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A motorcycle helmet is a must-have gear these days, considering the excessive traffic on the roads. A rider should be aware of its importance regarding the safety and prevention of your head, face, and skull. Just like everything else, motorcycle helmets have different types ranging from modular, full-face, and half-face.

You can choose the desired type according to your preferences and needs. However, some of these types may not be comfortable enough for riders with beards. Being a beard keeper, you must be aware of how these cool full-face helmets can be uncomfortable during long rides.

Thus, we have researched for days and selected the 10 best motorcycle helmets for beards that will benefit every kind of rider, irrespective of the beard and all. All you are required to do is read the blog carefully, explore each feature to avoid any misunderstanding, and get on an unforgettable journey. 

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Beards Comparison Table



  • Best Cheap
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  • Best Overall
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‎ILM 902

‎ILM 902

  • Best Top-Rated
Check Price
ILM ‎205V PF

ILM ‎205V PF

  • Best Secure
Check Price
WCL Beanie

WCL Beanie

  • Best Lightweight
Check Price
Wheeling 201

Wheeling 201

  • Best Drop Down
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  • Best Open Face
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AHR ‎33hel006

AHR ‎33hel006

  • Best Adjustable
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Klutch K-6

Klutch K-6

  • Best Padded
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Vega Warrior

Vega Warrior

  • Best SunShield
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1. GLX M14 – Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Cheap
GLX M14 - Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • Cheap
  • Fiberglass
  • Comfortable lining
  • Soft fabric for absorbing moisture


  • Not DOT approved

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The best feeling is getting the desired helmet at a meager rate. We have your back if you are a beard-keeper and are worried about the high price tag. Classic Gladiator provides a novelty-styled helmet at a very low price. Now, you can drive comfortably without worrying about the beard. Some of the main features are mentioned below. 

Made of Fiberglass

Gladiator’s helmet is designed with high-quality fiberglass that provides a robust exterior. Along with the sleek finish, fiberglass helps in protecting your skull in case of any unfortunate accident. In addition, the stylish fiberglass exterior with steel rivets gives it a trendy outlook.

Ideal Cap for Different Sports

The classic gladiator’s helmet is preferable in different sports, such as cycling, skating, skateboard racing, and many more. Plus, It is stylish enough to make you the center of attraction. The matte black color provides a nice finish to its overall appearance.

Padded Lining & Soft Fabric

Gladiator’s classic helmet has a comfortable padded lining that provides proper cushioning to your skull. Also, the moisture-absorbing inner fabric soaks up all the sweat to keep your head cool and comfortable. Moreover, the nylon Y strap retention chin strap easily adjusts to ensure comfort throughout the drive.

Cheap & Available in Different Sizes

The helmet is highly affordable, considering its structure and quality. You should definitely buy it if you are looking for a cheaper version. Furthermore, it comes in two sizes, from large to extra large. It will keep your beard intact with comfort as its priority. 

2. SOXON N325 – Best Overall Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Overall
SOXON N325 - Best Overall Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • Meets safety standards.
  • Soft lining
  • Overall best helmet
  • Metal security ring
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year full warranty


  • Faulty shield 

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No one can understand the pain of a beard keeper struggling with finding a perfect helmet. To ensure comfort and find a perfect match, SOXON has developed an open-face helmet. It is liked and preferred by most bikers because of its high quality and easy-to-wear feature.  

DOT Certified

Safety certification is the foremost thing we require while buying a helmet. SOXON’s open-face helmet is approved by DOT to be legally used by bikers. Due to its high-quality features, it meets the safety standards of FMVSS 218, specifically in the US. 

Quick Release System

The helmet comes with an installed European-styled one-hand click-and-secure fastener that ensures a smooth opening. Even if you are on a drive or wearing gloves, you can easily manage it without stopping the motorcycle or removing the gloves. 

Comfortable Linning 

The inner lining of the helmet is extremely soft. Furthermore, It is partially removable, giving easy access to cleaning the helmet’s insides. The fabric is highly suitable for riders with skin allergies. It has a preventive effect against odor and allergy-causing bacteria. The bikers prefer the comfort provided by its high-quality padding.

Metal Security Ring

No matter whether we live in any part of the world, the fear of stealing things will accompany us. To keep your helmet safe while you are busy buying things or doing chores, SOXON comes with a metal security ring. It ensures that the helmet is attached to the scooter. 

Adjustable Size & Lightweight

It comes in a variety of different sizes, from extra small to extra large. The sizes are highly adjustable; all you need to do is measure the circumference of your head at the widest point from the ears. Moreover, it is super light, weighing around 2.3 lbs. 

