music.” Now, the receiver will interpret the voice and send a signal to the headphones. Where the instruction is followed, and music plays. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

How Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmets Work

For sure, anyone says that Bluetooth motorcycle helmets will bring only benefits. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the most salient benefits without delay. 

Access to Easy Communication

Communication is no longer impossible with a Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet. Due to its advanced gadget, one can communicate with neighboring riders and interact with them. This way, it enables a motorcycle rider to enjoy a hands-free conversation.

 Smooth communication is quite challenging when you are riding on a high-speed motorcycle. The gushing wind can distort signals. However, the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has in-built headphones and microphones to enable crystal-clear communication. With this achievement, you can interact with riders, even at a distance. 

Enjoy Music Streaming

Music can be your constant partner if you are traveling alone. It soothes you and helps in stress management. Surely, you will always accompany yourself with some music gadgets when traveling. Now, you don’t need to carry any tool, Bluetooth intercom and your smartphones are enough to chase this mission. 

Everyone knows that traffic jams can be quite disturbing. But, if you have music to accompany you, you can no longer feel terrible. With Bluetooth intercom, you can listen to trending music and catch the latest updates through the radio. 

Track the Location

Typically, when you need to track your location, you have to use a smartphone. It becomes discomforting as you must stop by to use the phone. But, with a Bluetooth intercom helmet, you can no longer experience this inconvenience. The Bluetooth helmet brings you a navigation control system. 

The system operates by sending you directions through the headphones. This way, you can hear turn-by-turn directions enabled by the Bluetooth device. 

A Safe Practice

Usually, the motorcycle rider must stop the motorcycle to attend to the phone call. Sometimes, it can result in terrible consequences if calls are answered while riding. If you get a Bluetooth helmet, you can avoid the scenario. A Bluetooth helmet ensures your safety and security. As a result, it permits a safe yet pleasant ride. Therefore, It is recommended to first of all go for the best safety-rated motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth facility and turn on Bluetooth before going on a ride

What to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Helmet?

A Bluetooth helmet is a remarkable addition for helmet lovers. With this integration, users can multi-tasking without risking their lives. However, not every Bluetooth helmet is worthwhile. For that purpose, you must consider these factors before buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. 

  • Ensure the helmet has DOT certification. 
  • Usually, Bluetooth helmets are pretty expensive. Therefore, choose the one that falls within your budget. 
  • Prefer a helmet with a high-quality Bluetooth technology
  • Get a helmet that offers maximum facial protection.
  • Check the number of riders’ connectivity with the Bluetooth device.
  • Evaluate the quality of sound. 

Final Thoughts

Although a Bluetooth helmet brings significant advantages, it can become a source of road accidents. Probably, you can get engrossed in conversation or trying to establish a connection. All these factors can lead to consequences. Therefore, you must be extra cautious when using a Bluetooth helmet. Try to connect the device before going for a ride. This way, if you follow these guidelines, you can avoid terrible consequences. 

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