Hjc Cl 17 Helmet Review | In-depth Review 2024

Helmets work the best in protecting from excessive head injuries. Protective functions are an essential feature relating to helmets in general. Harsh weather situations and high-speed winds can become tolerable If you wear an appropriate helmet.

According to research, 85% of people are saved from fatal accidents because they wear helmets. Many helmets now come with advanced air vents and comfortable liners. These provide security and comfort to the rider.

HJC has been producing motorbike helmets for over 40 years now. They specialize in helmet manufacturing with quality and expertise. Some of the best HJC Helmets have high-end features such as safety enabled and modern style. Helmets are crucial in the primary safety of the motorbike rider. 

What makes the HJC Cl-17 helmet better than others? 

Hjc Cl-17 helmet offers its users a fashionable design and premium quality. This helmet offers anti-fog qualities from its vent and broad vizors. There are many helmets in the market of different styles and materials, but HJC Cl-17 provides you with the correct aerodynamic shape.

This shape offers easy air ventilation. Moreover, The HJC Cl-17 is lightweight, making it easy to carry around during tours or everyday work. The helmet is not heavy but is made of rigid anti-tear material. It protects the rider from severe accidents.

The rigid polycarbonate exterior shell proves how sturdy this helmet is built. HJC, as a co-operation, is well known in the helmet industry for its high-quality helmet finish and transparency. 

A detailed review of the HJC Cl-17 helmet 

If you are looking for a portable but high-quality helmet for your adventure rides, then the HJC-17 helmet is an excellent option. The helmet’s exterior comprises a rigid Polycarbonate shell with coating. This shell gives safety against any external shock or hit.

The helmet’s inner lining is made of Dual density (Expanded Polystyrene) EPS which is sweatproof and very comfortable for the face. With its aerodynamic shape, this helmet is tested to fit perfectly on a medium-sized skull without the hassle of slipping off.

The HJC Cl-17 offers a comprehensive frontal vision with expansive vizors/face shields, which do not create a peripheral hindrance. This helmet offers an anti-fog system that consists of adjustable chin vents which can change direction upwards to let the air flow out easily.

This anti-fog system is ideal for low-pressure areas such as hilly areas. In addition to the chin vents, this helmet has forehead and side vents to keep the air ventilation optimum. There is also an option of a neck roll for noise reduction. The HJ Cl-17 also protects from UV radiation. 

Anti-fog system 

The HJC Cl-17 has a specially designed anti-fog system that contains adjustable chin, forehead, and side vortex vents. These vents can adjust to prevent the face shield from fogging up from inside humidity against outside pressure.

This allows the rider to see clearly in high temperatures or low-pressure cases. 


The helmet HJC Cl-17 has its making in the form of a design that is optically correct. This protects the user from UV radiation and sun damage which can result in skin disorders or cancer.

UV tests on this helmet proved that this is 100% UV-radiation proof. 

Scratch resistant coating 

The HJC Cl-17 is made of Polycarbonate, which is coated with a layer of scratch-resistant material. This helps in keeping it durable and improves the lifespan of the helmet.

The coating helps the helmet’s outer shell lose its luster for a long time. 

Why should you buy an HJC Cl-17 helmet? 

The HJC Cl-17 helmet is light, weighing only 1.6 ounces which is ideal for carrying with you on tours and everyday routines. With its exquisite aerodynamic design, this helmet is a source of appeal for youngsters and motorbike enthusiasts.

The design allows an easy flow of air for breathing comfort. 

The dual-density Expanded Polystyrene sweatproof lining of the HJC Cl-17 provides optimal cushioning to the skull and the face. Its anti-fog system is a great selling point of this helmet. The HJC Cl-17 comes with a 3-year warranty.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Durable 
  • Affordable 
  • Portable 
  • Aerodynamic design 
  • Optical UV- protection 
  • Broad face shield 
  • Anti-fog vents 
  • Scratch proof coating 
  • 3-year warranty 


  • Can wear and tear under high temperatures 
  • Fittings go loose with time 
  • No electric features 


Most motorbike riders worldwide use Helmets as the optimum choice of protection. The HJC Cl-17 helmet is a viable option and top-of-line amongst the best HJC helmet options. It’s a high-quality polycarbonate outer shell that has a scratch-resistant coating.

The anti-fog feature of this helmet is an attractive feature. It plays a significant role in high-altitude areas. This helmet consists of a face shield that provides a total frontal and peripheral view, a safety feature for the user.

The light weight of this helmet makes it portable and convenient. Overall, this helmet is an excellent choice. It offers affordability and quality. We hope this HJC cl 17 helmet review helped you make an informed decision.

This review brings phenomenal anti-fogging and UV protection features, along with pros and cons.

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