1-Year Full Warranty

Apart from all the discussed features, it comes with a one-year full warranty. You can check it thoroughly after buying it and exchange it if you don’t understand its features. 

‎3. ILM 902 – Best Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Top-Rated
‎ILM 902 - Best Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • Cutouts for helmet speakers
  • DOT certified
  • Robust exterior ABS shell
  • Noise-reduction feature
  • Easily removable 
  • Modular Flip-up model
  • Highly affordable


  • No warranty is guaranteed

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Buying preventive gear in the case of motorcycles is a challenging task. The easiest way to determine if the helmet is worth buying is to check the customer’s rating. ILM helmets are the top-rated helmets in different retail stores. Most professional bikers prefer this helmet over other expensive top-notch helmets. 

High Resistance ABS Shell

The ILM helmet is made of a high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene exterior shell, giving it immense importance in bikers’ lives. The robust exterior absorbs the high impact force during major accidents. The ABS shell comes with a micrometrical adjustable strap that keeps the helmet in one position throughout the ride.

Modular Helmet with Flip-Up Function

ILM motorcycle helmet is modular with a flip-up function that is very easy to wear and adjust during rides, even if you have a long beard. It has a wide view clean visor that provides a clearer view of the front as well as the peripheral region. The visor is specially designed to have anti-scratch, and anti-fog features, making it preferable in every weather. 

Meets & Exceeds DOT 

Safety is the key concern of every biker, whether a professional racer or a beginner. The modern helmet meets and exceeds the safety standard of DOT. now you can have a fear-free ride without worrying about accidents and misfortunate events.

Sleek Design to Reduce Wind Noise

The helmet is designed with a sleek structure that reduces the wind noise, providing a peaceful ride. It is also super light in weight, weighing around 4.6 pounds. Considering its robust exterior, sleek style, and lightweight make it stand out among its competitors. 

Easily Removable & Washable

The helmet’s interior is lined with soft padded fabric, protecting your head and neck. The fabric is easily removable, which gives access to easy washing, keeping hygiene as its priority. 

4. ILM ‎205V PF – Best Secure Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Secure
ILM ‎205V PF - Best Secure Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • EPS lining with robust ABS shell
  • Cheap
  • Easy release strap
  • Ear flaps
  • DOT certified
  • Unique design
  • Lightweight


  • No warranty is guaranteed

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Security is the foremost demand of all bikers when planning to buy a helmet. Most of the riders who keep a beard find it difficult to find a helmet that promises comfort along with high security. But, we have a solution for everything, ILM open-face helmet is the best riding partner for all beard-keepers. It is known for its high security among professional bikers.

ABS Shell With EPS Foam

A high-performance secured helmet requires a strong exterior. ILM half-face helmet is built with an ABS shell that absorbs the maximum impact force during an accident. It prevents your head and skull from any forceful trauma, thus ensuring maximum security. Furthermore, it comes with an EPS foam inner lining that gives you the comfort of a high-end helmet brand.

Quick Release Strap

No one has extra time to waste on putting on and off helmets that comes with a complex system. The ILM advanced helmet has a quick-release chin strap which assists you in easy handling of the helmet. 

Ear Flap Feature

Most helmets have an uncomfortable ear flap that squeezes your face and gives an earache when worn for an extended time. The ILM helmet is designed with padded ear flaps that protect your ear while not compromising on comfort. 

Drop Down SunVisor

The helmet has a tinted drop-down sun visor that protects your eyes from extreme sunrays, dirt, and strong wind. The drop-down sun visor is detachable; you can easily remove it when you don’t feel like wearing it. And easily install it whenever there is a need for it. However, the sun visor is sold separately at a meager price, do buy it to complete your high-performance helmet. 

DOT Certified

To know the worth of a helmet, it must be DOT certified. The ILM helmet meets the high safety standards of DOT. It is approved by FMVSS 218 for motorcycle riding, cycling, hiking, and other outdoor sports that need full security. 

Patriotic Design With Multi Colors

The ILM helmet is designed with a patriotic design, depicting the US flag. It comes with exciting colors that make sit unique and stand out among the lot. Moreover, the helmet is excessively light in weight, weighing around 3 pounds, making it more compatible on long rides. 

5. WCL Beanie – Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Lightweight
WCL Beanie - Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • All-rounder
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Carbon fiber shell
  • EPS liner
  • Visor system
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Affordable


  • Size might create an issue

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Numerous brands offer helmets for bikers from all over the world. But only fewer brands are working on helmets for beard keepers. It becomes difficult for a rider with a beard to find the best helmet. However, VCOROS is one of those brands that provide the best lightest helmets for bearded bikers.

