FreedConn BM12 Helmet Review | Best Selling DOT Helmet 2023

Helmets are a need for every rider because of the harsh mileage and unintentional risks. They are a significant piece of the bike safety kit since they protect the rider from head and spinal wounds.

From a few bits of examination, we have recognized the significance of these helmets. Notwithstanding, assuming that you intend to go on a long course riding your bike, make a point to wear your helmet before setting off. 

Freedconn is so far the best company to produce stylish and sleek designs. It falls in cool motorcycle helmets for its unique and upgraded design and performance. These ergonomically Bluetooth helmets are what you expect for your wellbeing and for paying attention to tunes, settling on decisions, or GPS bearing that is only a single tick away. Freedconn BM12 is all you want. 

What makes this product better than others? 

This DOT helmet Bluetooth will keep you safe even if you ride on a difficult road. This helmet’s visor is tinted, so it blocks out the light while still allowing you to see what’s in front of you. Furthermore, this helmet features a powerful lithium battery that enables eight to ten hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time.

Answering calls, using the intercom, listening to music, and listening to FM radio has become much more manageable. GPS helps you to locate your way back to your starting point. Furthermore, the simple voice command mechanism makes it simple to operate while riding.

Detailed Review 

Another reason why this helmet is incredible is that it can keep your head safe from the climate. You won’t encounter dizziness while riding on a sweltering summer day or your ears freezing in the colder time of year. 

External Shell

To have the option to give genuinely necessary security, all caps have four fundamental defensive parts. This incorporates the external shell, the effect retaining liner, the solace cushioning, and the maintenance system. These parts cooperating can save your life if there should arise an occurrence of a mishap.

The external shell is commonly planned with fiber-built composites or thermoplastics. Its responsibility is to pack the second it hits something hard and lessens the effect powers before they arrive at your head. The effect of the fascinating liner, produced using expanded polystyrene, likewise assimilates the shock.

Bluetooth feature 

This full-face helmet has a Bluetooth radio that upholds three riders in a couple, albeit no one but two can talk simultaneously, with a scope of up to 500 meters in the open landscape. Likewise, this helmet has implicit speakers and an enemy clamor amplifier with DSP reverberation abrogation and commotion concealment innovation. With this large number of highlights through and through, you can have a  smooth discussion with different riders, pay attention to music, and appreciate FM and GPS routes.

Built-in ventilation system

Freedconn finishes their professional development of the helmet with a decent inner six air channel that incorporates a focal jawline vent and a top shell vent. BM12 has powerful ventilation making it a top-notch choice for motorcycle riders. Each can be directed effectively, even with gloves on. Likewise, the jaw bar has an open jawline bar vent, so an inner stream is kept up.

Why should you buy this product? 

The shell’s polycarbonate or thermoplastic blend development is one more insightful decision freedom. The Freedconn BM12 only weighs just 3.9 pounds with the jawline monitor on. The double homologation permits the load to drop significantly further. However, an open face part limits insurance levels; the additional safety efforts hold the helmet tight against the rider’s head.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • It is lightweight, 
  • Six ventilation vents
  • Intercoms that allow the rider to communicate with others
  • Noise-canceling devices for crystal-clear audio


  • At high speeds, the visor does not defog.


The FreedConn BM12 Motorcycle Helmet is an excellent motorcycle protective gear. It’s pretty comfy and stylish. It is also equipped with several useful functions. If you want a safe and handy helmet at a reasonable price, you should consider this product.