GLX GX11 Motorcycle Helmet Review 2024 | 3D Molded Visor Shield

GLX GX11 Motorcycle Helmet Review Summary

GLX GX11 Motorcycle Helmet Review


  • A robust exterior shell
  • Multiple ventilation panels
  • DOT certified
  • Washable liner
  • Quick-release system
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year limited warranty 


  • No proper size instruction

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A motorcycle is replacing other transportation means considering the time of high inflation and heavy traffic on roads. People are leaving behind vehicles which demand high-rate of petrol for covering the shortest distance. A motorcycle is highly efficient in the present challenging time. However, it has the disadvantage of a high rate of motorbike accidents.  

To prevent major injuries and for the better safety of yourself and your loved ones, you should invest in a high-quality motorcycle helmet. Moreover, it will provide a fear-free ride even if you are racing across the streets or setting for a long journey on tour. 

The market is excessively studded with different quality helmets, each providing different features. But GLX GX11 is one among its lot, which delivers high-quality results with almost all the mandatory features. 

What makes GLX GX11 unique?

Several reasons make GLX’s helmet a unique and better choice. It promises high-quality performance for extended years of your life. GLX GX11 comes with a remarkable aerodynamic shell that is designed in a way to improve your drive. Moreover, its unisex style benefits both genders in having a fear-free ride. The list goes on, below is a detailed review of each feature to give you a better understanding of the versatile helmet.

In-depth review

Most retail stores fail to provide a detailed review of the product, which leads to buying malfunctioned products. Thus it is compulsory to have an in-depth study of all the distinct features, their pros, and cons. GLX GX11 is a compact, best lightweight motorcycle helmet that provides an extra sizeable tinted visor approved by DOT safety standards. 

Moreover, it comes with meticulous impact protection during any accident. Some of the features to be discussed in this article are a 3D unique model, aerodynamic exterior, versatility, and high maneuverability.   

Aerodynamic Exterior Shell

GLX GX11 helmet is designed with a compact exterior shell that swirls air around your head. Therefore, it helps create turbulence that cancels the wind’s effect on your head, and you can have a smooth ride. It works best for both short-distance street racing to long-distance travel tours. 

Moreover, the exterior shell is made of high-quality material that sustains strong impact forces during accidents. The outer shell will help keep the insides of the helmet safe with its sturdy black matte outlook. 

Multiple Ventilation Panels

The most irritating thing during long tour rides in summer is excessive sweating. Thus, the biker can hardly keep wearing the helmet because of the extreme heat. A remedy to this problem is the installation of vents and exhausts in the helmet, which is perfectly pictured in GLX’s helmet.

It has multiple ventilation panels that help eradicate excessive heat and prevent sweating. The multiple vents aid in a refreshing ride. Further, the large lower vents are easily handled with gloves on; you don’t have to remove gloves to adjust the vents. 

3D Molded Visor Shield

The type of its visor highly decides the quality of the helmet. GLX’s helmet comes with an extra tinted 3D molded visor shield that works best on sunny days. It has a dual function. GLX GX11 helmet visor shield works like sunglasses by preventing your eyes from extreme sun rays. And it also provides a broad view and protection to your eyes from dust and other harmful particles.  

Moreover, the visor is water and wind-resistant, providing an impeccable experience throughout the ride. The unique 3D molded feature aids in a distortion-free view throughout the visor shield. Furthermore, the shield system is anti-scratch with 99% protection from harmful UV rays.  

Removable, Breathable, & Comfortable

The helmet features a removable breath guard that reroutes the biker’s breath to minimize shield fogging. Furthermore, GLX’s helmet is equipped with a completely removable and washable interior system that aids in easy cleaning and replacement. Plus, it is super light weighing around 3.1 pounds, making it perfect for extended hours of driving.  

Moreover, it provides a close fit giving maximum helmet stabilization in high-speed rides. It also possesses a quick-release chin strap which is firmly attached to the helmet, delivering a tight grip. Further, it also features an installed chin curtain that is specifically designed to minimize wind turbulence and noise. 

High-Safety & DOT Certified

Safety is the main reason why we wear a helmet and the very reason behind writing this detailed review. When considering safety, it would be better to buy the best safety-rated motorcycle helmets like the GLX GX11 motorcycle helmet as it’s DOT certified after proper tests and trials. 

Moreover, the helmet’s insides are lined with an EPS liner which absorbs the high impact force during accidents. The EPS foam protects the face, head, and jaw. 

Base Plate System

GLX helmets exhibit a base plate system that regulates several functions. It provides a quick and smooth shield change facilitated by trendsetting springs for better functionality. Also, the five-stage rotating dial is designed to prop up the centimeters quickly and prevent fogging during long rides.

1-Year Limited Warranty

What is better than a versatile helmet providing you with a warranty? GLX G11 motorcycle helmet comes along with a 1-year limited warranty, so you can change it whenever you feel like it’s not working properly. For I am sure it will never happen, considering all the features mentioned above.  

Why Should you Buy it?

There are numerous reasons which will persuade you to buy this versatile helmet; among the few, one is its price range. It is highly affordable, considering all the features it exhibits. In simple words, you will not get a helmet with this price tag having all these high-quality materials. After thoroughly reading this review, you should surely consider trying it. 


Driving a motorbike is not an easy task; you are putting your life and safety at risk every time you speed up the speedometer. The best thing to enjoy while keeping your safety a priority is to invest in a good quality helmet. Some helmets have limited features, while some are overly costly. That’s why we have provided you with one of the best helmet reviews on the market to ease your situation. All you are required to do is read the review and get on a journey of unique experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GLX helmets safe?

GLX motorcycle helmet is considered a safe option for riders because it is DOT and ECE-approved. Its design and quality comply with high-quality standards

Does the GLX G11 helmet have good visibility?

The GLX G11 motorcycle helmet is known for offering good visibility because of its anti-fog and scratch-resistance visor.

Is GLX G11 reliable and cost-effective?

The GLX G11 helmet is a budget-friendly motorcycle helmet that goes light on the buyer’s pocket. Moreover, the helmet wins in terms of usage and maintenance.

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