Suitable For All Riders

Considering its advanced features and high quality, it is suitable for all riders. It is exactly what you need for street motorcycles, racing, scooter, skateboards, and cruisers. Even you can use this helmet for hiking to prevent your head from land sliding and narrow paths. 

Carbon Fiber Shell

High-quality imported materials are used to make this helmet. A VCOROS helmet comes with a strong exterior shell made of carbon fibers. It is highly durable and ensures safety throughout the ride. 

Multi-Density EPS with Quick Release 

The helmet is lined with a multi-density EPS liner that absorbs maximum impact force and keeps your head safe and sturdy. Moreover, it has a quick-release chin strap that easily puts it on and off.

Kool Komfort Micro Fiber Liner

The helmet’s insides are lined with a microfiber comfort pad that provides a comforting experience during the ride. The inner liner is removable and washable, which keeps the clean, fresh, and odor-free.

Integrated Visor System

The helmet comes with an installed sun visor that gives a wide, clearer view of the surroundings. It has a pull-down system that can be easily changed, removed, and re-installed

The sun visor protects your eyes from heavy sun rays and the harsh wind of winter. 

Extremely Lightweight 

The VCOROS helmet is known among bikers for its extremely lightweight. It weighs around 1.54 pounds. What is better than wearing a helmet that allows comfort to a level that you don’t feel like wearing a helmet? 

6. Wheeling 201 – Best Drop-Down Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Drop-Down
Wheeling 201 - Best Drop-Down Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • Excellent fit
  • ABS shell
  • DOT certified
  • Moisture-wicking inner fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Drop down sun visor
  • 90 days warranty


  • Tacky adhesive

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A helmet plays a vital role in road accidents by protecting your head, face, and skull. Without a helmet, it is humanly impossible to achieve a safe ride. That’s why you always invest in a good quality helmet. The Wheeling brand has introduced an open-face helmet that is specifically designed for riders who keep beards. It is known for its unique dropdown sun shield feature among professional bikers. 

ABS Shell with EPS Liner

The helmet is made with a robust exterior by employing an ABS material, which is highly reliable because of its strength. An ABS shell doesn’t crack under extremely cold temperatures or get heated in severe heat. It is known for its affordability and strong impact resistance on the market. 

According to helmet technicians, the EPS liner is the most important part of a helmet. The EPS foam liner is where the maximum impact force is managed during accidents. The Wheeling helmet’s inside is lined with high-quality EPS liner, promising security.

D.O.T Certified

DOT follows the safety standards characterized by FMVSS. A helmet must be DOT certified and meet the FMVSS standard to ensure the basic safety it provides. Any helmet that is not even DOT-certified can not be categorized as the best safety-rated motorcycle helmet.

The wheeling manufacturers have their laboratory where a helmet undergoes several tests at different temperatures. The helmets that stand the test and trials are only packaged and released to the market.

Internal Pull-Down Visor System

If you are tired of swapping different visors and the sun still catches your eyes, you better buy a helmet with an integral pull-down sun visor. A pull-down visor system is made of tinted glass with a cut-down for your nose. The Wheeling helmet has an integrated sun visor that protects your eyes from sun, rain, and fog during challenging weather.

Quick Drying Inner Fabric

The insides of the helmet are lined with moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs sweat during long rides in summer. The inner fabric is easily removable and washable, providing you with a fresh helmet every time you wash it. 

Lightweight With Stylish Outlook

The helmet is extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry on your head for long rides, weighing around 1.7  pounds. Moreover, the helmet has a dark background with a US flag engraved on it with silver plated nickel, making it unique and stylish among the lot. 

90 Days Warranty

Getting a warranty on a good-quality helmet is like a cherry on top. The helmet comes with a 90-day full warranty to return or exchange the product. Only a fewer helmet brands offer a warranty, so you should be aware of choosing the best. 

7. VCOROS A200 – Best Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Open-Face
VCOROS A200 - Best Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • Worth the money
  • ABS Shell
  • Exchange policy
  • DOT certified
  • Red Quick release clipper
  • Break in period


  • Delayed shipping

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WCL beanie helmets are the best manufacturing brand when it comes to open-face helmets. An open-face helmet makes you enjoy better on a two-wheeler, as compared to full-face heavy helmets. Open-face helmets are less fatiguing, providing a wider range of view and ventilation during summer. It comes with long visors that are managed according to the need. 

Small & Lightweight

Being an open-face helmet, it has a compact structure with a weight of 1.1 pounds. No more sore neck and headache after you take a tiresome long motorcycle ride. With Beanie’s advanced helmet, you can enjoy the ride to an unimaginable level. 

Break In Period for Adjustable Fit

Only fewer helmets come with a break-in period to ensure a better adjustable fit. A break-in period is when the inner padded lining of the helmet adjusts to your facial structure after wearing it for 15-20 hours. If you are tired of non-adjustable helmets giving you a tough time, try this helmet for a better comfort experience. 

ABS Shell With a Dense Foam

The WCL helmet comes with an ABS shell that gives the helmet an overall sturdy look. It absorbs the maximum impact force caused during an accident, keeping the head and neck safe. It also has a dense inner foam that provides proper cushioning during long rides and unfortunate events.

DOT Certified

The helmet is DOT certified after conducting proper tests and trials to examine its quality and safety criteria. Even though it is an open-face helmet, it still gives enough safety as compared to other half-face helmets on the market. 

Red Quick Release Feature

The helmet has a red minute clipper made of soft fabric at the end where the strips meet to ensure quick release in putting it off and on. You don’t have to hustle with the strips, unlike other helmets, which are time-consuming. 

Easy Exchange Policy

What is better than getting your desired helmet with an easy exchange policy? The WCL helmet brand provides an exchange policy if your helmet’s size is incorrect. You can text them with your custom size, which will be exchanged in a few days. 

8. AHR ‎33hel006 – Best Adjustable Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Adjustable
AHR ‎33hel006 - Best Adjustable Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • DOT certified
  • Good value for its price
  • Affordable
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Retro German Style Outlook


  • Not durable enough

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A helmet is a necessity for those traveling on motorcycles. Finding a perfect substitute for your worn-out helmet is crucial in keeping you safe during minor or major accidents. For any helmet. It is a must to adjust to the size of your head. Especially for people with beards, the AHR half-face helmet provides comfort along with a high adjusting rate. 

Retro German Style Half-Face Exterior

AHR half-face helmet is made with a retro German-style ABS shell. The exterior shell made of ABS is rigid enough to absorb impact force. It works best at high temperatures with a shiny, scratch-resistant surface. Moreover, it has a comfortable EPS liner that ensures your safety even if you are riding a cruiser, chopper, or racing bike. AHR provides high security no matter how tough and challenging the circumstances are.

DOT Certified

AHR helmet is DOT certified and meets FMVSS safety standards after undergoing proper tests and trials to assess its performance. Each of its features was put to the test in a certified lab before it was finally released to the market.

Lightweight & Comfortable 

The ABS shell though strong but light in weight ensures high comfort throughout the drive. The helmet weighs around 1 pound which is extremely lightweight in comparison to other full safety helmets. The EPS liner is fully vented, providing comfort in summer’s extreme weather.

Quick Release Buckle

If you are a biker, you must be aware of the hustle of wearing a helmet. AHR has an adjustable quick-release buckle chin strap that provides quick and easy service. The strap’s length can be easily managed by making it short or long, according to your preference. 

9. Klutch K-6 – Best Padded Motorcycle Helmet For Beards

Best Padded
Klutch K-6 - Best Padded Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • Highly comfortable
  • Padded inner liners
  • DOT certified
  • Less Bulky
  • Polycarbonate materials
  • affordable


  • It may give a mushroom outlook

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Comfort comes before credit; you must have heard this statement. Since we are hardcore street bikers, we are aware of comfort’s role in our day-to-day life. Klutch’s helmet, unlike other brands, serves comfort as its main feature. It comes with soft padded inner liners that ensure a peaceful experience without irritating your skin or hair or pressuring the muscles. With this helmet, you can have the next best ride. 

Top Quality Polycarbonate Materials With ABS Shell

The helmet is created by employing polycarbonate materials to give your head a snug, sleek fit. Polycarbonate materials are made of the strongest thermoplastic polymers that provide a higher degree of protection by absorbing impact force. The outer shell is made with an ABS shell of thermoplastic resins giving you extra protection during the rides.

Klutuch K Logo Inscribed on The Front

The front of the helmet is emblemed with the Klutuch logo on the show. It gives extra essence to its outlook by making it unique and stylish. The contrasting colors of the logo and black background go well with each other. 

Meets Or Exceeds Safety Standards

What is better than an open-face helmet made of strong materials while meeting the safety standards of FMVSS and DOT certification? Klutuch helmet is sold in the market after its proper testing in authorized laboratories. 

Padded Liner for Enhanced Comfort

Among the few others, the main feature of this helmet is its ability to provide comfort to bikers. The inner padded liner is made of soft cotton that absorbs sweat in summer and keeps you warm in winter. Moreover, you can easily remove the padded liner for cleaning purposes and can easily fit it back. 

Less Bulky

Even though it is not the perfect lightweight helmet available on the market, it is still far less bulky than other full-face helmets. It provides protection as well as a comforting experience throughout long motorcycle rides. 

10. Vega Warrior – Best Motorcycle Helmet For Beards with SunShield

Best SunShield
Vega Warrior - Best SunShield Motorcycle Helmet For Beards


  • Unisex
  • Stylish
  • Drop Down Sunvisor
  • Offers more features
  • 5-year warranty


  • A bit noisy

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Living half of your life on roads because you are a motorbike maniac introduces you to a number of helmets. You must have witnessed and used numerous helmets. But have you ever used a helmet with a suitable price tag, high-quality, increased protection, and a stylish outlook? A beard keeper’s dream helmet, the Vega half-face helmet is all-in-one.

Unisex & Stylish

Now you can share your favorite helmet with your partner since Vega delivers a super chic unisex helmet. It is an ideal piece for those looking for comfort with style. It comes with a custom fit that allows you to find your perfect size, unlike other helmet brands that offer rigid size charts. 

Optically Correct Drop-Down Sun Visor

The helmet has a drop-down sun shield that protects your eyes from extreme sun rays, debris, small bugs, and harsh winter breeze. If you are looking for the best alternative to a full-face heavy helmet, don’t wait further to buy this versatile tool.

Loaded With Updated Features

Vega’s new helmet is studded with loads of new features. It comes with the rebel warrior’s robust skull made of high-quality materials. The helmet has an advanced customized tool to provide you with the perfect fit. No more hurting your head with helmets of inappropriate sizes. 

Moreover, the helmets possess an advanced wick dry liner that absorbs the moisture from the helmet’s insides and keeps you fresh and cool. It is a ventilated motorcycle helmet with channeled EPS for increased cooling.

High-Performance Safety

The helmet promises high safety with the installed EPS liners that absorb impact force significantly. It meets the safety standards created by FMVSS and DOT certified after proper tests and trials. That’s why this helmet is best for riding a cruiser, chopper, scooter, and even for hiking. 

5-Year Warranty

The helmet comes with a 5-year warranty. What is better than buying a high-quality helmet that promises safety, offers features, and has a warranty as well? A perfect deal for beginners. 

A Buyer’s Guide for Beard-Friendly Motorcycle Helmets for 2023

Motorcycle helmets should be your first purchase before you aim to buy a motorcycle. The helmet’s importance cannot be stressed further; however, choosing among the wide variety of helmets can be overwhelming at times.

Thus, we have provided you with a buyer’s guide explaining what to consider before buying a helmet. There are a few things that should be kept in mind before choosing your next safety gear. For instance, the type of helmet, its shape, quality, safety standards, and added features.

Safety Standards

The main purpose of a helmet is to provide safety; thus, it should be the first thing to look for in a helmet. Three safety standards provide certification according to helmet laws. DOT is associated with FMVSS safety standards of the US, While Snell and ECE are considered to have a slighter edge over the first. In any case, you must ensure that the safest half helmet is certified by any of the abovementioned standards. 

Helmet Types

As you are aware the different types of helmets. Some of the types might not fit a person who has a beard or gets uncomfortable with heavy helmets. So, if you are one of them, buy a half-face helmet as it is relatively lighter in comparison to a full-face helmet. Half-face helmets are lighter in weight, promising comfort and safety simultaneously.

Added Features

Always look for additional features while buying a helmet. Some of the contemporary features are drop-down sun visors, padded inners, EPS liner for ventilation, and easy release buckle system. Some of the helmets have these features, while some lack them. You have to keep these in mind before you opt for a helmet


Durability is central to a good quality helmet; the better the quality better would be its durability, and it will last you for quite a few years. Some experts believe that you should consider replacing your helmet after 5 years of usage. And in case of any damage or accident, change the helmet as soon as possible. Keeping the expiry term of 5 years in mind, you need to buy a helmet that would at least last you 4 to 5 years.

Price & Warranty

In addition to the above features, price is the main thing that concerns us all. It would be better to make a checklist for yourself and the price range. Also, prefer those brands with a minimum of a 1-year warranty. 


A motorcycle helmet is a foremost necessity when you plan to ride. It is crucial to keep you safe in an unfortunate event. Thus, buying a helmet should be your priority before everything else. Our article takes a deep dig into the world of helmets for beard keepers and reviews all the best helmets available on the market. All in all, select your favorite helmet and ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. 

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